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Genghis Khan is the founder of Mongolian Empire, the largest continuous empire in the history. Genghis Khan succeeded to unite Mongolian tribes and to lead them to numerous victories occupying most of Asia. In this game you need to reproduce amazing Genghis Khan's campaigns and to conquer different countries. You start in the map mode. The first thing to do is to select the mission from "Missions", and then the country you want to invade. Once you select these things, press "Fight" to start the invasion. This will take you to the battlefield. You will have units of different types in the top part of the screen. Drag them to the battle field's placing area to create the military formation you want. Remember that units cost money and you must control your gold. When the formation is ready, select the fight mode to define you army's behavior. When you believe that everything is arranged the best way,press "Fight" to start the battle.You can scroll the view are with the arrow keys to watch the battle.When you kill enemies you earn gold. You can use this gold to add more units during the battle. For more detailed instructions, pass the in-game tutorial.
How to play?
It is the beginning of the 14th Century. Yo are Genghis Khan and you long for greatness and to crate the biggest empire the world has ever seen!
Your objective in this game is to conquer nations near and far and expand your realm throughout the known world.
1. Select a country to invade
You are prosonted with a map - you can only invade countries adjacent to territories you have already conquered. Click on countries to see their strengths and terrain types.
To start the game, select a mission by clicking on the mission button. Areas that need to be invaded are identified for each mission and are also shown on the world map. you can then begin your campaign by clicking on a country you want to invade and then press the Fight button.
2. Battlefield
Once the battle begins you will see the field where the conflict will occur. Scroll to the right to see how the enemy is staging it's forces and their strenghts. With that information scroll back to the left and start buying/placing your units in the staging area.
3. Staging your military units
You can purchase different millitary units from the purchase box by clicking on them and dragging them onto the staging area.
Position your units carefully so that the will not be overwhelmed by the enemyforce. All units can be upgraded (buggon or hotkey 'U'). Unit level is shown by a number in the top left of the unit.
You have a limited amount of gold to begin the game, so use it carefully to purchase/upgrade different millitary units.
4. Fight mode
Once you have positioned your military and upgraded different units, set the fight mode to whatever best suits the current battle. Their are 5 attacking modes available and information for each is given in the game.
5. Fight!
Once fight mode is selected, press Fight or the hotkey F to begin the battle. Scroll to the right follow your military units to the middle of the battlefield. Remember you can scroll andwhere in the battlefield during the fight.
6. Adding units duringa battle If you have enough gold, new units can be added for the staging area during a battle - they will by default be in hold position you will need to press H to unhold them and allow them to engage in the battle.
Good luck
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