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  • Crazy Police Car GameCrazy Police Car Game

    Crazy Police Car Game
    Drive as fast as possible!

  • Highway PursuitHighway Pursuit

    Highway Pursuit
    Protect the armoured car from police assault, buy upgrades between levels.

  • Sunday Driver RemixSunday Driver Remix

    Sunday Driver Remix
    follow the road and take the police car. Watch out for the helicopters!

  • South Park alien ChaseSouth Park alien Chase

    South Park alien Chase
    A police car escapes with lies. Chase ad shoot. Collect the ammo I elements the highway.

  • Batman Gotham City Street ChaseBatman Gotham City Street Chase

    Batman Gotham City Street Chase
    Recover the stolen police car from the Joker; take out his henchmen and avoid oncoming traffic—no easy feat!

  • Keep the motor runningKeep the motor running

    Keep the motor running
    Display the loger further Efficietly you go, the less fuel you use your car first time o of the road. Be sure to avoid police roadblocks. This is site to move from time to time, so keep you an ear for the Warig father.

  • Gangster RunnerGangster Runner

    Gangster Runner
    You chose the mafia boss to the driver on a series of heists. You drive the getaway car, and to avoid by the police, caught!

  • The Soul DriverThe Soul Driver

    The Soul Driver
    The soul driver. Grab your hat, you get in your car and race to Mexico. Buy upgrades and destroyed police cars.

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