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  • Star GazerStar Gazer

    Star Gazer
    Star Gazer puzzle fun that touches the stars

  • Peppy of Ellen Pompeo dress upPeppy of Ellen Pompeo dress up

    Peppy of Ellen Pompeo dress up
    Get our Grey's Aatomy star Ito star mode of Dressig you beautifully.

  • Welcome to 5 Star WorldWelcome to 5 Star World

    Welcome to 5 Star World
    Make every guy eat 5 star bar display the guide him through the chocolate-filled passage to the 5-star paradise.

  • Pants volcanoPants volcano

    Pants volcano
    Collect you can as far as possible as the stars. Press the Floatig broccoli, to help him collect the stars.

  • I will be lightningI will be lightning

    I will be lightning
    Keep the star I the sky by Eergizig you with your Lightig. Let the stars-drop indicator, under certain circumstances it is game over.

  • Planet platformerPlanet platformer

    Planet platformer
    Collect the star I this space time Adveture. Collect all stars-o a place to Ulock ext level.

  • Rockstar DressUp 2Rockstar DressUp 2

    Rockstar DressUp 2
    You want to become a rock star? Help those who can choose best dress and accessories of a rock star Idol.

  • ZtarZtar

    Collect the stars by Removig elements. Ca are stars of Strip below all elements of them collected.

  • Mr. FigglesMr. Figgles

    Mr. Figgles
    Help the little bug to collect the scattered stars, while Avoidig the obstacles indicator falling.

  • Rush hour gameRush hour game

    Rush hour game
    Help the bears to gather all stars!

  • Selena Gomez makeoverSelena Gomez makeover

    Selena Gomez makeover
    Our "Camp Rock" star received a much Eeded makeover to have.

  • Puppy RacersPuppy Racers

    Puppy Racers
    beat your opponent and collect as many stars as possible

  • Super sub heroSuper sub hero

    Super sub hero
    Help the super sub hero how can he ca how to collect stars these cold levels

  • Pop star makeoverPop star makeover

    Pop star makeover
    Help for your card Toight do her fabulous makeup ad get ready this pop star.

  • Desktop racingDesktop racing

    Desktop racing
    Race through the stars of the Office Collectig I this delicious Drivig game!

  • Mario Star catcher 2Mario Star catcher 2

    Mario Star catcher 2
    Mario star 2-catcher flash Mario online game

  • Super Truck RacerSuper Truck Racer

    Super Truck Racer
    get all stars your truck safely in the target collection.

  • Mario Starcatcher 2Mario Starcatcher 2

    Mario Starcatcher 2
    Try to catch the star in every level.

  • Star Defender 4Star Defender 4

    Star Defender 4
    Delete room ─▒nvaders in the graphical masterpiece star Defender 4.

  • Mario Motocross Mania 2Mario Motocross Mania 2

    Mario Motocross Mania 2
    Run your Moto Bike and collect stars in Mario Motocross Mania 2 really fast!

  • Squidy 2Squidy 2

    Squidy 2
    The squid to the exit ad collect leader stars Alog the way and manner.

  • Super awesome truck 2Super awesome truck 2

    Super awesome truck 2
    Driving this awesome super truck collect such stars as possible can about these rough Terrai display

  • Jump N grind remixJump N grind remix

    Jump N grind remix
    Skate Dow the streets during Collectig ad Dodgig obstacles star.

  • Bratz kids racing StarzBratz kids racing Starz

    Bratz kids racing Starz
    Look for the yellow star display try to get there before your Oppoet.

  • Image Disorder Robert PattinsonImage Disorder Robert Pattinson

    Image Disorder Robert Pattinson
    Organize the tile and complet puzzle a star twilight.

  • Monkey TargetMonkey Target

    Monkey Target
    Lead the monkey to collect bananas and star on the way to goal.

  • Bratz Movie StarsBratz Movie Stars

    Bratz Movie Stars
    Choose your fravorite Brat, and dress her up to star in the new Bratz Movie!

  • Catch the Star 2Catch the Star 2

    Catch the Star 2
    Catch the stars in all levels.

  • Star RacerStar Racer

    Star Racer
    Star Racer a fun and addictive race with awesome game play!

  • Peppy Aquarius GirlPeppy Aquarius Girl

    Peppy Aquarius Girl
    The stars are align for her fabulous day.

  • Star Wars Jedi TrainingStar Wars Jedi Training

    Star Wars Jedi Training
    Yoda passes on some skill in Star Wars Jedi Training.

  • Dress Rock StarDress Rock Star

    Dress Rock Star
    Select clothes to rock stars wear in concert. 

  • Shuriken AssaultShuriken Assault

    Shuriken Assault
    Fight with enemy ninjas by throwing ninja stars. 

  • Track StarTrack Star

    Track Star
    Track Star Game

  • All Star Skate ParkAll Star Skate Park

    All Star Skate Park
    All Star Skate Park

  • Super RacerSuper Racer

    Super Racer
    With your race car and collect stars and win.

  • Pop StarPop Star

    Pop Star
    Pop pop star is preparing for a concert to concert giyidirin clothes. 

  • Pop starPop star

    Pop star
    Preparing pop star to scene

  • Like a Star GameLike a Star Game

    Like a Star Game
    Would you like a star...?

  • Star Make-up GameStar Make-up Game

    Star Make-up Game
    Do you like make-up to Star...?

  • Rocket Run GameRocket Run Game

    Rocket Run Game
    Collect all stars and try not to hit any walls.

  • Aykuris Quest GameAykuris Quest Game

    Aykuris Quest Game
    Jump over gaps, throw chinese stars at enemies, and explode barrels all while staying alive.

  • Wone GameWone Game

    Wone Game
    Using the wheel, collect the barrels (and the stars if you are any good).

  • Astro Flyer GameAstro Flyer Game

    Astro Flyer Game
    Fly your astro flyer through all of the stars while watching out for the surrounding buildings.

  • Survival Hero 2 GameSurvival Hero 2 Game

    Survival Hero 2 Game
    Stay alive as long as possible as you dodge everything, but healthy blue stars.

  • Tamus On Moonyland GameTamus On Moonyland Game

    Tamus On Moonyland Game
    Move in this sidescroller grabbing stars and avoiding enemies in this Mario clone.

  • Star Dressup GamesStar Dressup Games

    Star Dressup Games
    Dressup the star girl.

  • Snow Boarder XS GameSnow Boarder XS Game

    Snow Boarder XS Game
    Get on your skateboard & race against time collecting all stars & performing tricks.

  • Stylin' 2 starStylin' 2 star

    Stylin' 2 star
    A star of the Secod time aroud dress.

  • Roiworld Rockstar DressupRoiworld Rockstar Dressup

    Roiworld Rockstar Dressup
    Dress up, so looks like a real rock star!

  • Spotlight Dressup 3Spotlight Dressup 3

    Spotlight Dressup 3
    Dress up this beautiful TV star so she looks ice ad Tredy.

  • Rocket runRocket run

    Rocket run
    All stars collects display try ot ay walls meet.

  • Blue hair star DressupBlue hair star Dressup

    Blue hair star Dressup
    Dress up this blue hair star I ö of the costumes.

  • Ginger star DressupGinger star Dressup

    Ginger star Dressup
    Dress up Giger of the star so she looks really ice!

  • I'll be lightningI'll be lightning

    I'll be lightning
    Shoot Lightig screws from your figer as you try the star I hold the sky.

  • Sports starsSports stars

    Sports stars
    Star appears your help Dressig up this sport.

  • Dancing star dress upDancing star dress up

    Dancing star dress up
    This beautiful star appears some Fashioable clothes.

  • Star Wars - the battle of YavinStar Wars - the battle of Yavin

    Star Wars - the battle of Yavin
    Face of the dark side of Usig your laser beam I this Star Wars movie game.

  • Peppy of Jennifer Aniston dress upPeppy of Jennifer Aniston dress up

    Peppy of Jennifer Aniston dress up
    Dress up our present star hottie.

  • The lively Kelly Monaco dress upThe lively Kelly Monaco dress up

    The lively Kelly Monaco dress up
    Give one of our Bay Watch star the Royal treatment.

  • Tamus on MoonylandTamus on Moonyland

    Tamus on Moonyland
    Collect the stars I each level without expenses.

  • The sweeping Liv Tyler dress upThe sweeping Liv Tyler dress up

    The sweeping Liv Tyler dress up
    Give this rock-star-beauty treatment a Quee.

  • Rockin to fameRockin to fame

    Rockin to fame
    Get a life you your dream of a bum on a true rock star display.

  • Star Catcher OlieStar Catcher Olie

    Star Catcher Olie
    Help Olie catch the letters display before the time RUS, Star!

  • HopperHopper

    Cause the star to the top of the Moutai Hopper!

  • Peppy's Evan Rachelwood dress upPeppy's Evan Rachelwood dress up

    Peppy's Evan Rachelwood dress up
    This star Gothic-Rock-actress, who dress up to get all.

  • Vanessa Hudgens makeoverVanessa Hudgens makeover

    Vanessa Hudgens makeover
    Give our lovely HSM star a makeover for mature roles.

  • Rachel Bilson makeoverRachel Bilson makeover

    Rachel Bilson makeover
    O.c.., California star a makeover as a preparation for the large debris is.

  • Albert the dogAlbert the dog

    Albert the dog
    Collect all the stars from Msports o ramp.

  • Ashley Tisdale makeoverAshley Tisdale makeover

    Ashley Tisdale makeover
    Give our HSM star a great makeover for Bogger role.

  • Crazy MustangCrazy Mustang

    Crazy Mustang
    Crossing other obstacles as you try all the stars without Tippig to grab the hills display.

  • Kirby star catch 3Kirby star catch 3

    Kirby star catch 3
    You are Kirby, you have 4 miutes stars display kill to catch, so Eemies as possible.

  • Peppy of Kate Winslet dress upPeppy of Kate Winslet dress up

    Peppy of Kate Winslet dress up
    Our Titaic star on the red carpet I log to help me.

  • ninjakidninjakid

    Kill all Eemy Ijas with your stars.

  • Lively's Bridget Moynahan dress upLively's Bridget Moynahan dress up

    Lively's Bridget Moynahan dress up
    Help our former Coyote Ugly star get Ito of full equipment back.

  • The spirited Amy Smart dress upThe spirited Amy Smart dress up

    The spirited Amy Smart dress up
    Get our Crak star ITO "Red carpet" Diva mode.

  • Stealer of the starsStealer of the stars

    Stealer of the stars
    Collect all stars display avoid the asteroids, meteorites ad, Comet.

  • Star trackingStar tracking

    Star tracking
    Like stars, ad can shoot as you ca to collect all Eemies.

  • Star headacheStar headache

    Star headache
    All star to create a strategy for these Agel I get their seats.

  • BouncerBouncer

    Bouce your ball from platforms such as you star spikey grave ad Dodge balls.

  • Master Jing to catch a falling star throwMaster Jing to catch a falling star throw

    Master Jing to catch a falling star throw
    SAG stars from the air Throwig Trai with master Jig for you!

  • Chicken in a basketChicken in a basket

    Chicken in a basket
    Create a very large chicken ladder to collect the magic star.

  • Stylin' 3 starStylin' 3 star

    Stylin' 3 star
    Give this beauty the star of Stylig, that she deserves.

  • Looney Tunes MahjongLooney Tunes Mahjong

    Looney Tunes Mahjong
    A Looey di version of mahjong with of course Looey di star images.

  • SpykeSpyke

    Collect the stars display the game avoid the spikes, wi.

  • Peppy Gemini girlPeppy Gemini girl

    Peppy Gemini girl
    Give this beautiful gem star dress they deserve.

  • Peppy cancer girlPeppy cancer girl

    Peppy cancer girl
    help stars away for this zodiac sign chic-get ready, explosion.

  • Peppy Capricorn girlPeppy Capricorn girl

    Peppy Capricorn girl
    Her star is for the Pickig ripe ad it's her time Shie.

  • Punk makeupPunk makeup

    Punk makeup
    TUR of this doll Ito a PUK star!

  • NinjyaNinjya

    Throw your Chiese star at all the Eemies, have the Surrouded. Larger Eemies appear later.

  • Star DirectorStar Director

    Star Director
    Prevet the lies by Ivadig your place by Throwig stars o the right head. Using them may be bomb whe.

  • Whooly and the lost treasureWhooly and the lost treasure

    Whooly and the lost treasure
    Grab the stars indicator cois. So, I put a loop Edless levels.

  • Star magicStar magic

    Star magic
    The aim of the game is to lik, together three or more of the same color stars.

  • Lights at night DressupLights at night Dressup

    Lights at night Dressup
    Like a star, you must if you want, you can see other Shie. Indicating I should Chetna Attetio other numbers, order your Appearace.

  • Flying GonzoFlying Gonzo

    Flying Gonzo
    Calculate the Agle ad Firig speed ad get Gozo Ito pool. If he fails, you lose a star.

  • Target U.S.Target U.S.

    Target U.S.
    Select a Persoality ad hit the targets. The wheel has 51 stars. What Idicate the States of the United States is your goal to beat the stars Usig of the Kives. Display your Persoality help maximum Umbra of stars to beat successfully. Remember the Persoality, if your goal is Wrog, the sharp blade the Kife are violated, you have 3 lives to help the Persoality.

  • Beach Party crazeBeach Party craze

    Beach Party craze
    Bask I the heat ad Maage Clietele I EED of the 4-star service I this Waterfrot time Maagemet Taig gester.

  • Rhino's rollerballRhino's rollerball

    Rhino's rollerball
    Roll bolts Sidekick Riau of the hamster I his ball as you grab stars ad ad buttons make the ED.

  • RockstarRockstar

    This rock star is sure to ad dresses, to display it. It has many settings, that's for sure.

  • Panda starPanda star

    Panda star
    Fly your pada by the sky, how to access the stars. Ö or you can drop up to so Miss maybe dead.

  • Movie starMovie star

    Movie star
    Live the life of a movie star by Doig, some Iterviews Dressig photo clothing, ad Posig for pictures.

  • Planet platformer 2Planet platformer 2

    Planet platformer 2
    The world spin just for you, but you may have to overcome obstacles. Collect the stars to Fiish of the level.

  • Avril Lavigne makeoverAvril Lavigne makeover

    Avril Lavigne makeover
    Be their makeup artist for ow. Choose the right makeup styles for these famous pop-rock star.

  • Lamb Chop dropLamb Chop drop

    Lamb Chop drop
    Move the Lamb aroud trying make the air display, because stars as possible. Watch out for the power-ups.

  • BarutoBaruto

    Fighting the Mosters to, than you Puch, Chiese throw stars, to ad Vaish. Icludes power attack!

  • Wiggi rushWiggi rush

    Wiggi rush
    Make your way through the mazes of ad FID of the star at the ED to the ext-level move.

  • Need for adventureNeed for adventure

    Need for adventure
    Heart rate control your bikes physics. Each level you EED, the stars-o to gather to pass the levels.

  • Tutu dancer dress upTutu dancer dress up

    Tutu dancer dress up
    You helping Gettig the star which appears performace is dressed. A Geschütz appearance create mix-display-match.

  • Wigginaut space gameWigginaut space game

    Wigginaut space game
    Two Wiggiauts have Begu their Jourey to collect stars, the I space. You need to work display help each other.

  • StartrisStartris

    A classic remake of the famous arcade game Tetris but this time with a star color flavor!

  • Jet botJet bot

    Jet bot
    Navigate Jet bot aroud 30 + level display try to collect all the stars before RUIG from gas!

  • Super Star MakerSuper Star Maker

    Super Star Maker
    Shes a mega star I the Makig! Dress her for a celebrity Mag shoot!

  • Star Magic GameStar Magic Game

    Star Magic Game
    Play this fun puzzle game. The goal of the game is to link three or more of the same color stars together.

  • StarseekerStarseeker

    Features 20 levels of fun and exciting physics-based gameplay! Enjoy a sense of accomplishment as you figure out how to reach each star in the game's levels.. and avoid Space Pirates in the process!Tags: star, stars, starseeker, physics, puzzle

  • Merlins Christmas 2 GameMerlins Christmas 2 Game

    Merlins Christmas 2 Game
    Merlin needs to flx the sparkling star at the top of the christmas tree. And needs you help.

  • Lamb Chop Drop GameLamb Chop Drop Game

    Lamb Chop Drop Game
    Soar through the air and collect the stars in this high adrenaline skydiving viral game created for Make-A-Wish Foundation.

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