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  • Power SplashPower Splash

    Power Splash
    Ben 10 the super Hero!

  • Crazy Flasher 5Crazy Flasher 5

    Crazy Flasher 5
    Andy Law: A new super hero, Endless Weapons, Guns, Amo, levels.

  • Super sub heroSuper sub hero

    Super sub hero
    Help the super sub hero how can he ca how to collect stars these cold levels

  • Sort my tiles Obama and SpidermanSort my tiles Obama and Spiderman

    Sort my tiles Obama and Spiderman
    Solve this puzzle of President Obama together with our super hero Amazig Spiderma.

  • Super Hero clockSuper Hero clock

    Super Hero clock

  • Big Super Hero wishBig Super Hero wish

    Big Super Hero wish
    Be careful what you wish for! Whe Timmy wanted his had could Super Heroes, his wish came true but he also structured all its Eemies super Villais Ito! Zap of the evil Ito super Villai prison with his trusty Teleportatio beam ad save in tow of Beig Overru from evil!

  • Christmas Super Hero GameChristmas Super Hero Game

    Christmas Super Hero Game
    Santa is trying to give kids their christmas presents throwing them from his flying sleigh.

  • Hero-BoyHero-Boy

    Joy is a super hero! Help him Fiish of all his super hero tasks before his favorite TV show begins! Be careful but his mother Thiks he is Tidyig his bedroom!

  • Dawn of heroesDawn of heroes

    Dawn of heroes
    Select from the available super hero costumes, masks ad armor display create the perfect costume for your hero.

  • Animal bash guardAnimal bash guard

    Animal bash guard
    A Moster o loose I pull Hotwheels! Play car, a super hero or a beast Wreckig city!

  • Super girl DressupSuper girl Dressup

    Super girl Dressup
    The little girl of Wats to a real super girl hero. Pick an ice cream outfit for you!

  • The Super ZeroThe Super Zero

    The Super Zero
    You should have read in the news about our Super zero. He is on a mission to defend the world from the villains attack. While other super hero to defend other parts of the world. Give Super NULL all necessary weapons, which he needed shoot timely blasts and save the city! It is already too late and so the city burn, hurry up!

  • Andy LawAndy Law

    Andy Law
    A new super hero, with an endless weapons, guns, AMO, levels. You attack and kill you to the enemies before they you have to kill.

  • Batman Terror Time TrapsBatman Terror Time Traps

    Batman Terror Time Traps
    Villains meet their match when batman teams up with your favorite heroes on the brave and the bold tv series! Batman and his fellow super heroes have been trapped in the void between time and space. You must make sure to escape from there before it gets even more dangerous. Team up with whatever super hero you have freed by that time and try to find the key to unlocking the doors to other worlds

  • Hero Boy GameHero Boy Game

    Hero Boy Game
    Jonny is a super hero! Help him all his superhero duties quit before his favorite TV show begins! Be careful, his mother thinks he is cleaning up his bedroom!

  • Hero BoyHero Boy

    Hero Boy
    Jonny is a super hero! You help him all of his super heroes tasks begins before his favorite TV show! Be careful, though his mother thinks he is tidying up his bedroom!

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