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Chasm, 9,289 times played
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Chasmton needs the chasm for its survival all the towns water is piped down from a dam way back in the depths of the chasm. 
How to play?
Find your way in the chasm with click your mouse the objects
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You are a small charming blue beaver... (Normal for a beaver...) Unfortunately, a bridge which was useful has to bring water has your village has been destroyed. You will have to find a means of making come water to the village from another way. For this, you must go from everywhere in the feeder system of water, fact the tubes, valves, barages and others, and use all this equipment so that water can circulate possible further. There is full with different enigmas and funny tricks. You must look at well everywhere and not hesiter does not have to test all the idees which pass to you by the tete. Some of the enigmas are not easy, but really, it is fun!


Damecukiofe the small demo is teased by the other demos, because he does ' t ay wigs. Absorption coefficient, wigs, to get joins deep chasms of hell he trips in the.

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