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Play Water Games online and free at Colouredgames.
  • Water FairyWater Fairy

    Water Fairy
    Live in water, water fairy dress with a fairy dress.

  • Plumber 2Plumber 2

    Plumber 2
    Place the water pipes and take water to the right place. 

  • Under WarsUnder Wars

    Under Wars
    Under wars is an all out shoot em up under water , stop the evil fish and their Super water monsters!

  • Pipe PangPipe Pang

    Pipe Pang
    Connect the pipes and let the waters run down!

  • Aqua BubbleAqua Bubble

    Aqua Bubble
    Destroy the water balloons explode. 

  • Aqua PigsAqua Pigs

    Aqua Pigs
    Use the arrow keys to move your pig's aquapod left or right across the water. 

  • Catch A CrabCatch A Crab

    Catch A Crab
    Jump in the water and cook the crabs to catch. 

  • Chimpy JumpChimpy Jump

    Chimpy Jump
    Help Champy to sink the turtles without falling in the water. 

  • Chickenboy ChuckyChickenboy Chucky

    Chickenboy Chucky
    Help chucky across the water. 

  • SplashSplash

    Office workers can mean the game is playing with water balloons. 

  • Growing for LifeGrowing for Life

    Growing for Life
    Watering plants in your garden to the left of disability. 

  • Plumber 2Plumber 2

    Plumber 2
    Arrange the pipes before the waters run down!

  • Sue GardeningSue Gardening

    Sue Gardening
    Dig a hole, sow plants, water and watch them grow!

  • Rib ChallengeRib Challenge

    Rib Challenge
    a Rıb boat on the water and ride 10 different missions around Salcombe.

  • Operation SeahawkOperation Seahawk

    Operation Seahawk
    All men in the water to complete each level to save!

  • Balloon FightBalloon Fight

    Balloon Fight
    Fill your water balloon with your own fluids and throw it at the enemy.

  • Raft wars 2Raft wars 2

    Raft wars 2
    Ifiltrate water park, fight your way, the last security ad FID back your treasure

  • Drop jobDrop job

    Drop job
    Their task is to enable the entire field to water.

  • Hip hop & BoPHip hop & BoP

    Hip hop & BoP
    Help Pitchu to get to the top of the water tower.

  • Cliff diverCliff diver

    Cliff diver
    Jump off a cliff ad dive Ito the water birds ad avoid eggs o way.

  • Johnny test - Dukey bathJohnny test - Dukey bath

    Johnny test - Dukey bath
    Guess the words, the indicator save the dog from the scary water!

  • Dolphin Olympics 2Dolphin Olympics 2

    Dolphin Olympics 2
    Help our hero to do some wicked water of Stuts.

  • Ariel Wasser BalletAriel Wasser Ballet

    Ariel Wasser Ballet
    Makig Ariel Hazel her water Ballet Fu Ad is easy.

  • Bakuhatsu panicBakuhatsu panic

    Bakuhatsu panic
    Catch the bombs, I start the flow of water, but as the Wrog OES.

  • X Treme TugboatingX Treme Tugboating

    X Treme Tugboating
    O go Fishig Radom water place I a galaxy far... far away.

  • Penguin SumoPenguin Sumo

    Penguin Sumo
    Press I your attempts the water indicator Pickig as many hotspots as you ca Oppoet.

  • MizuMizu

    Defeat your Eemies test equipment his buckets of water with your gun.

  • Water! -Wiggi world entryWater! -Wiggi world entry

    Water! -Wiggi world entry
    Aroud fly water for your village, but watch out for cacti o get your hoverboard ad!

  • Chilli Gold RiverChilli Gold River

    Chilli Gold River
    Keep the boat Floatig I the water Grabbig gold without Crashig Ito pages or other rocks.

  • Ninja mouseNinja mouse

    Ninja mouse
    A challenging game Msports just right, lad o the rocks display I water avoid Ladig.

  • Habbo LuvboatHabbo Luvboat

    Habbo Luvboat
    Move your boat aroud display I the water collect items Floatig Valetie.

  • Lake Placid 2: Croc alleyLake Placid 2: Croc alley

    Lake Placid 2: Croc alley
    I eat some beautiful ladies Floatig water, but beware of Explodig barrels.

  • Maggie's rainy rideMaggie's rainy ride

    Maggie's rainy ride
    Help Maggie surf through the RAI-water indicator they safely come home!

  • H2SpaceH2Space

    Navigate Tuels itself through water filled I'm trying to get your shawl Mii sub Marie display back to the mothership of all.

  • VeggieTales the Whipcrack IslandsVeggieTales the Whipcrack Islands

    VeggieTales the Whipcrack Islands
    MA your ship set sail I the Whipcrack waters. To crash or hit.

  • Jet boat racingJet boat racing

    Jet boat racing
    Aroud running water I need to track your Jet boat as you try to beat the computer players.

  • PMG racingPMG racing

    PMG racing
    Drive your car as log as ca avoid water dripping, tree Truk, ad cracks Alog the way and manner.

  • JardinooJardinoo

    Turn the trench so that the water o map travels to all Plats. Turn Plats are up to.

  • Squareman 3Squareman 3

    Squareman 3
    Squarema returs I have a continuation of ew. Floating above water ad more, as you dodge the Eemies.

  • Daddy day camp Watergun funDaddy day camp Watergun fun

    Daddy day camp Watergun fun
    With your water appear gu as the Hidig children shooting. Quickly to shoot or get you.

  • MA Ku of the rain cloudMA Ku of the rain cloud

    MA Ku of the rain cloud
    Play Maku that cloud game show help Rai the fluffy cloud water flowers for this branch before the time RUS out, zap flower Eatig error with rods of the Lighteig.

  • Bean FiendBean Fiend

    Bean Fiend
    In bean, fiend rising water and you have to climb and to collect beans for points. You need to you out on a breath of air and fall into the water. Keeping around in the water too long and will be a big fish and eat you!

  • Water bombingWater bombing

    Water bombing
    The Su Shiig, is his Bakig hot, so what better way to get your Afteroo tha Throwig water had bombs on your accelerated?

  • Water BuboyWater Buboy

    Water Buboy
    The village of water Buboys is o fire! Help him save his people by Sprayig the flames with his water hose. This is a set amout water you ca of use for each level, so make sure you should in the o.

  • Bungee RescueBungee Rescue

    Bungee Rescue
    You need to go into Canyon and save people and animals from the rising flood waters. If you are too slow, they will drown.

  • Save my treeSave my tree

    Save my tree
    Trees are Dyig! To help lead the water to the pump, to grow I this Fu puzzle game.

  • Sue's Cooking GameSue's Cooking Game

    Sue's Cooking Game
    Put all ingredients in the pot, pouring hot water, wait you until soup boils and put the pot on the tray!

  • Tom and Jerry in Refriger - RaidersTom and Jerry in Refriger - Raiders

    Tom and Jerry in Refriger - Raiders
    Two different games, if you play as Tom you throw water balloons, Jerry cheese nibbles fall over,.

  • Water Bomb BlastWater Bomb Blast

    Water Bomb Blast
    Does the Sun his bakery, so what better way to your afternoon than take to spend water bombs on your friends?

  • AquapigsAquapigs

    Pop the Guinea pig at the store, you clear the levels, to do it before the water level expires.

  • Deep Sea ExplorerDeep Sea Explorer

    Deep Sea Explorer
    Grab all the goodies under the water, but watch out for other living creatures that will hurt you.

  • PlantasiaPlantasia

    Dig a hole, plant a seed, water it to make it grow and harvest it to get points.

  • Stitch Speed ChaseStitch Speed Chase

    Stitch Speed Chase
    Drive your car on land and change to a boat in the water and grab the alien creatures.

  • Water Fairy Dress upWater Fairy Dress up

    Water Fairy Dress up
    Dress up this red-haired water fairy just as you like!

  • AtlanticaAtlantica

    Dress the water lady as a mermaid. Make her the hottest fish in the sea.

  • Deep FreezeDeep Freeze

    Deep Freeze
    Freeze your enemies with your water gun and stop the bad guys from ruining Christmas. Snow game.

  • Shark Attack 2 GameShark Attack 2 Game

    Shark Attack 2 Game
    Jump from island to island, and make your way to the mainland! But watch out for the fierce sharks prowling the waters!

  • Plumber 2 GamePlumber 2 Game

    Plumber 2 Game
    Create a continous pipeline between the tap and the overflow pipe by rotation them so the water can flow.

  • Growing For Life GameGrowing For Life Game

    Growing For Life Game
    Look after your garden and water your plants to keep them alive. This is a farmer game.

  • Let It Flow GameLet It Flow Game

    Let It Flow Game
    Connect the pipes so the water can flow from the pump to the crops and animals without spilling onto the desert floor.

  • Kondense GameKondense Game

    Kondense Game
    Tilt the platform as you roll your bead of water around over other droplets trying to grow in size.

  • ChasmChasm

    Chasmton needs the chasm for its survival all the towns water is piped down from a dam way back in the depths of the chasm. 

  • Chasm GameChasm Game

    Chasm Game
    You are a small charming blue beaver... (Normal for a beaver...) Unfortunately, a bridge which was useful has to bring water has your village has been destroyed. You will have to find a means of making come water to the village from another way. For this, you must go from everywhere in the feeder system of water, fact the tubes, valves, barages and others, and use all this equipment so that water can circulate possible further. There is full with different enigmas and funny tricks. You must look at well everywhere and not hesiter does not have to test all the idees which pass to you by the tete. Some of the enigmas are not easy, but really, it is fun!

  • 981 Game981 Game

    981 Game
    This is an addictive puzzle game where you've to extinguish fire at the house before the time runs out. But the challenge is to connect the different pieces of water pipe between the water outlet and the hose.

  • Dora's Magical GardenDora's Magical Garden

    Dora's Magical Garden
    Let's Garden in the magic can be combined! Select a seed, can be combined in a pot. Click on the watering can to water of the plant. Using you grow faster the magic dust to your plant.

  • Avatar Fire Nation Barge BarrageAvatar Fire Nation Barge Barrage

    Avatar Fire Nation Barge Barrage
    You conquer Earth and water tribes with Prince Airbender resource, by you the fire nation barge. Simply select you want to attack the village and then walk until you sign up for the fight. the villagers are harder to conquer if their defense are high. Littered save shipwrecked of Firebenders by the waters to form your team. Use their bending energy throw fireballs to enemy's walls. Watch out for golems and sea dragons to and collect power-ups necessary.

  • Flooded village Christmas new year's EveFlooded village Christmas new year's Eve

    Flooded village Christmas new year's Eve
    Dig rivers display to flip switch to water through the village. The trees, water help the pirates stand, but make sure all the villagers performance-related dry!

  • Global one waterGlobal one water

    Global one water
    Turig CLEA Drikig water is Fu Whe Workig with fried! Click on the pump, a child display click tired children relieve add! Pump water as fast as possible so much.

  • Holly Hobbie: water balloon blastHolly Hobbie: water balloon blast

    Holly Hobbie: water balloon blast
    Robby ad Kyle are there agai. Istead of Doig fight their tasks that they decided to challege Holly, a water Balloo. Help Holly, the it o by Lauchig to take Balloos ca how RUS, water in them than you before time. Result of a poit of everytime you enjoy Robby and Kyle. Be careful ot beat doodles or Cheddar or you lose a poit.

  • Dralion elementsDralion elements

    Dralion elements
    Suspeded I time between the last display the future Dralio is a Celebratio life display the four elements that Mai Tai atürliche-order: air, water, fire Earth. Their challege to uite, the four elements of Coquerig the challeges gods fire, water, Earth ad air set.

  • BlobinkBlobink

    Drive a little dot aroud display make this beautiful world! Colour material, as you go - but be careful, because water ad weird spikey information fall...

  • Banana monkeyBanana monkey

    Banana monkey
    Lead the Mokey Jugles ad to get rivers to all Nope. More levels, you reach, the more Nope EED will to eat, I ordered to go to the ext level. But such case I Ad-Watch out for will water.

  • AquariusAquarius

    Aquarius is ö 12 SIGs of the zodiac. Its symbol is a perso Pourig water. People who are roughly between 20 January ad 18 February uder boron come this SIG.

  • TarnationTarnation

    DEFed the guard from tar, made errors of tar that will pollute the water. < Br > Maage your army ad can create different Directio different UITS Selectig with the mouse.

  • Flower powerFlower power

    Flower power
    Play delete 3 or more flowers. They have lost Waterig-ca RUS < br > < br > from water-take the flowers on display.

  • BuleBule

    Find lost artifacts uder water. There are bubbles, the display disappear. CA oly Iside move these bubbles. If you're the bubble I disappears curretly, you fall Dow. If you fall to the ground, you are dead. Ext-level pass artifacts to the collecting of necessary Umbra. There are also bouses ad fall, affecting your game.

  • Hungry HippaulHungry Hippaul

    Hungry Hippaul
    Help, the Hugry Hippaul I eat as much Eatig as possible display Avoidig all obstacles for maximum hotspots result. I order to clear a stage, must you eat fruit AD certain Umbra to avoid all obstacles as it reduces your health. Ca protocols but keep escape dive Uderwater or water M7 time as you will lose a life.

  • Leaf flower shopLeaf flower shop

    Leaf flower shop
    Seed ad buy plat your ow flowers to grow. Plat, water Ad-Watch, as they grow. Usig Buttos o of the bottom MEU care for them.

  • JellyfishJellyfish

    Jellyfish to all the fish I the water collecting bucket display to avoid, the bar, the objects like boots ad. Have 30 sec ODS of each level is completed, if you are satisfied with what you have earned before the time has expired, ca click on SPACEBAR Advace this ext you Doig get a result Bous. You heart rate control your jellyfish with the mouse-ad separate ca all elements by Clickig.

  • Fruity jumpsFruity jumps

    Fruity jumps
    The goal of this game is, transfer the fruit from the left side to the right side. Prevet fruit by due Ito the water with the help of characters o the boat.

  • City of Ember PipeworksCity of Ember Pipeworks

    City of Ember Pipeworks
    Fast! Their tubes to I get a line before the water pressure blows! Make a CLEA ru from the tap to Drai, who let her RIP!

  • JumpJump

    Try get across the water from Msports from boat to boat. Jump Rodrigo platforms for larger boats o. Small boats are Sik, if you city to report o that!

  • Farm Frenzy 2Farm Frenzy 2

    Farm Frenzy 2
    This is a chicken. It eats grass display produces eggs. Click it on the Groud water ad make the grass grow. I gather the bearing products.

  • Lilly Allen, in: to escape the fearLilly Allen, in: to escape the fear

    Lilly Allen, in: to escape the fear
    An Adveturer plays Siger Lily all to promote their ew CD. You are looking for the letters, which of your AME ad permission through the exit. Go to where there is water try display to avoid the Mosters.

  • The flood: RedemptionThe flood: Redemption

    The flood: Redemption
    The flood is coming ad your job is the Ragdoll from the Risig flood to save water. Place the objects provided the stage for the right positioning, collect cois for additional hotspots, exist!

  • Make breadMake bread

    Make bread
    I have this game you EED to bread. You start out Mixig flour, water ad milk dough display must make all necessary steps, actually to bread. Sometimes you'll EED objects have o the table, so you try Clickig FID out what they Eeded for you are. Their time is limited, display more bread, you, before eds, better make it.

  • The tide Foundation part oneThe tide Foundation part one

    The tide Foundation part one
    The water is quickly Risig! Time is Tickig, you need to work how you ca save your fried, before time of RUS out. They have a umber of AIDS to help you, but you must work together as a display where they are used.

  • High dive heroHigh dive hero

    High dive hero
    WAA Joi the Olympic high Divig competitors? Now ow you ca with this Fu-filled game where hotspots through Doig different Stuts or Positios air ad Eterig the water vertically have made in the o. Do you accept the challege? Ones!

  • Sonic RPG eps 5Sonic RPG eps 5

    Sonic RPG eps 5
    In this movie you will be able, to explore the caves of night Castle, to get to heal the knuckles used the holy water.Through the Labirinth you will find some menaces, as a real RPG exploration. Then use your RPG experience fighting the last boss.I hope you enjoy it and thanks to all the experts, to make me motivated to play.

  • Tom And Jerry Super Ski StuntsTom And Jerry Super Ski Stunts

    Tom And Jerry Super Ski Stunts
    Do you have what it takes to ride the waves with Tom and Jerry? Help your favorite cat and mouse completed some of the craziest stunts on water skis!

  • The Flood: SalvationThe Flood: Salvation

    The Flood: Salvation
    The flood comes and your task is to save the Ragdoll from the rising flood water. Place the supplied objects on the stage at the correct location, collect coins for extra points, enjoy!

  • Happy Pet PlaceHappy Pet Place

    Happy Pet Place
    Care for these animals, the the lucky pet place to visit. Give them food, water, milk, or toys, if they want, but fast, these animals can't wait

  • Sea Food and Shoot itSea Food and Shoot it

    Sea Food and Shoot it
    not a fan of seafood? You hate to say it would take it? Well, then shoot! Blast away as much as you can in this shameless waste of life in the water!

  • Navy GameNavy Game

    Navy Game
    to complete each level, you must rescue all the men in the water. the u-boats attack to keep your ship with your torpedoes your frigate to destroy afloat.patrol which boats will attack your helicopter. destroy with your torpedoes. Helicopter gunships attack your Seahawk, only you can protect your frigate missiles from them.

  • Tom and Jerry Super-ski stuntsTom and Jerry Super-ski stunts

    Tom and Jerry Super-ski stunts
    Do you have what it takes to the waves with Tom ad Jerry riding? Help your favorite cat display mouse completed some of the craziest Stuts o water skis!

  • Mermaid Fairy Mermaid Fairy

    Mermaid Fairy
    In the fantasy sea world deep in the sea there is a little mermaid with the ability to fly out of the water. She need you to dress her up.

  • Fire Truck 2Fire Truck 2

    Fire Truck 2
    You must race against time, to collect water and to save the buildings on fire. After every two level's you unlock 2 new truck.

  • Disney Park Disney Park

    Disney Park
    You have to find the differences between two pictures like the magic kingdom, the water park and also the entertainment district. Beware because four wrong clicks and the game is over.

  • Best FarmBest Farm

    Best Farm
    This is the best ever! Their goal is to run a successful farm by managing 10 different types of factories at once! Plant seeds, water and harvest harvest to sell on the market or store in your barn to serve your factories. Manage well and make money, which always be coolest Bauer!

  • Aqua DudesAqua Dudes

    Aqua Dudes
    So, delete the Aqua, the dudes that they all end there in the water to set. Some link to snorkeling and others like to float. Use the objects in the level to obtain all Aqua dudes in the right spot.

  • Clowning AroundClowning Around

    Clowning Around
    You get by the clowns in the barrels of water cut the chains at the right time in their physics fun and challenging. You can also try to create your own levels in the level editor.

  • SamuraiSamurai

    Long time ago, there were seven elements, Light, Thunder, Earth, Wind, Fire, Water, and Darkness. It has been said that whoever obtains all the elements will be the ruler of the world.

  • Archie GameArchie Game

    Archie Game
    Your goal in this fun puzzle shooter is to help Archie the Archer Fish through 50 levels of ocean themed, water puzzles. Knock as many of the Color Balls down in a row as possible to string together incredible combos. The less shots you take to clear the level, the more bonus points you earn in this fun puzzle adventure.

  • Bungee Rescue GameBungee Rescue Game

    Bungee Rescue Game
    It's a rescue mission. You have to go out into canyon country and save people and animalsfrom the rising flood waters. If you're too slow, they will drown! When you've loaded your helicopter with people, take them to Devil's Tower where they will be 'safe and sound' from the waterYou'll be using a bungee cable to free fall towards the people or animals on the ground, so make sureyou aim well and try to grab them before you spring back up towards the helicopter.

  • VIY : To reach the dawnVIY : To reach the dawn

    VIY : To reach the dawn
    The old church at the edge of God-forgotten small village, full of spiders, lizards and other creatures. Monk Foma has a few candles and some holy water. That is everything that will help him to live till dawn.Tags: monsters, shooter, magic, dark

  • Rollercoaster Revolution 99 Tracks VTRollercoaster Revolution 99 Tracks VT

    Rollercoaster Revolution 99 Tracks VT
    Hold on for 99 tracks of high-speed fun with up to 5 power-ups, ghost race multiplayer mode and more! Experience tracks that’ll thrill you at every turn – including elements like water splash, cave tunnel and falling tracks. Get ready for the thrills and spills of huge jumps, loops and drops in a rollercoaster game like no other! Brought to you by Digital Chocolate. Tags: Rollercoaster, revolution, 99, tracks, iphone

  • Water PoloWater Polo

    Water Polo
    Choose to play from over 10 different countries in this addicting water polo game. Try one player mode and see how far you can make it through the tournament, but can you beat the last level?

  • Water PrincessWater Princess

    Water Princess
    The water fairy is leaving today on a travel around the world. She wants to look her best and impress all the other fairies. Give her a helping hand and make her look stunning.

  • Jump JumpJump Jump

    Jump Jump
    A colorfull jungle game where you have to jump from tree to tree without falling down in the cold water. Try to help this little monkey to the other side of the jungle, by jumping ropes and grabbing bananas for bonus points. Free games like this are very addictive to play.

  • Tom And Jerry in Refriger-Raiders Tom And Jerry in Refriger-Raiders

    Tom And Jerry in Refriger-Raiders
    Two different games, if you play as Tom you throw water balloons, Jerry you drop cheese to Nibbles.  

  • Fire TruckFire Truck

    Fire Truck
    Carefully drive your fire truck filled with water over the terrain and put out the fires.

  • Fish For GirlsFish For Girls

    Fish For Girls
    The swimming pool is full of babes and what are you waiting for.. Create a massive water wave to launch them towards you.      

  • Ace Racer GameAce Racer Game

    Ace Racer Game
    Participate in the Extreme Jet Ski Tournament. You have to compete in three rounds in different locations. Gather the minimum points for each round to qualify for the next round. You can gather points by performing tricks, jumping over buoys and collecting stars but remember to save your life from the sea creatures. A dark blue spot appears in the water when a sea creature is approaching.

  • Lisa's Farm AnimalsLisa's Farm Animals

    Lisa's Farm Animals
    Lisa loves animals, so she is here today to introduce you to some of her favorite farm animals: the cows and the sheeps. Cute fluffy white sheeps come along with the loveable, cute cows to see what Lisa has prepared for them. After a long day on the meadows, they can surely appreciate some water, grass, a sponge-bath and a rub on the back. Lisa takes good care of them, paying attention to their needs. But she also could use your help to clean and feed them while she is out with her friends, having some fun herself. So do you want to help Lisa out?. Make her proud and use your skills to keep the farm animals happy.

  • Lemon soft drink for the summerLemon soft drink for the summer

    Lemon soft drink for the summer
    fresh lemonade is the perfect summer drink with many health benefits. If you wish to organize a summer party for your friends, serve lemon based drinks with delicious desserts and fruits would be an excellent choice. If you want to know how lemonade is prepared, this game will show all the steps for you. First you need to cut the lemon into pieces and then extract the juice out of it with a juicer. Filter the juice and pouring it into the glass, and add then sufficient amount of water, sugar, ice cubes, nature and grapes. Once you are done, pouring the beverage into a glass, put you the straw in and serve.

  • Lemon meringue pie cooking gameLemon meringue pie cooking game

    Lemon meringue pie cooking game
    Lemon meringue pie is a delicious dessert that can be prepared very easily if you know that detailed the recipe of lemon filling, meringue and the steps required to prepare this recipe. If you are new, you need to play this cooking game and learn how this delicious recipe to make. Place the pot on the stove with medium heat and then add sugar, flour, cornstarch, and salt. the mix add water, lemon juice, butter lemon zest, egg yolks, the the mixture and keep stirring constantly until thick. now pouring you the filling into the crust baked pie lemon and prepare Meringue with whip egg white and sugar. Pour the meringue lemon fill the baking sheet. Preheat the oven and baking you the lemon meringue pie, when done, cool it, it slices and serve.

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