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  • Sim Taxi - Lotopolis CitySim Taxi - Lotopolis City

    Sim Taxi - Lotopolis City
    A taxi simulation game. Pick up your passengers and take them to their destination.

  • Horse Racing FantasyHorse Racing Fantasy

    Horse Racing Fantasy
    Free 3D fantasy horse racing game. Jockey champion thoroughbreds in a fast-paced, exciting environment. Fun for all ages. Guaranteed malware, adware, spyware free. Developed by Horse Racing Simulation LLC, the world’s largest developer of horse racing games including the official Secretariat Horse Racing Game featured on Disney’s “Secretariat” movie DVD.

  • Shattered ColonyShattered Colony

    Shattered Colony
    To help the survivors build their base camp and defense against hordes of zombies, which affect a mysterious global outbreak of the brain virus infected is. A sweet simulation game that crosses a bit like 'Looks the settlers' on with good old Tower Defense action.

  • Formula driver 3DFormula driver 3D

    Formula driver 3D
    Formula 1 Racig seaso is Goig Santoo. Here's your Chace, all 20 tracks of real-world driving a formula 1 race car o each o. Every track I this game is a simulation of the real world tracks. Test your skills-TUR of TUR. Wi racing display upgrade of your formula racer-util, you're the best I the circuit.

  • Urban Plan GameUrban Plan Game

    Urban Plan Game
    This simulation game takes again the principle of SimCity. Player need to manage his city: shoosing the buildings which you want to build and put them on the right place, to make increase his population, to reduce unemployment.... While clicking on "Press for 3d mode" we can see the city, his population and his statistics; to return to the construction mode it is necessary to click on "return to design mode". One gains no-claims bonus while passing certain stages (population of so much and so much of people, weak pollution......).

  • Resort OnlineResort Online

    Resort Online
    Resort is a new exciting game from Realore Studios! Build your own tourist business! Camping on a lake shore, skiing in Alps, hot safari in Kenia, diving in Pacific ocean – tourists are so exited about it! Variety of upgrades, additional services and colorful locations! Provide the best service ever! Become a winner of a unique Resort Contest!Tags: Ashtons, family, resort, online, time management, simulation

  • Love to jumpLove to jump

    Love to jump
    Put your acrobatic trampoline skills to the test! Play as one of four different acrobats and learn up to twelve different aerial tricks to impress the judges. Evolve their skills as they trainTags: Fun, Jump, Sport, Simulation, Olympics, Relax, Freestyle, Evolution, Physics, Aerial

  • Youda MarinaYouda Marina

    Youda Marina
    Youda Marina is a wonderful simulation and time management game all rolled into one. It offers you sun and fun each time you play! Be creative with your exotic harbor and have fun managing it is everyday problems- just the way you want to!

  • Rise of PiratesRise of Pirates

    Rise of Pirates
    In this pirate simulation, you can upgrade your ship, buy and sell goods and even smuggle questionable items between the grand naval battles that makes up the main part of the story.

  • Nail Simulation GameNail Simulation Game

    Nail Simulation Game

  • Plant Tycoon GamePlant Tycoon Game

    Plant Tycoon Game
    Plant is a gardening simulation game hwere you nuture plants and experimen with increasignly rare and valuble species. There are more than 500 species of plants for you to discover, and each new species brings you closer to the ultimate goal of solving the genetic puzzle and diseovering all of the Magic Plants of the island of Isola Your plants will keep growing, even when your computer is off or you are not playing the game You can adjust the game speed to fit your schedule, but dont forget to check back often care for your plants and see what suprises await you - just like real plants in real life!

  • Airport Mania: First FlightAirport Mania: First Flight

    Airport Mania: First Flight
    Pack your bags for a trip through the skies in Airport Mania! Travel through amusing airports while you land a variety of planes, earn upgrades, and avoid delays. Stay on your toes as some planes carry precious cargo and will need to land in a hurry, while others might need a trip to the repair shop. But, with good planning, you'll make it to the gate on time! With unique challenges, whimsical characters, and fun that will put a smile on your face, Airport Mania is one flight you can't miss! Tags: airport, planes, simulation, runway, cute, Reflexive, click management

  • Rollercoaster CreatorRollercoaster Creator

    Rollercoaster Creator
    A funny themepark simulation flash game in which you can design your own ride. Pickup the coins to score points, and bring the passengers safely to the other side.   

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