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  • TennisTennis

    Tennis match win by beating your opponent in the match. 

  • SumatraSumatra

    Jugle match 3 game, make naturally grown the gorilla. 3 WINS by Swappig place, o any match that goes gorilla.

  • Santa's questSanta's quest

    Santa's quest
    Match at least three items for Christmas by Draggig, your mouse on slide display match the right element.

  • Onepiece matching gameOnepiece matching game

    Onepiece matching game
    All Oepiece most popular characters match.

  • Booty shoesBooty shoes

    Booty shoes
    Trying AD match different children boots with your favorite dress.

  • The bubble trouble gameThe bubble trouble game

    The bubble trouble game
    You match 3 or more bubbles to trimmers.

  • Halloween mask matchingHalloween mask matching

    Halloween mask matching
    Match the Halloween symbols together growing Board to remember larger display, where everyone is more difficult.

  • Sue TetrisSue Tetris

    Sue Tetris
    Match 3 or more same ICOs!

  • Holly Hobbie and friends - heart to heart: two of Holly Hobbie and friends - heart to heart: two of

    Holly Hobbie and friends - heart to heart: two of
    Help Holly Hobbie which match some pictures.

  • Haunted adventure Haunted adventure

    Haunted adventure
    Eter a world of spooky I this match-3 puzzle game!

  • BinggraeBinggrae

    A puzzle game where you match 3 or more objects.

  • Tigger word matchTigger word match

    Tigger word match
    Your gravel bottom type match the ICO of the o Word.

  • Spittin ' imageSpittin ' image

    Spittin ' image
    Spitting out ca rhymes to Miss rap Supreme match?

  • Door to doorDoor to door

    Door to door
    Match any character by simply the door Clickig.

  • Fun fun animalsFun fun animals

    Fun fun animals
    Match 3 or more Aimals to trimmers.

  • The questThe quest

    The quest
    Create matches of 3 or more balls to destroy display Eterig discourage your Beaco towers.

  • Jade MonkeyJade Monkey

    Jade Monkey
    A jungle themed match 3 game.

  • Lipstick SwitchLipstick Switch

    Lipstick Switch
    Race against the clock and find matching pairs of pictures to.

  • Jelly BlocksJelly Blocks

    Jelly Blocks
    great puzzle game where you must match the same color Jely to complete the puzzle

  • Gorillaz TilesGorillaz Tiles

    Gorillaz Tiles
    match the images in mahjong style.

  • Ken 3-match adventureKen 3-match adventure

    Ken 3-match adventure
    Match 3 game with Adveture ad-actio feature upgrades, rock mode, Collectios, Achievemets.

  • World TourWorld Tour

    World Tour
    Matching the symbols of the same color to complete the mysterious world tour. 

  • CashierCashier

    Cashier girl to bring meals provide matching funds in the case. 

  • Checkers FunCheckers Fun

    Checkers Fun
    Match your wits against the computer or against a friend. 

  • Chicken PartyChicken Party

    Chicken Party
    Arranged to match the color of the same chicken and destroy them. 

  • Chineese BallonsChineese Ballons

    Chineese Ballons
    Colorful balloons to match and then they explode. 

  • Fruit ShopFruit Shop

    Fruit Shop
    Match same fruits and earn money in fruit shop. 

  • Circus PopCircus Pop

    Circus Pop
    Match the color balls in a circus, and then explode them. 

  • Chrsitmas OrnamentsChrsitmas Ornaments

    Chrsitmas Ornaments
    Christmas ornaments are the same ones by matching the area to remove. 

  • MemoryMemory

    The images are identical and match them. 

  • Bubble Elements Earth GameBubble Elements Earth Game

    Bubble Elements Earth Game
    Match 3 or more bubbles and feed the bubble-eating plant his favorite bubble.

  • Slap ShotSlap Shot

    Slap Shot
    Ice hockey match at the opponent's goal of goals

  • Matched StonesMatched Stones

    Matched Stones
    Match colored stones and removed from the area

  • 12 Swap12 Swap

    12 Swap
    Match smileys and remove from field. 

  • Blow UpBlow Up

    Blow Up
    Match colored balls and explode them. 

  • Crash DownCrash Down

    Crash Down
    Match the colored boxes and remove from the field to. 

  • Homerun RallyHomerun Rally

    Homerun Rally
    In baseball match, hit to baseball and collect points. 

  • Mini FootballMini Football

    Mini Football
    Try goal to rivals goal post in football match. 

  • Flash BallFlash Ball

    Flash Ball
    Coloured balls fight for winning match. 

  • Celebrity Fight ClubCelebrity Fight Club

    Celebrity Fight Club
    Boxing match against some top known celebrity.

  • Find The HeroFind The Hero

    Find The Hero
    Match the exact same hero given to you before time runs out.

  • Super Cheerleader Dress UpSuper Cheerleader Dress Up

    Super Cheerleader Dress Up
    Are you ready to cheer for the football match?

  • CheerleaderCheerleader

    Cheerleader has a match tomorrow and she need be amazing...

  • Tobby TennisTobby Tennis

    Tobby Tennis
    Help Tobby win his tennis match.

  • Street Skills SoccerStreet Skills Soccer

    Street Skills Soccer
    Try to reache the stadium before the start of tha match.

  • Trucks FunTrucks Fun

    Trucks Fun
    Drop the tire into the matching colored truck.

  • Chinese storeChinese store

    Chinese store
    Practice to try your store display cards match.

  • Keytar Hero II.Keytar Hero II.

    Keytar Hero II.
    Away strum your keyboard, such as ad o match the rollig buttons o the debris bag.

  • MonkeyzMonkeyz

    Match the color of the door before you go through.

  • A game of halvesA game of halves

    A game of halves
    Score big ad avoid Beig tackle at your Rugby match.

  • School is fun dress upSchool is fun dress up

    School is fun dress up
    Mix ad uiform Somethig match your Borig striking!

  • Dress up pigletDress up piglet

    Dress up piglet
    Dress up piglet, its Persoality match.

  • Couple shopping dress upCouple shopping dress up

    Couple shopping dress up
    This couple to help FID a perfect match of clothes.

  • Bratz perfectBratz perfect

    Bratz perfect
    Show your best Matchig skills with the Bratz perfect match game!

  • Puzzle QuestPuzzle Quest

    Puzzle Quest
    Match to complete 3 parts Diagoally or Horizotally to the puzzles.

  • Magic Garden make upMagic Garden make up

    Magic Garden make up
    Give this girl a make-up that matches her magical charm.

  • Princess Match ItPrincess Match It

    Princess Match It
    Match up Pictures of the Disney Princesses as quickly as you can in this new Princess Memory Game!Tags: Princess Match It, Play Princess Match It, Princess Match It Game, Princess Games, Play Princess Games, Disney Princess Games, Disney Princess, Memory Games

  • Connect 2Connect 2

    Connect 2
    Connect pairs of matching tiles by creating a path between them and clear all the tiles before the time runs out.

  • Blox ForeverBlox Forever

    Blox Forever
    Can you get your brain around matching all of the blox together to clear each level.

  • Ben10 Alien ForceBen10 Alien Force

    Ben10 Alien Force
    Use cursor keys and spacebar to swap tiles and create matching sets of three or more. 

  • Bloons Pop Three GameBloons Pop Three Game

    Bloons Pop Three Game
    Move the bloons around to create a match of three.plan your moves carefully to create immense combos!

  • Canicas GameCanicas Game

    Canicas Game
    Using a special ball launcher, fire colored balls, make matches, clear the playing field and advance to the next level.

  • Kullors 2 GameKullors 2 Game

    Kullors 2 Game
    Kullors is a simple concept. Just pair up matching "Kullors" to clear the level.

  • Dress up FairyDress up Fairy

    Dress up Fairy
    Dress up Fairy Freya. Change her hair color and style, mix and match tops, skirts and shoes.

  • Dance Dunk-offDance Dunk-off

    Dance Dunk-off
    Match your moves to the flashing icons when they turn green.

  • Market MatchMarket Match

    Market Match
     Match the food icons until you clear the board.

  • Fire PrincessFire Princess

    Fire Princess
    The fire fairy's magical clothes are made of flames and lava. Can you help her pick the most beautiful dress and some matching accessories?

  • GemsGems

    Try the colors of Rotatig that match gems. Try to get combinations.

  • DreamsDreams

    Aandere difference puzzle. But this time it is a dream...Aturally, make the images that match.

  • March zumaMarch zuma

    March zuma
    Goal is to 3 colors of a kind of match, so that the line would not crowded and the establishment of reach

  • Treasure Hunt gameTreasure Hunt game

    Treasure Hunt game
    Any fan of Bejeweled will enjoy to the fullest this fun and deceptively simple game where you match treasures and then make them disappear.

  • Smashing SoccerSmashing Soccer

    Smashing Soccer
    Put your skills to goalkeeper against the ultimate test! do you have what it takes to win the football match?

  • Ice Cream MatchIce Cream Match

    Ice Cream Match
    serve delicious ice cream fast enough game bejeweled to the customers in this cute match 3 happy! Update your menu between levels to help!

  • Nacho Libre: Nacho Match-oNacho Libre: Nacho Match-o

    Nacho Libre: Nacho Match-o
    the audience to win and prove muy macho by matching the intimidating of poses of your opponents are.

  • Jewel SpinnerJewel Spinner

    Jewel Spinner
    Match the correlating jewels as fast as you can. Clear the board for large bonuses.

  • Sea JewelSea Jewel

    Sea Jewel
    Match 3 and then build on the groups up to buy more time - the bigger the group the more points you get.

  • The Puzzling WarThe Puzzling War

    The Puzzling War
    3 Characters, to send them into battle against the AI-based match. Earn money to upgrade units.

  • Hillary vs ObamaHillary vs Obama

    Hillary vs Obama
    a fast match between Obama and Hillary. Quick punch them as often as possible!

  • Fighters RampageFighters Rampage

    Fighters Rampage
    Choose your stick figure and struggles against the CPU. Use your special attacks to win each match.

  • Boxing girl dress upBoxing girl dress up

    Boxing girl dress up
    Eve match hard girl EED. Scroll through the optios for this category, click the ICOs.

  • Go go pets puzzleGo go pets puzzle

    Go go pets puzzle
    A pet-like Matchig card game where you need to match 2 cards score hotspots AD keep the animal alive.

  • Faper card matchFaper card match

    Faper card match
    Click on the cards to flip them. Throw two Idetical maps to FID a match.

  • Girls memoryGirls memory

    Girls memory
    Try to match the cards. Ear to decorate more hotspots to your room!

  • SpookizSpookiz

    This is a classical tetris game. Match 3 Mosters of only every drop.

  • Tutu dancer dress upTutu dancer dress up

    Tutu dancer dress up
    You helping Gettig the star which appears performace is dressed. A Geschütz appearance create mix-display-match.

  • PinboladiaPinboladia

    Aandere classic arcade game! Match at least 3 colors of the balls-sheave, before it reaches the hole.

  • Stockings dress up 2Stockings dress up 2

    Stockings dress up 2
    Sporty or seductive? Match the pairs of Stockigs with the right outfits.

  • DevilishDevilish

    Match the jewels I this colorful puzzle game. Creating the combo box-ad-making the gems cascaded will reach the high score. Match display more gems together create special gems that explode, Lightig ad more fire.

  • SworbsSworbs

    Aandere Matchig puzzle, but with an evil twist! There are OE match do't WAT to make skull! Skull matches Rob your life caution!

  • Luchador Cannon BlastLuchador Cannon Blast

    Luchador Cannon Blast
    Match up the mysterious masked Luchador wrestler in this match-3 puzzle game. The wrestler from the cannon fire and make sure that they don't collapse the stage

  • EggzEggz

    This matching game allows you to launch colorful game pieces, creating matches and making your way to the top wall of the game. Once there, you advance to the next level.

  • Mario MemoryMario Memory

    Mario Memory
    Match the same Mario Bros. characters and find which pic is under each card. Mario themed memory match game.

  • Jewel QuestJewel Quest

    Jewel Quest
    From matches of 3 in-a-row by swapping 2 adjacent relics. Space turn to gold when relics are matched. Turn all spaces gold to win.

  • Connect 2 GameConnect 2 Game

    Connect 2 Game
    This is a time based challenging puzzle game where you need to concentrate hard to find pairs of matching tiles to make them disappear. You must create a path between the two matching tiles but make sure that the path is not blocked by any other tiles.

  • Go Go PetsGo Go Pets

    Go Go Pets
    A funny pet-related card matching game where you have to match up 2 cards to score points and keep the pet alive. Gain quest items , and special pet-collection cards by solving the levels. Read the ingame instructions for more details about this small and cute family puzzle game.

  • MahjongMahjong

    doof brings you this classic ancient Chinese puzzle game ,Mahjong Solitaire! A hundred and forty-four tiles are arranged on the board for you to match and dispose of. Start round the edges of the board and get rid of matching exposed tiles within the time limit set.Tags: Mahjong, chinese, tiles, board, game, puzzle, chess, mind, online, flash, free, fun

  • Crazy BallCrazy Ball

    Crazy Ball
    Crazy Ball is a sport game on our page in which you play basketball with a fairy. You are an elf living at the foot of Elves Mountain. You and your friends usually go through the thick forest year by year. Today is a fine day. There will be a great match between Elves and another race. And you are chosen as the representative of your nation. The battle will begin at the basketball field. The rules for this match are clear and easy to understand. Your task is also simple – just put the ball into your opponent’s basket and stop him from doing the same to your basket.


    Bru is a casual game with new variation of match-3 game mechanic. Collect magical spheres and charge the powerful amulets. Click rolling gems to make them jump, match 3 gems of same color in a row. Collect some gems to complete level. Click amulet in the end of level to charge it.   

  • Tiny SoccerTiny Soccer

    Tiny Soccer
    This funny 3 vs 3 match lets you play a 3 minute match of soccer

  • Panda foodPanda food

    Panda food
    Their goal is to feed the pada family. Each pada have his food which I right upper corner of the Boulder show. There is other food ad Cosist each type will have a Miimum amout. She will EED to collect these or higher Amouts of Correspodig food. To collect them, you play a match-three game, Meaig EED create Horizotal or vertical lies by 3 or more Idetical items to collect them. Various classical versio of match-3, go to the Positios of Adjacet pieces, but rotate 4 pieces squares. You select the square with your mouse indicator click to rotate it turn. The square is rotated 1 piece clockwise. If such positioning ot do to create 3 collector lies Ay, the square is Rotatig clockwise util it returs, his Iitial monograph.

  • Brain Spa 5Brain Spa 5

    Brain Spa 5
    Speed display Attetio to detail serves well o this Shoppig trip. Article, click o the Clothig, exactly the OE I match the highlighted field. O click the boxes to chage highlighted.

  • Brain Spa 3Brain Spa 3

    Brain Spa 3
    Watch as these categories of Headlie match? Click o 3 Headlies to each category to group the Ewsstad Clearig as soon as possible. You have 3 miutes or 3 mistakes to see how far you go ca

  • Loco Roco 2Loco Roco 2

    Loco Roco 2
    You play fast Ay 1 levels selected by 6 Radomly. Match the loco color of flower color. Roll I the pod chage LocoRoco colour.

  • Rainbow WebRainbow Web

    Rainbow Web
    This is a match-3 game, which MEAs that you switch places the Adjacet EED balls try ad-form groups of 3 or more Adjacet Idetical Lyig o the same lie piece. This case your Playig Board is a spider web ad istead of havig ity colums ad RAWS have ad circles RADIUS is. Some of the balls have letters o. A plane passing EED to trimmers all balls with letters Icludig it I same color groups.

  • The great Indian questThe great Indian quest

    The great Indian quest
    On o, then Ay COI to select it. Click cell Ay Blak o, to move the COI there. Make matches of 3 or more cois to TUR to gold. Take all of the cells on gold to complete the level.

  • All for girls love TesterAll for girls love Tester

    All for girls love Tester
    I have your ad AME AME the man as ad fd out when you are a good match. Istace Bella SwA ad Edward Culle from twilight ad new Moo are 95%, while Ke ad Barbie are 100% compatible.

  • Luxurious Leopard printLuxurious Leopard print

    Luxurious Leopard print
    Ispiratio Origis from the luxury display stregth Leopard patter, this collectio desiged o leather-fabric Leopard AUR. Keep an eye to see o of this pair, as they match ad with each other how luxurious these patters o Leopard buffets impress.

  • GlassezGlassez

    Fragments to form a colourful mosaic of ITO glass.Select a piece of ad click Rotate, Placig it, where it o mosaic (pieces about oly cover ö colour matches). Place parts I Uusable the trash, but beware: hotspots costs!

  • Mahjong 247Mahjong 247

    Mahjong 247
    The game of Mahjong, aims to eliminate all pieces from the Committee. Find matching pairs of images you find on the left and right ends of the lines at the various levels of the pyramid

  • Ultimate Robotnik DuelsUltimate Robotnik Duels

    Ultimate Robotnik Duels
    Get into intense battle with Dr.robotnik of the weapons, which he developed to destroy sonic! This is a 1 vs 1 game consisting of quick duel matches between players and AI. You can play also player-versus player mode. the game is a parody of sonic of the Hedgehog game, with various boss weapons as a weapon for duel.

  • CD battleCD battle

    CD battle
    a little girl table hockey flash game. Goal is to push the puck into the goal while defending your own target your opponents. Matches are light and only 3 minutes.

  • Strike force heroesStrike force heroes

    Strike force heroes
    Level classes Ulock 65 Weapos, several capabilities, ad Killstreaks top 4 Uique, to customize your equipment. Play campaig for a story fully voiced, actio packed, or create a custom quick match, have some fun. Try the challeges to really take your skills to the test set.

  • Flick header Euro 2012Flick header Euro 2012

    Flick header Euro 2012
    Move the character using the mouse or the arrow keys. Press the SPACEBAR to jump. Volley the ball with the head (maximum 3 header before Sedig back over the et) earnings more tha your Oppoet to wi the match

  • Polar FireworksPolar Fireworks

    Polar Fireworks
    Pegui is o a visit to its present ad take Fireworks. Help that you collect all of these bubbles ad have Fu Watchig Fuy colorful fireworks of Explosios. Colorful 3-™ match with ice explosion effect

  • Underwater funUnderwater fun

    Underwater fun
    I emerged from the depth the depth of the Ocea, an ew fatastic bubble shooter! Match balls of the same color make lie to disappear before they all reach, are Ad Beate from the Terrifyig-Hai!

  • Make fashion your teacherMake fashion your teacher

    Make fashion your teacher
    Fashion does ' t make the teacher, but it gets respect from Studets. So how can a Garland make your teacher little Fashioable ad stylish. Select the character display is a variety of Elegat FID you display super Femiie dresses, colourful shirt display skirts, pretty accessories. Use your skills of Ad Fashio Sese indicator mix-match, to dress her up to complete. Chage her hairstyle, a perfect display of glasses, add you stick a Finally, I order to get a perfect look for your teacher. Ones!

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