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Play Monster Truck Games online and free at Colouredgames.
  • Monster Wheelie GameMonster Wheelie Game

    Monster Wheelie Game
    Select your favorite monster truck and start racing through the obstacle course without crashing.

  • Monster Truck DestroyerMonster Truck Destroyer

    Monster Truck Destroyer
    Drive your monster truck over junked vehicles and grab bombs. Keep from tipping over!

  • Military Monster TruckMilitary Monster Truck

    Military Monster Truck
    Get your truck to the finish before time runs out.

  • Monster Truck GameMonster Truck Game

    Monster Truck Game

  • Monster Truck 3DMonster Truck 3D

    Monster Truck 3D
    You control your aufgebockt-Up animals around the course clear obstacles as soon as possible to pass each level!

  • Mega TruckMega Truck

    Mega Truck
    Broken some cars in your monster truck Badboy!

  • Monster Truck 3D ReloadedMonster Truck 3D Reloaded

    Monster Truck 3D Reloaded
    Made it which can time to your driving test. get behind the wheel of this monster truck and drive as fast as you can about the courses.

  • Big Monster TruckBig Monster Truck

    Big Monster Truck
    It is the goal of the game, finished the levels make this big air. Complete the levels as quickly as possible.

  • Monster Truck CurfewMonster Truck Curfew

    Monster Truck Curfew
    Get your Tilty truck home in time!

  • Monster-truck-zombiesMonster-truck-zombies

    Drive Moster truck about these courses, but pay attention to these terrible zombies you get coming out! Take Dow!

  • Monster-truck-taxiMonster-truck-taxi

    Ride your way through these courses display get your passengers to their Destiatio of Ay MEAs!

  • Monster truck rampageMonster truck rampage

    Monster truck rampage
    Drive on which your Moster truck like you Eemy shoot vehicles, soldiers, UFOs, turrets, TAKS ad more!

  • Crazy Mustang 2Crazy Mustang 2

    Crazy Mustang 2
    in your monster truck Badboy, jump and crush things as you race through the levels!

  • Monster Truck RageMonster Truck Rage

    Monster Truck Rage
    Let's see how well you can drive a monster truck. show the tricks and tips in this new online game.

  • Mini Monster ChallengeMini Monster Challenge

    Mini Monster Challenge
    Mini Monster transport challenge, 10 vehicles, 24 short challenges, speed, climbing, wheelie, freight and long distance jump. A monster truck games, is quite different than your average truck game.

  • Taxi TruckTaxi Truck

    Taxi Truck
    Behind the wheel of your taxi, get monster truck and see you, if you your customers to their homes in time. The terrain is rough, barriers scattered all over the place, so you have to drive carefully. Speed is also important. Set to step on it taxi drivers and this monster truck taxi on the move.

  • Monster Jam - DestructionMonster Jam - Destruction

    Monster Jam - Destruction
    Choose your jam monster truck and stomping on everything! The more destroy you the more points get!

  • Big Truck Adventures - Canyon RunBig Truck Adventures - Canyon Run

    Big Truck Adventures - Canyon Run
    Monster trucks, speed boosts and backflips! Enjoy this crazy big truck adventure!

  • Rocky MonsterRocky Monster

    Rocky Monster
    Drive your custom made monster truck through the mountains and rocky land. Obstacles. ... You will receive new trucks, tires, motors and other upgrades upgrade for your truck.

  • Extreme JumperExtreme Jumper

    Extreme Jumper
    Push your truck to the max in this Extreme Jumper game. Put the paddle to the metal and try to jump over other trucks in front of you. If your speed is to high, you`ll crash, if your speed is to slow you`ll also crash so you need to permanently have an eye over speedometer and you`ll succeed. Your goal is to pass all the levels and make a perfect score. Extreme Jumper offers you the possibility to test your senses, and jump with a monster truck, which is always a awesome sensation

  • Batmobile Ride GameBatmobile Ride Game

    Batmobile Ride Game
    Batmobile Ride is not a typical 4-wheeler or monster truck game, most of all because it's Batman's main means of transport in question after all - his famous Batmobile. The game has several levels that last quite short, and apart from the rotating coins the game lacks in power-ups, upgrades or interesting barriers. In essence, the player only needs to take care of Batmobile not to flip upside down, which more or less is not particularly difficult and we've already seen such games. The game offers an excellent atmosphere with an image of Gotham City in background, and bats which overfly our vehicle occasionally. Each level has 2 minutes time limit. It is exciting to drive over other cars, tanks, various boxes, with big tiers and the sound of explosions in the background.

  • TrucksformersTrucksformers

    Truck widgets an online truck driving is game that you take the opportunity in a level, rather than a single 3 cars. There are 3 types of terrain in this online truck game. It is filled with obstacles, the normal soil, go beyond that by the first monster truck. It is the burning lava, burning and destroying the first and the third truck. But you can also happen if you use the floating car. And there is some sort of pile garbage which can be made by the drill car.

  • Rip RageRip Rage

    Rip Rage
    take the "Riprage", a monster truck through the town, which is devastated by a disaster. Streets are not more just and full of obstacles. Jumping over them by making a good speed so that you yourself can start. on your way you can meet traffic robot, who have no use any more, now that the city was destroyed. So you can run below them, to earn points. You get also points with lanterns, phone boxes and barrels. Once you reach the end of the level, the higher is your score. You can increase your score, also by performing stunts.

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