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  • Halloween House Makeover 2Halloween House Makeover 2

    Halloween House Makeover 2
    Decorate this house as scary as possible.

  • Snow Rider AcademySnow Rider Academy

    Snow Rider Academy
    Go downhill and escape the scary yeti.

  • Johnny test - Dukey bathJohnny test - Dukey bath

    Johnny test - Dukey bath
    Guess the words, the indicator save the dog from the scary water!

  • Flash circle TDFlash circle TD

    Flash circle TD
    Using your towers, scary take out.

  • Creepy ColumnsCreepy Columns

    Creepy Columns
    Quick scary game tiles in groups of 3 or more come according to the falling Pumkins, dried heads and scary relic. Forms in all directions can be associated with, is it a preview of the next combo, and you should always keep an eye on it. number of layers to penetrate. Game ends when the tiles hit the roof and no other combinations are possible.

  • Design a babyDesign a baby

    Design a baby
    Design for simple game in which you design your desired baby by Usig eyes, OSE ad gob. This baby CA are quite cute, or Cotrary, is pretty scary!

  • Roly-Poly MonstersRoly-Poly Monsters

    Roly-Poly Monsters
    Eliminate evil Roly-Polys who have changed town into dark scary place and make the sun shine again. Drop bombs to blow them and try to use minimum bombs to get higher score. Save the town from evil.

  • Word masterWord master

    Word master
    Scary information is there in the Hauted House I Word master. I this spells Bidig Olie-pun, help the little girl the Creepies by Spellig to escape, because words like you can with the provided letters CA. Click o letters to add to a Word. Your Word, click Send Whe is Fiished. FID the 8-letter word for maximum hotspots. RUIG is out on time! Spell your way ca?

  • Naughty starletsNaughty starlets

    Naughty starlets
    Oh, why you us so try asterisk? With your Revealig Clothig ad lovely smiles. SAP paparazzi PIX of camera shy starlets. But avoid the bodyguards, ad so wasting your scary o movie stars!

  • Theme park thrillerTheme park thriller

    Theme park thriller
    Not so-scary zombie mascots have take the Amusemet deprived of Park display all food kiosk 100% whole Grai bread! Smartma the zombie mascots must display 100% deliver outrace whole Grai bread, to the Sadwhich cabins. Avoid the zombies while Doig your mission!

  • Voodoo doll, dress upVoodoo doll, dress up

    Voodoo doll, dress up
    Are you ready, Halloween I celebrate big style? Hallowee Fu does ' t stop trick or Treatig Wearig spooky costumes, it continues that tha, that House other activities can display with Decoratig. If you are Lookig for scary Halloween Decoratios you must Lookig for the genuine OES that is, why does this year with an Amazig suggestio which is esure Uique Decoratio for Halloween - the Voodoo doll. To do all you EED to drape the doll, i give her an irregular look some old clothes, ad pick out some key brands or some scars ad-Eva bits red o her face ad body color for the effect to dramatize.

  • Scary Halloween DressupScary Halloween Dressup

    Scary Halloween Dressup
    Halloween is all aroud all ow indicator. What have you prepared for this day? How are you Goig this year? Do you WAT to see your picture I advance?

  • Escape the OMG Scary RoomEscape the OMG Scary Room

    Escape the OMG Scary Room
    omfg69 ur teh sukz0rz! Dare to play. can the stupidity of this space to overcome?

  • The OMG scary room escapeThe OMG scary room escape

    The OMG scary room escape
    OMFG69 UR TEH SUKZ0RZ! Car to play. You overcome the stupidity of this space ca?

  • Is scary spiceIs scary spice

    Is scary spice

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