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  • The peppy Hilary Duff dress upThe peppy Hilary Duff dress up

    The peppy Hilary Duff dress up
    Hilary has help for their ew movie get ew movie, her dress up.

  • The sweeping will Smith Hancock dress upThe sweeping will Smith Hancock dress up

    The sweeping will Smith Hancock dress up
    Help our hero to his ew movie.

  • Film Catch-UpFilm Catch-Up

    Film Catch-Up
    Dress up like you favorite movie character.

  • Star Wars - the battle of YavinStar Wars - the battle of Yavin

    Star Wars - the battle of Yavin
    Face of the dark side of Usig your laser beam I this Star Wars movie game.

  • Puzzle Mania carsPuzzle Mania cars

    Puzzle Mania cars
    Complete cars movie puzzle piece.

  • madness combat 3 avengermadness combat 3 avenger

    madness combat 3 avenger
    The third Madness Combat movie, a violent adventure through time and space.

  • Bratz Movie StarsBratz Movie Stars

    Bratz Movie Stars
    Choose your fravorite Brat, and dress her up to star in the new Bratz Movie!

  • Prince of Persia Video Jigsaw GamePrince of Persia Video Jigsaw Game

    Prince of Persia Video Jigsaw Game
    Test your puzzle skills with this puzzle of moving images from the Prince of Persia movie.

  • Bazooki: A Silent AffairBazooki: A Silent Affair

    Bazooki: A Silent Affair
    The barrels in this silent movie topics sequel to the hit game ' Bazooki' to shoot!

  • The InternationalThe International

    The International
    Dress Naomi Watts for her new movie.

  • Numa NumaNuma Numa

    Numa Numa
    See NUMA NUMA of American idle flash movie

  • DoodiemanDoodieman

    Doodieman-Flash movie

  • Sonic RPG eps 1 part 1Sonic RPG eps 1 part 1

    Sonic RPG eps 1 part 1
    This is a series movie, Sonic RPG by MidNightMaren.

  • The internationalThe international

    The international
    Dress Naomi Watts for their ew movie.

  • Kate Winslet makeoverKate Winslet makeover

    Kate Winslet makeover
    I help her get ready their movie premiere.

  • The lively Brad Pitt Dress UpThe lively Brad Pitt Dress Up

    The lively Brad Pitt Dress Up
    Help Brad prepared at his movie premiere.

  • Power Ranger - Mystic TrainingPower Ranger - Mystic Training

    Power Ranger - Mystic Training
    Choose your character and start your training in this flash game based on the movie Power Ranger!

  • Car Park CahoosCar Park Cahoos

    Car Park Cahoos
    There is a big movie premiere on at the cinema and the staff are helping out with parking guest's car. 

  • Movie starMovie star

    Movie star
    Live the life of a movie star by Doig, some Iterviews Dressig photo clothing, ad Posig for pictures.

  • Movie date DressupMovie date Dressup

    Movie date Dressup
    Pick an ice cream outfit for this girl. She want a movie with her boyfried display to impress a dress.

  • Meet the Robinsons invent-O-RamaMeet the Robinsons invent-O-Rama

    Meet the Robinsons invent-O-Rama
    Click the same colored display merge cois o together a couple of levels. A couple of movie themed levels.

  • Dress up SamaraDress up Samara

    Dress up Samara
    She saw Japaese horror movie "The Rig"? Dress up Samara from "The Rig" I this weird up game dress.

  • Movie DateMovie Date

    Movie Date
    It’s time for a date to the movies and the dolls need your help getting glammed up. Dress up a boy and girl for a fun night out with our movie date dress-up game. The perfect style is important so they need your help with their fashion selections.

  • Car park chaosCar park chaos

    Car park chaos
    There's a big movie premiere at Popcor Ciema, indicating that Helpig, are the employees with Parkig cars. How can the marked Parkig space ca Ito pre-tax RUS AD the movie starts?

  • Dramatic Oscar night fashionDramatic Oscar night fashion

    Dramatic Oscar night fashion
    It is really the biggest fashion-flight of the year for the Etertaimet-idustry display these stars are Sizzlig. The best movie stars are here United ad cheer celebrate achieving their year. Seeig what your favorite celebrity wears o Oscar flight ca be more Fu tha Watchig which show awards. Really ice! Whoaw...

  • Brain Spa 7Brain Spa 7

    Brain Spa 7
    Uscramble of the title of this movie classic by Typig or Clickig the letter o. You have 3 miutes or 3 errors. Results are available, but they will cost you.

  • Peppy's Jared Padalecki dress up.Peppy's Jared Padalecki dress up.

    Peppy's Jared Padalecki dress up.
    An America actor. He grew up I came Texas ad fame I at the beginning of the 2000s after Appearig o watch TV series Gilmore Girls as well as I several Hollywood movies, Icludig New York Miute ad House of wax. Padalecki Starrig has the most Recetly Kow for his role as Sam Wichester o watch TV CW series Superatural become

  • Escape: The CarEscape: The Car

    Escape: The Car
    They are trapped in a car like a bad mafia movie. It is either figure out to escape a way or die trying. can you make your way to freedom?

  • Sonic RPG eps 5Sonic RPG eps 5

    Sonic RPG eps 5
    In this movie you will be able, to explore the caves of night Castle, to get to heal the knuckles used the holy water.Through the Labirinth you will find some menaces, as a real RPG exploration. Then use your RPG experience fighting the last boss.I hope you enjoy it and thanks to all the experts, to make me motivated to play.

  • Sonic RPG eps 3Sonic RPG eps 3

    Sonic RPG eps 3
    Here is the third episode of the Sonic RPG series. The people who wanted to see the power of the Seelkadoom this movie enjoy. The others, who will enjoy even this one...Notes: - Flash Player 8 required - Trog route of the text press enter

  • Theatre FunTheatre Fun

    Theatre Fun
    Beat those who strangely, watch the movie behavior while you. To beat people, select an object from the Panel and throw it on the people. You play reached the target in each level of next levels.

  • Will SmithWill Smith

    Will Smith
    Description: The Fresh Prince of Bel Air Is looking for a new style! Give him a fashion makeover for his next movie!

  • Horse Racing FantasyHorse Racing Fantasy

    Horse Racing Fantasy
    Free 3D fantasy horse racing game. Jockey champion thoroughbreds in a fast-paced, exciting environment. Fun for all ages. Guaranteed malware, adware, spyware free. Developed by Horse Racing Simulation LLC, the world’s largest developer of horse racing games including the official Secretariat Horse Racing Game featured on Disney’s “Secretariat” movie DVD.

  • Paladin - The GamePaladin - The Game

    Paladin - The Game
    Here it is! the PALADIN game!Games you as Auron and experience the action of the PALADIN series from first hand in this fast paced Sidescroller completely customizable controls unlockable cheats and special character animations and mini movies between each Act-6 chefs, 9 actions spell, combos, a balancing system more attack!Like the game automatic to as you play, where you are, your potions, levels, etc., store, so leave and come back later

  • Avatar World Coloring Avatar World Coloring

    Avatar World Coloring
    Avatar movie took us to a world beyong our imagination where Na'vi lives in piece with their mother nature. It is now your turn to use your full imagination potential and to color the nature all around Neytiri.

  • Miley Makes A Movie dress up Miley Makes A Movie dress up

    Miley Makes A Movie dress up
    Miley is making a movie, and you are the director. You need to fit her in the best outfit for the next scene. Light, cameras, action!

  • Nightmare Kingdom GameNightmare Kingdom Game

    Nightmare Kingdom Game
    Last night you ate too much cheese while watching a low budget horror movie. You went to bed for a good nights sleep, only to wake up in a world of nightmares!

  • Rachel BilsonRachel Bilson

    Rachel Bilson
    Rachel Bilson is headed to the red carpet for her new movie premier and photoshoot. Help her find the hottest fashions she needs to look beautiful.

  • Ashley Tisdale ShoppingAshley Tisdale Shopping

    Ashley Tisdale Shopping
    Ashley Tisdale is really famous in Hollywood and she is well known as an actress for her role in the High School Musical movies. Today, Ashley wants to go shopping to buy a lot of clothes for her and her friends. Take her to the shop and dress the famous Ashley well.

  • Cinema KissCinema Kiss

    Cinema Kiss
    Once in our life, we are mostly all confronted to the situation of kissing your boyfriend or girlfriend while you watch a movie at the cinema. Wait the good moment because you might been caught by people around you and ruin the chance to consolidate the couple.

  • Trash attack 2Trash attack 2

    Trash attack 2
    Gemma's Tryig, which maintain Ciema CLEA, but the chaos is Gettig, is so bad they got Eve Durig enlighten the movies! Move Gemma aroud sit between the ad hit litter Ito up I the Stoners from Swigig the broom. Get more hot spots for Hancock garbage I from distance more, ad play Bab, if the Dirtometer shows the Ciema got too dirty!

  • Moody's magical eyeMoody's magical eye

    Moody's magical eye
    This game is based o Ad Harry Potter the Goblet of fire movie. Are ivisible, but still ca discover Mad-Eye Moody when he hotspots his magical eye o you. Creatures-ca reveals its also so whats to do EED to different objects, parties the magic eye indicator all creatures children collect the display to avoid.

  • Naughty starletsNaughty starlets

    Naughty starlets
    Oh, why you us so try asterisk? With your Revealig Clothig ad lovely smiles. SAP paparazzi PIX of camera shy starlets. But avoid the bodyguards, ad so wasting your scary o movie stars!

  • John Carter JumpJohn Carter Jump

    John Carter Jump
    The official online game from the movie John Carter, jump your way to freedom! The goal of John Carter jump, the official online game from Disney film John Carter, as many obstacles as possible, travel as far as possible to jump! Use the space bar to jump, you will slow down small objects, timing is everything. good luck John Carter.

  • Mario Brothers movie 2Mario Brothers movie 2

    Mario Brothers movie 2

  • Night at the moviesNight at the movies

    Night at the movies
    The films are Goig to start. Dress up a perfect a perfect film date, that requires.

  • Movie Munchies GameMovie Munchies Game

    Movie Munchies Game
    Help Stella serve the customers as fast as possible.

  • Movie MakerMovie Maker

    Movie Maker
    Make a great film by using ung camera skills.

  • New Dubya-Doo movies 3New Dubya-Doo movies 3

    New Dubya-Doo movies 3

  • Disney's magical movie scenesDisney's magical movie scenes

    Disney's magical movie scenes
    Test your Visio ad FID of the 10 different hotspots between the two images Withi of the limited time.

  • Arfenhouse the movie twoArfenhouse the movie two

    Arfenhouse the movie two

  • Arfenhouse the movieArfenhouse the movie

    Arfenhouse the movie

  • Kinjokids the movieKinjokids the movie

    Kinjokids the movie

  • The new Dubya-Doo moviesThe new Dubya-Doo movies

    The new Dubya-Doo movies

  • New Dubya-Doo movies 2New Dubya-Doo movies 2

    New Dubya-Doo movies 2

  • Ackbar: The movieAckbar: The movie

    Ackbar: The movie

  • Megaman home movieMegaman home movie

    Megaman home movie

  • Movie Star AwardsMovie Star Awards

    Movie Star Awards
    The girl is ready to host the awards chts, but she has Accordigly be dressed. Help her.

  • Piglet's big movie - honey harvestPiglet's big movie - honey harvest

    Piglet's big movie - honey harvest
    A killer bee piglets from the hive-ad hoey collect also help avoid Bumpig Ito.

  • dragon sworddragon sword

    dragon sword
    Dragons are believed to live in ancient times the mouth of a terrible fire-fanciful creatures

  • BMREX gamesBMREX games

    BMREX games
    A game full of fun and exciting game with plenty of bounce to the BMREX plenty of points.

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