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  • Virtual Snowman GameVirtual Snowman Game

    Virtual Snowman Game
    Drag drop items from the top menu onto the snowman!

  • Agatti's PizzaAgatti's Pizza

    Agatti's Pizza
    Drag the toppings onto the pizza into the appropriate locations. 

  • Wire SkeletonWire Skeleton

    Wire Skeleton
    An awesome skeleton puppet drag holders to make him move!

  • Madness Scene CreatorMadness Scene Creator

    Madness Scene Creator

  • Flirt PrincessFlirt Princess

    Flirt Princess
    Wi Eough heart to the most popular girl, that I drag!

  • Like one Crazy Cup CakesLike one Crazy Cup Cakes

    Like one Crazy Cup Cakes
    Lear like the craziest deal I do drag.

  • New dogNew dog

    New dog
    An ew that is dogs display, that I was drag to get ready to rumble.

  • EyedropsEyedrops

    Display drop eyeball Usig simply drag your mouse.

  • The toy shopThe toy shop

    The toy shop
    Drag toy parts OTO which table display put together working the toy I order.

  • Unazukin picnicUnazukin picnic

    Unazukin picnic
    The fly dragging, so that the frog could reach his Togue ad to eat.

  • Pinky girlPinky girl

    Pinky girl
    Dress up Piky girl I various outfits, just drag & drop elements OTO the girl.

  • Fantasy dolls humanFantasy dolls human

    Fantasy dolls human
    Drag the clothes right over the image o links to your doll dress!

  • Dress the DuelistDress the Duelist

    Dress the Duelist
    Play with the Yu-Gi-Oh GX-dress up game the character Duelist. Drag -and-ope yellow accessory box, assumed the fairy accessories

  • Angel garden decorAngel garden decor

    Angel garden decor
    Dragging items Ito the SCEE display make your ow SCEE, that you Wat. Several girls, creatures display elements.

  • The rockThe rock

    The rock
    This is a dress up game for girls, attract, I various outfits, just drag and drop, display of Clothig OTO model.

  • Rhythm revolutionRhythm revolution

    Rhythm revolution
    The towing with rhythm ad help Timmy, Cosmo ad Wadra revive magic, ad TUR which drag Boresville Ito, the ultimate party for children.

  • Supreme extreme snowboardingSupreme extreme snowboarding

    Supreme extreme snowboarding
    Drag from awesome tricks, how do the jumps. Result of Eough hotspots to move o into the ext slope.

  • Christmas tree ballsChristmas tree balls

    Christmas tree balls
    To do this, click display the Decoratios drag to make the Christmas tree as beautiful as possible.

  • King Kong skull IcelandKing Kong skull Iceland

    King Kong skull Iceland
    Drag the colored pieces from Coveyor ad Ito the puzzle to reveal images from the skull Islad.

  • korokokoroko

    Koroko is a girl from a small drag I Korea. Dress her i Traditioal Clothig.

  • Brewery DefenderBrewery Defender

    Brewery Defender
    Drag the blue dwarf I order to divert the Hymeoptera blobs display help, was able to escape as a brewery truck as you can.

  • Gringo BandidoGringo Bandido

    Gringo Bandido
    A few Cowboy go aroud ad drags the Eemies shoot. Watch out for powerful bosses on the ED of each level.

  • Metal Slug battle creatorMetal Slug battle creator

    Metal Slug battle creator
    Chage backgroud display drag and drop, display the Metal Slug props o the rubble to a cool SCEE.

  • Madness drag and dropMadness drag and drop

    Madness drag and drop
    Display the drag & drop the characters OTO the boulders to a limited SCEE about your ow creatio.

  • Shaquita pizza makerShaquita pizza maker

    Shaquita pizza maker
    Try a Tatalizig pizza. Click all optios ad drag & o the ICOs to see, additional Toppigs from the right.

  • Fruit funFruit fun

    Fruit fun
    Have the fruit shapes Fu Matchig. You simply drag the fruits, the I the Movig rack display the puzzle complete, that I time.

  • Halloween Dressup 10Halloween Dressup 10

    Halloween Dressup 10
    It's almost Halloween ad Reese has't what still carry decisively. Drag the fancy ad accessories OTO Reese Usig mouse.

  • AquacubesAquacubes

    Drag the lines-Ito-Platz are a group of 4 or more items of the same kind fill the fuel Gage before the time RUS out display.

  • Word search gameplay 9Word search gameplay 9

    Word search gameplay 9
    FID the Wort.Klicken click o the startig letters the Word display drag the cursor over the Word display release o word last letter.

  • Drake and Josh big shrimpDrake and Josh big shrimp

    Drake and Josh big shrimp
    Click and drag the crabs from the screen, and Drake so Josh will not be distracted mess up breakthrough.

  • Corp FishingCorp Fishing

    Corp Fishing
    Can you bait of these corporate Guppies and drag them long enough freedom to find away from their monitors?

  • Bunnies Kingdom Cooking GameBunnies Kingdom Cooking Game

    Bunnies Kingdom Cooking Game
    See the list, drag the required ingredients in the mixing bowl and click finished, if you finished!

  • Image is everythingImage is everything

    Image is everything
    Click display drag making the ball bouce. Use the Istructios to play the idea.

  • ConstellationConstellation

    Drag a Costellatio from stars like the OE i in the example before time of RUS out

  • Fashion dream toesFashion dream toes

    Fashion dream toes
    Dazzle all with your perfect pedicure! Click the Decoratios on the ICOs to display all optios ad drag & o with the mouse.

  • Little Nancy DressupLittle Nancy Dressup

    Little Nancy Dressup
    Click the categories ad optios. Using the mouse, drag items OTO Nacy.

  • Fall fashion FrolicFall fashion Frolic

    Fall fashion Frolic
    Autum leaves are Heddys favorite accessory. Display the drag -and-drop items OTO Heddy Usig mouse.

  • ChaZie Dress upChaZie Dress up

    ChaZie Dress up
    ChaZie Dressup Game - Drag and drop the hair and clothing. ChaZie is a Dollz Mania exclusive base.Tags: Dressup, dollmaker, girls, kids, makeover

  • Fish FlightFish Flight

    Fish Flight
    Click and drag the plane for distance, Pull up or down to make it tilt in angle then release left click to launch.

  • Ultimate Street Car Racer Ultimate Street Car Racer

    Ultimate Street Car Racer
    Choose one of three modified road cars to race down the drag strip and see if you've got what it takes in the Ultimate Street Car challenge.

  • Fluffy BirdiesFluffy Birdies

    Fluffy Birdies
    Press and drag the birdies in and across the board. Release them by forming group of three or more.

  • Golf MazeGolf Maze

    Golf Maze
    Drag the golf ball into course to the hole while avoiding to bump into anything.

  • Pizza TruckPizza Truck

    Pizza Truck
    Drag loads of oversized tomatoes, cheese and Cola can be a difficult task! Supply all ingredients to Papas pizzeria!

  • Drag boxDrag box

    Drag box
    Drag your green brick through the level. Try not to get pushed off the screen. Squeeze!

  • The BeadlesThe Beadles

    The Beadles
    A physics enabled puzzle game. Drag the balls to group 3 or more together to make them disappear.

  • Office Mini Golf GameOffice Mini Golf Game

    Office Mini Golf Game
    Hit the ball in the hole in the least number of strokes.To hit the ball, click and drag the ball to adjust the power and the angle of your shot.

  • Kill Zomies GameKill Zomies Game

    Kill Zomies Game
    Drag the green circle to draw a line on screen. The player will follow the line to move.

  • Rain Words GameRain Words Game

    Rain Words Game
    Drag the items from the left onto the crossword puzzle. Great for poor spellers. 3 difficulties.

  • Drag -and-drop AsianDrag -and-drop Asian

    Drag -and-drop Asian
    Display drag -and-drop the tiles display fill the puzzle piece of Asia girls pictures. More result, set the image as soon as possible. Piece Ad Drag & o, click o the place where you WAT to place this piece.

  • Sarah bedroom decorSarah bedroom decor

    Sarah bedroom decor
    Zubring display decorate Sarah bedroom like show o, that hit the right side of Optio. Display, click and drag the mouse to Arrage. Chage of your favorite backgroud colors of ad theme by Clickig Backgrouds. Click on DOE's whe Fiish are with your decor.

  • Storm OPS 3Storm OPS 3

    Storm OPS 3
    Eemy are Chargig I troops display you must discourage Reachig you area. Target your ad arc that fly arrows. Drag by I Beig defed the best Archer the LAD. Upgrade your village gate, your Weapo ad Eve build of your village so you ca survive the Eemy attacks.

  • Pumpkin-head riderPumpkin-head rider

    Pumpkin-head rider
    Its Halloween ad Everyoe is supposed to get their goodies. Race through the drag Scarig from the children display minimum period I your choice of vehicle all the candy.

  • Valentine's day shopValentine's day shop

    Valentine's day shop
    You are a chocolate shop Ower AMED Valetie, Feb 14 Whe is your time, Shie! Click on the chocolate machie, taste, ad form ad drag & o Decoratios. Click display an item customer to deliver it. Buy upgrades with your tips!

  • Word search gameplay 1 - AsiaWord search gameplay 1 - Asia

    Word search gameplay 1 - Asia
    FID the word. Click o the startig letters the Word display, drag the cursor over the word ad o Word to release; s last letter. Correct aswer will be through a lie.

  • Drag race demonDrag race demon

    Drag race demon
    Press I your drag race car to limit this Excitig Racig car game. Wi Moey update display your dragster, but remember, Drivig too fast makes you flip!

  • SantastrikeSantastrike

    Large festive twist on the best flash shooter ever, drag. As well, it consists of three 60 second round, where your goal is, as closely as possible to shoot the bad guys, but this time the bad guys are all Santa!

  • Spartans To The RescueSpartans To The Rescue

    Spartans To The Rescue
    Your employees will be arrested and killed, you can store your weapon, be please quickly because time is limited, show your skill and courage you Spartaner.Klicken in the game and drag Robins hand draw the bow and aimed the arrow. shoot the rope, but be sure to shoot not farmers.

  • Makeup BoxMakeup Box

    Makeup Box
    Each girl has their own makeup Kit for her beautiful. Use your mouse to drag items in the box to makeup, which will make them with a new look and style.

  • Apple OrchardApple Orchard

    Apple Orchard
    Enjoy the most beautiful nature: apples in a basket! Dragging the trampolines and the planks in their appropriate places, then click on the cloud wind a bubbles set. The Apple must arrive safely in the basket for the layer to delete!

  • Pixel patchPixel patch

    Pixel patch
    CA you FID the art I this mess of pixel patches? Drag the pixel patches to the image; If you place them correctly, they will sap-Ito-Platz.

  • My little bakeryMy little bakery

    My little bakery
    The most delicious desserts are the OES desig itself. Click on select a dessert to decorate. Use your mouse to drag & amp; Drop items OTO your dessert.

  • Word search animal scramble gameplay 2Word search animal scramble gameplay 2

    Word search animal scramble gameplay 2
    FID the word. Letting go, click o the startig letters the Word display, drag the cursor over the Word display o Word? last Buchstaben.Richtige aswer will be through a lie.

  • Florist bouquetFlorist bouquet

    Florist bouquet
    Remember the customer ordered bouquets, before it disappears from the rubble.Whe orders Beeath of the table is displayed, drag the flower arrangement on the corresponding Kunden.Wenn you provide a perfect bouquet, your guests icrease.

  • Dark goddess DressupDark goddess Dressup

    Dark goddess Dressup
    Select whether this dark goddess is angry or Iocet. Click clothing mouth, ad drag o o to select the Buttos at the head, hair, eyes, shoes, ad display accessories.

  • Electronic VittlesElectronic Vittles

    Electronic Vittles
    Idetify the food request display robots serve him. To serve the food, click Display drag the food-o on the robot. Fill the goal on each level further continued.

  • Obama Presidential escapeObama Presidential escape

    Obama Presidential escape
    Their Missio I is this escape room game, as Barack Obama ad to play try to escape, the terrorist who Kidapped you. Use your mouse to heart rate control the game. Simply click o to move Ay part of the floor. Iteract select objects simply click the object display an actio. To raise the Actios drag object your Ivetory ad put it about ay other Elemet, the o-phase or I is the Ivetory list (on search objects).

  • Burger boyBurger boy

    Burger boy
    O click here the Burger Grill ad bus o who download couter. Whe the burgers are good DOE, drag all requested items to customers, before she upset will display.

  • Color bugsColor bugs

    Color bugs
    A cute little Flash game I you EED, the color to ITO boxes capture error! Ito a field drag use the PE to draw circles aroud the error indication. Beware of spiders, bugs, Dragoflies ad Cocoo.

  • Vimto High DiveVimto High Dive

    Vimto High Dive
    Vimto high dive - select the height of the dive, the goal (swimming pool, bathroom or Vimto can) by nine levels of increasingly demanding, and press that literally seriously to mixed fruit away from the diving board fulfil their ultimate downfall. While the players have to bubbles pop and drag poses as a multiplier bonus pick up specified.

  • Mario drag raceMario drag race

    Mario drag race
    Drag race did with Mario Ad! Balace Mario between speed ad Agles to esure you wi the race with each after as you ca Cois!

  • Cinderella Jigsaw 3Cinderella Jigsaw 3

    Cinderella Jigsaw 3
    Classic jigsaw puzzle fun with Cinderella in 49 colorful pieces. It's good puuzle game. Drag and drop the pieces to fit them together.Tags: puzzle, jigsaw, kids, cartoon

  • Dead Duck GameDead Duck Game

    Dead Duck Game
    Use your space bar to shoot, drag your mouse to aim. You’ve got 120 shots per game. If the ranger shoots you five times, you’re dead.

  • Ballery mochi2Ballery mochi2

    Ballery mochi2
    The logic and the highest number of drag and drop the ball on the horse and the highest score wins.!

  • Bicycle Drag 2Bicycle Drag 2

    Bicycle Drag 2
    Bike drag 2 is game in witch racing, you with your rivals head to head race. For winning races, paid and use it to update bike racing parts.

  • RampsRamps

    Click, drag and rotate the ramps to construct a pathway to safely guide the spheres into the goal. Click the dispenser to unleash a sphere. Clicking the trashcan will reset ramps and spheres. Points are awarded based on amount of spheres lost, time taken to solve the level and difficulty of the level.

  • Sauna EscapeSauna Escape

    Sauna Escape
    Your mission is simple. You have to get out of the sauna before the temperature reaches to 210 C. find items and use them to escape. Some of the items are dragable. Hold down left mouse button and drag them to the place you think you can use them.

  • Dragon BoyDragon Boy

    Dragon Boy
     To feed your dragon, you must toggle the arrows in the inventory and drag the food towards it. When it reaches a certain amount of HP, the dragon will evolve several amount of times.

  • KittiesKitties

    Your goal in this cute game is to drag and match the kitties to their corresponding shadows. Just click the center button after each level is finished to proceed to the next. Time is ticking very fast so you have to be faster to reach the next level.

  • Mystery CaseMystery Case

    Mystery Case
    This is an hidden object game with multiple puzzles. Use the mouse cursor to click or drag objects. Press on the Hint button to gain additional help with finding clues.

  • Pimp your GuitarPimp your Guitar

    Pimp your Guitar
    Design your ideal guitar to rock out! Click to scroll through the options and drag the stickers on for the finishing touch.

  • Toffy CatToffy Cat

    Toffy Cat
    One day an UFO hovered above the kittens house while he was sleeping. Aliens had dragged his fridge full of food into the UFO and flew away. The Kitten has to rescue the fridge and the world!

  • Kiddy play dateKiddy play date

    Kiddy play date
    Get these children for their Playdate dressed! Make sure that their outfits fit the weather ad site, you choose. OTO drag ad drop items with your mouse the boy or the girl. Use ICOs o links to select the weather-ad location for your kiddie Playdate.

  • Back in the cityBack in the city

    Back in the city
    You're back I drag indicator this flight are Goig to a party. Prepare display to Toight go dress. Use the mouse to move the caressed, blouses ad Complemets that you have I the Cabinet to choose.

  • GeoGenius United StatesGeoGenius United States

    GeoGenius United States
    Display the State Ames drag area o OTO Correspodig map of the United States. A place right state results you hotspots Equivalet to SEC ODS links o the clock. An Icorrectly placed State loses 100 hotspots caution!.

  • Escape from the Oval OfficeEscape from the Oval Office

    Escape from the Oval Office
    After eight years, it is time to drag. But how? There I Skeletos the Cabinet ad things I remember as Eve. Escapig has insidious per bee!

  • Ducky dress upDucky dress up

    Ducky dress up
    Ever wated to revalue a squeak duck? Now you ca IDies Woderful ducky dress up game for girls made. Ca dress up the Ducky with the mouse cursor, simply drag -and-ad drop the ducky clothes.

  • Pappaz pizzaPappaz pizza

    Pappaz pizza
    Try, your Goig home for as to keep log as possible display so miss your orders! < br > < br > drag the Igrediets from their site o the table on the pizza. Follow the recipe ad whe Fiished, click the Pell.

  • Sheep racerSheep racer

    Sheep racer
    Sheep ride motorcycles! Drag the mouse to the right rise the speed display pressing the left key jump. Catchig, the flags, you are Gai more hotspots.

  • Dolly PartonDolly Parton

    Dolly Parton
    Dolly Parto for a day to get that ad just drag & drop your article OTO Dolly you make her the way you. Start < br > < br > by Givig of her an ew hairstyle, which give her some ew clothing display like shoes, Fiish it of with some awesome accessories ew guitar or a Microphoe for them to display SIG to play with.

  • Big Mama's SalonBig Mama's Salon

    Big Mama's Salon
    Help Big Mama provide the best customer service possible to her customers. Drag each customer to appropriate seat according to yhe service they desire. After the service has benn completed, they will pay you. Don't forget to click the money to get it (you don't want to leave your customers waiting at the cash register). Cutting hair will also keave a hair pile next to the seat. Drag the broom on the counter to yhe pile and click on it to sweep it up. Leaving hair lying around all over the floor will affect your customer's mood. Enjoy the game and good luck!Tags: big, mama, salon, customer, casual, game

  • Dragon BoyDragon Boy

    Dragon Boy
    To feed your dragon, you must toggle the arrows in the inventory and drag the food towards it. When it reaches a certain amount of HP, the dragon will evolve several amount of times.

  • Prose and MotionProse and Motion

    Prose and Motion
    Drag the letters in the physics world and make words to progress. Letters can turn to become others.

  • Bratz Babyz Fish TanksBratz Babyz Fish Tanks

    Bratz Babyz Fish Tanks
    You have lots of fun with friends fishy if you feed them and keep them healthy. They're Bratz fish, so of course they like in fashion. Surround decorations you can choose funky tank. If you're ready to mix it, use the fish mix to new fish, see some crazy combos. And don't forget to sell some fish, so that you keep your fish in style have enough money. Choose 4 critters, decorate the tank and take care your fishy Freunde.Um feed your fish, you drag the food Shaker to the tank. Feed your fish at least once on the day.

  • Diner Dash: Hometown HeroDiner Dash: Hometown Hero

    Diner Dash: Hometown Hero
    During a visit to her hometown, Flo and her Grandma Florence of down memory lane walk. To bring five restaurants back to life and new customers like the hungry man and the celebrity to meet. Special care of customers with reserved and flowers at tables for diners to make happy. Stuck with a group of 4 people and no 4-person tables? Now, you can move tables together to create a larger table. Restore Flo's hometown now!Keep customers happy by he them as soon as possible! That they are happy, the more points you earn. Reach the target number of points to win a level. If the customer wait too long. You get annoyed and leave. Click and drag a group of customers table clean.

  • DragDrag

    The Eemies with a pistol or a rifle to shoot Siper. So Abraham can get away if you move after ew levels.

  • 2 Drag bike2 Drag bike

    2 Drag bike
    Bike 2 pull Racig is game I you head to head race with your rival witch. Race paid for Wiig display you can display its Racig parts upgrade cycle.

  • Drag Racer v2 Drag Racer v2

    Drag Racer v2
    Shift into gear and floor the pedal as you dragrace against the computer tune up your car modify engine buy new cars parts exhaust intake muffler bodykit and more.  

  • Drag Racer V3 Drag Racer V3

    Drag Racer V3
    Pick your ride, customize it, race it.

  • Ultimate Drag RacerUltimate Drag Racer

    Ultimate Drag Racer
    Win two races in a row in the same car category and unlock faster cars.

  • Drag Race Demon 2Drag Race Demon 2

    Drag Race Demon 2
    The Demon is back - customize your sled and prepare to take on the competition! Now with Gears! Pwn the track, baby!

  • Goose Drag RacingGoose Drag Racing

    Goose Drag Racing
    Will you able to reach finish line without any crush ?

  • Micro SportsMicro Sports

    Micro Sports
      Here comes Micro Sports, a game with 30 levels and 7 lives. Do you have what it takes to finish the challenge? Mini-golf, football keepie-uppies, drag racing, rock climbing, and lots more, this game has it all. You have seconds to figure out what to do and complete the task before the next micro-sport appears. On completion, you receive an achievement award from a Survivor to a Sports God depending on how fast you finish each level.      

  • Genghis Khan GameGenghis Khan Game

    Genghis Khan Game
    Genghis Khan is the founder of Mongolian Empire, the largest continuous empire in the history. Genghis Khan succeeded to unite Mongolian tribes and to lead them to numerous victories occupying most of Asia. In this game you need to reproduce amazing Genghis Khan's campaigns and to conquer different countries. You start in the map mode. The first thing to do is to select the mission from "Missions", and then the country you want to invade. Once you select these things, press "Fight" to start the invasion. This will take you to the battlefield. You will have units of different types in the top part of the screen. Drag them to the battle field's placing area to create the military formation you want. Remember that units cost money and you must control your gold. When the formation is ready, select the fight mode to define you army's behavior. When you believe that everything is arranged the best way,press "Fight" to start the battle.You can scroll the view are with the arrow keys to watch the battle.When you kill enemies you earn gold. You can use this gold to add more units during the battle. For more detailed instructions, pass the in-game tutorial.

  • Wooden Trainsets GameWooden Trainsets Game

    Wooden Trainsets Game
    Pick a Train Set Map you want to build. Drag and drop the train tracks onto the Map. When done, send your finished train set to a friend. The print it out for all to see! If you want, you can get information on how to buy it too!

  • The EggThe Egg

    The Egg
    In this physics based game you must drag get it simply by the egg in the basket bounce, twang, zip and your egg in it to the various objects. It is full of Eggness, I promise. Don't forget to check out the egg room before or after the game to see a description of each egg, and one again story behind there epic battles. The game has two Easter eggs, they do two different things. (Try to find it and click;) (Yes created me Eggy have the game called the egg, not funny?)

  • MeloballMeloball

    Meloball - Meloball is a casual game where the player various bonuses collect through a ball shoot. Game has a very simple controls: simply click, drag, and can shoot the ball. 3 Shots per level. Bronze medal required to get to the next level. FUNCTIONS 27 addictive levels. Germany for each level: bronze, silver and gold. -Extended statistics.

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