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  • Prince of Persia Video Jigsaw GamePrince of Persia Video Jigsaw Game

    Prince of Persia Video Jigsaw Game
    Test your puzzle skills with this puzzle of moving images from the Prince of Persia movie.

  • Jelly BlocksJelly Blocks

    Jelly Blocks
    great puzzle game where you must match the same color Jely to complete the puzzle

  • Anime jigsaw puzzleAnime jigsaw puzzle

    Anime jigsaw puzzle
    Let us try to solve the puzzle you ca different children AIME may select puzzles.

  • Franktown puzzlerFranktown puzzler

    Franktown puzzler
    A Fu-puzzle game for kids. Before the timer-RUS, puzzles to solve.

  • Lt. fly vs the spidersLt. fly vs the spiders

    Lt. fly vs the spiders
    A puzzle game with a shooter mixed. Get balls from the puzzle game to shoot the spiders.

  • MushbitsMushbits

    Uite Buies ad mushrooms I this Boucy-puzzle game.

  • African ConnectionAfrican Connection

    African Connection
    African connection find hidden objects to solve the puzzle!

  • SqirlzSqirlz

    Help the orage Sqirl reach its I fried this Fu-puzzle game.

  • Kumba against the evil penguinKumba against the evil penguin

    Kumba against the evil penguin
    FID your way through the puzzles I click this cute poit ad Adveture game.

  • The IngienuerThe Ingienuer

    The Ingienuer
    FID your way to the exit I this motto robot puzzle platformer.

  • AbandonedAbandoned

    A retro puzzle platformer!

  • Dibbles 3: Desert despairDibbles 3: Desert despair

    Dibbles 3: Desert despair
    Save the Dibbles puzzle I the Lemmigs Ispired.

  • Haunted adventure Haunted adventure

    Haunted adventure
    Eter a world of spooky I this match-3 puzzle game!

  • Vs Monsterland junior seniorVs Monsterland junior senior

    Vs Monsterland junior senior
    Juior help wake up Seior physics I this Iterestig puzzle game.

  • GRAVIT-eyeGRAVIT-eye

    GRAVIT eye is an ice-physics-based platform-puzzle game.

  • Sort my tiles Obama and SpidermanSort my tiles Obama and Spiderman

    Sort my tiles Obama and Spiderman
    Solve this puzzle of President Obama together with our super hero Amazig Spiderma.

  • Deep sea word searchDeep sea word search

    Deep sea word search
    Do Playig this lovely word puzzle.

  • Sort my tiles snow whiteSort my tiles snow white

    Sort my tiles snow white
    Fill this ice puzzle piece.

  • Prague ArasPrague Aras

    Prague Aras
    A game of strage Movig aroud of the world ad Don of each little world puzzle.

  • Sort my tiles EeyoreSort my tiles Eeyore

    Sort my tiles Eeyore
    This puzzle block rebuild.

  • Sort my tiles TurkeySort my tiles Turkey

    Sort my tiles Turkey
    Complete this puzzle part of the tile.

  • Jelly towersJelly towers

    Jelly towers
    Jelly towers a Fuy ad Challegig 2D puzzle game.

  • SeppukutiesSeppukuties

    This is a cool puzzle platformer with a twist!

  • Harley puzzleHarley puzzle

    Harley puzzle
    Complete this Woderful Harley Davidso puzzle.

  • Sort my tiles MermaidSort my tiles Mermaid

    Sort my tiles Mermaid
    Fill a puzzle piece of Ariel together with Pluder.

  • BinggraeBinggrae

    A puzzle game where you match 3 or more objects.

  • Picnic puzzlePicnic puzzle

    Picnic puzzle
    Solve the puzzle as fast as you ca

  • Sort my tiles BambiSort my tiles Bambi

    Sort my tiles Bambi
    Fill the puzzle-piece of this beautiful Aimals of forest type of tile display.

  • Green Moon LabGreen Moon Lab

    Green Moon Lab
    Whe gravity is the way to solve puzzles.

  • Puzzle Mania carsPuzzle Mania cars

    Puzzle Mania cars
    Complete cars movie puzzle piece.

  • BioMexBioMex

    Games to solve EED, as you try several puzzle to break Dow computer Defeses.

  • Puzzle Mania TweetyPuzzle Mania Tweety

    Puzzle Mania Tweety
    Complete Tweety puzzle piece.

  • Puzzle Mania PopeyePuzzle Mania Popeye

    Puzzle Mania Popeye
    Complete this Popeye puzzle piece.

  • Sort my tiles AristocatsSort my tiles Aristocats

    Sort my tiles Aristocats
    Complete a puzzle of this group of socialite cats.

  • Puzzle Mania DoraPuzzle Mania Dora

    Puzzle Mania Dora
    Fill the puzzle part of Dora.

  • Monsterland Junior vs SeniorMonsterland Junior vs Senior

    Monsterland Junior vs Senior
    wake up junior senior in this interesting physics puzzle game to help.

  • Monster country junior vs. seniorMonster country junior vs. senior

    Monster country junior vs. senior
    help junior wake up service senior in this interesting physics puzzle game.

  • Swedish Save LoySwedish Save Loy

    Swedish Save Loy
    To the puzzles I solve this middle Bugglig game!

  • War bearsWar bears

    War bears
    Nice puzzle game! Try to save the hostages!

  • Puzzle Mania Mickey MousePuzzle Mania Mickey Mouse

    Puzzle Mania Mickey Mouse
    Complet Mickey Mouse puzzle - piece.

  • Sort My Tiles Little MermaidSort My Tiles Little Mermaid

    Sort My Tiles Little Mermaid
    Fill a puzzle piece Ariel together with prey.

  • Puzzle Mania CinderellaPuzzle Mania Cinderella

    Puzzle Mania Cinderella

  • Image Disorder Robert PattinsonImage Disorder Robert Pattinson

    Image Disorder Robert Pattinson
    Organize the tile and complet puzzle a star twilight.

  • Puzzle Mania PinnochioPuzzle Mania Pinnochio

    Puzzle Mania Pinnochio
    Fill out our puzzles to a wooden kid a real would like to be young.

  • Toon ShiftToon Shift

    Toon Shift
    a puzzle game, this is strange

  • Level Editor 2Level Editor 2

    Level Editor 2
    Use carefully to avoid you, drop and collect coins in this fun blocks platform-puzzle game.

  • Potty Mouth NinjaPotty Mouth Ninja

    Potty Mouth Ninja
    Potty mouth Ninja eats puzzles for breakfast!

  • Spongebob Squarepants atlantic Squarepants Bus RusSpongebob Squarepants atlantic Squarepants Bus Rus

    Spongebob Squarepants atlantic Squarepants Bus Rus
    move through the maze and solve the puzzles as you enemies in the maze.

  • LuckyballsLuckyballs

    Lucky ball puzzle game

  • Darkness 2Darkness 2

    Darkness 2
    Solve the puzzle by collecting all the hints!

  • PerspectitePerspectite

    A perspective based puzzle game where distance affects nothing.

  • Sudoku OriginalSudoku Original

    Sudoku Original
    The original japanese sudoku game with puzzles ranging from easy to very hard.

  • Funny Hiddens - Town Game Funny Hiddens - Town Game

    Funny Hiddens - Town Game
    Hidden object, puzzle games

  • Funny Hiddens - PlantsFunny Hiddens - Plants

    Funny Hiddens - Plants
    Hidden object, puzzle game 

  • I Love You PuzzleI Love You Puzzle

    I Love You Puzzle
    Connect all the right pieces to solve the puzzle!

  • Puzzle Mania BambiPuzzle Mania Bambi

    Puzzle Mania Bambi
    Complete the bambi puzzle piece.

  • Hell DiggersHell Diggers

    Hell Diggers
    Get help of the miners their gold to the surface in this dangerous challenging puzzle game!

  • Gravit-EyeGravit-Eye

    GRAVIT eye is a nice physics-based platform puzzle game.

  • Bugs Bunny PuzzleBugs Bunny Puzzle

    Bugs Bunny Puzzle
    Bugs Bunny picture on to complete the puzzle. 

  • Prizma Puzzle 2Prizma Puzzle 2

    Prizma Puzzle 2
    Connect all the available stations on each map to complete the laser puzzles

  • Color My FateColor My Fate

    Color My Fate
    Solve puzzles in this sidescroller as you grab items and use them throughout the levels.

  • Star GazerStar Gazer

    Star Gazer
    Star Gazer puzzle fun that touches the stars

  • Yeti BubblesYeti Bubbles

    Yeti Bubbles
    A good remake of the game puzzle bubble!

  • Barbie Puzzle 3Barbie Puzzle 3

    Barbie Puzzle 3
    Help finish the puzzle in very fast way.

  • Word SearchWord Search

    Word Search
    A word puzzle that can really flip your mind.

  • La Luna Hotel GameLa Luna Hotel Game

    La Luna Hotel Game
    Explore the hotel and solve the puzzles as you try to progress and just maybe escape.

  • Enqbate GameEnqbate Game

    Enqbate Game
    Use the buttons on the center console to navigate through the different puzzles.

  • Shift 3 GameShift 3 Game

    Shift 3 Game
    Shift through all new puzzles and levels.

  • Mahjong DailyMahjong Daily

    Mahjong Daily
    Play a different puzzle everyday in this classic Mahjong game.

  • Zoo FriendsZoo Friends

    Zoo Friends
    Make pairs with zoo animals Tags: puzzle, pairs, animals, zoo

  • BobbloxBobblox

    Classic block puzzler with high producion values and great graphics.Tags: cute puzzle block

  • 12 Puzzle12 Puzzle

    12 Puzzle
    Combine part of puzzle picture. 

  • Domino KnightDomino Knight

    Domino Knight
    Some puzzles Domio complete go to solve every roud.

  • Shop N dress food roll game: one shoulder dressShop N dress food roll game: one shoulder dress

    Shop N dress food roll game: one shoulder dress
    Game puzzle game based on ear Moey display you can OE shoulders buy dresses.

  • Rumble ball 3Rumble ball 3

    Rumble ball 3
    This is aandere cool puzzle game, where you must have the ball aroud Collectig Diva cois.

  • CricklerCrickler

    This high-tech crossword puzzle is a great way to catch up o Curret Evets!

  • CubiconCubicon

    Slidig puzzle game block i, you have three or more of the same cubes to Coect.

  • Mimi Barbie puzzleMimi Barbie puzzle

    Mimi Barbie puzzle
    Fill this adorable puzzle.

  • Mimi Barbie puzzle 2Mimi Barbie puzzle 2

    Mimi Barbie puzzle 2
    Complete this cute jigsaw puzzle.

  • Barbie puzzleBarbie puzzle

    Barbie puzzle
    Fiish this Barbie Pricess puzzle.

  • Dig itDig it

    Dig it
    The goal of the digit is puzzle to reveal the Hidde treasure chest.

  • Puzzle QuestPuzzle Quest

    Puzzle Quest
    Match to complete 3 parts Diagoally or Horizotally to the puzzles.

  • Boom box 2Boom box 2

    Boom box 2
    The ew boombox game Icludes an ew puzzle task to Maage.

  • Boom boxBoom box

    Boom box
    Boom box is a stylish Tetris like puzzle game.

  • Mission to MarsMission to Mars

    Mission to Mars
    Move aroud of the levels Grabbig key ad Teleportig ö place the aother puzzle Orieted.

  • Fruit puzzleFruit puzzle

    Fruit puzzle
    I this mouse-drive logic puzzle game you've got the fruit symbols cluster. Atted OT cofuse some fruit with the preview your Curret fruits!

  • Avatar Black Sun siegeAvatar Black Sun siege

    Avatar Black Sun siege
    Place your pieces, so that they the Eemies pieces that I attacked full force. Sweet puzzle strategy game.

  • Rubik cubeRubik cube

    Rubik cube
    The game is simple. Solve the puzzles as old school.

  • Escape the bombEscape the bomb

    Escape the bomb
    You have two hours to live, or you ca defuse the Detoator. Get ca you this puzzle-solving, before you blow your Isides outside?

  • Prehistoric 2Prehistoric 2

    Prehistoric 2
    A creative ad clear graphics Sidescroller with a little DIO. Grab eggs display get passed puzzles.

  • Fruit funFruit fun

    Fruit fun
    Have the fruit shapes Fu Matchig. You simply drag the fruits, the I the Movig rack display the puzzle complete, that I time.

  • PlanarityPlanarity

    A simple but addictive puzzle game. Uwid an Etagled web for o lies cross each other.

  • Rocket car 2Rocket car 2

    Rocket car 2
    Drive your rocket car as you try to complete each puzzle that is up to you. Watch out for gravity.

  • Moshi Monsters Puzzle PalaceMoshi Monsters Puzzle Palace

    Moshi Monsters Puzzle Palace
    Solve puzzles as you ca for Withi 60 sec ODS may. Simply launches ad gets a little more difficult.

  • King Kong skull IcelandKing Kong skull Iceland

    King Kong skull Iceland
    Drag the colored pieces from Coveyor ad Ito the puzzle to reveal images from the skull Islad.

  • The sweetest kittensThe sweetest kittens

    The sweetest kittens
    Solve puzzles with cute small little o. Choose between a couple pieces display can.

  • SSSG-Winter WonderlandSSSG-Winter Wonderland

    SSSG-Winter Wonderland
    Help Sneaky find all of the crystals as fast as you can, the crystals are lost in the beautiful winter photos.Tags: crystal, hunter, find, search, puzzle, sssg, melting-mindz

  • The Mind BenderThe Mind Bender

    The Mind Bender
     Move crates with your telekinesis powers to move through obstacles and finish the course of 20 levels in this puzzle platformer!

  • Logical DominosLogical Dominos

    Logical Dominos
    Try to separate out all the Domino pieces which are joined together to form a grid, in this addictive puzzle.

  • shrink-itshrink-it

    A very addictive physics based puzzle game. Shrink and grow objects to get the smiley to the exit.

  • Dark Legion 2Dark Legion 2

    Dark Legion 2
    Evil is back, stronger and smarter! Turn based horror game!Tags: puzzle, quest, gems, monster, action, board, spells, magic

  • Winter Half Dome JigsawWinter Half Dome Jigsaw

    Winter Half Dome Jigsaw
    Play this fun little jigsaw puzzle featuring beautiful Half Done in the snow. Get the fastest time and score higher than everyone else. There are five different difficulty levels to choose from for all skill levels of jigsaw players. Simple has 9 pieces, Easy has 49 pieces, Medium has 100 pieces, Hard has 225 pieces, and Extreme has 225 pieces plus the pieces rotate and have mixed edges.Tags: yosemite, yosemite national park, half dome, mountain, puzzle, puzzles, jigsaw, fun, fupa, winter, snow scene

  • Sift Heads 0 GameSift Heads 0 Game

    Sift Heads 0 Game
    Solve the puzzles by shooting what you need to. Think before you start shooting around.

  • Rain Words GameRain Words Game

    Rain Words Game
    Drag the items from the left onto the crossword puzzle. Great for poor spellers. 3 difficulties.

  • Star Magic GameStar Magic Game

    Star Magic Game
    Play this fun puzzle game. The goal of the game is to link three or more of the same color stars together.

  • Sheepish 2 GameSheepish 2 Game

    Sheepish 2 Game
    The aim of the game is to navigate your sheep around the multitude of puzzles, obstacles and landscapes so that you can reach the fresh grass.

  • Invisible Gaunlet GameInvisible Gaunlet Game

    Invisible Gaunlet Game
    A simple memory/puzzle game where you avoid obstacles hidden in fog by revealing them under light beacons and remembering where they are/their movement patterns.

  • Sea Jewels Hooks GameSea Jewels Hooks Game

    Sea Jewels Hooks Game
    Your objective in this puzzle game is to arrange the sea creatures so that there are 3 or more of the same type in a row.

  • Archie GameArchie Game

    Archie Game
    Your goal in this fun puzzle shooter is to help Archie the Archer Fish through 50 levels of ocean themed, water puzzles. Knock as many of the Color Balls down in a row as possible to string together incredible combos. The less shots you take to clear the level, the more bonus points you earn in this fun puzzle adventure.

  • Free The Pharaoh GameFree The Pharaoh Game

    Free The Pharaoh Game
    A puzzle game with several stages. You should try to move the red pharaoh out of the maze.

  • The Fog Fall GameThe Fog Fall Game

    The Fog Fall Game
    Can you solve the mini puzzles in this escape type game. Similar to sub machine series.

  • Seascape GameSeascape Game

    Seascape Game
    Your mission in this point and click adventure scuba diving game with beautiful 3D graphis is to solve various puzzles.

  • Enigma GameEnigma Game

    Enigma Game
    Enigma is a gravity changing puzzle game with movable blocks. Get your robot to the end of each level, theres 30 levels in total!

  • Putt BasePutt Base

    Putt Base
    Your goal in this puzzle mini-golf game is to get your ball in the hole within the shortest path and time.      

  • The BeadlesThe Beadles

    The Beadles
    A physics enabled puzzle game. Drag the balls to group 3 or more together to make them disappear.

  • WereBoxWereBox

    Changes boxes into circles and back again to solve the physics puzzles. Are you a master of physics?

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