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  • Brainbots GameBrainbots Game

    Brainbots Game
    Alien mind control? Medic nanobot to the rescue!

  • Mah-JongMah-Jong

    Play the old chine game mahjong and strengthen your mind

  • 3D Chess3D Chess

    3D Chess
    Improve your mind by playing chess. 

  • Word SearchWord Search

    Word Search
    A word puzzle that can really flip your mind.

  • Inception Dress Up Inception Dress Up

    Inception Dress Up
    Dress up is in the mind.

  • Colliderix: Level PackColliderix: Level Pack

    Colliderix: Level Pack
    Beloved Colliderix is back again, with levels that breaks your mind!

  • Empas-racingEmpas-racing

    Mind your way to victory

  • Breakfast sandwich shopBreakfast sandwich shop

    Breakfast sandwich shop
    Make the Sadwiches that they make that you display them to serve. Keep in mind that you display ham roast eggs need.

  • SimoneSimone

    Look like Simoe Daces, keep in mind your moves display repeat Makig-click on the Correspodet image. Your goal is to get 15 hotspots.

  • Photon ZonePhoton Zone

    Photon Zone
    Mastermind Plinko meets in this crafty puzzle game. Solve 15 mind twisting levels by dropping the colored photons in the labyrinth.

  • Visible 3Visible 3

    Visible 3
    An action-like game, except the reflection to avoid the obstacles has climb don't mind, and the walls.

  • Mermaid Kissing! Mermaid Kissing!

    Mermaid Kissing!
    You are a beautiful Mermaid with mind reading power. Kiss your boyfriend while you collect sea pearls from the shells!

  • Octo MomOcto Mom

    Octo Mom
    As Octomoms, have been set new nanny! Take care for the babies since Octomom other things has her mind...

  • Coign of VantageCoign of Vantage

    Coign of Vantage
    Assemble as many images from an abstract cloud as possible before the time runs out in this 3d puzzle game, is the your mind blow

  • BartyBarty

    The goal of this ice is all little game that simply Souds but ot, fly I air ad drop Boes o Stoes under display break-even point that nasty! Hotspots get you for every bad break, but keep in mind that you also lthe aim this ice is very little game that simply Souds but ot fly I air ad drop Boes o Stoes under display break-even point that nasty! Hotspots for every bad break but keep in mind that you also hotspots for Lettig BoE fall o the grass lose. Loose hotspots for Lettig the BoE fall o the grass.

  • Batman In Crime WaveBatman In Crime Wave

    Batman In Crime Wave
    Batman in Crime Wave - Help Batman defeat the baddies! In Batman in Crime Wave, while reading through the Arkham Asylum patient files, Batman is trying to figure out the Joker's next move. According to the last known reported activity, he has purchased the Gotham Cable Network, the city's largest communication company. Joker's attempt to control media in order to control the whole city. The Joker turned the camera on a kidnapped Robin and revealed plans to release a mind-control signal. Commissioner Gordon immediately activated the Bat signal, hoping the Caped Crusader can interrupt this mind-controlling broadcast, rescue Robin and take the Joker back to the prison. Batman's health gets worse with every punch, so make sure you track his health estimator. Once it gets to the critical level, the game is over for you. Your task is to neutralize the Joker's forces and disable the transmitter.

  • Thing Thing 4 GameThing Thing 4 Game

    Thing Thing 4 Game
    You've been engineered for one thing in mind, to kill. But, one day you decided that you're tired of being controlled and decided to escape from Systems Corp.

  • 4 Elements4 Elements

    4 Elements
    A graphic masterpiece that takes the match-3 genre to new heights! Embark on an adventure to the land of fairies and elves as you try to stop Spider, an evil wizard, who has cast a spell over fairy creatures and spun a web over their kingdom. You must solve 60 mind-challenging levels while completing 12 stunning landscapes to break the spell and return the land to sunshine!

  • Warbears Adventures : An A.R. X-Mas Go Back Warbears Adventures : An A.R. X-Mas Go Back

    Warbears Adventures : An A.R. X-Mas Go Back
    It's X-Mas time all around BTC and Kla stops by Bob. But Steve has a secret mission in mind... Join the Warbears in this classic point and click X-Mas Adventure!Tags: point and click, adventure, warbears, x-mas, bears, cute, war

  • MahjongMahjong

    doof brings you this classic ancient Chinese puzzle game ,Mahjong Solitaire! A hundred and forty-four tiles are arranged on the board for you to match and dispose of. Start round the edges of the board and get rid of matching exposed tiles within the time limit set.Tags: Mahjong, chinese, tiles, board, game, puzzle, chess, mind, online, flash, free, fun

  • Tahiti GameTahiti Game

    Tahiti Game
    Sharp eyes are needed to find the hidden pearls but a clear mind will make you discover the legend.Tahiti Hidden Pearls is a hidden object game based on the legend of princess Papeeth and the hidden pearls of Tahiti. Seek & find hidden items and solve puzzles to get one step closer to discover the legend of the pearls.

  • Mini Metro RacersMini Metro Racers

    Mini Metro Racers
    Keep in mind, if you with toy cars everything played fun out in the yard, you had as a child? now time, Metro experience these memories with our mini rider! drive mini cars around crazy tracks and come first!

  • Monster high cake decoratorMonster high cake decorator

    Monster high cake decorator
    as a cake decorator, have possibly cakes for different occasions established but this time you get, create a very unusual request you a cake for a high Monster show. Use the theme of the show in your mind to keep, to prepare your creativity to a delicious cake in your own style. Select the color for your cake and provide it with different types of Monster high ornaments. Have fun!

  • Paper WarsPaper Wars

    Paper Wars
    If you are on the left, you're shooting right. on the right, you turn to the left. killed too early? a second chance and partner with your mind to complete the level. Select your upgrades and diving back in intensive robot and Monster destruction fun time!

  • Snowball SiegeSnowball Siege

    Snowball Siege
    You break blocks of ice, the blue gift at the base, while lead the Red naughty off-screen presented. Keep in mind that wood and stone blocks not can be broken! less clicks for more stars and earn fun Awards Christmas!

  • Rage 1Rage 1

    Rage 1
    This is endless killing action! the first part of the amazing rage series is a StickMan blowing your minds with great action. This is the best StickMan game of ever! Have fun!(this game is a large file and will take quite a while (3.78 MB) download)

  • Crush the Castle 2Crush the Castle 2

    Crush the Castle 2
    Even after crushing and acquisition of Arcturia, the Redvonian was still longing to crush more castles King. It is rumored that King Blutias more stable castles in his group of Islands, known as the Redvonian Crushtania crushed she wants King has built up. The King has his best Mason, to assemble the greatest minds in the land to destroy Blutias's Empire his Seige master and Halgrim sent you.

  • Capture the CastleCapture the Castle

    Capture the Castle
    prove your Commander skills in glorious battles! Her quick mind and wisdom are the most important ally in this strategic game. The goal is to capture and defend all castles of the Kingdom throughout the world.

  • Builders BrawlBuilders Brawl

    Builders Brawl
    Builders Brawl is the ultimate turn based artillery game, featuring 35 power-packed weapons! Try to take down the opposing team on various landscapes throughout the campaign mode, or try your hand at the deathmatch mode. Inspired by the iconic Worms series, this game is sure to blow your mind.

  • Barbie loves SpongeBob SquarePantsBarbie loves SpongeBob SquarePants

    Barbie loves SpongeBob SquarePants
    Square bubbles? Yup! What's the catch? Click each bubble ad FID peers on o! Just keep in mind o Clickig coz' are fast whe you press & quot;. Game & quot; the clock begins Tickig!

  • Sol bomberSol bomber

    Sol bomber
    The object of the game is a bomber Lo ad drop bombs o the following targets flying. But keep in mind the closer are you on the objectives of higher results display only the gulls avoid.

  • Back of the TeddyBack of the Teddy

    Back of the Teddy
    I moved this game, Teddy, that I reverse Directio. You've got to move that I reverse Directio to achieve the Destiatio. Keep in mind! You should touch the Teddy, ot the Surroudigs objects during the Movig. Try each complete level i the duration time the ext levels give.

  • Tested on animalsTested on animals

    Tested on animals
    The Aimals are planning escape a PLA Testig after years of Experimetal! Usig of the Distractio of an Earby Festival will use each creature book by Balloos safety to float. Ufortuately the evil doctor started WID of the PLA. He has his army of laboratory rats Festival Balloos ad force destroy the escapees again on the Earth sent. Help every Aimals float, freedom of Draggig Balloos about icrease its elevator. Keep in mind that each Mohammed oly ca make a Certai Umbra by Balloos.

  • Monster mega PackerMonster mega Packer

    Monster mega Packer
    There are Mosters, there are boxes, there it is Cao display. Mosters, I put the boxes, Usig Cao ad your Brai. Someone has to sort this mess! Target shooting! But keep in mind there are oly a few shots.

  • Pico SIM datePico SIM date

    Pico SIM date
    Help Pico so I is the future. How? Guide Pico Nee to his future wife, take a step so Pico Jr. could exist. Pico has 75 days to a movement o Nee Nee agree display must be on the Hazel at ED who go 75 days. Now, make good use of your charming ad mind of wi Nee heart. Good luck!

  • Food shootingFood shooting

    Food shooting
    Wishing that your Cao to real food I shoot the mouth of the Starvig phase. Keep in mind also the Gastroomic exhibition objects of each character display Accordigly serve them because o girl like to fly to swallow.

  • Shape ShifterShape Shifter

    Shape Shifter
    Help the orage forms Brig Dow the gree forms its shape, using Chagig, you mouse chage its shape. Keep in mind that ca chage its shape as you like you sometimes circles, or sometimes square

  • Maze game - game play 10Maze game - game play 10

    Maze game - game play 10
    The Persoalities their Ecessities contribute to the Attai. Keep in mind! Each Persoality? Path should ot overlaps with others. If path overlaps, Earlene are game.

  • Zobo ZurfingZobo Zurfing

    Zobo Zurfing
    The idea is simple, get the 5 Zubos o each level by ö page of the soud wave on the other. Move your mouse above or below Soud wave, hold Dow your mouse power ad release a Soud bomb explode to rebuild. The bombs Soud affect the soud wave ad Flig your Zubo I the air. Sure keys Alog the kind and way to collect or where ' t able Soud wave o right to exit. Keep in mind that you may explode to get Soud bombs on display below Soud wave! But evil Zombos there out to you ad deadly spike Blox to avoid. The jumps, the bad things display so forget to miss, you ca Flig Zombos please all fans also time! Each leve has a time limit display faster, get more hotspots cross. You ca get additional Bous poit of Collectig how musical OTEs as you ca.

  • The urban sniper: VengeanceThe urban sniper: Vengeance

    The urban sniper: Vengeance
    CA to defeat the Eemy Chetna? Take the best I shot sequel Urba Siper2 this actio packed! < br > < br > I take your shot these Geschütz successor Urba Siper1. This time are you out for pure Vegeace for your father? Death trimmers < br > Pedrito have display its GOOS through transfers your Istructios, targets to kill give you email. < br > remember to be information? What must you use your mind as the ultimate Siper seem ad! < Br > Tip: keep an eye out for certain Evets, do not fill the level indicator forget you, use the Eviromet on your Advatage (stuff ca be destroyed or blow up!)< Br > have limited ammo ad you are o judged your accuracy!

  • EggstaticEggstatic

    I have this game to EED I slip all the eggs that you have the level. To do this you EED, to use that look like red Buttos Hatchig machies. Hatchig machies hatch the eggs I the squares Adjacet to them. If yes the eggs has ext aother egg of the same color on it, this egg to hatch. The reaction will Cotiue util is OE of the eggs o ext eggs of the same color to have. Keep in mind that you ca oly each Hatchig machie Océ display use EED, the eggs right before Pressig red place button. They ca move ad eggs Clickig o Draggig the mouse I ö by four Directio. The egg I slide this Directios display stops ext to the wall or to another egg. Golden eggs give additional hotspots if you beat eggs with ORMAL, the display of spirit eggs as a placeholder Hatchig ad Beig hatched eggs Ay color ext to serve.

  • This Is The Only LevelThis Is The Only Level

    This Is The Only Level
    The elephant forgot the rest of the levels, but luckily he has still one left! Help beat him in all his glory of Metagaming. Use your great knowledge of gaming and skill, manhandle your way through a variety of challenges. Get your mind out of the box once! Take it outside stroll, or maybe grab a bite to eat with him. Oh, and beat the level. There is only one.

  • Susie cakes Bakery ManagementSusie cakes Bakery Management

    Susie cakes Bakery Management
    Susie is an expert, owns, and operates as one of the most popular cake bakeries in their city. many customers love to come and buy some delicious cakes from their bakery, because it adorns the preparation, design and the cakes in a unique way. Today she has provided various forms of cake and all the necessary ingredients are for their decorations, keeping in mind what their customers in particular demand. It is too busy, because it many customers who themselves are the baking of their choice cake order visit. She wants their cake decorator, decorating you you be the cake for their customers according to their order. to successfully complete each order must the order clearly to understand, and then go with the decoration. Good luck!

  • Batman Power Strike GameBatman Power Strike Game

    Batman Power Strike Game
    Help Batman train by maximizing his power in breaking bricks! Batman is keeping up the good shape by breaking beams and bricks. Just like a karate master level black belt Batman is doing some bricks breaking, that will leave you breathless. Try to break as many beams as you can. In order to do so, you must carefully watch at the power meter and press the space bar at the specific moment. This will give you some power for a hit. The more power you get the more bricks you smash. Try to archive the maximum out of Batman's chop. You get the chance to finish up single training phase in 6 attempts. If you get to finish it, you will be promoted to the next level. Check out what happens at the end. Try to accomplish 5 hits which is perfect!Bare in mind - Don't try to do this at home yourself!

  • Deady GameDeady Game

    Deady Game
    Cute on the outside, very twisted on the inside! That's what you ge when the Galazy's greatest evil escapes confinement on its homeworld and possesses the body of a discarded teddy bear here on Earth. He's cute, he's cuddly... He'll eat you for lunch and floss his wittle teef with your intestines! And deady loves kids... Well-done with a little BBQ sauce! whether he's plotting world-domination or just the mosthorrifying way to make your life miserable, you won't be able to resiste temptation to give him a big fat huggsle wuggsie! Just bear in mind that as you cuddle him, he's thinking through a dozen different ways to your demisel!

  • Naughty ClassroomNaughty Classroom

    Naughty Classroom
    You don't need good marks to top this class, just a wicked mind! Point and click on objects to use them, pair 2 objects together and create a combo.  

  • Tahiti Hidden PearlsTahiti Hidden Pearls

    Tahiti Hidden Pearls
    Sharp eyes are needed to find the hidden pearls but a clear mind will make you discover the legend.

  • Box stadium Box stadium

    Box stadium
    Boks in my mind when my film comes rocky. Each series has lots Bi watched with excitement as birt. Everyone was holding a single guy. Boxing Ring Are you ready to become their nightmare, a game for you,

  • Company Of MyselfCompany Of Myself

    Company Of Myself
    Company Of Myself A moody little puzzle game about a hermit and his everyday problems. Learn more about the character's inner monologue, exploring how he became a hermit and his frame of mind.  

  • World of ConfusionWorld of Confusion

    World of Confusion
    Draw lines to create paths for your coin carriers. Mind your drawn lines age, they disappear.  

  • The Mind BenderThe Mind Bender

    The Mind Bender
     Move crates with your telekinesis powers to move through obstacles and finish the course of 20 levels in this puzzle platformer!

  • Mind assault Scooby DooMind assault Scooby Doo

    Mind assault Scooby Doo
    Scooby Doo RUIG from hell, but still Chasig back to catch, Ghost, Scooby Doo please help Scooby Doo ski pass all obstacles-o that collect road display the elements o way.

  • Mind feedMind feed

    Mind feed
    This quiz show, predict your future to your last display. I can be Paraoid meatime, but you!

  • Camera mindCamera mind

    Camera mind
    Try display test your photographic memory.

  •  AltShift AltShift

    elcome to the AltShift latest entry into the Negative Space Exploring Puzzler, Shift! A taster of the new Mechanics and Gameplay features found in AltShift! The Full Version Includes Over 80 Mind Boggling levels with Brand new Game mechanics, and level by level remakes of Shift 1 and Shift 2 in a brand new Engine! 4 Different types of gameplay, An epic story and Boss Battle! The full version has so much more to offer, including Full Screen Hi Res Graphics and Uncompressed Original Audio tracks. Its got so much in it it might just explode! So get ready to have your mind warped by this brand new take on the Flash Classic!

  • I am stillI am still

    I am still
    Desolatio. Isolatio. Survival. OE of the last survivors of Earth must his mind use ø, to escape the Abadoed farmhouse. Explore the House, you use the hints indicating elements, to escape a mystery to decipher display on performance-related OE of the furnished. I puzzle. A visually Geschütz ad text poit ad click, survival-horror game from the crazy MIDs at Atomic cicada.

  • MountaineerMountaineer

    Help the mountaineer to climb to the top by moving his hands and feet. Keep in mind that he is only human and every impossible move could result in fallng down..      

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