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  • Houdini In Temple GameHoudini In Temple Game

    Houdini In Temple Game
    Guide Houdini, the worlds greatest escape artist, to escape from a hidden Aztec temple avoiding all the threats....

  • Escape the doliDoli HouseEscape the doliDoli House

    Escape the doliDoli House
    Keeping you interest up to a maximum level, this super escape game will challenge you to find Toto's blankie and Sisi's woolen ball as you try to escape the fantasy DoliDoli house.

  • Room escape ChesnutRoom escape Chesnut

    Room escape Chesnut
    This is an Excitig escape room challege. Collect clues, allow you to escape the room.

  • Great basement escapeGreat basement escape

    Great basement escape
    Simple display Fuy escape game. Make you click o collect the objects of garage display all EED to escape.

  • Sort my tiles chicken coopSort my tiles chicken coop

    Sort my tiles chicken coop
    Help you sort information out before them to escape.

  • Stone fallsStone falls

    Stone falls
    Try if you ca have to escape from the Stoes.

  • Lily Allen the fear!Lily Allen the fear!

    Lily Allen the fear!
    Fast display Challegig vertical Scrollig game - ca escape the fear?

  • Tashas gameTashas game

    Tashas game
    Dude, your friends are gefangen-- you ad your Magic Cat EED to help escape.

  • GhostscapeGhostscape

    Capture ghosts ad Evidece escape the House...

  • Flower ChaserFlower Chaser

    Flower Chaser
    Collect hoey of the flowers-ad-escape from the fireball to save the bee.

  • Body ladderBody ladder

    Body ladder
    Kill the Ceasig Campbell ever before they eat you climb o to escape their corpses.

  • Submachine gun: The loopSubmachine gun: The loop

    Submachine gun: The loop
    Escape Edless rooms in a loop.

  • Mason's bubble blast 2Mason's bubble blast 2

    Mason's bubble blast 2
    Help him escape display home AGAIST get this creepy Rodet...

  • Toxic jumpToxic jump

    Toxic jump
    I the toxic swamp Beeath of a gloomy Caig factory OE Veggie tried a daring escape

  • Escape from rehabEscape from rehab

    Escape from rehab
    Help Amy Wiehouse escape from rehab!

  • HighwayHighway

    Move the vehicles aroud, so you ca race car escape.

  • Train robbersTrain robbers

    Train robbers
    The Sheriff at the Robbig of the Trai to escape!

  • Spin doctorSpin doctor

    Spin doctor
    Flying ad to escape the Spiig CD.

  • Escape level 2: from Scientology land - the land oEscape level 2: from Scientology land - the land o

    Escape level 2: from Scientology land - the land o
    Face the evil cruise I the Secod part of the boys escaped from Scietology.

  • The adventures of KaylaThe adventures of Kayla

    The adventures of Kayla
    Guide Kayla to escape from the world of the evil Udergroud.

  • Top secret kid: interface escapeTop secret kid: interface escape

    Top secret kid: interface escape
    Top secret kid your help to escape Iterface s trap will appear.

  • Submachine 5: The rootSubmachine 5: The root

    Submachine 5: The root
    Stay focused, fid ad ad try using elements to escape.

  • VeggieTales jump shipVeggieTales jump ship

    VeggieTales jump ship
    Heart rate control distance of your jump just right for young the escape boat.

  • Sheep gameSheep game

    Sheep game
    Flock sheep as fast ca, before to escape them.

  • Square designSquare design

    Square design
    You help the square button escape obstacles is the way for the ALOG.

  • Batman runBatman run

    Batman run
    Christia bale escape the ad right life aandere continued to help.

  • Dr. CarterDr. Carter

    Dr. Carter
    Use the wheels of Salvatio Dr. Carter escape the pit Edless gate metal.

  • Tomb of DoomTomb of Doom

    Tomb of Doom
    Collect all the clues to escape the Tomb

  • Deep Chamber escapeDeep Chamber escape

    Deep Chamber escape
    Use the right item display try to escape, this dark room uder of the Groud.

  • Army TruckArmy Truck

    Army Truck
    Hop in your army truck and try to escape the WarZone!

  • Escape from Rhetundo IslandEscape from Rhetundo Island

    Escape from Rhetundo Island
    Help Johnny Tag escape from the island.

  • Forest of EchoesForest of Echoes

    Forest of Echoes
    Help Alvar escape from the forest echo in this enigmatic platform adventure!

  • Riddle School 2Riddle School 2

    Riddle School 2
    to escape the school, help Phil!

  • Riddle School 3Riddle School 3

    Riddle School 3
    Phil help escape from the high school with all your p

  • Bloons Tower DefenseBloons Tower Defense

    Bloons Tower Defense
    Stop the Bloons by building towers next to the maze to escape.

  • MossMoss

    Use all your escape skills from this mossy maze!

  • Prison EscapePrison Escape

    Prison Escape
    try to escape the prison without recognized

  • Prison BreakPrison Break

    Prison Break
    Escape from your prison cell.

  • School Yard Pilots GameSchool Yard Pilots Game

    School Yard Pilots Game
    Design your paper plane and aim for the blackboard to escape the lesson!

  • La Luna Hotel GameLa Luna Hotel Game

    La Luna Hotel Game
    Explore the hotel and solve the puzzles as you try to progress and just maybe escape.

  • On The Run GameOn The Run Game

    On The Run Game
    You have information that the 'Corporation' will stop at nothing to get - escape to safety!

  • The Great Kitchen Escape GameThe Great Kitchen Escape Game

    The Great Kitchen Escape Game
    Look around, search for items and escape from the kitchen.

  • Turkey Target GameTurkey Target Game

    Turkey Target Game
    It's christmas and the turkeys have hatched a foolproof plan to escape.

  • EscapeEscape

    When the law fails to provide justice for mankind, one must become a rebel and "Escape"

  • Charger EscapeCharger Escape

    Charger Escape
    The horse need your help. Escape this horse!

  • Chicken RunChicken Run

    Chicken Run
    Who want to escape from the chicken farm, and then save them to the roof. 

  • Monster BasementMonster Basement

    Monster Basement
    Escape this basement before the monster returns.

  • Snow Rider AcademySnow Rider Academy

    Snow Rider Academy
    Go downhill and escape the scary yeti.

  • Tomato BounceTomato Bounce

    Tomato Bounce
    Help the tomatoes escape the dreaded salad.

  • Escape The MallEscape The Mall

    Escape The Mall
    Use your intuition and clue-searching talent to figure out ways to help each of the four DoliDoli friends escape.

  • Hospital EscapeHospital Escape

    Hospital Escape
    Explore the rooms, find the clues and try to escape from the hospital.

  • Run Batman RunRun Batman Run

    Run Batman Run
    Help Christian Bale escape the law and live to make another sequel.

  • James Bomb 2James Bomb 2

    James Bomb 2
    Help James Bomb to destroy all the monsters of the labyrinth and escape out in this version of Bomberman.

  • Sniper EscapeSniper Escape

    Sniper Escape
    Hunt for clues as you try to escape from the room.

  • Hobo 3: WantedHobo 3: Wanted

    Hobo 3: Wanted
    Hobo 3 continues with the story line where Hobo is a wanted fugitive after escaping from prison, and the government wants him dead or alive.

  • Dungeon HuntDungeon Hunt

    Dungeon Hunt
    Can you escape the dungeon? Try this great survival horror game!

  • The Great Bathroom Escape GameThe Great Bathroom Escape Game

    The Great Bathroom Escape Game
    You find yourself locked inside a bathroom and the only way to escape is to look for clues and search for items.

  • 100 Men Game100 Men Game

    100 Men Game
    The lives of 100 Men depend on you holding this position long enough for them to escape

  • Scooby Doo The Last Act GameScooby Doo The Last Act Game

    Scooby Doo The Last Act Game
    The ghost of Christmas future is in hot pursuit of shaggy and Scooby who are frantically trying to escape in a gondola.

  • Prism Core GamePrism Core Game

    Prism Core Game
    The "Core" series continues. After the Sphere Core and Cube Core game, you must now escape a testing facility in Prism Core.

  • Gorilla Warfare GameGorilla Warfare Game

    Gorilla Warfare Game
    The sequel to One Ton Bang Bang. One Ton has escaped, but he knows there are other "experiments" who are imprisoned.

  • The Last Stand 2 GameThe Last Stand 2 Game

    The Last Stand 2 Game
    Make your way to Union City to escape the mainland within 40 days and nights while fighting off the hordes from your make shift barricades once again.

  • The Fog Fall GameThe Fog Fall Game

    The Fog Fall Game
    Can you solve the mini puzzles in this escape type game. Similar to sub machine series.

  • Grandpa LauncherGrandpa Launcher

    Grandpa Launcher
    Grandpa tries to escape from the old people's home, according to Panama... And his weapon of choice is a gun!

  • Cock Shooter 2Cock Shooter 2

    Cock Shooter 2
    shoot the passing chickens. try to blow their heads off for maximum points. leave no escape!

  • Burying ZombiesBurying Zombies

    Burying Zombies
    our fear is true and escaped zombies from the cemetery! Send the zombies back onto the floor and save humanity!

  • The Hole 3D GameThe Hole 3D Game

    The Hole 3D Game
    Something tries to keep out of the cellar, to escape, which it for as long as possible caught, by moving objects, above the door.

  • Warzone Getaway 1Warzone Getaway 1

    Warzone Getaway 1
    You have infiltrated successfully military base of the USA and their top secret documents stolen! allows you to escape the WarZone in one piece?

  • Burrito BisonBurrito Bison

    Burrito Bison
    Start as much as possible. Smash tires, collect coins and buy upgrades in your strive, an evil candy land to escape!

  • FeathergearsFeathergears

    help roger Featherwing touch the sky and avoid the robots gather bonuses that could help him escape and earn a lot of benefits.

  • ESCape PrologueESCape Prologue

    ESCape Prologue
    Stickmen needs to escape also peoples! Especially if the refrigerator is empty! Oh no!

  • Grandpa Launcher GameGrandpa Launcher Game

    Grandpa Launcher Game
    Grandpa tries from the nursing home, to escape all the way to Panama ... And his weapon of choice is a gun!

  • Scooby Doo: The Last ActScooby Doo: The Last Act

    Scooby Doo: The Last Act
    Escape of the spirit in your little boat. Avoid rocks and grab picks, from the sink to keep.

  • GTA BanditenGTA Banditen

    GTA Banditen
    You drive your vehicle at the specified points to get the money. Escape from the police helicopter.

  • GTA banditsGTA bandits

    GTA bandits
    Drive your vehicle to the Idicated places which you pick Moey. Escape from the police helicopter.

  • South Park alien ChaseSouth Park alien Chase

    South Park alien Chase
    A police car escapes with lies. Chase ad shoot. Collect the ammo I elements the highway.

  • Tails' nightmareTails' nightmare

    Tails' nightmare
    Game play tails nightmare to help escape from this Ightmare Dimesio tails with where to wait be soic Hedgehog-o until you poor.

  • Escape from Yepi planetEscape from Yepi planet

    Escape from Yepi planet
    Yepi Al has bee Ivaded by malicious lies, display his beloved Aiwu girl kidnapped bee! Save escape ad Valetie about the place?

  • Buried zombiesBuried zombies

    Buried zombies
    Our fear has escaped the zombies from the cemetery come true display! The zombies save sed the Huma race back to the Groud ad!

  • Hollow diamondHollow diamond

    Hollow diamond
    Shoot, upgrade, Coquer Eemies, try Achievemets, I collect gems, everything, was an attempt to escape the cave an Edless.

  • The hole-3D gameThe hole-3D game

    The hole-3D game
    Somethig is Tryig out of the basement to escape, keep caught for Movig objects through the door as log as possible there.

  • InvertInvert

    OE aim: escape. Make your way through each obstacle-filled level while Tryig, to outwit the evil Arrator Reutersiedlung.

  • FrivFriv

    Save the Friv before they crushed the crusher! Meet to help at least 3 Friv of the same color to escape crushing you.

  • Fairy tales annihilationFairy tales annihilation

    Fairy tales annihilation
    Bust up fairy guy with loads of CIS ad escape soldiers, as your helicopter ad to fix before they are OE of them!

  • Assault part 4Assault part 4

    Assault part 4
    I take crack, the Sub Marie display from Eemy alpine foothills to escape before they destroy you.

  • Shutter escape the darkroomShutter escape the darkroom

    Shutter escape the darkroom
    CA, the dark room to escape? Careful ot her caressed by Beig pee fear.

  • Hair smashHair smash

    Hair smash
    Attacking the hair follicles, as they jump aroud. Let so your attacks to escape!

  • Escape from Scientology land part 1Escape from Scientology land part 1

    Escape from Scientology land part 1
    You've got the bee Kidapped by the Scietoligists. You need to escape your domai ow.

  • Escape from hellEscape from hell

    Escape from hell
    Gary has Accidetally put bee, in hell! Help him to escape the flames!

  • On the runOn the run

    On the run
    The oly way to escape is Dow going. Dow the platform to jump, but be careful of obstacles.

  • Devils and CupidDevils and Cupid

    Devils and Cupid
    The Devils have the Cupid display I their pit capture them. You must disable 10 levels to escape.

  • SmugglersSmugglers

    Choose your vehicle, the escape of the police as they chase Dow. Grab the box display safe supply.

  • Free PharaohFree Pharaoh

    Free Pharaoh
    You escape by Slidig Pharaoh tombs aroud to to make a path for the red box OE.

  • The mouse freeThe mouse free

    The mouse free
    Help this mouse to escape its cage. Use the objects you FID.

  • Escape artistEscape artist

    Escape artist
    The rooms have a secret Hidde door, whose Stücke Hidde display around the room are scattered to escape.

  • Jim runJim run

    Jim run
    Jim who has bee Kidapped by Hitma STA, to escape that reach Gagsters display the wij complex Avoidig his home should help.

  • Dick quick Iceland adventureDick quick Iceland adventure

    Dick quick Iceland adventure
    Dick quick crash laded its plans o a Ukow Islad. Help him FID a way to help escape display.

  • Squirrel family - pink panicSquirrel family - pink panic

    Squirrel family - pink panic
    Shoot your arrows display destroy all Globes add some hotspots. When Abraham calls world to escape, you lose ö life.

  • CAT and miceCAT and mice

    CAT and mice
    They are fragile mouse from the clutches of this agile cat must escape. Prevet him out Catchig you.

  • Brewery DefenderBrewery Defender

    Brewery Defender
    Drag the blue dwarf I order to divert the Hymeoptera blobs display help, was able to escape as a brewery truck as you can.

  • Spongy's escape from happy jelly factorySpongy's escape from happy jelly factory

    Spongy's escape from happy jelly factory
    Help Spogy to escape the Coveyor. Jump ru, ad waste food at icrease collect speed ad avoid display Gettig Beate, by you the Machiery!

  • The escape gameThe escape game

    The escape game
    Get to the escape area I as few clicks as possible without Beig I started a chase with the security guard.

  • Chariot ChasedownChariot Chasedown

    Chariot Chasedown
    Emperor HA is Tryig, ad be until you stop him to escape! His car to destroy before it is removed.

  • Helicopter escapeHelicopter escape

    Helicopter escape
    Copter escape is a Challegig single player game that checks your skills, I Guidig the helicopter by arrow ways.

  • Terrace escapeTerrace escape

    Terrace escape
    While Playig, I are terrace, you are caught there. You've got to escape objects that have been set up there by the local Usig.

  • Skylark 2Skylark 2

    Skylark 2
    Break through the force fields. Neutralize the guards ad escape.

  • Snow mazeSnow maze

    Snow maze
    Arcade actio has ever bee more adorable? Skiig you a preset access Sowme, TUR of the table whe to escape.

  • Obama Presidential escapeObama Presidential escape

    Obama Presidential escape
    Their Missio I is this escape room game, as Barack Obama ad to play try to escape, the terrorist who Kidapped you. Use your mouse to heart rate control the game. Simply click o to move Ay part of the floor. Iteract select objects simply click the object display an actio. To raise the Actios drag object your Ivetory ad put it about ay other Elemet, the o-phase or I is the Ivetory list (on search objects).

  • House arrest escapeHouse arrest escape

    House arrest escape
    41. Escape game from 123bee.com under house arrest, are Detaied, by the authorities. You need to this House by Usig your skills to escape.

  • Terrorist escapeTerrorist escape

    Terrorist escape
    Two Militats were caught by the terrorists, OE Militat ad Fortuately has been spared. Could the other OE? Escape, ad Plaed he is to be killed by the terrorists. So the runaway cares Militat caught OE ad gave Ito help terrorist camp.Imagie is I help these lives Savig Positio display to be escape Militat to this place.

  • Explode some zombiesExplode some zombies

    Explode some zombies
    Shoot zombies, before to escape! SPACEBAR cooking display throws explosives. Use the Umbra, chage explosive ad Weapos. Life lost every time, when a zombie or zombie bird escapes.

  • The morning afterThe morning after

    The morning after
    It is Morig after a party. Ca escape from the House of Bennie? The object of the game is to escape FID Frot door key you ca.

  • Cuties room escapeCuties room escape

    Cuties room escape
    You are Ufortuately caught Iside a cuties room i. The door of the room is locked. She WAT to escape, room Fidig useful object, ad results. Correctly cuties room escape FID.

  • Hurry Up Bob 2Hurry Up Bob 2

    Hurry Up Bob 2
    Help Bob Aztec ruins escape! Aufspringen of the platforms, to escape the acid below you ground! Collect power-ups to help you.

  • Escape from the THK58Escape from the THK58

    Escape from the THK58
    You play as Sarah, and rooms must go to the escape pod. You need to re-calibrate the power to unlock the door to the escape pods... look for access. Good luck!

  • Crimson Room GameCrimson Room Game

    Crimson Room Game
    One of the first games of room escape, and maybe still one of the best one ! You are in the closed room, what you need to do is using all objects that you find in the room, and open the door to escape form this strange romm ...

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