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  • Frog Race GameFrog Race Game

    Frog Race Game
    Guide your frog to victory across an obstacle course and beat the rival frog to win the trophy.

  • Froggie the Fly CatcherFroggie the Fly Catcher

    Froggie the Fly Catcher
    Catch as many flies as you can!Tags: Frog, Flies, reaction, wasp, reflexes, cute, dragonfly, girls, girl, fun, game, frogs, fly, froggie, froggy, flycatcher

  • Aqua HobicAqua Hobic

    Aqua Hobic
    Make sure to get your frog flowers. 

  • Maze game - game play 13Maze game - game play 13

    Maze game - game play 13
    Help the Starvig frog to catch the Isects.

  • Hit crazy frogHit crazy frog

    Hit crazy frog
    As far as you hit to make the frog display, ca fly it.

  • Kamikaze FrogsKamikaze Frogs

    Kamikaze Frogs
    Kamikaze frogs

  • Unazukin picnicUnazukin picnic

    Unazukin picnic
    The fly dragging, so that the frog could reach his Togue ad to eat.

  • Keroppi dress upKeroppi dress up

    Keroppi dress up
    Keroppi that famous frog Sario family i is ready to go for a walk Gettig. What should he wear?

  • Fly CatcherFly Catcher

    Fly Catcher
    Punch a frog to make him jump and catch all the flies before the time runs out, avoiding the poison bottles.

  • Donnie's Super-FlyDonnie's Super-Fly

    Donnie's Super-Fly
    Insect eating pre-historic man. Don't let the frog steal your food.

  • Trick Or Treat GameTrick Or Treat Game

    Trick Or Treat Game
    Collect the ingredients for the evil witches Halloween magic, turn who into the way into a frog, but beware the bats Gets!

  • Super FrogSuper Frog

    Super Frog
    This frog has super powers display ca jump, ad food the other frogs survive much better. Help this super frog fly to collect ad jump over deadly obstacles to the exit of each level.

  • Tacky toadsTacky toads

    Tacky toads
    Your goal is simple. Pick the frog to reach the flag. Press the frog, Rück ziehen targets back drawing ad Ay flag ad message. The lowest score is the best score.

  • FrogliveryFroglivery

    You've started a new dream job - Frog Delivery Person for Froglivery Inc. Your objective is to deliver packages throughout the city in the best possible time and try not to get squashed by traffic or to fall off a building. To optimise delivery times, your highway is roof and vehicle tops - city streets are just too crowded for a funky frog like you (not to mention people like to eat your legs). The direction you must go to deliver your package is shown on the game screen. Follow the arrow as best you can and get all your parcels to their destinations within the limited time you have. Good luck Mr Frog, the fate of Froglivery Inc. rests squarely in your hands and feet. Tags: frog, delivery, post, mail

  • Fly EatinFly Eatin

    Fly Eatin
    This frog got fat Eatig fly. Now it is your job to help him, catching flies Eva more so he ca put o more weight Eva!

  • Pixel-questPixel-quest

    To meet Rex. He is an avid Adveturer ad treasure Harlow, who tasked, he is bee with Fidig who has lost ad Forgotte, ad this time give the task of Locatig the golden frog idols.

  • Flying Frog NFlying Frog N

    Flying Frog N
    Frogs as fly to eat. Make your way through 30 + levels, collect Achievemets, ad I complete tasks a Certai amout of time/clicks ear gold medals! Froggy!

  • Pixel QuestPixel Quest

    Pixel Quest
    To meet Rex. He is an avid adventurer and treasure hunter who is charged with looking after the lost and forgotten, and this time he has the task of looking after the golden frog ─▒dols given.

  • Fly N FrogFly N Frog

    Fly N Frog
    Frogs as fly to eat. Make your way through 30 levels, collect achievements and complete tasks in a certain time/clicks to earn Gold medals! Froggy!

  • FrogoutFrogout

    Frogout is a physics-based puzzle platformer. Playig like a frog I a post-apocalyptic world, you must Avigate your Eviromet ad the fly food, that you Ecouter

  • Ninja FrogNinja Frog

    Ninja Frog
    Käru parish, guide the Prince turned frog transformed Ninja through 48 levels of deadly puzzles and crazy acrobatics. be the magical gems to collect the the witch to break curse and him to his human form back?

  • Hate That FrogHate That Frog

    Hate That Frog

  • Reiko - the frogReiko - the frog

    Reiko - the frog

  • Click the FrogClick the Frog

    Click the Frog
    Do all these short speed test with your mouse skills.

  • Click on the frogClick on the frog

    Click on the frog
    Fill all of these short speed test with your mouse skills.

  • Sort my tiles crazy frogSort my tiles crazy frog

    Sort my tiles crazy frog
    Crazy forg problems to sort out.

  • Comic FrogComic Frog

    Comic Frog

  • Frogs GameFrogs Game

    Frogs Game

  • Frogs 3 GameFrogs 3 Game

    Frogs 3 Game

  • Kiss The FrogKiss The Frog

    Kiss The Frog
    These froggies' only way of breaking the awful spell put on them is to kiss till they regain their human shape.

  • Frog RaceFrog Race

    Frog Race
    Jump over the obstacles and be the first at the end of the race.

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