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  • Madness Reaction TimeMadness Reaction Time

    Madness Reaction Time
    no game is fun, if there no punishment for losing is. In this game you have to pay the ultimate price if you don't. the situation seems very unfair as you staring at the barrel of a gun are and the other man only the risk has his index finger from sprains. Fortunately, the adrenaline rush has senses and seems the time to slow down, as the trigger is pulled slowly back. It takes just a few milliseconds, to determine whether you are a total hero or a complete idiot.

  • Bullet TimeBullet Time

    Bullet Time
    Use your skill and reaction timing to dodge the bullet in the ultimate test of nerve!. (Try and beat my personal best time of 0.176 seconds!) Fact - the average human being reaction time is 0.200 seconds. - Are you Faster or Slower?! - Better or Worse?! Find out your best time and send this game to your friends to ask them to try and beat your time! (and the average time!)

  • Atomik Kaos 2Atomik Kaos 2

    Atomik Kaos 2
    The Nutty Professor is back for 32 more weird Experimets. Get lucky coating material ready for more Cahotic Chai reaction Frezy, but this time with o. Don the Aoyig problems around the world leaving you. Move the speed of atoms using the mouse in heart rate control Orbitig. Click the left mouse button o one atom to Iitiate a Chai reaction. More Istructios, the I games.

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