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  • Fancy Pants Adventure GameFancy Pants Adventure Game

    Fancy Pants Adventure Game
    You're thropy room! Trophies can be found in bonus rooms througshout the adventure.

  • St. Patricks Day Room DecorSt. Patricks Day Room Decor

    St. Patricks Day Room Decor
    Here is a good opportunity, your St Patrick's room by play free room decor make and decorate according to your taste.

  • Mage TowerMage Tower

    Mage Tower
    Move to make how to access gems and items from room to room, pass doors and barriers.

  • My design roomMy design room

    My design room
    Here is a good Chace to my room and make your design by Playig free room decor games ad decorate to your taste.

  • Room escape ChesnutRoom escape Chesnut

    Room escape Chesnut
    This is an Excitig escape room challege. Collect clues, allow you to escape the room.

  • Music roomMusic room

    Music room
    Here is a good Chace to your music room by Playig free room decor games ad decorate to your taste.

  • St Patrick's day room decorSt Patrick's day room decor

    St Patrick's day room decor
    Here is a good Chace to your St Patrick's room decor by Playig free room decor games ad decorate to your taste.

  • Escape artistEscape artist

    Escape artist
    The rooms have a secret Hidde door, whose Stücke Hidde display around the room are scattered to escape.

  • My new room 2My new room 2

    My new room 2
    My new room 2 adds more cool optios like music styles, pets, to create ad Backgrouds to your perfect room!

  • Kids room decorKids room decor

    Kids room decor
    Help you ca desig an ew for the kid's room look like?

  • Purple girlPurple girl

    Purple girl
    I her purple room may brighten up.

  • Submachine gun: The loopSubmachine gun: The loop

    Submachine gun: The loop
    Escape Edless rooms in a loop.

  • Orchestrated deathOrchestrated death

    Orchestrated death
    FID ways a person buy Clickig a series of killing elements I room.

  • Cosmico!Cosmico!

    Rez Ispired room Extravagaza Starrig an endearing little robot.

  • Ayeka dress upAyeka dress up

    Ayeka dress up
    Help our room getting ready for her date with Techi Pricess.

  • Heli forceHeli force

    Heli force
    You are the room de spring o a Missio, to destroy the Eemy spacecraft.

  • Good morningGood morning

    Good morning
    You help him to work by Clickig o elements Iside room ready.

  • My lovely home 1My lovely home 1

    My lovely home 1
    Room Makeover with several different types of Furiture ad accessories.

  • Deep Chamber escapeDeep Chamber escape

    Deep Chamber escape
    Use the right item display try to escape, this dark room uder of the Groud.

  • Best interior designBest interior design

    Best interior design
    Help the girl to choose the Decoratio for your room.

  • Day-dreamDay-dream

    You ca aroud rooms to trasform click reality Ito Fatasy

  • Find the numbers - challenge 4Find the numbers - challenge 4

    Find the numbers - challenge 4
    FID the Hidde umbers Iside this room.

  • Two roomsTwo rooms

    Two rooms
    Two rooms, 30 levels, awesome game!

  • Noelia dress upNoelia dress up

    Noelia dress up
    Noelia is I her room ad Wats o their clothing they try on the italiensichen bought.

  • Detective ConradDetective Conrad

    Detective Conrad
    Help Corad through the rooms of mystery, fid Hidde object for its Cliets.

  • My First Party DecorMy First Party Decor

    My First Party Decor
    Select items and help the girls decorate the room for a birthday party to.

  • Star Defender 4Star Defender 4

    Star Defender 4
    Delete room ─▒nvaders in the graphical masterpiece star Defender 4.

  • Cute Lucy's BedroomCute Lucy's Bedroom

    Cute Lucy's Bedroom
    help, Lucy design rooms a sweet new bedrooms in this fun makeover game!

  • Imp Robability 3 GameImp Robability 3 Game

    Imp Robability 3 Game
    There are 5 ghosts and 6 rooms...

  • Crimson RoomCrimson Room

    Crimson Room
    Find tips to get rid of the locked room. 

  • Dream BedroomDream Bedroom

    Dream Bedroom
    Decorate the girl's rooms. 

  • Decorate RoomDecorate Room

    Decorate Room
    Put into place furnitures the little girl's room and fix the furniture. 

  • Pink RoomPink Room

    Pink Room
    put into place furniture in the pink room want you want. 

  • Caroline's RoomCaroline's Room

    Caroline's Room
    Cute girl's room to collect scattered help. 

  • Christmas RoomChristmas Room

    Christmas Room
    New Year's Eve to exit the locked room to collect tips. 

  • Little BedroomLittle Bedroom

    Little Bedroom
    In the best way to decorate kids' rooms. 

  • My Room SceneMy Room Scene

    My Room Scene
    Give this room a new look.

  • Cuties room escapeCuties room escape

    Cuties room escape
    You are Ufortuately caught Iside a cuties room i. The door of the room is locked. She WAT to escape, room Fidig useful object, ad results. Correctly cuties room escape FID.

  • RoomRoom

    You will EED more tha just buttons ad magic around this maze of rooms to escape. Move the room the young Stadig is Ay i free space by Clickig the arrow. To reach the room with the output, use key of ad Teleportig Phoes.

  • Indus Valley - treasureIndus Valley - treasure

    Indus Valley - treasure
    Click o the object o the skirt fits plates. Slab of rock is the key to the Ulock rooms.

  • Living room fightLiving room fight

    Living room fight
    Decide your move I based this TUR Fightig game with real people Fightig I their furnished rooms.

  • Habbo HotelHabbo Hotel

    Habbo Hotel
    Remember where each Furiture was. The room will need place emptied each Furiture ad I before the correct eds.

  • Shutter escape the darkroomShutter escape the darkroom

    Shutter escape the darkroom
    CA, the dark room to escape? Careful ot her caressed by Beig pee fear.

  • CleanupCleanup

    She has a chaotic room. Help her get Orgaized! Isolated elements to its correct place o.

  • Ming's dress roomMing's dress room

    Ming's dress room
    Come o I MiG dress room show your ability to appreciate the art of ad Imagiatio. Have Fu!

  • Drone of warsDrone of wars

    Drone of wars
    It is a Droe-war! O lead ore to Droes for your room Missios ad battle of the Eemy create delivery.

  • FilomenaFilomena

    Filomea o gladly I your room try different clothes. She Speds hours Lookig for the right dress I go to.

  • Girls memoryGirls memory

    Girls memory
    Try to match the cards. Ear to decorate more hotspots to your room!

  • Spaceship RangerSpaceship Ranger

    Spaceship Ranger
    Time to clea up room agai, display as you are you do it "Spaceship Rager" I a shoot em up game.

  • Barcode BedlamBarcode Bedlam

    Barcode Bedlam
    Target Datasca-Hadheld Scaër on the objectives of aroud the room indicator click a bar code on SCA.

  • Heist II: Greed is HellHeist II: Greed is Hell

    Heist II: Greed is Hell
    Make your way through the rooms, unlocking, and stealing whatever you can. Don't get caught!

  • Miley Cyrus Changing Room Miley Cyrus Changing Room

    Miley Cyrus Changing Room
    Miley Cyrus from the popular serie Hannah Montana is in her changing Room and she needs your help to dress and makeup for a scene.

  • Barbie HouseBarbie House

    Barbie House
    Arrange the furniture in all rooms in this nice mini house!

  • Sniper EscapeSniper Escape

    Sniper Escape
    Hunt for clues as you try to escape from the room.

  • 3D Baby Room 3D Baby Room

    3D Baby Room
    Get this baby room a chic colorful-cute look and test your skills as a great interior designer selecting the right, lovely pieces of furniture!

  • Crimson Room GameCrimson Room Game

    Crimson Room Game
    One of the first games of room escape, and maybe still one of the best one ! You are in the closed room, what you need to do is using all objects that you find in the room, and open the door to escape form this strange romm ...

  • Maximillian B GameMaximillian B Game

    Maximillian B Game
    Ftlobe the Clectro - Cubes to guide all the Power - Charges into the Pulsar and poen the door to the next room.

  • Living Room Escape GameLiving Room Escape Game

    Living Room Escape Game
    You're stuck and the living room and now you must find your way out by looking for clues and other hints that'll help you out.

  • My New Room GameMy New Room Game

    My New Room Game
    Decorate your room with items you like best. Pick colors for your furniture and wallpaper and don't forget to pick a pet!

  • Escape Orange Room GameEscape Orange Room Game

    Escape Orange Room Game
    Your bride locked you in her room to test you are the right person for her or not.

  • The Paint GunnerThe Paint Gunner

    The Paint Gunner
    everyone in your work is trapped within the party room. It is up to you all - natural super cool paint gun store!

  • Baby Care RushBaby Care Rush

    Baby Care Rush
    You run a busy baby care room. Pick up through the inside, put babies that come it in beds and see what they need.

  • Sue Beauty Room GameSue Beauty Room Game

    Sue Beauty Room Game
    Sue Beauty Room - Help Sue find the most important elements they lack. Get her dressed and do her make-up before time runs out.

  • Hospital EscapeHospital Escape

    Hospital Escape
    Explore the rooms, find the clues and try to escape from the hospital.

  • Dolls At HomeDolls At Home

    Dolls At Home
    Help to move dolls in their fabulous new home! Arrange the room nicely with all available elements and furniture!

  • Cleaning, floppyCleaning, floppy

    Cleaning, floppy
    Sarah's mother says they need to CLEA her room! Help prevent your Cleaig display, have some Fu!

  • My sweet bed room decorMy sweet bed room decor

    My sweet bed room decor
    Here a good Chace is your cute bedroom by Playig free room decor games ad decorate to your taste.

  • Design my RoomDesign my Room

    Design my Room
    Here is a good chance to make your design decor play my room of free space and decorate to your taste.

  • Cleaning SlackingCleaning Slacking

    Cleaning Slacking
    Sarah's mother says they have to clean your room! help her to avoid, cleaning and have fun!

  • OblivionOblivion

    All Eemies-Attackig shoot i the pitch black room. At least you have a flashlight.

  • Dead frontier: night twoDead frontier: night two

    Dead frontier: night two
    Shoot zombies I room as you dark aroud Tryig move to stay alive. Watch out for the Stoners

  • My Xmas roomMy Xmas room

    My Xmas room
    get game into the holiday spirit in this special edition of your favorite room decoration! Click the catalog to the right to select your articles. Click the arrows in the upper right corner, click Choose a location: would you prefer a Beach House, Penthouse or an underwater House? You change styles by clicking on the jukebox or stereo. Paint your items and walls of your favorite colors with the brush and wallpaper buttons. Click Delete items on the buttons below, to rotate furniture, or print your room.

  • Bomb escape 1Bomb escape 1

    Bomb escape 1
    They are trapped in a room that bomb contains life. You have 10 minutes to defuse the bomb, for which you have to solve the puzzle and use the correct code format that you find during the game. Then, you can come out of the room.

  • Net PetNet Pet

    Net Pet
    You decide whether you choose a cat or a dog and take care of us want to order your new pet. Select an item in the menu to use it. Click the name of the item again to hide it. Provide food and toys in a room to lure your pet from another room. If no one cares of your pet, it can become a pet naughty, loud!

  • Escape The Future GameEscape The Future Game

    Escape The Future Game
    Escape...another room, yes. But a room in the future! Use your ancient brain and antique exploring skills to get yourself home!

  • Lost memoryLost memory

    Lost memory
    I wake a room Ufamiliar for you. The door is locked ad are the lights! Use the items I the room, to find out how to escape.

  • Room changerRoom changer

    Room changer
    Design your ow Tredy rooms items, Backgrouds ad Furiture! Creative display create this dream room always wated display if it so pleases you chage it!

  • My new hostel My new hostel

    My new hostel
    The beautiful girl is to make as your first year o is dormitory cofused, nice to her dorm room display style. You take a look ad, fid will all plugs EED, design a dream dorm. Beds, sofas, computer table, rack clothing display lots of different accessories helps make the room feel as realistic. Only Arrage you with your Desigig skills for Perfectio.

  • Dark InferenceDark Inference

    Dark Inference
    Select members of your team and move them from room to room to combat enemies. Manage weapon loadout  

  • Advanced Army TrainingAdvanced Army Training

    Advanced Army Training
    It time to kill House soldier. We have extended and improved our tests to see if you are the best of the best reasons. Turn the room, use the grenades if the chances are looking too much. be the best!

  • The Queen's JewelThe Queen's Jewel

    The Queen's Jewel
    Line up 3 or more gems of the same color, rotate a jewel a room at the same time in a clockwise direction, or against in a clockwise direction. You can also 3 or more gems line by moving one column content in direction or walk the Middle jewel. matching rows gems, earn points, representing the Centre gem. When fully supplied with electricity, change to the next level!

  • Kid's Room 4Kid's Room 4

    Kid's Room 4
    Help this little girl manage her room by putting items in the best order that you think is possible. Have fun!

  • Indus Valley - Hidden TreasureIndus Valley - Hidden Treasure

    Indus Valley - Hidden Treasure
    Click on the object that fits on the rock slabs. Rock slab is the key to unlock the rooms.

  • Meteor LaunchMeteor Launch

    Meteor Launch
    A meteor has landed in your village, your goal is to start it back into the room. Collect the flowers to upgrade your Launcher. Try to reach space possible in the fewest days.

  • Sue Beauty RoomSue Beauty Room

    Sue Beauty Room
    Sue has missed several objects. Search in the room and find it. You need to do to her dress and their to ahead of time.

  • Escape from the THK58Escape from the THK58

    Escape from the THK58
    You play as Sarah, and rooms must go to the escape pod. You need to re-calibrate the power to unlock the door to the escape pods... look for access. Good luck!

  • twilight-edward Dresstwilight-edward Dress

    twilight-edward Dress
    Everyone knows that Team Edward is the most popular and best team on Twilight. Help team Edward out by dressing up Edward and making him look better then his competitor Jacob. Choose from shirts, jackets, pants, shoes, hair styles and more to make your Edward perfect. Pressing finish gives you the option to print your poster so you can hang it in your room, put it in your notebook, and show your friends. Go Team Edward!

  • The Most Beautiful BrideThe Most Beautiful Bride

    The Most Beautiful Bride
    The bride is trying different wedding dresses. Help her choose the most beautiful dress. Also You could test the dress up with the different color room. tags :the most beautiful bride, bride dress up, wedding dress up, dress up bride, i girl games, dress up games for girls, girl games, girls games

  • CublastCublast

    Click and blast cubes in this fun and challenging matching game! Pay close attention to how the cubes move, and use this strategy to your advantage. The game will be over when there's no group left, so be sure to make room on the left for new blocks!

  • First Dressing RoomFirst Dressing Room

    First Dressing Room
    What girl has never dreamed of owning her own dressing room. A chair for the friends, a mirror to admire your new look and especially the space to store all your clothes.

  • Prison Breakout GamePrison Breakout Game

    Prison Breakout Game
    Make your way through tunnels and secret rooms to ultimately steal across the yard and over the wall. Sneak up behind guards to knock them out. But be careful, they'll hear you if you run. Avoid search lights by hiding in the shadows.

  • Tractor treat Tractor treat

    Tractor treat
    I dark rooms, many weird ingredients are Waitig for you. Keep your eyes ope, ad carefully drive your truck. To make your way through the levels, you must use your pumpki shooter "CRAE". Caution witches, because Trey your truck very quickly will destroy.

  • Space racerSpace racer

    Space racer
    Space racers is an ew Itergalactic future cars Racig game. Try picking up your room car advertisement, other space riders beat me to this Challegig circuit Racig game. You ca use icrease Itro your speed, but makes EED very carefully, because the road with oil filled who licks your heart rate control car impossible makes. All other space racers ad beat wi the title of the best speed racer.

  • DreamGate escapeDreamGate escape

    DreamGate escape
    You remember Goig to sleep, but Regai Cociousess Iside is a surreal Frighteig ad ladscape. Could it be that you caught Withi your ow Ightmare? Ö thig is sure to escape EED you! Use your mouse to move ad FID/pull/Iteract with objects. I recommend I play a dark room for the most atmospheric, Frighteig life with Headphoes Gamig.

  • Run CastleRun Castle

    Run Castle
    Navigate your creature the Labyrithie Castle without RUIG Ito chose the creepy evil! Collect keys to the passages ope cois for hotspots display. Choose a creature display to find the way out of any room without due or touch Lettig Castle creatures.

  • Sweet birthday partySweet birthday party

    Sweet birthday party
    Today, my boyfried's birthday. I love him so much, so I decide to Orgaize a Woderful party. I EED a delicious cake decorate the room. It is really a difficult task. So ca you help me one had? Oh, all DOE but show is on me. I ugly out. I really WAT my beloved eyes to a beautiful Pricess I. So dress me ad have Fu.

  • The Orange room escapeThe Orange room escape

    The Orange room escape
    Isidious are their captors. Orage is the color that I fear most! Fortuately, has more things tha usual this room. The boots are my size!

  • Tom and Jerry cheese war 2Tom and Jerry cheese war 2

    Tom and Jerry cheese war 2
    Play furnished room table as Jerry, Hidig o, carry the display over the work back the table, Collectig cheese produced rush. Make sure Tom does ' t you start!

  • Secret-IQ testSecret-IQ test

    Secret-IQ test
    I wake a mysterious Chamber. 30 Rooms ad 30 puzzles Stad between you ad your escape. You will be able to solve them all?

  • Tutti Cuti: Ice-cream parlourTutti Cuti: Ice-cream parlour

    Tutti Cuti: Ice-cream parlour
    The ice machie has so each a bit Loopy the flying aroud which is room GoE < br > intercept scoop. Make sure that each delicious scoop falls i of the COE! You're wasting trying ot ay please. Remember, your ice cream order oly Fiished whe has a snowflake-o-top. You give it your happy customer.

  • Dry my homeDry my home

    Dry my home
    Laundry room is DOE display its time to get to work! You try your best, witch, all Clothig OTO the rope update your old fashion rope every time a major OE, ext level reached.

  • Lovely homeLovely home

    Lovely home
    Be creative display decorate your ow nice home the kind and way you WAT! I hope so Middle sushi Playig with his ball of all time! Cat can't help she! She Wats, to become a famous player of TEIs. Use the mouse cursor to play this room Decoratio made game for girls.

  • Obama Presidential escapeObama Presidential escape

    Obama Presidential escape
    Their Missio I is this escape room game, as Barack Obama ad to play try to escape, the terrorist who Kidapped you. Use your mouse to heart rate control the game. Simply click o to move Ay part of the floor. Iteract select objects simply click the object display an actio. To raise the Actios drag object your Ivetory ad put it about ay other Elemet, the o-phase or I is the Ivetory list (on search objects).

  • Mars encounterMars encounter

    Mars encounter
    DEFed offered by Sardar Ivaders Fightig they I these ew versio room Ivaders game. Select the difficulty level display begi the game. Move your ship Usig the mouse indicator Usig the button shoot. You ca choose image quality to.

  • T zero Turbo XT zero Turbo X

    T zero Turbo X
    Pilot your TWI-Egied-racer-o is a series of spectacular space tracks. Are minimum time post about a fiery place, ca, your Oppoets Tryig keep you heart rate control at high speeds whe Ito to RAM you room? Seve featurig six teams, track display to keep you ahead of the Pack a whole bunch of performace upgrades.

  • Claudia space girlClaudia space girl

    Claudia space girl
    I this hi-tech room dress up game you EED to select the clothes from a hi-tech Replicator machie. You choose the best outfit to help Claudia, ad explore which has to offer may of ew possibilities of this dress up game!

  • Never endNever end

    Never end
    Try to FID your way out of this maze of Maddeig! Turn the room aroud I order to the exit! Right, move left display with the cursor keys.

  • The rocker: TV tossThe rocker: TV toss

    The rocker: TV toss
    How do you get the groupies? Behave like a Rockstar! Launch of trashy hotel room - Othig impressed your FAS as a TV through the widow! Do it!

  • Cold room escapeCold room escape

    Cold room escape
    They've started just an ew job as v. But o the first day at work, you get trapped Iside cool room.freezer ad ow you must escape before you freeze.

  • Star fighterStar fighter

    Star fighter
    Blast your way through this crowded room route! Blast may spaceships as you ca, Beig without their Blaster or the asteroids are taken. Collect ICOs bouses ad help.

  • Pazzo Francesco in escape from Rakoth dungeonsPazzo Francesco in escape from Rakoth dungeons

    Pazzo Francesco in escape from Rakoth dungeons
    You have from every room by Pressig to end all platforms. Oly whe you have reached the exit, all ad ca Advace to the ext level down.

  • EtherEther

    Veture Ito room! Explorig DIS did Plaets ad Don their puzzles to chage the way the the world has looked to be a hero! Every place has to solve a puzzle to figure out whe, what it is ad the Al solve will Regai color the rubble begins to blink.

  • My new roomMy new room

    My new room
    Sampson o the same Furiture, Lookig at the same Decoratios each ad gets boring every day after a while. Certainly, it would be great, if you start completely rid your old stuff display agai could can with some Brad ew-thigs.rrThis game to you redecorate a room from the ground up. You ca try to see different styles of ad Ambieces that suits you.

  • Keywords: Masters of deceptionKeywords: Masters of deception

    Keywords: Masters of deception
    Whe Bouty harm stitch the door come, o light pictures of the wall OE. Your task is to dress it down exactly as shown on the picture. You have a set amout of time stitch room ad FID search all 4 parts of the costume. The costume the right OE ago RUS, match.

  • Defuse bombDefuse bomb

    Defuse bomb
    Time is critical I bomb defuse because it oly 20 miutes o who is watch. Go through the rooms display there the bomb defuse ad FID of the ecessary objects!

  • FlatOutFlatOut

    How far fly ca from Frot Widshield of your car? Press room whe the Poiter speed is at the points to Gai. If you press the space bar outside the points, you will brake. The faster, take loger will fly.

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