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  • Search and Destroy: The HotspotSearch and Destroy: The Hotspot

    Search and Destroy: The Hotspot
    Develop amazing tank battles in search and destroy: the hotspot! Fighting tons of enemy tanks, turrets and helicopters in five different campaigns. Collect power-ups to the enemy maximum damage to deal - strike now!

  • Search and destroy: HotspotSearch and destroy: Hotspot

    Search and destroy: Hotspot
    Amazig Tak battles Ufold I search ad destroy: the HotSpot! TOS Eemy TAKS, turrets, helicopters of Guships about five different Campaigs to fight ad. Collect power-ups, to Iflict maximum damage o the Eemy - strike ow!

  • Super tankSuper tank

    Super tank
    You have to destroy your Eemy through the army your ow. Search o each level is the device that allows you to attack them, because your Tak ca't do this ow. Use the arrow keys to move.

  • Billy kid MakinBilly kid Makin

    Billy kid Makin
    Billy is the last Ma o Earth, ad monkey o are the ability to destroy him. Oh OES! While Billy fills the Earth, you EED, to repel the hordes by Doris Miios. Build towers Fightig UITS, upgrade, Mokeys by Ulockig chef keep Mosters display! All your Maagemet are Eeded skills here. EW search resources ad purchase you make ew Fightig UITS. Now show the monkeys, as we Humas roles!

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