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  • Stoneage assassin - revengeStoneage assassin - revenge

    Stoneage assassin - revenge
    Shoot your arrows, rocks, ad fire arrows on the right targets after Readig the Missio Briefigs.

  • Phixx Phixx euro mixPhixx Phixx euro mix

    Phixx Phixx euro mix
    Press the arrows, as they have the other arrows to your team Hazel roles.

  • Princess maker 4Princess maker 4

    Princess maker 4
    Press arrow right key whe arrow o Board reaches the top.

  • Dunce dunce revolutionDunce dunce revolution

    Dunce dunce revolution
    Press the arrows because she directed the scree of the arrows of o. Pass several levels.

  • Race for lifeRace for life

    Race for life
    Try the hazelnut steps Pressig corresponding arrow key b get the arrows on the bottom of the rubble.

  • Arrow Knight GameArrow Knight Game

    Arrow Knight Game
    Help the knight through the forest to finish his journey,watch over your arrow it's limited. Enjoy! Up arrow : jump down arrow : quickly down space bar : normal arrow Z : 3 arrows at once c : Fire arrow.

  • A Parting Shot II GameA Parting Shot II Game

    A Parting Shot II Game
    This bowman brings justice with his arrows.

  • Mario Rampage GameMario Rampage Game

    Mario Rampage Game
    Use the Left/Light Arrow keys to move back and forth.

  • Bow Man 2 GameBow Man 2 Game

    Bow Man 2 Game
    Master the art of shooting bow and arrow with a mouse!

  • Build A Snowman GameBuild A Snowman Game

    Build A Snowman Game
    Click on the blue arrows and build your snowman!

  • Megaman Project X GameMegaman Project X Game

    Megaman Project X Game
    Flash version of Megaman, use your arrow keys to move megaman, and the spacebar to shoot.

  • Skeleton ParkSkeleton Park

    Skeleton Park
    Press the left and right arrow keys to guide Frank through the park. 

  • Boat BonanzaBoat Bonanza

    Boat Bonanza
    Use the arrow keys to control mario and his boat. 

  • Big AirBig Air

    Big Air
    Start scooby's motion by using the left and right arrow keys. 

  • Apple ShooterApple Shooter

    Apple Shooter
    Try to shoot the arrow throw of the man's head. 

  • Aqua PigsAqua Pigs

    Aqua Pigs
    Use the arrow keys to move your pig's aquapod left or right across the water. 

  • Car ParkCar Park

    Car Park
    Drive around to find a place to park using the arrow keys. 

  • Cat With Bow GolfCat With Bow Golf

    Cat With Bow Golf
    Archer cat trying arrive to target with throw arrows. 

  • Nob was: the ElvesNob was: the Elves

    Nob was: the Elves
    The Elves arrows are prepared that are Humas swords draw, display the Cetaurs lead the charge!

  • Bowman 2Bowman 2

    Bowman 2
    Practice archery, battle against human-computer archers or simply hunt birds with your bow and arrow

  • Animal HunterAnimal Hunter

    Animal Hunter
    Walk through with your bow ad forest rabbit shoot arrow Strauß ad Eagle flying through.

  • Smash the blocksSmash the blocks

    Smash the blocks
    Press arrow to smash to right buttons display space to all blocks with the mallet.

  • Nob War: The ElvesNob War: The Elves

    Nob War: The Elves
    The elves arrows are poised, the humans swords are drawn, and the centaurs lead the charge!

  • Create a Ride: Version 2Create a Ride: Version 2

    Create a Ride: Version 2
    Select a car and modify it using the arrows on the right.

  • Bow ManBow Man

    Bow Man
    A bit like tanks but with a bow and arrow

  • Puzzle BobblePuzzle Bobble

    Puzzle Bobble
    Awesome classic game. Play with arrows and SPACEBAR.

  • Kingdom bowKingdom bow

    Kingdom bow
    Agle customize display I makes this bow ad arrow game can optios, Icludig all possible modes.

  • Wiggi Apple catchWiggi Apple catch

    Wiggi Apple catch
    Use arrow keys to move.

  • Great tournamentGreat tournament

    Great tournament
    Fire arrow her bow ad where you about results of the highest hotspots to wi.

  • We dancing onlineWe dancing online

    We dancing online
    Press the right arrow key display Hazel!

  • Spell DuelistSpell Duelist

    Spell Duelist
    AGAIST multiple CPU Oppoets fighting, as I press arrows this Guitar Hero-like game.

  • Dragon flameDragon flame

    Dragon flame
    Blow balls of fire are on the archers, the Tryig, Dow to shoot their Flamig arrows.

  • Santa ArtoisSanta Artois

    Santa Artois
    Keep SATA o the straight ad arrow presets as he drops Dow the chimey.

  • Robin Hood adventuresRobin Hood adventures

    Robin Hood adventures
    You have 3 sets of 6 arrows goals such as hotspots as is possible.

  • Archery gameArchery game

    Archery game
    Help the dog to shoot arrows at the target.

  • Dance Dance carabaoDance Dance carabao

    Dance Dance carabao
    There are four arrows, Correspod, Directioal keys on your keyboard. OCÉ game, arrows would start Scrollig. Time the main Pressig from the Correspodig keyboard Directioal key Océ overlap is the arrows of Scrollig. You count every timed arrows.

  • Mucus mansionMucus mansion

    Mucus mansion
    You're eter mucus Masio, which are full of stuff, the CA bad for people with asthma. To survive, crush or the Dagers Lurkig, score of hotspots, collect dodging the blue Ihalers help people with asthma. Use arrow up, Dow-down arrow to crouch, jump right left arrow to the left indicator arrow move right move. Collect objects ad Squish the creatures.

  • Super Doggy GameSuper Doggy Game

    Super Doggy Game
    Super doggy needs to use his super powers to save the puppies from the evil Lord Claw.Arrow key up = jump, Arrow key down = duck, Arrow key left = move left, Arrow key right = move right, A = jump / stop flying, S = use super power.

  • Football Shot GameFootball Shot Game

    Football Shot Game
    Use the arrow key to move the striker into position. Use the space bar to strike at goal.

  • Tweety ZombiesTweety Zombies

    Tweety Zombies
    Help Sylvester survive the attack of the Tweety zombies.Use the LEFT & RIGHT arrow keys to run. Use DOWN arrow key to from the swooping bats. Use the UP arrow key to jump on the Tweety zombies and send them back to the grave.

  • Super Fighter GameSuper Fighter Game

    Super Fighter Game
    A street fighter like game, move the character with A and S key, punch and kick the enemy with the arrow keys, finish off your opponent as soon as possible !

  • Athalina RPG GameAthalina RPG Game

    Athalina RPG Game
    Arrow keys or WASD move, 1-4 melee attacks, mouse is used for magic attacks, ever get stuck or need help use the walkthrough.

  • Deli Beery GameDeli Beery Game

    Deli Beery Game
    Guide the bee with the arrow keys. Avoid all obstacles on your way to the exit.

  • Hero Tank GameHero Tank Game

    Hero Tank Game
    Use the arrow keys to move, space to fire, p-pause game, s-sounds on/off.

  • Fortress GuardianFortress Guardian

    Fortress Guardian
    Defend your castle wall from enemies. Shoot your bow n arrow and swing your sword to stay alive.

  • Street BoardingStreet Boarding

    Street Boarding
    Use the left and right arrow keys to move the chracter and the space bar to jump. 

  • LardenerLardener

    Move with arrow keys to win you have to buy  all of the things from the online store. 

  • Great Tournament GameGreat Tournament Game

    Great Tournament Game
    Fire your bow and arrow as far as you can. Score the highest points to win.

  • Arcane GameArcane Game

    Arcane Game
    Sneak up on the enemy and dish out a flurry of shots with your deadly accurate bow and arrow.

  • Madness RegentMadness Regent

    Madness Regent
    Explosion Eemies ad destroy the evil Clow I this gorgeous purple actio platform. Move with the arrows, jump with S, shooting with A.

  • Pimp My BugattiPimp My Bugatti

    Pimp My Bugatti
    A Bugatti always has style, but seems your rates Rajat "touch. Click on the arrows to see the optios.

  • Barbarian onslaught - the secret of steel demoBarbarian onslaught - the secret of steel demo

    Barbarian onslaught - the secret of steel demo
    Make your Eemies on the arrows, such as cut-out Dow. So let o gag

  • Cat with bow Golf 2Cat with bow Golf 2

    Cat with bow Golf 2
    Shoot your bow arrow, which is associated with the cat. Get the target as few shots as possible.

  • Formula 1 world championFormula 1 world champion

    Formula 1 world champion
    Heart rate control your formula 1 car with the arrow keys display trying to reach the first, i put the other cars 3 round cofferdam.

  • Sonic Angel IslandSonic Angel Island

    Sonic Angel Island
    Too bad this game has no sound. Move sonic with arrows, and with the space key jump.

  • Bot BuilderBot Builder

    Bot Builder
    Design your ultimate robot fighting machine. Scroll through the robot options on the colors to change color, click the arrows in each category.

  • ValentinerValentiner

    They are similar to gold miner, nuggets of the golden heart with Erotes bow n arrow shoot.

  • Tom and Jerry - Midnight SnackTom and Jerry - Midnight Snack

    Tom and Jerry - Midnight Snack
    You use the limited arrows correctly to Jerry all cheese and the key access, to open the door.

  • Formula 1 ChampionFormula 1 Champion

    Formula 1 Champion
    Control your Formula 1 car with the arrow keys and try to reach the first place in 3 laps by passing the other cars.

  • Cupids AdventureCupids Adventure

    Cupids Adventure
    Shoot the hearts with the same color of arrows. Try to hit them all and not to miss.

  • Warriors Orochi DDRWarriors Orochi DDR

    Warriors Orochi DDR
    Push the right arrow as they pass over. Starts off very easy, then gets insane.

  • Rock Band Rockin RoadieRock Band Rockin Roadie

    Rock Band Rockin Roadie
    Pick your bike, and control your bikes balance, tilt, and lean. Grab those turbo arrows!

  • Hit the Jackpot Hit the Jackpot

    Hit the Jackpot
    Shoot the targets with your bow n arrow as you move up in the tournament and the target gets farther.

  • Ultimate Formula RacingUltimate Formula Racing

    Ultimate Formula Racing
    Take control of the Formula 3 race car and test your driving skills on a cool 3D course! Compete with the best racers all over the world and record your fastest time over three laps. Use Arrow left and right to steer the car, Arrow up to accelerate and Arrow down to break. Try to keep on the track and get to the pole position!

  • Giant sushi slideGiant sushi slide

    Giant sushi slide
    Use arrow keys to collect the fresh Igrediets! Middle of the sushi dishes display so get swept away!

  • KnutKnut

    Select display draw the blue display red arrows available o Beach display help Kut go through different obstacles to his beloved Chair!

  • Helicopter escapeHelicopter escape

    Helicopter escape
    Copter escape is a Challegig single player game that checks your skills, I Guidig the helicopter by arrow ways.

  • Halfpipe skateboardingHalfpipe skateboarding

    Halfpipe skateboarding
    Use arrow keys as Cotrols.Kostenlose skate or compete. I pull off some sick tricks the half-pipe.

  • Have a nice dayHave a nice day

    Have a nice day
    To cut Dow zombies, dodge George Washigto Icaris arrows, to avoid, the T-Rex as an IJA.

  • Squirrel family - pink panicSquirrel family - pink panic

    Squirrel family - pink panic
    Shoot your arrows display destroy all Globes add some hotspots. When Abraham calls world to escape, you lose ö life.

  • Coke Zero Classic soccerCoke Zero Classic soccer

    Coke Zero Classic soccer
    You bright red blip with the arrow keys heart rate control. Result of Touchdows by Gaiig 100 yards.

  • The Archer's time travelThe Archer's time travel

    The Archer's time travel
    Shoot your arrows on the birds display other information, flying over head. To move o, reach your quota.

  • Fly the copter extremeFly the copter extreme

    Fly the copter extreme
    Fly your helicopter through arrow of Opeigs I clouds, the guy of the copter ad play other difficult levels.

  • Little John archeryLittle John archery

    Little John archery
    Choose your makes ad Agle arrow show your. Press the objects Dow the field that says it.

  • Battle maniaBattle mania

    Battle mania
    Remember the arrows display sequence of the computer indicates the duplicate to the wi of the battle.

  • Shot farewell IIShot farewell II

    Shot farewell II
    WOMA's, children, ad old people from their tow, I trust you. DEFed them from the Eemies Throwig arrows on them with your bow.

  • GAMS descentGAMS descent

    GAMS descent
    Bad GAM! He needs the Dagerous task of Collectig blowing I air! Quickly tap you on the left indicator arrow for the pull back of the Launcher, press the space bar to release it. Press the SPACEBAR to display ope close, ad use the parachute o the arrow left/right/top heart rate control of the wid the faster you tap an arrow key, the harder the parachute blows this Directio I. Earn how to CA than bubbles.

  • Sue knittingSue knitting

    Sue knitting
    Help an ice design to sue Kit. Use the arrow keys, to display, use the mouse to the right color select Strig sew.

  • The raceThe race

    The race
    Ru as you Ecouter find any kind of Imagiable obstacle. Use the arrow to avoid them.

  • Hip hop dont stopHip hop dont stop

    Hip hop dont stop
    Press the arrow keys until I get the correct order of Goig Dacig. Later o accelerated.

  • Orcs buffer overrunOrcs buffer overrun

    Orcs buffer overrun
    The orcs are Attackig the Castle. Her bow-display arrows are the oly hoping to stop them from far ad to repel the attack.

  • Fly 2 barFly 2 bar

    Fly 2 bar
    Press the letters, as they arrows fall Dow OTO. Play your I sucked this RPG'ish-skill game.

  • IceIce

    Ride the ice Usig ice truck display give the arrows. Give out making Everyoe them.

  • Cool Salon 2Cool Salon 2

    Cool Salon 2
    You're a hair Salo the Ower. Move the arrows use the space bar to help your Cliets. Use the arrows to take the actio.

  • Gator hopGator hop

    Gator hop
    Press display hold the SPACEBAR to accelerate. Press to jump, hold the arrow display to activate the power meter. Up arrow b release the power meter is fully to achieve the maximum distance. Based o the distance of the Fial jump is the result.

  • The Gorilla tough arm challengeThe Gorilla tough arm challenge

    The Gorilla tough arm challenge
    To rings, operation fast pressig and onto the left indicator right arrows o of your keyboard stregth ad builds attempt to overpower the gorilla. Faster operation pressig and onto the left indicator, right arrows, the more hotspots, which you add to your score. If Maage, to beat the Gorilla ahead of time, you get hotspots for the amount of time links o the clock. Ow risk rings to your. The gorilla is OE hard customers.

  • Dead Tree DefenderDead Tree Defender

    Dead Tree Defender
    Eliminate all enemies by using an arrow. The longer you hold it down, the faster and farther the arrow will go.

  • Super Mario 63Super Mario 63

    Super Mario 63
    This awesome Super Mario Bros platform jump and run adventure game is not only advisable for Mario or Luigi fans! Use the arrow keys, Z, X and C, to explore the world. Use your arrow keys to this free online flash game.

  • Koopa AvalancheKoopa Avalanche

    Koopa Avalanche
    Koopa is the turtle from Mario games. This game you have to help, ın Koopa catch coins that fall from above and avoid spikes and bullets. Bullets can be rotated horizontally and to avoid you have to duck the arrow down. the horizontal movement is controlled with the arrows to the left and right. You catch a fungus ıf, you get an extra life.

  • Skul Kid GameSkul Kid Game

    Skul Kid Game
    Taking the role of a kid with a skull for a head, you get to literally rip apart an office building with your chainsaw and gun. Roam as you please, destroy all you see. Instructions: Use the Left And Right Arrow Keys to move and operate the chainsaw and the gun using the Space Bar. When in shoot out mode, use the Up And Down Arrow Keys to stand and duck. Make your way to the other end of the floor to take the lift and continue to the upper floors.

  • Dune Buggy GameDune Buggy Game

    Dune Buggy Game
    Game instructions for Dune Buggy: Collect stars and try to stay upright while racing your dune buggy. Use the up/down arrow keys to move forward and reverse. Use the left/right arrow keys to lean the buggy. Press the space bar to jump.

  • Get The ClueGet The Clue

    Get The Clue
    Get the clues to play the game. What you can do: -Press LEFT and RIGHT arrow keys to move the player. -Press UP arrow key to make the player jump. -Move the mouse over the screen and click on objects. -Pickup objects and use them when needed. -Hit the objects on the screen. -Press space bar to fire bullets from the hero. (Part 2). -You have to perform the above tasks, not necessarily in the same order.Tags: Clue, Hero, Bird, Dragon.

  • Commuter CupidCommuter Cupid

    Commuter Cupid
    Hello! I'm Amor! It's Valeties Day, I Dow on the Trai statio ad Hagig! Help me to shoot the commuters with my magic arrows, before they leave their Trai. Usig mouse, you move the crosshair Ito their way, which, here, click an arrow to fire! Try to beat that Everyoe, because if a commuter leaves Uhappy, I heart lose! I'll be back Gai half a heart for Everyoe which hit but if I lost my heart, I will have it game over!


    Each level has an Arragemet of Positios which all EED with guests (before cards) are filled. You need to qualify please all of your guests for the ext level. This, o match the colors on both sides each guest card. Wild cards ca represet ay color. You are allowed to ew up to four times per level by Clickig cards, but this is the arrow on the right side of your deck five hotspots.

  • Battle MageBattle Mage

    Battle Mage
    You have bee I was some crazy world of aggressive Mutats. It is completely up to you to protect. Use the a button on your sword to the Mutats display the arrow keys to move aroud swallowing. Remember Advace Eemies Stroger ad Stroger, as this will ot be careful, can I Cotact with them.

  • Jump for coins 3DJump for coins 3D

    Jump for coins 3D
    This little gree-haired guy I started a Hauted house full of spiders. Little gree-haired guy, use the arrow keys to heart rate control. Access the cois as fast as you ca, but avoid the spiders!

  • Shock balloon bomberShock balloon bomber

    Shock balloon bomber
    O bad drop bombs Mosters with your bubble Cao Usig the Dow down. shoot to a bomb-o press the side arrow b you're Facig the desired Directio. Watch to the flying Mosters. Collect power-ups from your did but avoid the sticky goo.

  • PlanktonPlankton

    Use the arrow keys to move the starfish aroud. Your goal is to eat the sea creatures, the smaller tha you are OES during the Avoidig, you are the larger tha. The more fish you eat, the greater. All 3000 hotspots, your size is reset, display of marine life will move faster. Get some of your health also Regai. Have a full battery, get Bous hotspots istead.

  • Nurse questNurse quest

    Nurse quest
    Florece Nightigale made ever home visits as follows. Navigate treacherous roads, Atted to Ailig Patiets I nurse quest, an actio-packed arcade game. Use the arrow keys to Whizzig traffic ad grumpy dogs to avoid getting your Rouds. Move quickly to beat the timer. Remember to keep your Medicie bag full of supplies. Their call button is Rigig! Care about you all your Patiets that I nurse quest?

  • Chalk ChaseChalk Chase

    Chalk Chase
    Use the arrow keys to Avigate. Bits to clear the level, collect all chalk. Access the white Lightig ad sed Eemies turn on the Panel back on. Tomb of SAP or blocky for Bous hotspots.

  • BirdizBirdiz

    Here we play ew; Chicken-Mii-golf. Choose what Directio, the ball with the arrows hit. Attend each with the least amount possible from error.

  • RAP attackRAP attack

    RAP attack
    Rai Dow beats o hip hop doggy. Use the left/right arrows out direct - the Fukier of the Groove, the better the result of shaking. Yourself with the space bar Crashig air Ito the massive speakers to avoid.

  • PangPang

    This is a Fu versio of the classic PAG. To move by using the space button use the arrows display on fire. Move from page to page, to Dodge bullets.

  • Super headersSuper headers

    Super headers
    Use the arrow keys to move STA the balls drop and put them above STA Udereath agai head. Head like Ito the goal as balls can. Guests who appear more balls, more hotspots. Miss three balls display its game over. Good luck!

  • The barbarianThe barbarian

    The barbarian
    Use arrow keys to move space to attack. You ca search off the key to other moves. The beautiful Pricess Osama has the evil Sorceror DRAX, his Efarious desires meet kidnapped. The aim is a powerful Warrior, Vaquish Rodriguez? demoic Guardias free display the Pricess. You are the warriors. A powerful Barbaria Wieldig your broad sword with deadly skill.

  • WheelerWheeler

    Use the arrow keys to heart rate control motorcycle. so forget to refuel. You need to each track Fiish first o advance to level ad Ulock ext the ew Excitig race I followed Florida, Switzerlad ad Mexico.

  • Hot Shots GolfHot Shots Golf

    Hot Shots Golf
    MA of your trusty cart display keep a cool head during Scramblig, the Club customers display content updated with cool ice tea. If you make each golfer ad to fill your glass, before you see below, you will receive great tips ad score. But if you are too slow, Someoe Complai display could be o out the curb. Use arrows to stop the ad space to move.

  • ArcherArcher

    Do you have good aim? With the mouse fire in the Bullseye. Try with the arrow, hit.

  • CometsComets

    CA, to outwit this difficult game of strategy to the computer? A comet display the cursor on I click on an arrow to move it Ay Directio there are free places. The game Whe is over links, o possible trains display the last player to a movement called.

  • Chaos gameChaos game

    Chaos game
    Try choosing a workers display, as much Iformatio as you could download. If your computer is broken you need to get right aother Usig the keyboard arrows.

  • Eli bomberEli bomber

    Eli bomber
    Fight with fire fire I this explosive game of speed-display capability. I Eli bomber, need to bomb your Eemies before you bombard you. To Avigate the maze screen, use the arrow keys SPACEBAR to place bombs. Ru home whe a bomb place you kill your Explosios your Eemies, ad are you also kill them. Destroy all Eemies to FID key on Ext. With 10 levels to beat, Eli really bomber is the bomb!

  • PhotoBox-landPhotoBox-land

    Help, the people of Photoboxlad, where to get, she WAT to go! Put arrows by Clickig ad Draggig your mouse I the Directio wat i. click go on display draw agai on chage Directio. Work, where people Wat by Matchig the colors of their shirts to the Destiatios go. Make sure that you so ru out of time!

  • Welcome to the EarthWelcome to the Earth

    Welcome to the Earth
    Heart rate control you UFO Usig arrow keys. Try as log as possible in life to stay. To collect shields Protectio.

  • Cutey cubesCutey cubes

    Cutey cubes
    Cutey cubes is a cute ad block Stackig puzzle game addictive. Put the blocks, the I of four or more trimmers rows all OES with eyes. Heart rate control the due pieces with the arrow keys. Play AGAIST a roast or try to complete all the levels!

  • Happy kitchenHappy kitchen

    Happy kitchen
    Chief Drago generally a very happy v of Russia. But Someoe forgot, order the daily food display ow square are all from the Igrediets it! Help this fire Breathig Culiary star I has his Patry this game lovable Olie. Use the arrow keys to Maeuver Drago left or right, so he ca I begin eating due his bowl. Avoid the dish ware ad Asty cockroaches. Cookig help Chief Drago display make happy his v agai.

  • BowBow

    I choose this game OE by two girls, the distance to the target display start Hancock it with arrows. The closer the unvermeindlich you hit the target, the more hotspots you ear.

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