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  • Bears HomeBears Home

    Bears Home
    Decorate the sweet bear's new house. 

  • Catch FruitsCatch Fruits

    Catch Fruits
    Catch fruits  fall down from sky an complete bears picture. 

  • Crazy PenguinCrazy Penguin

    Crazy Penguin
    Attack bear with penguins

  • Cursing KeyboardCursing Keyboard

    Cursing Keyboard
    Play some music with this cursing bear.

  • Hold your DrinkHold your Drink

    Hold your Drink
    still keep your glass and try not to shed your bear, as long as you can!

  • Binky's QuestBinky's Quest

    Binky's Quest
    jump on platforms and blast away the enemies as average koala bear.

  • Rush hour gameRush hour game

    Rush hour game
    Help the bears to gather all stars!

  • Supergirl dress-up 2Supergirl dress-up 2

    Supergirl dress-up 2
    CA Super girl costumes bear other children of the Marvel Heroes to help?

  • Sort my tiles care bearsSort my tiles care bears

    Sort my tiles care bears
    Care bears Community measures sort love with the Raibow I the sky.

  • Bears getBears get

    Bears get
    Pears, hats, cats, ad bears, Oh mein! Locally this element, I bear an Olie get game, that short actio ad pattern Recogitio quickly. FID display o click the Idicated item as fast as you ca The 10-Secod timer will EED sharp eyes display click here quick to overcome the optical tricks ad beat. Get Goig o a bears cabin with get bears ow!

  • Internet WalkaboutInternet Walkabout

    Internet Walkabout
    They I am working a bearing indicator you need to FID customers to help what it is, to Lookig for display ensure that they are happy.

  • Elk's revengeElk's revenge

    Elk's revenge
    Big bad bear has the hiccups. Heart rate control of the elk ad get Revege is he always bee Lookig for taking.

  • Kon a lot troubleKon a lot trouble

    Kon a lot trouble
    Whip the bears, as the walls of back-up pop. Caution, it quickly Haidary.

  • Polar bear dress up babyPolar bear dress up baby

    Polar bear dress up baby
    Some polar bears are the most violent harm; Whitey is the fiercest Kommode.Klicken you to display the categories of items, o Whitey to see.

  • Squirt Gun BanditsSquirt Gun Bandits

    Squirt Gun Bandits
    Western style shoot 'em up game featuring animal characters and squirt guns.Tags: shoot, gun, bandits, squirt, western, raccoon, fox, bear, rabbit, jail, saloon, hideout, innocent, prairie dog

  • Polar JumpPolar Jump

    Polar Jump
    Click on the Polar Bear to make him jump as high as possible, see how far you can go! Keep clicking on the bear to reach the stars. Steer the Bear towards the bonuses for a top score.

  • Evil Care BearsEvil Care Bears

    Evil Care Bears
    The Care Bears have gone ape and stopped caring. Time to blow them away.

  • DeadlyDeadly

    Cool dark sidescroller with a mean bear that has huge claws ready to take down the skeleton army.

  • Little Bear Dress UpLittle Bear Dress Up

    Little Bear Dress Up
    Play with this cuddly bear and dress him up to make him look really good.

  • Care Bears - Happy Hearts GameCare Bears - Happy Hearts Game

    Care Bears - Happy Hearts Game
    They have can 30 seconds to help the care bears cheer up so many broken hearts as they. The heart, as they fall by moving the care bear you select start. Only the broken heart, you get points.

  • Polar PWND 2Polar PWND 2

    Polar PWND 2
    A fun physics based puzzle game. The war between polar bears and penguins continues. The polar bear to crash into unsuspecting penguins and place bombs, mines, and ramps. Have fun!

  • KumakeshiKumakeshi

    You put the little bears Ito of the boxes Usig few Movemets. I see links-Iferior next to the rubble of Movemets, you still have. Each little bear show how Movemets can, if you click on o him make made.

  • Feed the bearFeed the bear

    Feed the bear
    You've got to feed the bears. Make the correct Agle display ad hit Butto, makes the food Ito the bear to throw up. Check out the remaining barriers.

  • Feedin time: bear BonanzaFeedin time: bear Bonanza

    Feedin time: bear Bonanza
    Feedig, it is time for the bears display they WAT fish! Feed, such as Hugry bears as you ca can before the music box-RUS out!

  • Care bears dress upCare bears dress up

    Care bears dress up
    Remember the care bears? You have indeed a whole history of the Protocol. I have 1981 by America Greetigs for use o greeting cards, care bears has made a log way to films ad Cartoos. Dress them up I ay color display have the most Importatly, Fu!

  • Bear boundBear bound

    Bear bound
    Their bear Ito the other bear in the Avoidig barriers or Boucig with them Flig to reach the goal. You oly have limited Chace to bouce.

  • Deady GameDeady Game

    Deady Game
    Cute on the outside, very twisted on the inside! That's what you ge when the Galazy's greatest evil escapes confinement on its homeworld and possesses the body of a discarded teddy bear here on Earth. He's cute, he's cuddly... He'll eat you for lunch and floss his wittle teef with your intestines! And deady loves kids... Well-done with a little BBQ sauce! whether he's plotting world-domination or just the mosthorrifying way to make your life miserable, you won't be able to resiste temptation to give him a big fat huggsle wuggsie! Just bear in mind that as you cuddle him, he's thinking through a dozen different ways to your demisel!

  • Warbears Adventures : An A.R. X-Mas Go Back Warbears Adventures : An A.R. X-Mas Go Back

    Warbears Adventures : An A.R. X-Mas Go Back
    It's X-Mas time all around BTC and Kla stops by Bob. But Steve has a secret mission in mind... Join the Warbears in this classic point and click X-Mas Adventure!Tags: point and click, adventure, warbears, x-mas, bears, cute, war

  • VirgoVirgo

    Virgo is one of the twelve signs of the zodiac. Its symbol is a young woman. People who are born approximately between the 23rd of August and the 22nd of September come under this sign.

  • Bear FamilyBear Family

    Bear Family
    This family of bears are out for a days picnic,their getting ready to have their family picture took so they can remember the fun filled day their about to go on! Can you color them in and make them look their best for the photograph?

  • GeminiGemini

    Gemini is one of the twelve signs of the zodiac. Its symbol is a pair of twins. People who are born approximately between 21st May and 20th June come under this sign.

  • LeoLeo

    Leo is one of the twelve signs of the zodiac. Its symbol is a lion. People who are born approximately between the 23rd of July and the 22nd of August come under this sign.

  • Polar Bear PaybackPolar Bear Payback

    Polar Bear Payback
    You are an angry polar bear on a rampage. Time to kill the seal hunters. Head ripping fun!

  • Castle WarsCastle Wars

    Castle Wars
    Their goal is to build a 100-storey Castle and you can win Castle by the destruction of your opponents. You can use the card in the game, you build your own Castle or fight your enemy. This card bears a brick.

  • Big Bear BoogieBig Bear Boogie

    Big Bear Boogie
    Great bear loves to boogie! Press the arrow keys on the perfect time to dance it! Run perfect dance moves in a row make combos!

  • Title Twin Baby Boy And Girl Title Twin Baby Boy And Girl

    Title Twin Baby Boy And Girl
    These two little twin baby boy and girl are so irresistible. They both have a tremendous wardrobe and wait for you to dress them up in their most cutest outfits. You can combine multiple clothes and items like a candy, a rattle or a teddy bear. View the final result by pressing on the show button.

  • TaurusTaurus

    Taurus is one of the twelve signs of the zodiac. Its symbol is a bull. People who are born approximately between the 20th of April and the 20th of May come under this sign.

  • CapricornCapricorn

    Capricorn is one of the twelve signs of the zodiac. Its symbol is a goat. People who are born approximately between the 22nd of December and the 19th of January come under this sign.

  • The babysitter The babysitter

    The babysitter
    Your neighbor has requested your help to babysit for an evening. This is your first experience. The most harder task with a new-born is to dress him up.

  • Crazy BearCrazy Bear

    Crazy Bear
    tear these courses like a bear on wheels! Choose a Board, wheel, or 4-Wheeler and driving courses, jump obstacles and pick up wrench on the way to repair your ride.

  • Born To Be BigBorn To Be Big

    Born To Be Big
    No one wants the small fry. Work your way the food chain eat all fish, fit in your mouth in this fun arcade game! Keep your wits about you and avoid anything that could turn the tables on your einziehenraserei. And watch what you eat, no one is big on bones and garbage. Keep sharp and stay hungry, were born to be big!

  • Snowboard SafariSnowboard Safari

    Snowboard Safari
    Avoid Peguis, bear, saber toothed Tiger, walruses to sow mobile ad. Catch 3 fish, the consequences of Rodrigo button to the ext-level reach. Lift the igloos, coffee ad Evergree trees for hotspots ad Eergy. If you so again Eergize you lose a life.

  • Victoria Justice Dress UpVictoria Justice Dress Up

    Victoria Justice Dress Up
    Victoria Justice is an actress, singer, and model that was born in Hollywood, Florida. She is known for her role on Zoey 101 as Lola Martinez and her recent blockbuster Victorious.

  • Teddy runTeddy run

    Teddy run
    I this game you need to the hi-tech teddybear plat-display operation make some cool bears for the children! Carefully review your orders ad re-assemble it Usig Teddy-3000!

  • Flower catcherFlower catcher

    Flower catcher
    Move the teddy bear to catch flowers. Avoid leaves otherwise your score will get reduced. Seat o flower size, score is calculated. Try to catch maximum Umbra type I give flower time duration.

  • Odd outOdd out

    Odd out
    Select the odd bear a level to Fiish. You have 2 miutes to complete 10 levels. If you Fiish 10 Withi 2 miutes levels get a lot of additional hotspots.

  • Ice Road Truckers 2Ice Road Truckers 2

    Ice Road Truckers 2
    Joi of the ice road truckers agai transport your cargo through the frozen wastes. Avoid the dangers of Icludig breaking ice, the Arctic sea-display polar bears, to deliver the good.

  • Farm Frenzy 2Farm Frenzy 2

    Farm Frenzy 2
    This is a chicken. It eats grass display produces eggs. Click it on the Groud water ad make the grass grow. I gather the bearing products.

  • REW 2REW 2

    REW 2
    Sequel to the Uusual mysterious Adveture game where the story goes backwards, by ED to his Begiig. You your need small spades bear did the evil sorcerer to save.

  • Chibi dress upChibi dress up

    Chibi dress up
    My girls have you Kow about the Meaig of Chibi? Chibi is a Japaese slag Word Meaig short person or small child. She looks so sweet ad lovely, right? As they have Imagie Whe is it bear fruit outfits? Yes, let's see!

  • Honey tree defenceHoney tree defence

    Honey tree defence
    Play bears of the hoey rented Guma display as defed by Icomig! Update skills ad Eemies i shoot 25 levels. Use mouse to shoot target.

  • Baby animal costumesBaby animal costumes

    Baby animal costumes
    Friedly Chickes, bumblebees, mighty Lios, or cuddly bear some costumes your optios, the I the "baby Aimal costumes" up game, dress so make sure that you the best pick out, dress her up for the Halloween flight. Their best display make my baby look spooktacular!

  • End bear dead bearEnd bear dead bear

    End bear dead bear

  • Kit and the OctopodKit and the Octopod

    Kit and the Octopod
    You help your new found friend of the Octopod rescue the girl of his dreams of the evil bad mood bears! Can you collect all 16 medals, save all hostages to back any chicken to his nest, defeat all enemies to and conquer the bad mood take?

  • Kon's Big TroubleKon's Big Trouble

    Kon's Big Trouble
    Whip the bears as they pop up from behind the walls. Careful, it happens fast.  

  • Polar PWNDPolar PWND

    Polar PWND
      Place ramps, mines, & bombs to make your polar bear ram into the penguins. Place as few as possible.

  • Bear and Cat GameBear and Cat Game

    Bear and Cat Game
    More like Teddy and Fish, but its a dam dam clever and very very fun game, again a must play.

  • Bear in the DungeonBear in the Dungeon

    Bear in the Dungeon
    One of kick-ass retro platformer!

  • War bearsWar bears

    War bears
    Nice puzzle game! Try to save the hostages!

  • Honey bearHoney bear

    Honey bear
    Help cute little hoey I wear Eatig allen hoey from Dodgig I flies various harmful different phases. The fly avoid, as they take ö of your limited life when they reach you. Also try ot Burns security alarms ad Cocetrate o hoey, she as so as possible to collect.

  • Very bear brotherVery bear brother

    Very bear brother
    This is a classic Arkaoid game but to play Uique ad Excitig.

  • Born beauty girlBorn beauty girl

    Born beauty girl
    Have a nice face nice clothes match right? Here is the game that we you up, this pretty lady display TUR their Ito a Pricess dress. Ones!

  • Bear leatherBear leather

    Bear leather
    Try different display Tredy dresses with some flare.

  • Block bearingBlock bearing

    Block bearing
    Click groups of Miimum 3 blocks of the same color to clear them. The more blocks that you want to delete, you get the more hotspots. Use I Weapo top corner I purchase links, to erase single block.

  • Care bears - Wignut metal Mix-UpCare bears - Wignut metal Mix-Up

    Care bears - Wignut metal Mix-Up
    Install Wigut so fast CA.

  • The Loneless bearThe Loneless bear

    The Loneless bear

  • GoldilocksGoldilocks

    Goldilocks Description: Join Goldilocks as she loots a house that is not her own in this Twisted Fairytale. Will the three bears scare her away? Find the differences, enjoy the story, and find out if the traditional ending holds true…

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