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  • Freecell Solitaire GameFreecell Solitaire Game

    Freecell Solitaire Game
    We take the classic Freecell card game and sprinkle with Freeonlinegames magic. Lose yourself in the classic card game long hours at the end.

  • Go go pets puzzleGo go pets puzzle

    Go go pets puzzle
    A pet-like Matchig card game where you need to match 2 cards score hotspots AD keep the animal alive.

  • Mix-up of madnessMix-up of madness

    Mix-up of madness
    These cards are crazy! Try to remember, where was each card display Joi each OE with their couple Makig click.

  • Dora's matching gameDora's matching game

    Dora's matching game
    The game of each card display Dora FID will give you a big surprise. Use the mouse to select the cards.

  • Chinese storeChinese store

    Chinese store
    Practice to try your store display cards match.

  • Sweety marketSweety market

    Sweety market
    Cant ad game the cards.

  • The PAC-jungle adventureThe PAC-jungle adventure

    The PAC-jungle adventure
    PACMA game pickup display different cards tha text.

  • Duel adventureDuel adventure

    Duel adventure
    An addictive card game.

  • Dog memoryDog memory

    Dog memory
    Few cards to wi fit together!

  • The sweeping Gisele Bundchen dress upThe sweeping Gisele Bundchen dress up

    The sweeping Gisele Bundchen dress up
    Trying ad-card this supermodel who is fashion at all.

  • Necronomicon 2Necronomicon 2

    Necronomicon 2
    Dow your cards, Cotiue, computer-Oppoet to defeat, because each level the CPU to set better.

  • Meeting numberMeeting number

    Meeting number
    Try to guess, what is the page numbers uder the cards.

  • Brute wars 2Brute wars 2

    Brute wars 2
    Picking your ad Aimals pit them AGAIST the Eemy I based this TUR card game.

  • D EvoD Evo

    D Evo
    Play a duel Usig Diosaur cards ad wi each level.

  • Ice hockey challengeIce hockey challenge

    Ice hockey challenge
    Hockey card skills ad met the target.

  • Kombat FightersKombat Fighters

    Kombat Fighters
    Choose your popular character, and then fight your opponents with cards, to determine that your attacks.

  • Flash Memory Card GameFlash Memory Card Game

    Flash Memory Card Game
    Pair the cards at shortest amount of time

  • Maganick Wars Suvival GameMaganick Wars Suvival Game

    Maganick Wars Suvival Game
    Select a card by clicking on it and hit the center button to play it.

  • Birthday cakeBirthday cake

    Birthday cake
    This is your chance to make a birthday card for your family and friends!

  • EmFunnyTowers card gamesEmFunnyTowers card games

    EmFunnyTowers card games
    Fuytowers is a popular card game that I have an ability to quick decisios shortly.

  • Flash-memory-card gameFlash-memory-card game

    Flash-memory-card game
    Pair the cards at shortest amout of time

  • The great Burger BuilderThe great Burger Builder

    The great Burger Builder
    Build Burger, I just order as card o of the Cook's chart.

  • Pop star makeoverPop star makeover

    Pop star makeover
    Help for your card Toight do her fabulous makeup ad get ready this pop star.

  • D-EvoD-Evo

    Try to beat the opponent with better attack cards. The idea is to buy cards, and either stack them as a capacity card (egg stack) or place them in the middle to defend/attack. Ofcourse you have to build up enough eggs to support the 'cost' of each card, placed in the middle.

  • Speed - card gameSpeed - card game

    Speed - card game
    A popular card game! < br > < br > you create a map-Ito either OE of the Middle pile of cards. The card must always OE Umbra be higher or OE of amber lower tha the map, the I Center. < br > < br >, it's so easy! < br > < br > now. Play fast AGAIST the computer display see who ca to get rid of all their cards first!


    Each level has an Arragemet of Positios which all EED with guests (before cards) are filled. You need to qualify please all of your guests for the ext level. This, o match the colors on both sides each guest card. Wild cards ca represet ay color. You are allowed to ew up to four times per level by Clickig cards, but this is the arrow on the right side of your deck five hotspots.

  • Squareman 2Squareman 2

    Squareman 2
    Fill each card. Early levels learn what ca ad ca' do. Nice platform jumper.

  • Christmas card shoot em upChristmas card shoot em up

    Christmas card shoot em up
    Shoot the Christmas card characters with your gu. ' To blast 'em!

  • Go Go PetsGo Go Pets

    Go Go Pets
    A funny pet-related card matching game where you have to match up 2 cards to score points and keep the pet alive. Gain quest items , and special pet-collection cards by solving the levels. Read the ingame instructions for more details about this small and cute family puzzle game.

  • City at CombatCity at Combat

    City at Combat
    A top-down shooter. Grab key cards, open doors, and blast the bad guys without dying.

  • Castle Wars 2Castle Wars 2

    Castle Wars 2
    Awesome turn based strategic card game with unlockable cards and multi-player mode. Castle Wars 2 is the sequel to Castle wars, and is a very addictive card game where your goal is to crush your enemy's castle or be the first to build a 100 storey castle. Crush or be crushed!

  • Extreme kick gameExtreme kick game

    Extreme kick game
    The referee made a mistake, give a red card. He began, in a distance of this Fu game.

  • NecronomiconNecronomicon

    Select you with considered which cards you use ad attack your Oppoet with. Mai Tai Saity ad wi life, like you

  • Sonic Test RunSonic Test Run

    Sonic Test Run
    Battle it out with Sonic in this card battle RPG. Still, you can't beat Sonic at his own game?

  • Mario PokerMario Poker

    Mario Poker
    Play poker with super Mario fantasy cards (this game is a large file and will take quite a while (4.53 MB) download)

  • Faper card matchFaper card match

    Faper card match
    Click on the cards to flip them. Throw two Idetical maps to FID a match.

  • Snowball fight!Snowball fight!

    Snowball fight!
    Her Oppoets I a Sowball o various cards struggle to defeat. Map Editor with.

  • Stack cardsStack cards

    Stack cards
    Make stacks of cards, cout images up to 21 are worth 10 hotspots ad is the AS 1 or 11.

  • Girls memoryGirls memory

    Girls memory
    Try to match the cards. Ear to decorate more hotspots to your room!

  • Solitaire oldschoolSolitaire oldschool

    Solitaire oldschool
    Stack up to Kig with Kig the cards from ACE to the lower display of the ACE at the top.

  • Warlords call to armsWarlords call to arms

    Warlords call to arms
    SED out your soldiers o the right paths so that they Ecouter Eemy troops. Accept the card!

  • Duels defenseDuels defense

    Duels defense
    Tower Defese game with 4 classes, ad 7 cards to choose from. Many towers to buy!

  • Sunday driver - Championship EditionSunday driver - Championship Edition

    Sunday driver - Championship Edition
    Go Dow the road the Wrog, wise, as you COP cards display prevet Gettig hit to blow up.

  • Talesworth arenaTalesworth arena

    Talesworth arena
    I based this TUR fight AGAIST je Icreasig Eemies card game Fightig. Better buy attacks!

  • Giraffe with kids ChristmasGiraffe with kids Christmas

    Giraffe with kids Christmas
    Have this Chetna is like a card for Christmas? It is time for all of us to design Xmas card ad sed ad relatives in fried best wishes for a Merry Christmas ad happy new year. Your gift will Brig luck I the next year.

  • Joker PokerJoker Poker

    Joker Poker
    the object of the Joker Poker start with five cards and discard by some of the maps and other drawing create a hand to win the part of a series of different combinations in the traditional table game contains as of five-card draw poker.

  • Castle WarsCastle Wars

    Castle Wars
    Their goal is to build a 100-storey Castle and you can win Castle by the destruction of your opponents. You can use the card in the game, you build your own Castle or fight your enemy. This card bears a brick.

  • Magic and tacticMagic and tactic

    Magic and tactic
    This is an ice card game battle. You must destroy wi a level your Eemy Moster ad damage points. Summo your ow Moster spell use ad Eemy make cards to spells but beware your health level.

  • PathiansPathians

      Select cards that come before, after, or the same as the previous card. Connect cards to clear them.

  • Bakugan ConcentrationBakugan Concentration

    Bakugan Concentration
    This game will make your battle sense of observation to the test. Find this online game for children, couples Bakugan must ın cards in a very short time, to score. The objective of this battle cards is game according to all cards in no time! Have fun!

  • CardianCardian

    Create the ultimate deck and use to challenge to exciting the six Cardian masters real time combat. Cardian is a card game with a difference, fans of side-scrolling defense games and collectible card games alike find a new blend of gameplay, who have never before tried it.

  • Bush CookingBush Cooking

    Bush Cooking
    Bush is spending idle moments these days. As a result, he is asked to prepare yummy food stuffs for the guests. Read the guest request given in the menu card and make Bush to prepare the food stuffs.

  • Mario MemoryMario Memory

    Mario Memory
    Match the same Mario Bros. characters and find which pic is under each card. Mario themed memory match game.

  • Fighting GameFighting Game

    Fighting Game
    If you feel the card in the game, please press Q to change the appearance quanlity. However, the best method exterminates all monster in the screen as soon as possible!

  • Feed us 4 - Xmas-XpensionFeed us 4 - Xmas-Xpension

    Feed us 4 - Xmas-Xpension
    Get ready for this icy version of our bloody series! This Expesio Cotais 10 ew Missios. The fourth game I the actio series you Eva provides more of the BoE meat. An ew plot with the ew card, to avoid obstacles more Dagerous, guess, fid, but the most Importatly; much to gobble up more Humas!

  • Days 2 dieDays 2 die

    Days 2 die
    Their Missio I is the cool Shootig game it is ad fight zombies defed i 5 different cards ad Coutless zombie waves, build barricades about ad protect your did, rent Mercearies so that you can survive. You ca buy over 20 + Weapos, Icludig Greades, Kataa swords, automatic Weapos.

  • MytheriaMytheria

    Fight against powerful cards. Switch on, or draw more? She will EED to use this war your Etire Brai to wi...

  • Sushi dashSushi dash

    Sushi dash
    An Addictig waste of time the gourmet sushi Matchig. Convert 2 Adjacet sushi blocks a 2 x 2 square the same child form; Rodrigo, wild cards, the CA take represet stars as Abraham sushi are blocked.

  • CartographyCartography

    Draw the different States on the correct positioning of o card. Choose from several other coutries. Very ideal for Belle to familiarize kids game I world maps.

  • My spy familyMy spy family

    My spy family
    Travis caught somewhere cards I school collect 50 access to using the computer to him. Triggerig avoid the security system or both get Detetio for 2 weeks!

  • Batman - the ChaseBatman - the Chase

    Batman - the Chase
    This is the OE Batma series games. I have this game joker is car be Drivig ad Litterig Gotham City with Joker cards. You must stop him with your Batmobile Joker Bumpig. The damage you inflict on Joker car advertisement collect power-ups to icrease avoid other cars, the bombs leaves Joker ad bullets of Joker's Hechme.

  • Shopping MarathonShopping Marathon

    Shopping Marathon
    Treat yourself with a Shoppig Maratho! A Combiatio of the bubble pop ad Umbra Puzzlig keep Etertaied, how o this Uique Shoppig life management take. Shop ay as you want. Accelerated intelligent by Comparig prices or shop lavishly with your prestige card. Discover a wide rage of products display you ever empty haded out coming from a business!

  • Geography game: EuropeGeography game: Europe

    Geography game: Europe
    The map is the geographically correct. It is good for the Geeral situation of countries, use but as for Directios. If you get lost, please check a real card.

  • SEO gameSEO game

    SEO game
    Do MoteurZie o his search after search Egie search engine optimization. Make your way through the other levels (orage, ask, MSN Live, Yahoo, Google ad). Search Egie collecting gold score of hotspots. Get the key card doors to ew ope. Avoid electronic Eemies slowly try Dow. PDAs are ca kills from Msports o them USB keys display, the router must be avoided.

  • Ederon: Turning tideEderon: Turning tide

    Ederon: Turning tide
    Edero is a simple but wide display Fu direct massive multiplayer Olie collectible card game, you play ca. Havig eight different classes to choose, display a very tactical hybrid strategy, the possibilities are almost Edless. Turig tide is Brad-ew-Expasio Edero-series. This ew versio Icludes Hudreds ew - features like a Brad ew lobby, fried list, challeges, decks CLAS ad 8 Brad ew desire.

  • Polygon puzzlePolygon puzzle

    Polygon puzzle
    How good is your short-term memory? Use your mouse to draw the picture of the card. This simple game really tests your short-term memory!

  • Care bears dress upCare bears dress up

    Care bears dress up
    Remember the care bears? You have indeed a whole history of the Protocol. I have 1981 by America Greetigs for use o greeting cards, care bears has made a log way to films ad Cartoos. Dress them up I ay color display have the most Importatly, Fu!

  • Magic warsMagic wars

    Magic wars
    A card based rpg fight. Lots of diffrent cards.       

  • Magic warsMagic wars

    Magic wars
    A card based rpg fight. Lots of diffrent cards.      

  • Zombie TerminatorZombie Terminator

    Zombie Terminator
      Shoot the zombies that come after you as you move through doorways and hunt down key cards.

  • Cardianedit this pageCardianedit this page

    Cardianedit this page
    Build the ultimate deck ad use it challege six Cardia, Excitig real-time battle dominated. Cardia is a card game with a difference, FAS page Scrollig Defese games ad Tradig games alike will FID that bled an ew gameplay ever tried they have before.

  • TweeTwee

    A cute retro platform game. 'N' run by 12 beautiful cards. You collect power-ups, slow enemies down, directly through the fall to save the girl.

  • Card game!Card game!

    Card game!
    Somethig is terrible Wrog here...

  • Real cardsReal cards

    Real cards
    Create your ow Uique postcard ad sed to OE, you love it!

  • Card Toss GameCard Toss Game

    Card Toss Game

  • Card stairs DressupCard stairs Dressup

    Card stairs Dressup
    Help you ca this celebrity choose some ice everyday?

  • The Mac & amp; PC cardThe Mac & amp; PC card

    The Mac & amp; PC card

  • Autumn post card dress upAutumn post card dress up

    Autumn post card dress up
    Autum is Makig a postcard to Aouce of her birthday party. What should she wear for the picture?

  • Smokin ' ACEs card killerSmokin ' ACEs card killer

    Smokin ' ACEs card killer
    Buddy Israel as fast as you ca to kill.

  • Spirit cardsSpirit cards

    Spirit cards
    OPE your Center display make it can exert. This is an Challegig ad-memory game.

  • Word search gameplay 4 - cardsWord search gameplay 4 - cards

    Word search gameplay 4 - cards
    The words of the Board cross search ad.

  • Hey Wizard 2 Hey Wizard 2

    Hey Wizard 2
    Build spells by combining magic cards and use them to save the King of Mojo!   

  • Sonny GameSonny Game

    Sonny Game
    Zombies. You’ve shot them, stabbed them, sliced and diced them. Today I put you in the shoes of a Zombie. Fight for your life in this crazy and twisted world. After two solid months of production, we present to you this epic interactive tale of Sonny. I hope you like it! - Krin, from ArmorGames Development. REGARDING BADGES AND CHALLENGE: If you’ve already completed any of the badge tasks before they were made badges, simply complete a training encounter to earn them automatically. If your character is already level 10 or above, you must earn one more level to be awarded the challenge card.

  • Gun mayhem 2: More mayhemGun mayhem 2: More mayhem

    Gun mayhem 2: More mayhem
    Explosive area style actio! Battle AGAIST the AI or with fried I this Cartooy platform shooter. Up to 4 players play Océ ca! Gu chaos returs with Brad ew cards, display much more: -ew campaig with 16 step by step Challegig Missios -Test levels, your skills challege -7 custom game modes -CIS ew, perks, ad Customizatio optios

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