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  • Fluffy rescueFluffy rescue

    Fluffy rescue
    Roll their correctly colored ESTs of the coloured Fluffies Ito.

  • Pokeball blitzPokeball blitz

    Pokeball blitz
    Drop of the Radom sack balls Ito their Matchig colored colored different poke blocks.

  • 2008 Top colors2008 Top colors

    2008 Top colors
    These collectio shows you the Tred for 2008 colors. Do Chetna yellow, black colors for this year Pik ad Promiet?

  • Blocks 2Blocks 2

    Blocks 2
    Slide the colored blocks ext for others of the same color. So leave ay links Ujoied.

  • ClusteRobotClusteRobot

    You access all the same colors of the jewels as you avoid that other colors. Reliable with this mouse!

  • Dejiko of the DollyDejiko of the Dolly

    Dejiko of the Dolly
    Dress up Dejiko the cute Dolly from Cdedolls. You ca chage colour her eyes as well ad hair color.

  • Style, SusanStyle, Susan

    Style, Susan
    Meat from Susa by SCEE with color! Click the optios, chage the colors display background of the image.

  • Crab & amp; PearlCrab & amp; Pearl

    Crab & amp; Pearl
    Aother Zuma like game of Shootig the colored Ito the lie of the colored balls balls. Levels can.

  • SpheraclesSpheracles

    TUR to your colum Abdallah so falling o other groups of the same colored colored balls balls.

  • Color TheoryColor Theory

    Color Theory
    Manipulate the power of colors and achieve color awesomeness in this fun retro puzzler!

  • Aztec BlocksAztec Blocks

    Aztec Blocks
    Arrange the colors of the falling block and drop it to make horizontal,vertical and diagonal colors groups

  • Bot BuilderBot Builder

    Bot Builder
    Design your ultimate robot fighting machine. Scroll through the robot options on the colors to change color, click the arrows in each category.

  • Parking Mania GameParking Mania Game

    Parking Mania Game
    Your aim is to park the cars in the parking space marked with the same color as that of the cars color.

  • BubbelsBubbels

    Shoot the colored balls by other balls of that color to make them disappear. Bonuses too!

  • Tom and Jerry PaintingTom and Jerry Painting

    Tom and Jerry Painting
    Color the picture of Tom and Jerry.

  • Red Beard On Gold huntRed Beard On Gold hunt

    Red Beard On Gold hunt
    Collect all the colored beads and reach the exit!

  • Pokemon TrainerPokemon Trainer

    Pokemon Trainer
    Cool pokemon trainer with a ton of clothes and colors to choose from.

  • Manga Mania ColoringManga Mania Coloring

    Manga Mania Coloring
    Color in the fabulous two characters!

  • Colored Hair GameColored Hair Game

    Colored Hair Game
    Colored hairs girls in the colouredgames...

  • Monsta Truk GameMonsta Truk Game

    Monsta Truk Game
    Choose your truk colour below and hit play...

  • Digital Switch GameDigital Switch Game

    Digital Switch Game
    Switches the bots around to collect the colored coins.

  • Charmy GameCharmy Game

    Charmy Game
    Move Charmy back and forth as he try collecting all of the colored orbz.

  • Marble Lines 2 GameMarble Lines 2 Game

    Marble Lines 2 Game
    Destroy marbles by forming groups of 3 or more marbles of the same colour.

  • Matched StonesMatched Stones

    Matched Stones
    Match colored stones and removed from the area

  • Blow UpBlow Up

    Blow Up
    Match colored balls and explode them. 

  • Crash DownCrash Down

    Crash Down
    Match the colored boxes and remove from the field to. 

  • Flash BallFlash Ball

    Flash Ball
    Coloured balls fight for winning match. 

  • 8 Planets8 Planets

    8 Planets
    The eight planets in the galaxy and destroy the colored balls. 

  • Apple GirlApple Girl

    Apple Girl
    Apple girl has given to her friends colored balloons. 

  • World TourWorld Tour

    World Tour
    Matching the symbols of the same color to complete the mysterious world tour. 

  • Chicken PartyChicken Party

    Chicken Party
    Arranged to match the color of the same chicken and destroy them. 

  • Civil BallsCivil Balls

    Civil Balls
    Place the colored balls into the vase. 

  • Circus PopCircus Pop

    Circus Pop
    Match the color balls in a circus, and then explode them. 

  • corsain Zumacorsain Zuma

    corsain Zuma
    put the same colour ballons

  • BolaBola

    Your goal is to align at least 3 same color balls horizontally or diagonally.

  • Ninja PainterNinja Painter

    Ninja Painter
    Trade in your Nunchakus, a scooter and a bucket color...

  • Traffic DirectorTraffic Director

    Traffic Director
    directly to the right colored cars in the right direction and prevent a pile up.

  • Jelly BlocksJelly Blocks

    Jelly Blocks
    great puzzle game where you must match the same color Jely to complete the puzzle

  • Dino ShiftDino Shift

    Dino Shift
    Collect enough blocks by changing to open the color around the output.

  • WinX Coloring BookWinX Coloring Book

    WinX Coloring Book
    So choose one of the images of Wınx and color as you like!

  • Word Search Gameplay - 11Word Search Gameplay - 11

    Word Search Gameplay - 11
    find all colors, on the Board.

  • Balloon burstBalloon burst

    Balloon burst
    Burst Balloo based-o, the color or backgroud.

  • Ballet parkingBallet parking

    Ballet parking
    Bump Ito the display o Parkig Park cars on site, that is their color.

  • Trucks FunTrucks Fun

    Trucks Fun
    Drop the tire into the matching colored truck.

  • Mini Paint 3Mini Paint 3

    Mini Paint 3
    Color and give life to this cute ballerina.

  • ColliderixColliderix

    Click on wooden objects so that they disappear and meet the similar colored forms.

  • Dragon Ball Z PaintingDragon Ball Z Painting

    Dragon Ball Z Painting
    Colors of the image of Dragon Ball Z, just as you like.

  • Funky nail artFunky nail art

    Funky nail art
    Use your favorite colors ad add os to create some Fuky ail art of theme.

  • Spider WebSpider Web

    Spider Web
    Catch the Isects with colors Usig your Spider Web.

  • 9 Dragons charm9 Dragons charm

    9 Dragons charm
    Similar to Zuma, throw the colored balls Ito the rollig lie of balls disappear groups offer

  • Colorful juicesColorful juices

    Colorful juices
    Try to serve the right colored juice, as requested by the customer.

  • Colorful paddingColorful padding

    Colorful padding
    Try different colors of pad Wearig ad.

  • Bug's trailBug's trail

    Bug's trail
    You have t at least five errors of the same color a row, colum or diagonal.

  • Garfield online coloring gameGarfield online coloring game

    Garfield online coloring game
    Pait your Garfield Olie Colorig game with your favorite colors.

  • Pharaoh's treasurePharaoh's treasure

    Pharaoh's treasure
    Click 4 tiles of the same color display form squares as big as you ca

  • Donald and family online coloring gameDonald and family online coloring game

    Donald and family online coloring game
    Pait points display Doald family Olie Colorig game with your favorite colors.

  • Coloring 5Coloring 5

    Coloring 5
    Color of this nice cavas.

  • Dino-shiftDino-shift

    Earn Eough blocks, by Chagig color, the exit is assumed.

  • Pepsi handballPepsi handball

    Pepsi handball
    Are up three balls of the same color.

  • Acid trip ReduxAcid trip Redux

    Acid trip Redux
    Click on block of acid, which are of the same color together.

  • WonderlinesWonderlines

    Matchig clear the square of three or more of the same colored balls.

  • Color-my heartColor-my heart

    Color-my heart
    Color-your world, your heart free...

  • BalloonBalloon

    Shoot the colored Balloos.

  • Rock GardenRock Garden

    Rock Garden
    Slide the same colored rocks aroud the guard display get Ito groups.

  • BombazBombaz

    Blow coffers by Puttig Mies I the same color-ext to them.

  • Jump AgonJump Agon

    Jump Agon
    Try to jump o, go to the of the same color of oly display Hayder Ext.

  • Friend ChaseFriend Chase

    Friend Chase
    Same dress color display the go to guys Wearig others avoid.

  • The birds to shootThe birds to shoot

    The birds to shoot
    Ad shoot your color of birds Shootig avoid your Oppoets birds.

  • Yellow casual dress upYellow casual dress up

    Yellow casual dress up
    The perfect branch colour, yellow just have you Chetna so?

  • School, coloring bookSchool, coloring book

    School, coloring book
    Color display Pait as much as you Wat.

  • Dino dropDino drop

    Dino drop
    Zubring the DIO eggs to 3 or more eggs of the same color I same row.

  • Colouring 7Colouring 7

    Colouring 7
    Color Sata Ad Rudolf after all time.

  • Dyeing 6Dyeing 6

    Dyeing 6
    Color display style of this SATA of little helper.

  • Coloring 2Coloring 2

    Coloring 2
    Have Fu with colors display TUR this CAVAS Ito a feat.

  • Coloring 3Coloring 3

    Coloring 3
    Have Fu with color Experimet some good Combiatios I the cavas.

  • 4 Color4 Color

    4 Color
    Help our Pricess fill color I their lives.

  • Wiggi pet rescueWiggi pet rescue

    Wiggi pet rescue
    Based game based o know reflective colors.

  • MatcherooMatcheroo

    Move various objects all the same colored gems together by Rotatig, remove from the plane.

  • MonkeyzMonkeyz

    Match the color of the door before you go through.

  • Mr. Ray and the missing coloursMr. Ray and the missing colours

    Mr. Ray and the missing colours
    Help Mr. Ray Missios, the lost colors maintain complete!

  • GlopsGlops

    Click o Glops of the same color that are grouped together to remove them.

  • Garfield coloring pageGarfield coloring page

    Garfield coloring page
    Put the right colors for Garfield o.

  • QuixQuix

    Lie up same colored tiles vertically to remove them away from the Board.

  • Color block modeColor block mode

    Color block mode
    Color block fashion: Do Kow that color block Tred had bee a Fashio Tred 1980s ad at the beginning of the 1990s. Fast forward a couple of decades ad color-block is ow back I Eve style with a large bag back. Ca will see it everywhere. Ca see I clothing, shoes ad Taschen.Wir mix OE itself with available color palette I this game.

  • PaintworldPaintworld

    A world full of Pait creatures has bee gate apart. Target ad Leek Paitballs, Coect all BLOB-like-colored I each level.

  • Soul shiftSoul shift

    Soul shift
    Remove all red shapes from the Playig field. On a form, click Select, click o a different colored shape trasfer souls.

  • GemsGems

    Try the colors of Rotatig that match gems. Try to get combinations.

  • FrivFriv

    Save the Friv before they crushed the crusher! Meet to help at least 3 Friv of the same color to escape crushing you.

  • Block sweepBlock sweep

    Block sweep
    Fill the Board with the same colors, Switchig to choose colours ad Gaiig! They must play strategically in order to complete the level, I moved the niedrigstmöglichen, Savig moves for the ext roud whe can you EED. Spreadig your Selectio give more covered area display allows you also colors Expad more Touchig!

  • Spring shopSpring shop

    Spring shop
    Branch Happiess ad comes with Woderful light colours ad short dresses. In any case we comes whe wi branch.

  • Gate gearsGate gears

    Gate gears
    Turn the colors of Adjacet the wheels according to Stoners. Create the necessary Umbra Combiatios before the ORC reaches the Castle!

  • A dragon story 1 A dragon story 1

    A dragon story 1
    Build your ow Drago. Make your ow Drago display select from TOS of other colors display visual styles.

  • The Wesley kitchen gameThe Wesley kitchen game

    The Wesley kitchen game
    Before the Weasley brothers ca must eat, their plates i is Arraged by three of the same color.

  • TOUNGE twistTOUNGE twist

    TOUNGE twist
    Whip out your Togue for some incorrect block Clearig actio. Click links on the colors o so that the chameleo corresponds to the blocks that he is Grabbig. Display collect Tomb 3 or more of the same color to wipe out letters to all blocks of that color.

  • Jump & amp; Skip with CarlaJump & amp; Skip with Carla

    Jump & amp; Skip with Carla
    Help Carla to jump rope with her present. Follow the rhythm of rope b Illumiated with gree color.

  • Search carSearch car

    Search car
    Choose your car color. FID 5 ew cars o the scoreboard to get.

  • Loco Roco 2Loco Roco 2

    Loco Roco 2
    You play fast Ay 1 levels selected by 6 Radomly. Match the loco color of flower color. Roll I the pod chage LocoRoco colour.

  • Neon Rider WorldNeon Rider World

    Neon Rider World
    Ride your bike, how your bike color according to the way the, which you to want to go, change. Will not fall!

  • Brickshooter deluxeBrickshooter deluxe

    Brickshooter deluxe
    BrickShooter is a uniquely addictive challenging game for strategists of all levels. Try to clean field from colored bricks during 60 levels.

  • Photon ZonePhoton Zone

    Photon Zone
    Mastermind Plinko meets in this crafty puzzle game. Solve 15 mind twisting levels by dropping the colored photons in the labyrinth.

  • Neon Rider World GameNeon Rider World Game

    Neon Rider World Game
    With the bike, how to change your bike color, to the way you go on game days. If not, please!

  • WoolizWooliz

    Save the little Wooliz by corresponding 3 of the same color! Unlock you crazy bonuses and play for a high score!

  • Dance Studio Boogy BashDance Studio Boogy Bash

    Dance Studio Boogy Bash
    Copy your dance instructor move for move by clicking on the colored corners in the right sequence!

  • Spectrum TDSpectrum TD

    Spectrum TD
    A well polished tower defense game where you buy, place and upgrade towers from three unique color groups!

  • Mermaid Aquarium ColoringMermaid Aquarium Coloring

    Mermaid Aquarium Coloring
    Color this beautiful mermaid in a aquarium with beautiful fishes. She is waiting to be colored for a big evening so add some beautiful color for her.

  • Jungle CrashJungle Crash

    Jungle Crash
    Make a group of 3 or more similar colored tiles disappear.

  • Colorea HannahColorea Hannah

    Colorea Hannah
    Do you like to paint? Color Hannah Montana and her friends from TV.

  • Iron worksIron works

    Iron works
    Here comes aother sweet little game, you the colored balls to shoot, I am ordering cluster ad, will need to solve Puzzle Bobble ripoff i.

  • March zumaMarch zuma

    March zuma
    Goal is to 3 colors of a kind of match, so that the line would not crowded and the establishment of reach

  • Balloon HuntBalloon Hunt

    Balloon Hunt
    Balloon hunt! Collect all the balloons in 1 of each color!

  • The Wesleys' Kitchen GameThe Wesleys' Kitchen Game

    The Wesleys' Kitchen Game
    Their plates in sets of three identical coloured must be arranged before the brothers can eat Weasley.

  • Chicken FeedChicken Feed

    Chicken Feed
    Are you fed them to chickens to cast cute. Collect eggs whether they nesting hens fed enough. Try not to feed chickens exclude

  • Bugs Trail SecureBugs Trail Secure

    Bugs Trail Secure
    You have to align atleast five bugs of same color in a row, column or diagonal. 

  • Aqua CubesAqua Cubes

    Aqua Cubes
    Pull the rows or columns  into place in order to form a group af at least  four items of the same color.

  • 12 Swap12 Swap

    12 Swap
    Arrange the smiley faces so that there are 3 or more faces of the same color in a row.

  • Star Magic GameStar Magic Game

    Star Magic Game
    Play this fun puzzle game. The goal of the game is to link three or more of the same color stars together.

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