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  • Ratatouille Dinner is ServedRatatouille Dinner is Served

    Ratatouille Dinner is Served
    Take care of the customers that need food. Click their food and serve them food and get money.

  • School cafeteriaSchool cafeteria

    School cafeteria
    Press the umbra according to the required food for children to serve, before time select the list of foods food item o ed. using Umbra-pad, keyboard.

  • To stabilize the foodTo stabilize the food

    To stabilize the food
    O the table reach the bar balace food. If you will be at the Balacig food waste, reduced earnings.

  • Rofling goldRofling gold

    Rofling gold
    RU as you ca as soon as you access gold ad food. Miss food can display sometimes you will die.

  • Burger Bustle GameBurger Bustle Game

    Burger Bustle Game
    Manage the burger food place as you pick up peoples food and deliver it to their table.

  • Ratatouille is servedRatatouille is served

    Ratatouille is served
    Ensure customers the EED food. Click them eating their food display ad get Moey serve.

  • Food faceFood face

    Food face
    Who says you overflowing with food to play? That is exactly what is for this food!

  • Fast food CenterFast food Center

    Fast food Center
    You are a fast food unvermeindlich Maagig. Whe customer demads food, you need to prepare a short ad serve food Withi. Idetify of the customer preferred food ad you serve it. Try to serve the food Withi the duration time give to get the maximum score.

  • Feed the CubsFeed the Cubs

    Feed the Cubs
    You give child, what food the Cubs asked.

  • Pinky's pancakesPinky's pancakes

    Pinky's pancakes
    To serve right food to your customers.

  • Roadside fastfoodRoadside fastfood

    Roadside fastfood
    Idetify the food preferred display serve customers to them.

  • How to hot Apple muffinsHow to hot Apple muffins

    How to hot Apple muffins
    Lear as an ice cream to make breakfast food.

  • Village BistroVillage Bistro

    Village Bistro
    To work for food Servig the customers satisfy process display rules the Etire family.

  • Dora the cuisine of la CucinaDora the cuisine of la Cucina

    Dora the cuisine of la Cucina
    Fu Ad Adveture with Dora, I have the v Cookig different foods from the MEU.

  • Sheep are safe and wolves are not fullSheep are safe and wolves are not full

    Sheep are safe and wolves are not full
    Shooting these pesky wolves that try your sheep ad food protect them with your life.

  • Dress path sketching shop NDress path sketching shop N

    Dress path sketching shop N
    Their food towards them by Drawig, get help rat display, the rabbit.

  • Super service 2Super service 2

    Super service 2
    Ensure customers the EED food.

  • How mixed saladHow mixed salad

    How mixed salad
    Lear as a delicious heart of friedly food make.

  • Eating HouseEating House

    Eating House
    Use your mouse to Coect similar foods before the time RUS out.

  • CAT and mouseCAT and mouse

    CAT and mouse
    To master a defed food AGAIST for Othig Stealig mice as well.

  • Airport TycoonAirport Tycoon

    Airport Tycoon
    MAAGE your airport as you buy, staff, food, travel, Ruways Locatios display more.

  • Puppyred breakfastPuppyred breakfast

    Puppyred breakfast
    Make groups of 3 food with its pair.

  • Flatbread Express GameFlatbread Express Game

    Flatbread Express Game
    Create, cook and serve up delicious food for the hungry customers.

  • Fast Food Follies GameFast Food Follies Game

    Fast Food Follies Game
    Go through the fast food grease burger restaurant and shoot your way out.

  • Food memory 2 GameFood memory 2 Game

    Food memory 2 Game
    Would you like food

  • Endless Zombie Rampage GameEndless Zombie Rampage Game

    Endless Zombie Rampage Game
    Be sure to buy weapons and powerups between levels or you will be zombie food!

  • Shaquita's Pizza MakerShaquita's Pizza Maker

    Shaquita's Pizza Maker
    Make the perfect pizzaTags: shaquita, pizza, maker, dressup, anime, food, cooking, game, dark, maidens

  • Flatbread ExpressFlatbread Express

    Flatbread Express
    Create, cook and serve up delicious food for the hungry customers.

  • Small Dragon AdventureSmall Dragon Adventure

    Small Dragon Adventure
    Collect food and avoid all obstacles.

  • Rush for Ice CreamRush for Ice Cream

    Rush for Ice Cream
    Avoid all obstacles and eat as many food as possible.

  • Titty BirdTitty Bird

    Titty Bird
    Help the small Tit bird jump along the food chain.

  • Sonic Snack DashSonic Snack Dash

    Sonic Snack Dash
    Collect all healthy foods to increase your health and score

  • Slingshot Picnic DefenderSlingshot Picnic Defender

    Slingshot Picnic Defender
    Defend your food and kill all insects before they attack.

  • JampsJamps

    Grab the food, ad leap over the bombs, placed o each level of this platformer.

  • Tubby's big adventureTubby's big adventure

    Tubby's big adventure
    Guide Tubby through the different districts access display all the JuK food Avoidig of the Eemies.

  • Joy storyJoy story

    Joy story
    Set an ice Diig table ad food for these lovers.

  • WiggimartWiggimart

    To keep belt ca with minimum time the bad food from the grocery store Coveyor?

  • TableTable

    Decorate your table with food.

  • A bug's lifeA bug's life

    A bug's life
    Help our hero to collect food for the Coloy.

  • Burger barBurger bar

    Burger bar
    Serve your customers ad delicious food quickly.

  • Service or theService or the

    Service or the
    Serve the customers, the right food, or the chef will take you alive.

  • Mon the monkeyMon the monkey

    Mon the monkey
    Help food Doris fishing ad like fruit as possible, can achieve the ext-level.

  • BBQ challengeBBQ challenge

    BBQ challenge
    Some tasty BBQ Grill but avoid Burig food.

  • Kraft: EnergonKraft: Energon

    Kraft: Energon
    Help the children to keep active with Providig display healthy healthy food

  • Food machineFood machine

    Food machine
    Whe moved plate with the necessary food is based, you need to chage the food o to distribute the food on the plate Requiremet ad. Try to distribute the food, before the plate moves away from the rubble.

  • Thrust of the mouseThrust of the mouse

    Thrust of the mouse
    Help the mouse to collect maximum Umbra of the food type. Fix the Agle display makes the mouse I move the vertical Directio.

  • Hungry GiantsHungry Giants

    Hungry Giants
    Idetify the GIAT? Display the desired food I serve it short.

  • Shopping girlShopping girl

    Shopping girl
    Let's go Shoppig. Her mother was an ice Chace Shoppig go I order to get food from the shops. Necessary food displayed o right the scree, Idetify who take food properly display it from the shelf.

  • Crunchy MunchCrunchy Munch

    Crunchy Munch
    Use the arrow keys to heart rate control the Mucher all food I eat the maze. Whe Beate red food, you ca food as well as the spirit.

  • Freak-OutFreak-Out

    Simo is Starvig! Help through the eerie Park to his local load him up o some food has to meet his Muchies!

  • Electronic VittlesElectronic Vittles

    Electronic Vittles
    Idetify the food request display robots serve him. To serve the food, click Display drag the food-o on the robot. Fill the goal on each level further continued.

  • EVolvoEVolvo

    Eat fish, the smaller tha are fish that are greater during the Avoidig.Develop food, more fish on ad Gai ew capabilities!

  • Burger worldBurger world

    Burger world
    It's called fast food for a Pennsylvani - time is all. Follow the jobs at the top of the game completed for your burger.

  • Yes chef kitchen gameYes chef kitchen game

    Yes chef kitchen game
    You are the boss Wats the cooking indicator to make food. What shows you that whatever the boss you need display the v know.

  • Menu mayhemMenu mayhem

    Menu mayhem
    Wi free food at HA! HA! for a year!

  • Feeding of the animalsFeeding of the animals

    Feeding of the animals
    Display cat dog food feed from the sky-ad, it must get ad it to them is due.

  • Belly Flop heroBelly Flop hero

    Belly Flop hero
    As possible, eat food, get hard like when ad display. The jump from the Divig Board display ca create the biggest splash!

  • Last year left aboutLast year left about

    Last year left about
    The food has the GoE badly. STOMP-o start it before Pukig!

  • Guest setGuest set

    Guest set
    Their relatives ad had to come to your home for dier. You can purchase ad serve the food to them.

  • Share The FoodShare The Food

    Share The Food
    Share the food so that there is the same number of items on both trays.

  • Food MahjongFood Mahjong

    Food Mahjong
    Original mahjong game. The maps show food instead of the Chinese symbols.

  • Haitai MarketHaitai Market

    Haitai Market
    You are in the supermarket shopping. It is full of food, but you have to find what your mother you buy asked has.

  • Market MatchMarket Match

    Market Match
     Match the food icons until you clear the board.

  • Barbie is HungryBarbie is Hungry

    Barbie is Hungry
    Barbie is hungry! Make her jump only on the good foods.

  • Donnie's Super-FlyDonnie's Super-Fly

    Donnie's Super-Fly
    Insect eating pre-historic man. Don't let the frog steal your food.

  • Family RestaurantFamily Restaurant

    Family Restaurant
    Create your own food in the kitchen and make sure that your guests their orders on time arrive.

  • make your own epic breakfastmake your own epic breakfast

    make your own epic breakfast
    every single one of us would like to enjoy breakfast in the morning. above all, children always likes to start the day with a delicious breakfast. This food decoration game offers you want to eat different combinations of food, that you for breakfast. Place a colorful plate of your choice on the table and decorate with your favorite food item, starting with eggs, a delicious soup, a tasty sandwich, a refreshing drink and a delicious dessert. Enjoy!

  • Food bashFood bash

    Food bash
    Object of the game is to throw and dodge the food to your opponent. the first stain, gaining another five times.

  • Dora's Cooking in La CucinaDora's Cooking in La Cucina

    Dora's Cooking in La Cucina
    Have fun and adventure with Dora in the kitchen cooking different foods from the menu.

  • Food HouseFood House

    Food House
    Use your mouse to connect similar foods before the time runs out.

  • Shaun White Will Eat YouShaun White Will Eat You

    Shaun White Will Eat You
    Ride your snowboard as you grab food and reach the finish line. Unlock new characters and levels.

  • Super Dooper Dessert DeluxeSuper Dooper Dessert Deluxe

    Super Dooper Dessert Deluxe
    Create the ultimate yummy dessert your way!!Tags: dressup, cooking, dessert, food, gamer, shojo, girls, anime

  • Cafe Waitress GameCafe Waitress Game

    Cafe Waitress Game
    Serve the tables and more people come in to get food. Don't forget about those dirty dishes!

  • Jumpy jumpyJumpy jumpy

    Jumpy jumpy
    Jump display grab ICOs food ad how to precious stones, to avoid the creatures, are the Movig aroud.

  • Spongy's escape from happy jelly factorySpongy's escape from happy jelly factory

    Spongy's escape from happy jelly factory
    Help Spogy to escape the Coveyor. Jump ru, ad waste food at icrease collect speed ad avoid display Gettig Beate, by you the Machiery!

  • Food memory 2Food memory 2

    Food memory 2
    Note the Arragemet of food o of the table carefully. That you have him place I right.

  • Self serviceSelf service

    Self service
    Food for your customers collect MAAGE shop your foot as you. So take to sign!

  • Tastes goodTastes good

    Tastes good
    This sweet little boy ca food absolutely Aythig i of this Fuy cluster node icons that I order to dissolve logic game.

  • Mama flyMama fly

    Mama fly
    Spit crap on other creatures to kill ad lay maggots o to get food ad crap to other hotspots.

  • CognitionCognition

    Collecting the gear display stay away from the police. Similar Pacma but you ca't food police.

  • Left oversLeft overs

    Left overs
    The food has the GoE badly. STOMP-o start it before Pukig!

  • TragaldabasTragaldabas

    Click on o the guys to make to grab the food or to dodge the bombs. More guys keep Appearig.

  • GoldDiggerGoldDigger

    Pick up treasures ad food the Mosters, Mosters out Bittig your pipes prevet. Let's bomb touch your pipes, but to eat.

  • Bravo HaetaeBravo Haetae

    Bravo Haetae
    It is a Korea-shoot-em up game. Either choose a boy or a girl-display of your Eemy here is food.

  • smash foodsmash food

    smash food
    This is pretty fun game you must arranging food in lines three and you can get more point if you can arranging four, five or more at the same timeTags: food, smash, fun game, board game, pretty fun, interesting game, high rate game, board, game, new release, release, good, interesting, fun, funny, cool, crazy, heaper, interesting, fun game, funny game, game, new game, new, hot game, hot

  • Time 4 CatTime 4 Cat

    Time 4 Cat
    A stray city cat finds a mysterious time-controlling collar and uses it to steal dropped food during a busy lunch break. Don't get stepped on!Tags: time, 4, cat, mouse, dodge, dodging, avoiding, addicting, control, city, food, simple, weather, pedestrians, people, cyclist, clouds, high, score, leaderboards, megadev, bomboozle

  • Bush CookingBush Cooking

    Bush Cooking
    Bush is spending idle moments these days. As a result, he is asked to prepare yummy food stuffs for the guests. Read the guest request given in the menu card and make Bush to prepare the food stuffs.

  • The lost swordThe lost sword

    The lost sword
    A Legedary sword is lost I have a wide Ifested of mythologic creatures of ad Skeletos lad. Collect the magic bullets to pass through each area, items that you powerful ad food to your life again I make your way to FID the lost sword. Combat display most creatures kill ca Usig your magical sword of your CIS, Wat your body ad soul food.

  • Brain SpaBrain Spa

    Brain Spa
    I get customers place their orders. Click on & quot; ready & quot;. or waiting for the food to appear. The double-o the food plate, the each customer's order or move the panels on customers to serve them. I've got it?

  • ZombudoyZombudoy

    Hugry zombies are coming for your food! You have all these zombies defed your food shoot. A huge collectio Weapos can I the IKEA kids from zombies, packed all I a Fu 40 levels of zombie Shootig game.

  • Crab collectionCrab collection

    Crab collection
    Use the crab to grab food item, which is at a greater depth. The deeper you go, the higher is the reasonably priced food item that grabs it. Use the Chaces more give at least one goal. Use the mouse to move the crab on the left display right.

  • Scooby stallScooby stall

    Scooby stall
    Idetify the Fiedish desired character food display serve him before the time. Use the mouse to click, ad ad pull the food item. Satisfied Fiedish will place the moey characters. You've got it, more levels ext guests gather.

  • Panda foodPanda food

    Panda food
    Their goal is to feed the pada family. Each pada have his food which I right upper corner of the Boulder show. There is other food ad Cosist each type will have a Miimum amout. She will EED to collect these or higher Amouts of Correspodig food. To collect them, you play a match-three game, Meaig EED create Horizotal or vertical lies by 3 or more Idetical items to collect them. Various classical versio of match-3, go to the Positios of Adjacet pieces, but rotate 4 pieces squares. You select the square with your mouse indicator click to rotate it turn. The square is rotated 1 piece clockwise. If such positioning ot do to create 3 collector lies Ay, the square is Rotatig clockwise util it returs, his Iitial monograph.

  • Pang girlPang girl

    Pang girl
    You have a girl with a magic WAD ad some bubbles I the upper part of the rubble. She ca Leek a star to top. If the star is a bubble, its Cotaimet falls Dow. If the bubble of Cotais healthy foods such as fruit, vegetable or fish display that you start whe it falls, ear hotspots. If it is Cotais Uhealthy food, doing it a bomb display friends hurt it falls more closely. If you collect all healthy foods I disappears lie, lie. Otherwise after some time all the bubbles I fall the bottom are TUR Ito bombs ad Simultaeously.

  • delicious breakfast for Mina friendsdelicious breakfast for Mina friends

    delicious breakfast for Mina friends
    Mina is a friendly girl and has three best friends, Lisa, Sisi and toto. Mina is a talented chef, knows many delicious food and fruit drinks prepare. When preparing a new recipe, it loads all three friends to his home and ask their recipe to try. the best is, she gets always great appreciation and excellent feedback from them and that makes she felt proud, a boss to be. Today, she has prepared some of the most delicious food and beverages for breakfast and invited their friends to enjoy the treatment with her. However there is a problem while preparing breakfast, forget all the food in order to organize them and now it has been here and there mixed. It has no time, rearrange, like their friends has already arrived and are waiting enjoy the breakfast. Their job is, its place four of every meal to help so that they can eat and have fun together.

  • colorful and tasty looking macaroonscolorful and tasty looking macaroons

    colorful and tasty looking macaroons
    Macaroons are very tasty to eat and handy snacks to serve if some unexpected guests visiting your home. How would you use your creativity, if you were given the opportunity to decorate macaroons have offered a wonderful person like you? in the shoes an excellent food decorator and you play to decorating game, your talent these foods prove. Select the dish of your choice and organize the macaroons on it and then select the color that you want to give the macaroons. at the end of your decoration by adding to some delicious ingredients. Now you have created as one of the most delicious, crunchy, colorful macaroons ready, serve with a cup of tea. Have fun!

  • Bird FrenzyBird Frenzy

    Bird Frenzy
    When the food is about to hit the chick press the correct key so that it catches the food. Watch out, there are some nasty things the chicks will not want to eat.      

  • Top, theTop, the

    Top, the
    Welcome you at Mech droid fast-food-Simulator. Here you will traied five orders to fulfill. They are tested time display accuracy o. The fewer mistakes make display ca order the higher will your customer Satisfactio Ratig complete quicker you. The customer's order will I show up a speech bubble Showig the order of the food. Comply with the order of the Selectig items o right requested the scree. Be careful ot an error make or you have to from scratch display face Touge Lashig start of your customers.

  • Snack JakeSnack Jake

    Snack Jake
    Jake takes the sack couter. He is a wrestler Lab Architecture software! It is Gettig busy advertising Jake Gettig is underlined! help ca, the you? As customers come through the door, need Jake to throw them the food that she Wat.

  • Picnic basket defensePicnic basket defense

    Picnic basket defense
    You ad your partner for ice cream display Plaed romatic picic I Park. Everything goes well util suddely you realize that the two crowded you Aloe. < Br > < br > ATS all Stoners come from Rushig I take your precious food. Surely you will ot this theft to enable, so it up to you, defeat the Isect make the optimum use of available resources ad scourge.

  • Chompy's winter rescueChompy's winter rescue

    Chompy's winter rescue
    A freak slut storm left much Al Chompto solidified, Alog with half of the Ihabitats. To help, Chompy Opeed has a rescue shelter where he offers a warm place ad hot food. Save the creatures Participatig Chompy help i two Diffret Rouds.

  • Bistro starsBistro stars

    Bistro stars
    Bistro stars briefly Gamig ad Sackig Ito OE Mouthwaterig life management. Although you ca't eat what is the rubble o, get Smackig your lips as you match up food I elements of delicious ew actio puzzle Offerig.

  • Salad DodgerSalad Dodger

    Salad Dodger
    Help little fat kid I his ever Edig fight AGAIST the forces of the Utritio of Collectig JuK food while Avoidig salad. Be careful ot Ay to Stad I ö to report location.

  • Small yellowSmall yellow

    Small yellow
    Game & quot; little yellow & quot;. the oldest brother I family. His Parets are Lookig for food display he is asked bee, his little brothers ad sisters to protect. The ATS Brig is their army to steal the eggs, so let them!

  • BBQ heroBBQ hero

    BBQ hero
    You are the grill master for your family barbecue party. Your family will tell you what you cook ad they stop to eat for display of the Fatboy, Wats, your food will cook.

  • Hazard laneHazard lane

    Hazard lane
    Play you as property Phil or Kirsty cash, try the property ladder up to fly. The prices o hazard Lae icrease Icremetally but, as AME suggest some properties carry Certai risks that Ito food be your good result. Three is the ad that you are for a high profit o Yes target every purchase. For a caution hazards Alog the kind and way soft Ladig, this will slow down your progress Dow.

  • Dragon BoyDragon Boy

    Dragon Boy
     To feed your dragon, you must toggle the arrows in the inventory and drag the food towards it. When it reaches a certain amount of HP, the dragon will evolve several amount of times.

  • Make MacaroniMake Macaroni

    Make Macaroni
    You'll have to make macaroni in sauce. At the end, you'll be judged. cook the ingredients the way your shown intitally in the introduction. To play you press the green button and to cook the food, you use the yellow. Make sure you don't over or under cook it though.

  • Burger BonanzaBurger Bonanza

    Burger Bonanza
    You run an outstanding (hopefully!) food stall in your city called Burger Bonanza! Your job is to serve a lot of tasty burgers to as many clients as possible! Try to follow their orders to the letter. Have fun!

  • Daily DilemmaDaily Dilemma

    Daily Dilemma
    Daily Dilemma is an avoiding game that demonstrates the perils of different environments. There are to objectives: ::survive as long as you can:: ::get as many points as you can:: Do you have what it takes!Tags: food, avoiding game, vegan, skill

  • Cooking ManiaCooking Mania

    Cooking Mania
    Cooking Mania,Mom Mary has a busy cooking day for Christmas.She has to do more food for the children and husband whom she loves.Tags: Cooking Mania, cooking games for girls, girl games, mom mania, cake mania, i girl games, christmas games

  • RoboMaro GameRoboMaro Game

    RoboMaro Game
    Deep in space there is a robotic shepherd just trying to make it through the day. Protect your "Maro" from falling space-junk and ensure that they get enough food.

  • new fancy Burger restaurantnew fancy Burger restaurant

    new fancy Burger restaurant
    Today, it seems like your burger restaurant with young customers will be crowded, the huge Burger fans are. You will soon visit your shop so with fresh Burger buns and some delicious ingredients be prepared. on arrival in your restaurant carefully identify their requests and immediately for their order through prepare and serve their favorite Burger. Use your food making skills and try as many orders as possible in a very short time more money to visit. have a great time!

  • Monster Burger dreamMonster Burger dream

    Monster Burger dream
    eat yesterday night this girl had a dream, in which she themselves saw a huge Burger that is even larger than her head. After waking up, they decided a large jumbo Burger food, but there is nobody to prepare as a huge Burger. come may, their dream this large, crispy butter rolls with many delicious toppings and some delicious ingredients out of complementary. After you are finished, give the giant Burger to her and ask her to take a big bite!

  • Brain BuffetBrain Buffet

    Brain Buffet
    everything on your way you have to ever want to be a zombie, and food? also, here is your chance! Select the sickest zombie and take over the world with a large number of civilians, police officers and soldiers to eat. You can update your zombie and eating all the heads you can!

  • How to Cook a TurkeyHow to Cook a Turkey

    How to Cook a Turkey
    If you like then Turkey food, this game where you learn a delicious Turkey cooking you will, like. It takes some time to cook a Turkey, and be careful not the kitchen too messy.

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