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  • Crash Bandicoot Flash Crash Bandicoot Flash

    Crash Bandicoot Flash
    Crash Bandicoot comes to a flash action sidescroller. Jump on boxes and watch out for explosions.  

  • Crash BandicootCrash Bandicoot

    Crash Bandicoot
    Crash Bandicoot is a Fuy Cartooish jump ad ru actio game with different themes.

  • Space Station JasonSpace Station Jason

    Space Station Jason
    Help Jason collect all his lost cargo in each of the 15 levels in the game. Each time you complete a level you will be rewarded with an employee badge. Later in the game you will encounter space mines and lasers to avoid, and robots to destroy. Be sure to at least play up to level 5 which was greatly inspired by the boulder levels in Crash Bandicoot. There's a lot of secrets in the game.

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