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  • ChristmasChristmas

    Decorate your Christmas and entertained the globe. 

  • Candy LandCandy Land

    Candy Land
    Dress and decorate candy man. 

  • Coloured Cell PhoneColoured Cell Phone

    Coloured Cell Phone
    Can decorate their mobile phones in various ways. 

  • Flowers On TerraceFlowers On Terrace

    Flowers On Terrace
    Decorate as you like the flower terrace. 

  • Amusement Park DecorationAmusement Park Decoration

    Amusement Park Decoration
    Decorate the park.

  • Little BedroomLittle Bedroom

    Little Bedroom
    In the best way to decorate kids' rooms. 

  • Bears HomeBears Home

    Bears Home
    Decorate the sweet bear's new house. 

  • Dream BedroomDream Bedroom

    Dream Bedroom
    Decorate the girl's rooms. 

  • Girls HomeGirls Home

    Girls Home
    Decorate furnitures in girls house. 

  • Bathroom Decoration GameBathroom Decoration Game

    Bathroom Decoration Game
    Decorate the bathroom so it looks nice and cosy.

  • Halloween House Makeover 2Halloween House Makeover 2

    Halloween House Makeover 2
    Decorate this house as scary as possible.

  • Maggie's Bakery: Kitchen QueenMaggie's Bakery: Kitchen Queen

    Maggie's Bakery: Kitchen Queen
    Follow the instructions to bake and decorate the cake.

  • Holly Hobbie: Muffin MakerHolly Hobbie: Muffin Maker

    Holly Hobbie: Muffin Maker
    Help these three nice girls decorate muffins!

  • Ariel Sea MakeoverAriel Sea Makeover

    Ariel Sea Makeover
    Decorate the ocean with the Little Mermaid.

  • My First Party DecorMy First Party Decor

    My First Party Decor
    Select items and help the girls decorate the room for a birthday party to.

  • Christmas dining roomChristmas dining room

    Christmas dining room
    Fredrick's i a bid: it is almost ad o to decorate Christmas!

  • Santa's treeSanta's tree

    Santa's tree
    Decorate it a SATA Christmas tree of the way you!

  • Make Christmas treeMake Christmas tree

    Make Christmas tree
    Decorating a fir tree I order to trasform Ito excellent Christmas tree.

  • Easy bakingEasy baking

    Easy baking
    The Igrediets ad decorate using your ow cake.

  • Sea side decorationSea side decoration

    Sea side decoration
    Decorate the Sceery o of the coast with many beach accessories ad objects.

  • MythologyMythology

    Be creative, decorate the backgroud display styles.

  • TableTable

    Decorate your table with food.

  • Cream cake packageCream cake package

    Cream cake package
    Create ad decorate your ow cake.

  • Doll House RubyDoll House Ruby

    Doll House Ruby
    Desig, this sweet Doll House decorating display.

  • Tree House creatorTree House creator

    Tree House creator
    Make display decorate your very ow tree house.

  • Hair salon decorationHair salon decoration

    Hair salon decoration
    Decorate the hair Salo I kind of like you!

  • Snow world Christmas decorationSnow world Christmas decoration

    Snow world Christmas decoration
    Decorate the writer ladscape Usig the Christmas accessories available.

  • Dog walk decorationDog walk decoration

    Dog walk decoration
    Decorate the Amusemet Park with merry-go-Rouds Plats ad Balloos!

  • Kitchen QueensKitchen Queens

    Kitchen Queens
    Mix Igrediets I the Bowl jaw a cake display they decorate transfers the pattern.

  • Wedding cake decorationWedding cake decoration

    Wedding cake decoration
    Decorate the Weddig cake or oly choose your favorite OE!

  • Fruit cake decorationFruit cake decoration

    Fruit cake decoration
    Decorate your cake I kind of like you!

  • Princess room designerPrincess room designer

    Princess room designer
    Decorate your bedroom however you Wat. Choose the color of the walls, floor, bed, etc.

  • Lets decorate TweetyLets decorate Tweety

    Lets decorate Tweety
    Let the pig hit your shovel, so that Tweety lauched Ito the air around the House to decorate

  • Dance partyDance party

    Dance party
    It's party time. Decorate the Hazel stick, with lights, speakers display effects! Have Fu!

  • Shining nailsShining nails

    Shining nails
    Be Fashioable! Be creative! Pait display decorate her hurts.

  • Muffin madnessMuffin madness

    Muffin madness
    Mix to it it, bake, decorate. Create an earthquake cake!

  • Girls memoryGirls memory

    Girls memory
    Try to match the cards. Ear to decorate more hotspots to your room!

  • Beautiful nailsBeautiful nails

    Beautiful nails
    Decorating your hurts in a classic style. Have Fu!

  • Decorate ice creamDecorate ice cream

    Decorate ice cream
    They have a Chace ow decorate your favorite ice cream! have Fu!

  • My design roomMy design room

    My design room
    Here is a good Chace to my room and make your design by Playig free room decor games ad decorate to your taste.

  • My sweet bed room decorMy sweet bed room decor

    My sweet bed room decor
    Here a good Chace is your cute bedroom by Playig free room decor games ad decorate to your taste.

  • St Patrick's day room decorSt Patrick's day room decor

    St Patrick's day room decor
    Here is a good Chace to your St Patrick's room decor by Playig free room decor games ad decorate to your taste.

  • Pretty housewifePretty housewife

    Pretty housewife
    This is a doll house game, decorate your home with your ow style of the Iterior Desigig.

  • The apartmentThe apartment

    The apartment
    This pair has just got married. They are so happy they are Goig display the first thig to do, is their decorate apart met.

  • Music roomMusic room

    Music room
    Here is a good Chace to your music room by Playig free room decor games ad decorate to your taste.

  • Beautiful Valentine's day giftBeautiful Valentine's day gift

    Beautiful Valentine's day gift
    Do you love decorating? Make the most beautiful Valetie gift for those special Someoe!

  • My New Room GameMy New Room Game

    My New Room Game
    Decorate your room with items you like best. Pick colors for your furniture and wallpaper and don't forget to pick a pet!

  • Design my RoomDesign my Room

    Design my Room
    Here is a good chance to make your design decor play my room of free space and decorate to your taste.

  • St. Patricks Day Room DecorSt. Patricks Day Room Decor

    St. Patricks Day Room Decor
    Here is a good opportunity, your St Patrick's room by play free room decor make and decorate according to your taste.

  • Mobile DecoratorMobile Decorator

    Mobile Decorator
    Here is a good chance to make your mobile décor of free space decor play and decorate according to your taste.

  • Pretty Valentine GiftPretty Valentine Gift

    Pretty Valentine Gift
    do you love decorating? the most beautiful Valentine's day gift for a make quite certain someone!

  • My Cute Bed Room DecorMy Cute Bed Room Decor

    My Cute Bed Room Decor
    Here is a good chance to make your bedroom pretty free space decor play and decorate to your taste.

  • Wedding Clean UpWedding Clean Up

    Wedding Clean Up
    Help this dashing future bride get this place sparkling clean and lovely decorated till the guests start to arrive for her stylish wedding ceremony!

  • Pimp My FeetPimp My Feet

    Pimp My Feet
    Use your fashion sense to decorate and pimp up the nails on your feet.

  • a stunning wedding cake decorationa stunning wedding cake decoration

    a stunning wedding cake decoration
    is a beautiful girl to marry, and it will become one of the most memorable days in their lives. for that unforgettable day it has decided the perfect spiced cake order, which need very soft and tasty to eat and must be decorated in a unique way. She consulted many confectioners and cake decorators, but she was not able to find, to understand your idea and create a wedding cake as well, what she wants. Because you the capabilities of design and beautiful wedding cake decorate have, have the responsibility to make the perfect wedding cake for this bride for her unforgettable wedding.

  • very special macaroons decorationvery special macaroons decoration

    very special macaroons decoration
    on request prepared your friendly boss some macaroons for your friends to your place on the homework assigned to discussing your teacher over would come. Your boss has already prepared, the cupcakes and they need to be complemented with some delicious ingredients, but she has no time for the decoration, as they take part to an important and prestigious event, which they cannot afford, to miss. This time your boss wants to decorate the Cupcakes with all these delicious ingredients that has prepared them. now in the kitchen get and decorate the macaroons and they make delicious look. After the meal in any case thank you handle these delicious cakes that are your friends for making a charming for them.

  • unforgettable birthday cake decorationunforgettable birthday cake decoration

    unforgettable birthday cake decoration
    this sweet girl know Koch, prepared by different types of delicious cake. every day, she goes to chef's bakery learn, prepare different kinds of cakes for different occasions. When one of her friend celebrates birthday they prepare a delicious cake with the help of this chef and present it as a birthday gift for her friend. The great thing is, on any given day of the year, six of her friends celebrate their birthdays, so she prepare six cakes for them on this day; and today is exactly this memorable day, so she baked the cake and decorations under chef's help all the tasty ingredients prepared. Now, she wants that you help her decorate the cakes. decorate to enjoy the cakes and have fun!

  • colorful and tasty looking macaroonscolorful and tasty looking macaroons

    colorful and tasty looking macaroons
    Macaroons are very tasty to eat and handy snacks to serve if some unexpected guests visiting your home. How would you use your creativity, if you were given the opportunity to decorate macaroons have offered a wonderful person like you? in the shoes an excellent food decorator and you play to decorating game, your talent these foods prove. Select the dish of your choice and organize the macaroons on it and then select the color that you want to give the macaroons. at the end of your decoration by adding to some delicious ingredients. Now you have created as one of the most delicious, crunchy, colorful macaroons ready, serve with a cup of tea. Have fun!

  • Beach hot dog friendsBeach hot dog friends

    Beach hot dog friends
    These three hot dog friends are the best friends who like to play and enjoy the whole day on the beach. They offer delicious hot dogs, who become her best friend. to a friend of these three hot dog friends, you need to design your request and ingredients to meet, decorate a delicious hot dog that they deliver to you. This will be a simple task for you as a Decorator food. in the performance of their request, accept them as her friend and present to eat a big tasty hot dog which was decorated by you. After eating all day with them playing it lots of fun.

  • large wedding cake for a nice couplelarge wedding cake for a nice couple

    large wedding cake for a nice couple
    Today this are beautiful couple marry. What would be the best gift that you can give them? as an expert cook, a large wedding cake would be the perfect gift choice that will bring a smile on their face. Cake making and decorating should be no big deal for creative cake decorator like you. Place the baked cake on the table and decorate the cake with different flavors, icing, nuts and toppings to start. It is unforgettable for this sweet couple and to surprise for all guests. Have fun!

  • incredible ice cream sundae dessertincredible ice cream sundae dessert

    incredible ice cream sundae dessert
    Ice are the best desserts during the hot summer months. today one of the best friends of your mother visited your home and your mother you asked to prepare some recipes with ice, and decided to make a dessert Sundae, a combination of delicious ice cream, tasty toppings and syrups. Now choose the glass of your choice and add a scoop of your favorite flavored ice and then decorate them with whipped cream, nuts, syrup and other ingredients to end your preparation up. now, they share with your mother and her boyfriend.

  • aromatic apple pie for friendsaromatic apple pie for friends

    aromatic apple pie for friends
    make a delicious apple pie for your friends. If you do not know how to prepare the recipe, don't worry your grandma already prepared the special ingredients and held there for you to choose from ready. all you need to do is your food decoration skills, use this delicious dessert. Select different, delicious items from the gallery and create a juicy apple pie in your own style decorate. If your friends enter your home, they certainly are questions whats the delicious smell, and you can proudly show your masterpiece that you have created for them.

  • make your own epic breakfastmake your own epic breakfast

    make your own epic breakfast
    every single one of us would like to enjoy breakfast in the morning. above all, children always likes to start the day with a delicious breakfast. This food decoration game offers you want to eat different combinations of food, that you for breakfast. Place a colorful plate of your choice on the table and decorate with your favorite food item, starting with eggs, a delicious soup, a tasty sandwich, a refreshing drink and a delicious dessert. Enjoy!

  • Pink cottage Pink cottage

    Pink cottage
    My best fried Sarah is Orgaizig of a baby shower for me at my home! I could't throw this party Aloe, but Sarah decorated my home ready display for the baby shower. I EED check my gift list ow, before the Ivitatios Sedig! This could be OE of the most Amazig parts of havig a baby!

  • Sweet birthday partySweet birthday party

    Sweet birthday party
    Today, my boyfried's birthday. I love him so much, so I decide to Orgaize a Woderful party. I EED a delicious cake decorate the room. It is really a difficult task. So ca you help me one had? Oh, all DOE but show is on me. I ugly out. I really WAT my beloved eyes to a beautiful Pricess I. So dress me ad have Fu.

  • Sarah bedroom decorSarah bedroom decor

    Sarah bedroom decor
    Zubring display decorate Sarah bedroom like show o, that hit the right side of Optio. Display, click and drag the mouse to Arrage. Chage of your favorite backgroud colors of ad theme by Clickig Backgrouds. Click on DOE's whe Fiish are with your decor.

  • Svetlana's car shopSvetlana's car shop

    Svetlana's car shop
    Svetlaa the beautiful girl of Wats Belle AD desig decorate their ew-auto-shop with style ad Fashio but she have o idea. You help her decor ca auto shop? Collect your Desigig display shop Decoratio capabilities, to offer an ice cream had to complete display of Decoratio. Make the lively shop display also otice, whe visiting customers, they need to know to appreciate the Decoratio. Have Fu!

  • Babbit Osterei searchBabbit Osterei search

    Babbit Osterei search
    Babbit loves Collectig tastefully decorated chocolate eggs. Help babbit collect more eggs by Matchig three magical theme I get a line 100 hotspots ear! Play the egg display see, how much you ca result I this Tetris style Easter egg masterpiece!

  • Lovely homeLovely home

    Lovely home
    Be creative display decorate your ow nice home the kind and way you WAT! I hope so Middle sushi Playig with his ball of all time! Cat can't help she! She Wats, to become a famous player of TEIs. Use the mouse cursor to play this room Decoratio made game for girls.

  • My little bakeryMy little bakery

    My little bakery
    The most delicious desserts are the OES desig itself. Click on select a dessert to decorate. Use your mouse to drag & amp; Drop items OTO your dessert.

  • PlushiePlushie

    Tired WAT your Parets-ot Watig, the toy to buy? Also here's your Chace create your ow! Decorate your favorite childhood toy with other patches small display colors.

  • Fruitylicious GameFruitylicious Game

    Fruitylicious Game
    These fruitties can't wait to get picked and used for decorating the deliciously looking pies of your dreams! Be quick to pick them and to make your pies look identical to the ones given as examples there, on your screen!

  • Tower Bloxx MochiTower Bloxx Mochi

    Tower Bloxx Mochi
    Tower Bloxx is among the most decorated games you can get for your mobile phone, winning two Game of the Year Awards and multiple Editor’s Choice awards! Now available in flash! Tower Bloxx scored an impressive 9 out of 10, one of the highest review scores for any mobile game! IGN, a leading reviewer, says “Awesome! DChoc’s new puzzler surprises and delights – this one’s a real winner” and “Games of this caliber are must-haves.Tags: tower, bloxx, tower blocks, tower bloxx, digital chocolate, dchoc, digitalchocolate

  • Holly Hobbie and FriendsHolly Hobbie and Friends

    Holly Hobbie and Friends
    Help Holly Hobbie and her friends run their lemonade stand by completing 3 levels of fun. Earn a coloring page for each level you complete. Get points and complete tasks to unlock items to decorate your coloring pages

  • Cake loveCake love

    Cake love
    Cake is love, and we love cake. decorate these an any way you want - you can change even the size. Stack on the sweets!

  • Bratz Babyz Fish TanksBratz Babyz Fish Tanks

    Bratz Babyz Fish Tanks
    You have lots of fun with friends fishy if you feed them and keep them healthy. They're Bratz fish, so of course they like in fashion. Surround decorations you can choose funky tank. If you're ready to mix it, use the fish mix to new fish, see some crazy combos. And don't forget to sell some fish, so that you keep your fish in style have enough money. Choose 4 critters, decorate the tank and take care your fishy Freunde.Um feed your fish, you drag the food Shaker to the tank. Feed your fish at least once on the day.

  • hot chocolate cake tasty desserthot chocolate cake tasty dessert

    hot chocolate cake tasty dessert
    There are so many chefs, who know various kinds of delicious recipes and Chef George is one among them. He learned, a popular chef in town was once to make almost all recipes from his grandmother. one is of the most secret cooking skills our friend George, he prepares not only the delicious recipes, but there are customers access a flawless look that would and enjoying their eyes as also palate. hot chocolate cake is one of his favorite dishes and the most popular recipe from its customers. right now he is decorating the hot Brownie for its customers and your help is needed to create this delicious dessert.

  • Delicious sweet pizzaDelicious sweet pizza

    Delicious sweet pizza
    Learn how one delicious, tasty pizza with Melanie. Can you with her in this kitchen to stay only if you accept their desire to help her with the cooking process. Are you ready? then connect your instructions in the kitchen and collect all the ingredients for the dough and the Quark mass required. the dough mix well and then roll out with a rolling pin. evenly distribute the Quark mass on the dough and then your favorite toppings on the pizza. After your pizza with various delicious toppings, baking decorate you it in the oven. If the JAWS to complete you, your delicious meal is ready to serve. Enjoy!

  • EPIC Chocolate Tart of Monster high clawdeenEPIC Chocolate Tart of Monster high clawdeen

    EPIC Chocolate Tart of Monster high clawdeen
    You know the monster of high Clawdeen is a famous chef? they decided to prove their talent, has prepared a delicious epic chocolate cake for you. If you are really hungry and you want to prepare the recipe in a short time, then you need to go ahead and help her to create the tart and complete the decoration. everything placed the ingredients on the table will begin to get with the preparation. Cocoa, flour and water in a pan and stir it with the help of the mixer. then add sugar, milk and egg yolks, which mix in the Pan and well mix. Baking the mixture to butter and Vanilla Add. After baking pouring you the mixture into a baked pie crust and let it in the refrigerator. decorate and enjoy!

  • Susie cakes Bakery ManagementSusie cakes Bakery Management

    Susie cakes Bakery Management
    Susie is an expert, owns, and operates as one of the most popular cake bakeries in their city. many customers love to come and buy some delicious cakes from their bakery, because it adorns the preparation, design and the cakes in a unique way. Today she has provided various forms of cake and all the necessary ingredients are for their decorations, keeping in mind what their customers in particular demand. It is too busy, because it many customers who themselves are the baking of their choice cake order visit. She wants their cake decorator, decorating you you be the cake for their customers according to their order. to successfully complete each order must the order clearly to understand, and then go with the decoration. Good luck!

  • Christmas decoratingChristmas decorating

    Christmas decorating
    Christmas is the best time for Decoratig to be the tree with the family home. This girl of Wats to look great for the Christmas-dier.

  • Cake decoratingCake decorating

    Cake decorating
    Use your creativity to create your ow birthday cake!

  • Decorate CakeDecorate Cake

    Decorate Cake
    You create using your creativity to your own birthday cake!

  • Decorate RoomDecorate Room

    Decorate Room
    Put into place furnitures the little girl's room and fix the furniture. 

  • Sea nailsSea nails

    Sea nails
    Decorate your nails with unique shells, corals and pearls. Imagine you are a mermaid underwater and you are going to your favorite underwater salon. What kind of sea creatures and things would you like to put on your nails? Under the sea!!

  • Babbit's Easter Egg HuntBabbit's Easter Egg Hunt

    Babbit's Easter Egg Hunt
    Babbit loves collecting beautifully decorated chocolate eggs. Help Babbit collect more eggs by matching three magical designs in a row to earn 100 points! Match the eggs and see how high you can score in this Tetris style Easter Egg masterpiece!  

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