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  • Spaceman Bob's great escapeSpaceman Bob's great escape

    Spaceman Bob's great escape
    You're Bob, a beautiful Spacema you take evil lies from the display is taken way to dis Act place! The lies-PLA of perform Paiful Experimets o you, so that the oly Optio links to survive is to ru way from the base of all.

  • Swamp escapeSwamp escape

    Swamp escape
    Jump from Lily pad to Lily pad ad reach of the other side without Gettig Beate or due.

  • Bratney: Escape the madnessBratney: Escape the madness

    Bratney: Escape the madness
    Oh, Yes, Bratey. You're so utty like a fruitcake, but we still love you. Collect many hearts. Primitive o go drik coffee ad these photographers!

  • The Bay escapeThe Bay escape

    The Bay escape
    Leek the guy just right so that he Cotiues, bouce o lad Mies.

  • Icescape 2 GameIcescape 2 Game

    Icescape 2 Game
    Icescape 2 is the sequel to Icescape and features more escape the room style puzzles along with a shoot-em-up element. Stuck on the 1st puzzles with the knobs?? Turn all the knobs to follow the flow of the green line (don't forget the little one)

  • Dungeon Defender GameDungeon Defender Game

    Dungeon Defender Game
    An interesting blend of Real Time Strategy, Tower Defense, and RPG. Play as the Dungeon Master and send your minions to defeat the heroes! In game tutorial has instructions. Control your avatar with wasd or the arrow keys. Spacebar pauses. You can hold down ctrl when you select to pick the building under the cursor no matter how crowded a tile is. Pressing escape or x clears current selection. Basic strategy is to build lairs which produce creatures to fight back the hordes. Your avatar will die if left alone so make sure you watch his hit points. Keep ranged avatars out of the path of the enemy so they don't get run over!

  • SpongeBob Squarepants Trash Bash SpongeBob Squarepants Trash Bash

    SpongeBob Squarepants Trash Bash
      Escape the rising trash by breaking platforms and going higher and higher.  

  • Life Ark 4 Life Ark 4

    Life Ark 4
    Escape from the universe before the super giant blackhole consumes everything... including your civilisation!  

  • Mr CooMr Coo

    Mr Coo
    A funny adventure game with cool cartoon animations. The objective of this flash game is to help Mr Coo escape from an alien planet.        

  • HoudiniHoudini

    First free yourself from those nasty iron chains and then start a whole new adventure inside a dangerous dungeon. Find the treasure and escape from the tombes alive.. 

  • Dead Frontier GameDead Frontier Game

    Dead Frontier Game
    June 28th 2016, a private bioloqical research facility is raided by French police. Despite warnigs from the lab techniclans they proced to relase the 109 caged people, not aware that they are carrying the highly infectious N4 Virus. July 2nd 2016, most : of the world's major cities are under siege from an army of N4 infected zombies. On a desperate attempt to save lives armed bioazard response teams are sent to evacuate the living population. July 5th 2016, your team is ambushed by a horde of infected. Heavily outhumbered, you barely manage to escape with your life. Your team mates were so lucky... Alone, you take shelter in an abandoned cottage. You know it won't be long before more infected find you...

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