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  • Tahiti GameTahiti Game

    Tahiti Game
    Sharp eyes are needed to find the hidden pearls but a clear mind will make you discover the legend.Tahiti Hidden Pearls is a hidden object game based on the legend of princess Papeeth and the hidden pearls of Tahiti. Seek & find hidden items and solve puzzles to get one step closer to discover the legend of the pearls.

  • Christmas LetersChristmas Leters

    Christmas Leters
    Find the letters from A to Z hidden on the picture. 

  • Sniper on HighSniper on High

    Sniper on High
    Snipe the hiding stick figure as many times as possible.

  • Funny Hiddens - Town Game Funny Hiddens - Town Game

    Funny Hiddens - Town Game
    Hidden object, puzzle games

  • Funny Hiddens - PlantsFunny Hiddens - Plants

    Funny Hiddens - Plants
    Hidden object, puzzle game 

  • Cubesteak's Slingshot SurpriseCubesteak's Slingshot Surprise

    Cubesteak's Slingshot Surprise
    Tap as many Pirates from their hiding spots as possible and rack up the highest score.

  • Find The Numbers - Challenge 6Find The Numbers - Challenge 6

    Find The Numbers - Challenge 6
    Go find the hidden numbers in it.

  • African ConnectionAfrican Connection

    African Connection
    African connection find hidden objects to solve the puzzle!

  • Battleship torpedo attackBattleship torpedo attack

    Battleship torpedo attack
    Hide your ships perfectly ad FID your Eemy ships ad destroy.

  • Cactus Mccoy 2Cactus Mccoy 2

    Cactus Mccoy 2
    Cactus McCoy is back and now it's even more awesome! 12 new levels, 75 weapons, hidden treasures and a whole bunch of enemies!

  • Scooby Doo Ghost in the CellarScooby Doo Ghost in the Cellar

    Scooby Doo Ghost in the Cellar
    Scooby and Shaggy are hiding in the basement. Verkleiden they get involved if the spirit of comes.

  • The Museum Hidden ObjectsThe Museum Hidden Objects

    The Museum Hidden Objects
    Find stuffs hidden in the museum in the shortest time possible

  • Pyramid Heist GamePyramid Heist Game

    Pyramid Heist Game
    Cassie is an adventure going to dig up the treasures hidden deep in the Egyptian pyramids! It will be a dangerous journey!

  • Pyramid HeistPyramid Heist

    Pyramid Heist
    Cassie goes on an adventure the treasures hidden deep in the Egyptian pyramids to light! It will be a perilous journey!

  • Scooby Doo Ghost in the CellaScooby Doo Ghost in the Cella

    Scooby Doo Ghost in the Cella
    Scooby and Shaggy are hiding in the cellar. Dress them up to blend in when the ghost comes by.

  • Reincarnations Awakening - Chapter 2Reincarnations Awakening - Chapter 2

    Reincarnations Awakening - Chapter 2
    Follow the story as you solve multiple puzzles in this sequel. Find the hiding objects.

  • Night Exorcist GameNight Exorcist Game

    Night Exorcist Game
    Open the cover to find hidden weapons and treasures. Kill the monsters and capture the ghost

  • Sammy Samurai: RunnerSammy Samurai: Runner

    Sammy Samurai: Runner
    Fight your way through a swarm of enemies on your way to the Hidden Village.Tags: samurai, sammy, action, runner, running, sword

  • Houdini In Temple GameHoudini In Temple Game

    Houdini In Temple Game
    Guide Houdini, the worlds greatest escape artist, to escape from a hidden Aztec temple avoiding all the threats....

  • Your Quests Out West GameYour Quests Out West Game

    Your Quests Out West Game
    Point and click adventure game. You are searching for some hidden gold. Can you find it?

  • Invisible Gaunlet GameInvisible Gaunlet Game

    Invisible Gaunlet Game
    A simple memory/puzzle game where you avoid obstacles hidden in fog by revealing them under light beacons and remembering where they are/their movement patterns.

  • Gold Miner 3Gold Miner 3

    Gold Miner 3
    Move the mine cart to sway back and forth and grab the gold hidden in the ground.

  • Time crisis 4 training missionTime crisis 4 training mission

    Time crisis 4 training mission
    Hiding behind a corner to download. Holograms shoot fast pop AD ad as accurately as possible.

  • Trial and terrorTrial and terror

    Trial and terror
    Dress up I keep Gettig the clothes to the display to hide the I effort. Pull the display drop clothes.

  • Dream GardenDream Garden

    Dream Garden
    This is such a wonderful garden! Full of peace and harmony...and hidden letters, too! Try to spot all the letters of the alphabet, that are hidden somewhere in this garden. Look really carefully in all the corners of the image, in all the shades or small details and if you need a helping hand, click the Hint button. Good luck!

  • Barbie and ScoobyBarbie and Scooby

    Barbie and Scooby
    You've got to find where Scooby is hidden. Look in all the hiding spots to find the missing letters to the riddle.

  • Mystery CaseMystery Case

    Mystery Case
    This is an hidden object game with multiple puzzles. Use the mouse cursor to click or drag objects. Press on the Hint button to gain additional help with finding clues.

  • Space Junk Space Junk

    Space Junk
    Space junk are objects in orbit around Earth created by humans. You must find hidden objects in a short period of time. Be careful, because some of them are really hard to find out.

  • IsoballIsoball

    You can solve the puzzle, by blocks to create a trace, roll the ball into the hole allows. More than 20 levels to increase difficulty and hidden bonus levels.

  • Ninja CombatNinja Combat

    Ninja Combat
    After many years of training, you are finally willing to take missions alone! To test your Ninja skills, collect powerful Kunai RID to retrieve cunning enemies and hidden guns! 6 levels are complete, you're ready the Ninja journey?

  • Extreme Trucks 3Extreme Trucks 3

    Extreme Trucks 3
    The third version of the extreme trucks series brings spectacular new features such as ghost car and hidden bonuses. Compete against the best players for each track and win every race to unlock new bonus levels to. Bigger, faster, stronger!

  • Material MoleMaterial Mole

    Material Mole
    This game is a truck game enter in the load from one point to another, but that's not all. There are also random were you can store your trolley with hidden packages, you can find upgrades and much more. Overall, that's the game complex and very addictive.

  • Material Mole 2Material Mole 2

    Material Mole 2
    Mole is back material, and he is better than ever before. Supply of were from one point to another, but each level gems hidden has and items to find. Find all them?

  • Net PetNet Pet

    Net Pet
    You decide whether you choose a cat or a dog and take care of us want to order your new pet. Select an item in the menu to use it. Click the name of the item again to hide it. Provide food and toys in a room to lure your pet from another room. If no one cares of your pet, it can become a pet naughty, loud!

  • King of Fighters WINGKing of Fighters WING

    King of Fighters WING
    Best and newest version of the classic King fighters series game including Ryu.-released all 7 characters, with 5 hidden characters inserted new effects added new levels-improved "simple key mode" type, skills start with one key is PossibleThis game is an extremely large file (14.59 MB), and takes a long time to load.Please be patient.If game is still empty for 1 minute click here

  • Shady TacticsShady Tactics

    Shady Tactics
    extremely sophisticated and highly polished stealth, puzzle platform game. Guide of this underground hacker to 20 stylish and atmospheric stages... is platform / puzzling fun that, if you can! 20 Stages, infinite lives, hidden areas that you skip areas of the stage (not all secret areas are useful, some will cause immediate death). atmospheric atmosphere, stylish graphics.

  • Don's DebtsDon's Debts

    Don's Debts
    Don's debts - the people of NYC debt money... to the Don! It is your duty as his top gangster to the pick up. Bash-the citizens with your brutal collection weapons until they cough! You have also hidden money in different parts of the city, so you have to destroy them! Look out for bonuses get help on your way and forget not, upgrade your weapon!

  • Find the PestsFind the Pests

    Find the Pests
    Find out the hidden pests that are displayed in the grid.To more guests, please see the pests in a short duration. Press mute button, to the sound mute.

  • Tom and Jerry cheese warTom and Jerry cheese war

    Tom and Jerry cheese war
    Be sure to play display as Jerry hide by Tom in to collect completely each Mii game display of all the cheese. Avoid Tom Catchig, to lose you or you!

  • Grave diggerGrave digger

    Grave digger
    Their goal is buried deep to collect Udereath old graveyard, precious treasures. Valuable gold rocks I have hidden chests in the cemetery. They ca push chests Dow assumed waves to break them ad exposé micaceous gold Iside. To advance to more Challegig parts of the cemetery you must scoop all the treasures!

  • Tomb DiggerTomb Digger

    Tomb Digger
    Their goal is, collect valuable treasures deep buried in old cemetery. valuable gold rocks are hidden in chests in the cemetery. You can break the chests to down open shafts and shimmering gold slide inside. order to more demanding parts of the cemetery you must scoop all treasures!

  • Doors: AbsentDoors: Absent

    Doors: Absent
    It's a Friday Afteroo 04:58 o, Ad Dave from accouts is desperate to avoid one Ay. He hides that I a door marked dager, ad does ' t quite realize how much effort Ito Avoidig goes to work a little hoest!

  • Jasmine and JackJasmine and Jack

    Jasmine and Jack
    A wonderful spot the differences game. Help Jasmine & Jack explore the park and watch their exciting adventures! Each play will show new differences and branch into several different stories!Tags: Spot the Difference, Jasmine & Jack, DifferenceGames.com, Difference, Differences, Hidden Object, Mom, Kids

  • Bob JonesBob Jones

    Bob Jones
    Bob is constantly in search of hidden treasures no matter where in the world they might be. This time he’s in the deepest, darkest depths of the pyramid ruins of Egypt. Jump from stone to stone to avoid the protective electric mesh that has been placed over the floor of the tomb as a security measure to deter any intrepid would-be explorers like you! Try and master the flow of the jumps and make it to the treasure in the shortest time possible!Tags: action, game, online, arcade, free, twitch, jumping, platform, fun, indiana, jones, temple

  • Prison Breakout GamePrison Breakout Game

    Prison Breakout Game
    Make your way through tunnels and secret rooms to ultimately steal across the yard and over the wall. Sneak up behind guards to knock them out. But be careful, they'll hear you if you run. Avoid search lights by hiding in the shadows.

  • Fire Flies GameFire Flies Game

    Fire Flies Game
    At night the sky is filled with fireflies. Those cute glowing insects have one main disadvantage: they cannot hide in the dark. Go hunting for fireflies and try to set a top score after completing all fifteen levels!

  • Snow Rally GameSnow Rally Game

    Snow Rally Game
    Racing, action, platform, physics Game description: Guide your car down the slopes, avoiding rocks and mines. Collect triangles and grind those logs to maximise your score! The biggest bonuses are hidden up high - can you master every jump and get a perfect score?

  • Flash Crisis GameFlash Crisis Game

    Flash Crisis Game
    A critical and challenging mission to shoot down the armed men by launching an attack in their own territory. Your mission is to shoot down as many armed evil guys as you can before you die; you have several guns at your disposal. Just like the classic arcade game Time Crisis, use the hide option to reload and defend yourself when your under fire. This flash games loaded with power ups and multiple stages...

  • Nutty GombaNutty Gomba

    Nutty Gomba
    Help Gomba the squirrel as he avoids hungry predators and other hidden perils of the jungle in a race against time to collect as many nuts as possible before winter sets in.

  • Clubbiger the sealClubbiger the seal

    Clubbiger the seal
    Clubby has his way through armies of seal clubbers, huge beasts display bash other familiar faces. Collectig Huma ski hides ad Salvador it o the black market.

  • Forest WarriorForest Warrior

    Forest Warrior
    Dracula is of course good to o. He has an evil PLA Destroyig each forest. Make your way out of the forest by Lake ad Ito his hiding-place, where all his Madess Océ display for everyone to stop.

  • Undercover OPSUndercover OPS

    Undercover OPS
    You must Ifiltrate Iside the guerrilla base without Beig detected. Seak / climbing display hide to surprise your victims. Fially destroy the Weapo deliveries stop Océ display for all.

  • Batman Who Is The VillainBatman Who Is The Villain

    Batman Who Is The Villain
    Gotham City is at risk for three dangerous criminals have escaped from prison and were going to take hold on the city and introduce chaos. They are hidden and must discover who they are and stop them before it's too late. Try to find out who is the Villain!? You are now playing the role of one of Batman enemy and try to found out which villain you are playing as! Three notorious criminals have escaped from Arkham Asylum. They are in disguise and working to take over Gotham City.

  • Cold CrimeCold Crime

    Cold Crime
    The Mayor has been killed by hidden sniper. Search him, and the sniper leader. Tags: stickmen, action, shooting, sniper, adventure.

  • Flash MinesweeperFlash Minesweeper

    Flash Minesweeper
    Try to locate all the mines hidden below a square grid as fast as you can, in this flash remake with a high score table.

  • Tahiti Hidden PearlsTahiti Hidden Pearls

    Tahiti Hidden Pearls
    Sharp eyes are needed to find the hidden pearls but a clear mind will make you discover the legend.

  • XnailXnail

    Help Xnail to stop Cid Capezza from cutting the woods! Use the arrowkeys to move past his army of machines and brainwaved animals. Tap the spacebar to hide in her shell. Ok then, lets help Xnail the forest protector to save the forest! Good luck.     

  • Treasure DivingTreasure Diving

    Treasure Diving
    Searching for hidden treasure while fighting against angry sea creatures for your life. Ofcourse real-life treasure hunters need a good gear luckilly you can buy several upgrades and items with your collected treasure money.       

  • XnailXnail

    Help Xnail to stop Cid Capezza from cutting the woods! Use the arrowkeys to move past his army of machines and brainwaved animals. Tap the spacebar to hide in her shell. Ok then, lets help Xnail the forest protector to save the forest! Good luck.       

  • XnailXnail

    Help Xnail to stop Cid Capezza from cutting the woods! Use the arrowkeys to move past his army of machines and brainwaved animals. Tap the spacebar to hide in her shell. Ok then, lets help Xnail the forest protector to save the forest!

  • Sniper Hunter 2Sniper Hunter 2

    Sniper Hunter 2
    Spot all the stickmen hiding in the scene and shoot them. Can you spot them all?  

  • Prison BustoutPrison Bustout

    Prison Bustout
    Description: Try to bust out of prison! You will have to be stealthy to outsmart the guards! Don't try to hide underneath the spotlights though as they will still be able to see you! Are you a professional or a rookie?

  • Hidden Christmas GiftsHidden Christmas Gifts

    Hidden Christmas Gifts
    Find the hiding Christmas decorations and presents in each new scene. Can you spot everything?  

  • The Golden Bird of ParadiseThe Golden Bird of Paradise

    The Golden Bird of Paradise
    Find all the hidden objects in each scene. Gather inventory and use items you find.

  • Pigs in a blanket to learn to cookPigs in a blanket to learn to cook

    Pigs in a blanket to learn to cook
    If you see "Pigs in a Blanket" can you guess, this hides a game about some cute pigs in cover, doesn't it? but here comes the surprise! "Pig in a blanket" is a name for a delicious recipe that can be served as an aperitif or for breakfast. If you want to know how this delicious recipe is prepared, this shows you the steps in the free cooking game. the first step is to identify and select the right ingredients and utensils from the stable wooden shelf and place them on the table. the second step is to prepare dough and cut into triangle shapes and then wrap the dough triangle around the hot dog. next baking you it in the oven for a few minutes golden brown. Finally arrange your tasty pigs in blankets on a platter to share with your friends.

  • The broken bridge hidden objectsThe broken bridge hidden objects

    The broken bridge hidden objects
    FID elements i broke bridge.

  • Historical hidden numbers Historical hidden numbers

    Historical hidden numbers
    To get ahead, you need FID 20 page numbers. Cosists play four different parts are display to see your total number of points at the ED of the game.

  • Monkeys hidden gameMonkeys hidden game

    Monkeys hidden game
    FID all the mokey's, the Hidig are the forest I. You may be Swigig from the trees or Hidig behind a tree. Use the appearance of the area display the Hidde show's mokey.

  • Hidden secrets: the nightmareHidden secrets: the nightmare

    Hidden secrets: the nightmare
    Flora Dale I is a deep coma display, you must help, puzzle-solving their complex to Regai their memory display discover her attacker. I should here your Job Fid clues for their Uderstad help help what you ed up I this hospital bed led to.

  • The Museum, the hidden objectsThe Museum, the hidden objects

    The Museum, the hidden objects
    FID substances Hidde I Museum I quickly

  • Hide Caesar 2Hide Caesar 2

    Hide Caesar 2
    Use the deployed objects to cover the golden coins and remove the bad coins. Let your coin touch no rocks!

  • Indus Valley - Hidden TreasureIndus Valley - Hidden Treasure

    Indus Valley - Hidden Treasure
    Click on the object that fits on the rock slabs. Rock slab is the key to unlock the rooms.

  • Pirates Hidden Object Pirates Hidden Object

    Pirates Hidden Object
    Some pirates found a treasure and will fight to keep it aboard. In this game, you will have to find the objects that the pirates are hidding. Steal them by finding the objects in the pictures. Have fun!

  • Animal Park Hidden Animal Park Hidden

    Animal Park Hidden
    In these beautiful photos of animals, you need to find the number. Some are pretty hard to find so good luck.

  • Hide CaesarHide Caesar

    Hide Caesar
    Similar to the Cover Orange series, protect the coin with Caesar on it by dropping physics shapes.

  • Hide n' go milkHide n' go milk

    Hide n' go milk
    Help of Otis serve milk to the party Aimals at the bar before sunrise. To collect bottles ad retur, in the bar to ear of hotspots. How to get discovered or the party will be over! Switch from cow positioning or ru way to the thew, in the spotlight.

  • Happy Tree Friends - hide and seekHappy Tree Friends - hide and seek

    Happy Tree Friends - hide and seek

  • Hidden Expedition: EverestHidden Expedition: Everest

    Hidden Expedition: Everest
    The Hidde Expeditio Club pit is fresh from a successful Exploratio of the wreck of the Titaic, OE of his stellar members AGAIST a considerable group of Oppoets I a race to the Summit of Everest. Other groups compete against each other to you the first to be MOUT Everest summit. Alog the kind and way experienced Everest climber of Ed Viesturs will assist you. Discover the secrets of the world as you FID Hidde notes. Race to the roof of the world!

  • Hiding AngelHiding Angel

    Hiding Angel
    Watching the clouds ad Cocetrate to FID, who is where Hidig.

  • Tobby hide and seekTobby hide and seek

    Tobby hide and seek
    Take the ca ad put it i of the circle, fid your had to ad retur RUIG as fast as you ca before Aybody first there.

  • Elementals: The Magic KeyElementals: The Magic Key

    Elementals: The Magic Key
    Plunge into the captivating world of magic and mystery inhabited by elementals. Embark on a thrilling adventure to help Albert, a young magician, restore the Key of Eiron and save his sister kidnapped by Sibelius, a wicked sorcerer. You'll never feel lonely in your fascinating travels - your aide, Felly, will always be of assistance. Solve brain-teasing puzzles and hunt for cleverly hidden items in this amazing game full of surprises!  

  • Treasure of Cutlass ReefTreasure of Cutlass Reef

    Treasure of Cutlass Reef
    You are the captain of an infamous pirate ship. The enemy fleet is guarding the treasure hidden in the Cutlass Reef. They know you are coming for it... Can you defeat the armada?

  • Sniper Hunter 2Sniper Hunter 2

    Sniper Hunter 2
      Spot all the stickmen hiding in the scene and shoot them. Can you spot them all?  

  • Red Scarf GameRed Scarf Game

    Red Scarf Game
    Find these glasses. Press the space bar to use them and uncover hidden shacks. Collect all there lamp shades. Hit the space bar to assemble them at the lamp post and gain access to the final room. Pick up all five candy swords for the final showdown.

  • ShootsShoots

    The aim of the game without stopping to kill the enemy.  

  • Crazy ArcadeCrazy Arcade

    Crazy Arcade
      Crazy Arcade, which is an arcade game on. Have you ever play the arcade game when few years ago? The game is a bit similar with the Bomb man. There are barriers and blocks hiding those chracter’s way. You have to help them to destroy the barriers and those annoying bricks. Press your spacebar then you can leave a bomb there, it will destroy those boxes. But you must be carefuly cause if you have a little careless, you will bomb yourself, too. Good luck!

  • Starlight 2 Starlight 2

    Starlight 2
    There's only you and a night sky full of stars. Turn your imagination on and find out what pictures are hidden between the stars! is here, with almost twice more levels that in original game. You've asked for challenge? Two new gameplay modes are there to satisfy those who aren't looking for easy ways. And now you can create your own constellations too! Check out built-in levels editor (with video tutorial). And don't forget to share your creation with others!  

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