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  • Astronaut GameAstronaut Game

    Astronaut Game
    Your mission is to abduct aliens for the local zoo.

  • Batman Dangerous BuildingsBatman Dangerous Buildings

    Batman Dangerous Buildings
    Beware of the joker who will try to make your mission fail.

  • Sniper Assassin GameSniper Assassin Game

    Sniper Assassin Game
    Your job is to successfully complete each of the task in the missions given.

  • Pirate Cove 2 GamePirate Cove 2 Game

    Pirate Cove 2 Game
    Complete missions as you grab coins and avoid enemies in this sidescrolling kids game.

  • winx hard missionwinx hard mission

    winx hard mission
    winx hard mission

  • Arh TigerArh Tiger

    Arh Tiger
    Pilot your arh tiger  through enemy territory to complete your mission. 

  • Army CopterArmy Copter

    Army Copter
    Your mission is to neutralize as many enemy units as you can. 

  • flash element tdflash element td

    flash element td
    your mission stop the animal

  • High Speed Chase 2High Speed Chase 2

    High Speed Chase 2
    Drive your car, grab pick ups, and destroy the given target during each new mission.

  • Mechanical Commando 2Mechanical Commando 2

    Mechanical Commando 2
    Read your mission as you move from planet to planet destroying soldiers, turrets, and mechs.

  • Police Sniper 2Police Sniper 2

    Police Sniper 2
    Perform sniper missions in your helicopter, shoot down enemy snipers and rockets.

  • Spaceman 2Spaceman 2

    Spaceman 2
    Your mission is to save aliens on the distant planets.

  • Buzz Lightyear of Star CommandBuzz Lightyear of Star Command

    Buzz Lightyear of Star Command
    Help Buzz Lightyear complete the missions

  • Rib ChallengeRib Challenge

    Rib Challenge
    a Rıb boat on the water and ride 10 different missions around Salcombe.

  • Backyardigans Mission to MarsBackyardigans Mission to Mars

    Backyardigans Mission to Mars
    help to meet the Backyardigans their mission on Mars!

  • Benda BotBenda Bot

    Benda Bot
    Help Benda bot completed its mission

  • Super Chick SistersSuper Chick Sisters

    Super Chick Sisters
    Super chick are sisters on a mission to help free chicks!

  • Dracojan skies - mission 3Dracojan skies - mission 3

    Dracojan skies - mission 3
    New mission! Fly dare agai!

  • Mechanical commandoMechanical commando

    Mechanical commando
    Their mission is FID AD the Eemy destroy field Bethany of area.

  • The upbeat Tom Cruise dress upThe upbeat Tom Cruise dress up

    The upbeat Tom Cruise dress up
    You have a mission, but it is ot impossible just dress him up.

  • Star forceStar force

    Star force
    Schlenker ad blast your way through space to reach your mission objective: Destroyig Al Earth.

  • Cookies missionCookies mission

    Cookies mission
    Their mission is a complete roaches do set cookies during Defedig AGAIST.

  • Refuel rampageRefuel rampage

    Refuel rampage
    Help Milkboy to soak up his mission to its present with chocolate milk o.

  • Ryoko dress upRyoko dress up

    Ryoko dress up
    Help our beloved space thief Prep for their mission out.

  • Mission R4 JuneMission R4 June

    Mission R4 June
    Ivaded a group of terrorists have your street, your mission is to kill them all.

  • Creepy adventuresCreepy adventures

    Creepy adventures
    Some Mosters survived Halloween ad is your mission to crush them.

  • Brave planeBrave plane

    Brave plane
    Pilotig I free the Fightig plans the world from the air of Ivaders the game air mission. Their plans is equipped with Fightig weeping.

  • Mad PAC underwaterMad PAC underwater

    Mad PAC underwater
    Their mission is Mrs MadPac Collectig all pills through your kind and Gettig Eough save way is to defeat the evil spirit.

  • Duck Dodgers planet 8 from upper Mars: Mission 4Duck Dodgers planet 8 from upper Mars: Mission 4

    Duck Dodgers planet 8 from upper Mars: Mission 4
    Their mission is to trimmers Martia spaceship. To do this you need to your laser rays raised.

  • The lively Cameron Diaz dress upThe lively Cameron Diaz dress up

    The lively Cameron Diaz dress up
    Camero D o is a mission with some other Agel. Dress up for to help he cover.

  • BOT warsBOT wars

    BOT wars
    You are a war bot display, that your mission is to destroy the evil bots who have Ivaded Central

  • Superchick, originallySuperchick, originally

    Superchick, originally
    Save all small flat to complete your mission. But be careful with the obstacle of ad the Eemies!

  • Western Blitzkrieg 2Western Blitzkrieg 2

    Western Blitzkrieg 2
    Guide Sargent blitzy through the jungle to carry out his highly secret mission, the General and his evil plans to stop!

  • Sniper global mercenarySniper global mercenary

    Sniper global mercenary
    Numbers of rights shoot I stick the correct order of each mission completed. Shoot carefully!

  • S.W.A.T 2 - Tactical SniperS.W.A.T 2 - Tactical Sniper

    S.W.A.T 2 - Tactical Sniper
    as a tactical sniper pro you must achieve various missions in the shooter game SWAT 2 and reading the briefings inevitable this time!

  • Tactical AssassinTactical Assassin

    Tactical Assassin
    You are a murderer. Read the briefing for each mission carefully and take your goals.

  • Ambulance RushAmbulance Rush

    Ambulance Rush
    Ambulances rush - help doctors as possible to catch so many insane dudes. To meet this mission you can crash everything you see.

  • Toy Story 3: Marbleous MissionsToy Story 3: Marbleous Missions

    Toy Story 3: Marbleous Missions
    Help, Buzz Lightyear rescue all the aliens by the evil emperor Zurg in Toy Story 3 caught: Marbleous missions.

  • Unreal Flash 2007Unreal Flash 2007

    Unreal Flash 2007
    Unreal Tournament soldiers now here your 2D solution comes. Master all Mission in this nice remake.

  • Slayer 3Slayer 3

    Slayer 3
    As to fill a Slayer Dristen missions of Valeron, Slayer, home temple and the control of his destiny.

  • Diamond in the RoughDiamond in the Rough

    Diamond in the Rough
    Their mission in this cool StickMan kill game Tower is to take a valuable diamond from sly burglar.

  • Sniper WWIISniper WWII

    Sniper WWII
    Shoot the stick figures. Don't shoot at the wrong time or in the wrong order or you fail the mission

  • Clone CommandoClone Commando

    Clone Commando
    You mission is to destroy all clones of yourself and and the enemy' s base camp.

  • Sniper Dude GameSniper Dude Game

    Sniper Dude Game
    You need sharp eyes to these missions to complete Sniper Dude. Find your camouflaged targets in a difficult environment, and take it out!

  • Randys Jail BreakRandys Jail Break

    Randys Jail Break
    Become the ultimate badass and go on a mission to save your girlfriend from the mob boss and become a legendary hero!

  • Space BountySpace Bounty

    Space Bounty
    Complete missions to defeat the Dark Alliance! Play Space Bounty!

  • Desert FireDesert Fire

    Desert Fire
    You are at the control of a combat helicopter. Complete the mission to finish the level.

  • Jumpin Gary GameJumpin Gary Game

    Jumpin Gary Game
    You are jumpin Jack, worlds foremost monkey pogo jumper. Your mission is to climb the Mystic tower of 8 floors.

  • Seascape GameSeascape Game

    Seascape Game
    Your mission in this point and click adventure scuba diving game with beautiful 3D graphis is to solve various puzzles.

  • Infiltration GameInfiltration Game

    Infiltration Game
    You're on a black operative mission to find and to recover deadly nuclear missiles by using a show of force.

  • Jumpin Gary GameJumpin Gary Game

    Jumpin Gary Game
    You are jumpin Jack, worlds foremost monkey pogo jumper. Your mission is to climb the Mystic tower of 8 floors.

  • The Strangers 2 GameThe Strangers 2 Game

    The Strangers 2 Game
    You've been asked to complete a very important mission and that is to defend the village from the rebels.

  • The Champions 07 GameThe Champions 07 Game

    The Champions 07 Game
    In this sequel your mission stays the same, play as a team and score as many goals as you can against the opponent.

  • Rick Dangerous GameRick Dangerous Game

    Rick Dangerous Game
    Guide the hero in various missions from the Amazon to a futuristic missile base, avoiding the enemies and other threats.

  • Blitz Balloon GameBlitz Balloon Game

    Blitz Balloon Game
    Your mission in this fast paced game is to deflect bombs falling on a city with your barrage balloon.

  • Dynaminer GameDynaminer Game

    Dynaminer Game
    Your mission is to get to the cave exit, by strategically exploding the blocks with your ration of dynamite.

  • Operation Thunder GameOperation Thunder Game

    Operation Thunder Game
    Cruel Lee has held 200 soldiers hostage. As Capt.George, your mission is to rescue the soldiers from his heavily guarded prison.

  • Alien Paroxysm GameAlien Paroxysm Game

    Alien Paroxysm Game
    Use inventory at bottom bar to see mission briefing or see access code in deck 1 tower... becareful machiengun ammo very limited.

  • Prison Escape GamePrison Escape Game

    Prison Escape Game
    It's world war : you've been captured by the German SS during a covert mission in enemy territory.

  • Ray GameRay Game

    Ray Game
    Go on a mission to save a girl for some money, snipe down people and do the dirty work....

  • Sift Heads GameSift Heads Game

    Sift Heads Game
    Play as Vinnie, who works for the Mafia in Chicago and sift enemy heads in different missions to earn money!!!...

  • Drakojan Skies 3 GameDrakojan Skies 3 Game

    Drakojan Skies 3 Game
    Lead the Omega Squadron against the hostile enemies in this third mission to protect the Drakojan territory....

  • Mission to Mars GameMission to Mars Game

    Mission to Mars Game
    Mission to Mars places you as an alien detective on the surface of the red planet itself trying to unravel a mystery of cosmic proportions. Can you solve each of the increasingly difficult levels and uncover the final secret in Mission to Mars?

  • Flash Crisis GameFlash Crisis Game

    Flash Crisis Game
    A critical and challenging mission to shoot down the armed men by launching an attack in their own territory. Your mission is to shoot down as many armed evil guys as you can before you die; you have several guns at your disposal. Just like the classic arcade game Time Crisis, use the hide option to reload and defend yourself when your under fire. This flash games loaded with power ups and multiple stages...

  • Stealth Hunter GameStealth Hunter Game

    Stealth Hunter Game
    Sneak around, snap some necks, plant some C4, whatever you need to do to survive and complete an assigned mission. 22 missions in total. If you have trouble with a level, go into the menu and look at hints.

  • Shooter Wave and PackagesShooter Wave and Packages

    Shooter Wave and Packages
    On this mission, the base have spotted an illegal trading business on the dock. the base have sent you to the location to stop them. You have to eliminate all of them and stay alive to complete this mission. but beware, the dirty armies are so dangerous and are great in numbers.Tags: shooter, shoot, shooting, army, ak47, colt, magnum, dock, boat, container, helicopter, truck

  • Tactical Assassin 2Tactical Assassin 2

    Tactical Assassin 2
    They are the elite sniper of an organization that is assigned to various missions. Read the briefings carefully know how to reach your goals.Take your goals quickly and efficiently without a trace leaving.Try, all nine missions clearly!

  • Sift Heads 5Sift Heads 5

    Sift Heads 5
    Our greatest game of all time is seven heads 5. Jagendes 20 intense missions, close shooter action, character interaction, sniping modes, 9 weapons of choice, custom clothes, bonus cheats and more. Vinnie is back in town and doing what he does Germany's seven heads. But a deadly assassin is fueled by revenge to kill his way with a mission to him, over the!

  • Sniper Assassin - QuickshotSniper Assassin - Quickshot

    Sniper Assassin - Quickshot
    Minister of justice a compilation of the side missions and tasks which received Shawn before be cheerful confrontation with the Ffg corp. only one shot per mission is given, but because it is Shawn, he only one to run the task.

  • Clear Vision 2Clear Vision 2

    Clear Vision 2
    Various "sniping" missions to achieve. Between missions you can find past dark about this sniper ´s ll ´. He will learn from his mistakes and turn on a good nasty? Warning: violent content. File size is almost 10 MB, so it takes a while to load.

  • Commando strikeCommando strike

    Commando strike
    Their primary mission is to kill the evil ad Advace sticks to the ext-level. Their Secodary mission is to protect the flag, to allow the Eemy to take it.

  • StarGatesStarGates

    Great Starship game were that your mission is there would the all ships all galaxies to defeat. A hard Mission completed. Ot will be easy.

  • TuraniumTuranium

    As a Turaium, space Trooper, to your mission to liberate the Surroudig areas of the evil Orgaism. To accomplish your mission, you must destroy the wave after wave of Eemies. OCÉ all of have cleared the rubble, the level is complete.

  • High Speed Chase 2High Speed Chase 2

    High Speed Chase 2
    Your mission is to find and eliminate certain targets. You will be trained into a super agent, your colleagues will bow their heads in shame as you rise to the top as the absolute cream of the crop. Complete all missions and you'll be rewarded with medals based on your performance Go for gold and get those power-ups to encourage more creative plaY

  • Alien Wars GameAlien Wars Game

    Alien Wars Game
    In 3547, Earth has no news from the intergalactic ship TA059, who's mission was to cleanse the gaxy of evil diens. To investigate, the president of Earth sends Itchana Tchones on a recon mission. His objective : to makte contact with the ship and its crew whoose last transmission ended in strange screaming...

  • Forgotten Rites GameForgotten Rites Game

    Forgotten Rites Game
    A futuristic fantasy adventure flash game set in the creative and unique story of the Drakojan series.The Drakojans have once again regained their ancient roles as the ?Bringers of Culture? for the Ethonian people. Emerging from their caves, they wander out to help everyone better themselves as a species, improve the planet and bring them closer to nature.Tanisha is about to enter a building plagued by strange events, near an ancient city of the ?Pioneers? on a mission to seek help. Her survival now relies on what the Drakojans have taught her.

  • Mud and Blood GameMud and Blood Game

    Mud and Blood Game
    Your unit is at a rural location in Vietnam. The mission: Fight the local guerillas to secure the nearby air base and hold it for as long as you can. The enemy will attack you in waves of 10 - 40 men. Be alert!

  • Break In GameBreak In Game

    Break In Game
    Finish each mission by getting to the destination without being caught by partol guards' spotlights. Pick up tools on the way to aid your break in. It's a time trial. The score is the time it takes for you to finish all 6 levels.

  • Mystic Circle GameMystic Circle Game

    Mystic Circle Game
    Magic Mirror is the first chapter in the Mystic Circle series. Your goal is to find the seven pieces of the broken Magic Mirror lost on the mystic island by completing various missions in eleven challenging settings.

  • Brainz GameBrainz Game

    Brainz Game
    Your mission in this bloody zombie killing online game is to blast as many zombies as you can before they get you. The game features varying zombie types, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. You earn money for each zombie you put down. You can use your hard earned money between rounds to purchase more than 20 different weapons

  • 9 Dragons Game9 Dragons Game

    9 Dragons Game
    You have just been thrown into the world of 9 Dragons who keeps sending its slaves at you with only one mission to kill you. It is your purpose to kill all the bad guys coming at you. Just aim in their direction and shoot. Best of luck in the 9 dragons game.

  • Power Rangers Mystic Force GamePower Rangers Mystic Force Game

    Power Rangers Mystic Force Game
    Welcome to Rootcore. Your mission is to train with the Power Rangers by completing a series of live challenges -- one for each Mystic Ranger. Master all five to unlock the ultimate challenge and defend Rootcore against an attack by Morticon and the Hidiacs!

  • Fish For FoodFish For Food

    Fish For Food
    Meet Freddie the Fish! He lives deep in the ocean, and he is on a mission to become the biggest fish in the sea! Eat fish smaller than yourself, but avoid the bigger ones! Can you make it all the way?

  • The ExplorerThe Explorer

    The Explorer
    The Exp 01 mission is exploring underground cave to find any artifacts left behind by the aliens. The Exp 01 can move easilly because of its light weight and anti gravity equipment. However its also very fragile and only the best remote techs, like you, should operate it.

  • Bungee Rescue GameBungee Rescue Game

    Bungee Rescue Game
    It's a rescue mission. You have to go out into canyon country and save people and animalsfrom the rising flood waters. If you're too slow, they will drown! When you've loaded your helicopter with people, take them to Devil's Tower where they will be 'safe and sound' from the waterYou'll be using a bungee cable to free fall towards the people or animals on the ground, so make sureyou aim well and try to grab them before you spring back up towards the helicopter.

  • Clear Vision Elite GameClear Vision Elite Game

    Clear Vision Elite Game
    Our boy Jake is back. Other snipers wet their pants just hearing his name! Meaty missions with fantastic firepower, dude!

  • Storm Boat GameStorm Boat Game

    Storm Boat Game
    You are a combat craft officer during the Vietnam War. Your missions are varied, but the goal is clear - to survive and keep sane in this bloody meat grinder.

  • No SignalNo Signal

    No Signal
    This ones a treat for those of you wanting some old school top down driving action. Dish out some hardline NYC style law enforcement as you play an American Cop working the streets in rural England. It's no easy job dealing with regular Car Jackings with thrash metal booming from their soundsystems, and that's just the cops. You've got to complete six missions, all of which introduce you to the world and characters of the FX Channel's first ever UK commission, a comedy sketch show airing in 2009 called "No Signal".

  • Warbears Adventures : An A.R. X-Mas Go Back Warbears Adventures : An A.R. X-Mas Go Back

    Warbears Adventures : An A.R. X-Mas Go Back
    It's X-Mas time all around BTC and Kla stops by Bob. But Steve has a secret mission in mind... Join the Warbears in this classic point and click X-Mas Adventure!Tags: point and click, adventure, warbears, x-mas, bears, cute, war

  • The Lost Warrior GameThe Lost Warrior Game

    The Lost Warrior Game
    Will you survive? Will you complete the mission? Will you become the hero? Lets begin with the game of "The Lost Warrior"

  • Superman GameSuperman Game

    Superman Game
    Your mission is to help Superman smash the meteors before they hit the ground . For each missed meteor, the danger bar goes up. Be careful, some meteors are made of Kryptonite and can only be destroyed with your heat vision.

  • HypersonicHypersonic

    Game relies on implementation very important mission. Destroy all enemy units for victory. For help You have big equipment: big choice weapon and many bonuses.

  • Ray Part 1Ray Part 1

    Ray Part 1
    Go on a mission, save a girl for some money to do snipe people and the dirty work down.(This game is a large file and will take a long time to load (4.55 megabytes))

  • Totally Spies Dress UpTotally Spies Dress Up

    Totally Spies Dress Up
    You dress up the totally spies girls according to the mission, they are gonna venture in to move on to the next level. have fun!

  • Billy is bag a bugBilly is bag a bug

    Billy is bag a bug
    Billy is on a mission to catch as many errors as possible. You can earn 3,500 points by the end of the level, you'll earn a merit in creepy crawler.

  • LazermanLazerman

    They are victims of a coducted by a secret military laboratory Experimet. She has head bee, separated from your body. Their mission is to your body retur. Remember that you are happy to smash the Etire lab Ito to pieces!

  • XenoSquadXenoSquad

    Command a squad of Marines in this 3d tactical battle game. Lead your troops into this strange 3d planet. Command them well so that they will realize every mission.

  • Battlefield GeneralBattlefield General

    Battlefield General
    It's the Qin dynasty in ancient China. Its mission is, collect as much gold as possible in each your own campaigns of war, to help the emperor who build the great wall. So your army gear, to bring peace to the country, make, how much gold as possible capture and survival, to show that you are the battlefield general them! Good luck!

  • Kaka KillerKaka Killer

    Kaka Killer
    They are on a mission to help maintain the railways a clean balance sheet. shoot the crap out of these messy troublemakers. be the ultimate Kaka killer.

  • Cake CafeCake Cafe

    Cake Cafe
    Their mission is to promote your new cake Café! Try to meet the orders of the customer, and make them wait long or they leave!

  • Power Rangers Mystic TrainingPower Rangers Mystic Training

    Power Rangers Mystic Training
    Their mission is to Power Rangers to educate, by completing a series of five challenges-one for each Mystic Ranger. to unlock the ultimate challenge every five years and to defend against an attack by Morticon Rootcore and to master the Hidiacs!

  • Endless War 2Endless War 2

    Endless War 2
    This is the second edition of the series of endless war. Embark on various missions and all enemies to defeat. Enjoy!

  • Dragon QuestDragon Quest

    Dragon Quest
    Discover a deadly Castle in this hybrid physics/platformer! Dragon Quest is on a mission to get back your best friend, who was kidnapped by a dragon! Ascent through over 20 levels crazy physics puzzle game combined with the twitch reflexes of a platforming game! Each stage is unique, and some can be quite difficult. think, you have what it takes to this deadly Castle survive? much luck and happy and more!

  • Shatter BotShatter Bot

    Shatter Bot
    In this fun addictive jump and run action game you take control over the effect "Zertrümmern" BOT and it ´s to navigate your mission it is fast on the exit door before his energy. Destroy all flying drones and earn upgrades and new weapons for your killer robots. enjoy.

  • Clear Vision EliteClear Vision Elite

    Clear Vision Elite
    Our boy is jake back. other snipers to hear only his name their pants wet! fleshy missions with great firepower, dude!

  • Crazy Flasher 3Crazy Flasher 3

    Crazy Flasher 3
    the King of the Deathmatch is on his mission to be the ultimate street fighter. You can play to buy story mode or Deathmatch, some money earn new weapons. with the original fight stunts, which has to offer this game be amazed. have fun!"")win2.blur()window.focus()

  • Codename BallisticCodename Ballistic

    Codename Ballistic
    The mission is carried out at all costs, so strengthen soldier! Click and set the power behind your shot, then release holding fire! Neutralize all to stop enemy units to complete a level. And remember: the fewer shots it takes, the more points you will be guests!

  • Survive CrisisSurvive Crisis

    Survive Crisis
    As a skilled sniper you could successfully penetrate enemy. Now it is up to you, all your enemies, create Confussion their lines, so that your fellow soldiers, which help to survive enemy threat in the middle. Play all 10 exciting missions and to prove that you can help your allies to survive the crisis!

  • Rock & Roll Space MonkeyRock & Roll Space Monkey

    Rock & Roll Space Monkey
    You are Rock & Roll Space Monkey - the Baddest Guitar Player in all the Universe! Your Mission: Defeat all the evil aliens who wanna bring rock down!

  • Scrap Metal HeroesScrap Metal Heroes

    Scrap Metal Heroes
    Customize your very own robot army and rise to become world champion! Building you battle robots from almost 200 different parts to, and then your creations in real-time combat against a number of devious opponents and demanding missions.

  • Police Rural RampagePolice Rural Rampage

    Police Rural Rampage
    These those treatment for those of you, some old school from top to bottom drive action. You share out some hard line nyc style law enforcement agencies, as you are an American COP working the streets in rural England play. It is not an easy task using regular auto Jackings with musical metal booming of their sound systems, and this is only the police. You have six missions to complete.

  • Stick StrikeStick Strike

    Stick Strike
    Sticks has gone bad with this game Counetrstrike. Go to various missions, select maps and game types and the number of friendlies and enemies, you decide! Good luck!

  • DrakaDraka

    Draka is a mysterious dark creature that looks like a spider, was to awaken by a careless person. now he rocks of the city, by biting his infamous deeds, he immediately to spin people and they make. Draka has a plan to make a certain amount of people, spiders, but the local citizens are aware of him already and are ready to take action to stop it. Draka, you help to complete his mission before he caught.

  • Police DummiesPolice Dummies

    Police Dummies
    Their razor-ATV through the dangerous planets of the Galaxy race. This crash dummy policeman is on a mission to survive that all space tracks in the universe.

  • Potty Racers 3Potty Racers 3

    Potty Racers 3
    Do you love flying? You secretly like the way that smells fresh cow POO? Rise adventures on board for a crappy! Complicated POO missions complete. POO-centric aircraft to build. Your potty training with the power of POO aufmotzen: faster hills and larger (PO) gas tanks. Explore the largest adventure POO spattered ever! Smell me, check out?

  • Iron Maiden - Flight 666Iron Maiden - Flight 666

    Iron Maiden - Flight 666
    Iron maiden - flight 666 - this 10 level, gaining on the game is based on iron maiden "somewhere back in time" tour, set in five countries visited by the band: Australia, Canada, India, Japan and Mexico.Your mission is to successfully negotiate the band tour speaker delete aircraft (real callsign "Flight 666") through the levels, the rock to get all over the world. Be sure to crush your fans. Familiar characters and places of interest are during the game - Gauchos and Geisha, Taj Mahal and Sydney Opera House.Upgrades for aircraft and speakers available. can rock

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