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  • Toon Crisis GameToon Crisis Game

    Toon Crisis Game
    Use the mouse to aim and the left mouse button to shoot.

  • Cheezy ChumsCheezy Chums

    Cheezy Chums
    Naughty mice are missing refrigerator mice. 

  • Tilt 2 GameTilt 2 Game

    Tilt 2 Game
    Balance the tray by moving the mouse around. If the tray falls, flip it back over by swinging the mouse around.

  • X-GunnerX-Gunner

    Use your mouse to set angle and distance and then press the left mouse button to fire the cannon. Tags: gunner, gun, shooting, cannon, fire

  • Pick up candyPick up candy

    Pick up candy
    Use the mouse, to Cady Alog bring the manner. Clickig of the mouse you can skip ad avoid expenses.

  • Dr. Bulldogs Pet HospitalDr. Bulldogs Pet Hospital

    Dr. Bulldogs Pet Hospital
    Use the left mouse button for Movig Aimals, Diagostic Istrumets. Make to a Diagosis, use the left mouse button for Movig right medical Istrumets.

  • Thrust of the mouseThrust of the mouse

    Thrust of the mouse
    Help the mouse to collect maximum Umbra of the food type. Fix the Agle display makes the mouse I move the vertical Directio.

  • Minnie mouse dress upMinnie mouse dress up

    Minnie mouse dress up
    Miie mouse has a date Toight with Mickey Mouse, help pick her an outfit, the Mickey Wow say make.

  • Karma treeKarma tree

    Karma tree
    You play with your mouse indicator get amazed Radom Evets that you will see.

  • Mickey's Apple plantationMickey's Apple plantation

    Mickey's Apple plantation
    All expenses collect apples help Mickey Mouse ad catch.

  • EyedropsEyedrops

    Display drop eyeball Usig simply drag your mouse.

  • Coolio DJ rock outCoolio DJ rock out

    Coolio DJ rock out
    Turn the mouse correspond to the Iside circles of the two CDs.

  • Funny armyFunny army

    Funny army
    Lead your soldiers with the mouse to the safe Zoe Avoidig of the Mies.

  • Adventure of Hypurr catAdventure of Hypurr cat

    Adventure of Hypurr cat
    Blast the mice with your pistol!

  • Sort my tiles Minnie mouseSort my tiles Minnie mouse

    Sort my tiles Minnie mouse
    Miie mouse EED, are sorted out.

  • Warp Britney SpearsWarp Britney Spears

    Warp Britney Spears
    Your mouse ca like trasform Britey Spears to Aythig.

  • Click on the frogClick on the frog

    Click on the frog
    Fill all of these short speed test with your mouse skills.

  • Eating HouseEating House

    Eating House
    Use your mouse to Coect similar foods before the time RUS out.

  • CAT and mouseCAT and mouse

    CAT and mouse
    To master a defed food AGAIST for Othig Stealig mice as well.

  • SparksSparks

    Turn your mouse indicator the Coectors Usig the sparks Ito received ultimately.

  • The Ball AbilityThe Ball Ability

    The Ball Ability
    Use mouse and dont drop

  • Catch MiceCatch Mice

    Catch Mice
    Put your mouse with your fork and nothing to ruin him

  • Skateboarder MiceSkateboarder Mice

    Skateboarder Mice
    Small mice go on the way with skateboard. 

  • Hypur CatHypur Cat

    Hypur Cat
    Slip cat destroy mice in park. 

  • Bat And MouseBat And Mouse

    Bat And Mouse
    Hungry mice eat cheese. 

  • Air Traffic ControlAir Traffic Control

    Air Traffic Control
    Use your mouse and left click to select an aircraft. 

  • Aqua MasquaAqua Masqua

    Aqua Masqua
    Move your mouse left and right to rotate the pontoon. 

  • Cat and MicesCat and Mices

    Cat and Mices
    Mice from the dining area on the shiftless cat cabinet is at Apple. 

  • CatomaniaCatomania

    Cruel cat and mouse chase with the fork is. 

  • Bow Man 2 GameBow Man 2 Game

    Bow Man 2 Game
    Master the art of shooting bow and arrow with a mouse!

  • Fuzzy MCFluffenstein 3 GameFuzzy MCFluffenstein 3 Game

    Fuzzy MCFluffenstein 3 Game
    Fuzzy is in ur computer killin ur mice.

  • Down the Drain GameDown the Drain Game

    Down the Drain Game
    Draw the path of the drain with the mouse.

  • Electro Air Hockey GameElectro Air Hockey Game

    Electro Air Hockey Game
    You control the mallet by moving your mouse.

  • Home Run GameHome Run Game

    Home Run Game
    Help this drunk guy to go home, move the mouse to keep him stand ...

  • Last Tank Standing GameLast Tank Standing Game

    Last Tank Standing Game
    Use your mouse to aim and shoot the little soldiers near you and defend your tank.

  • Mental MouseMental Mouse

    Mental Mouse
    Tilt and balance of this crazy mouse on the bike riding on the kitchen table!

  • Puzzle Mania Mickey MousePuzzle Mania Mickey Mouse

    Puzzle Mania Mickey Mouse
    Complet Mickey Mouse puzzle - piece.

  • Click the FrogClick the Frog

    Click the Frog
    Do all these short speed test with your mouse skills.

  • Ninja attackNinja attack

    Ninja attack
    Play space with mouse ad.

  • Mouse necklaceMouse necklace

    Mouse necklace
    New free Olie colorful game I Zuma-style. Their goal is the food I defed the cellars of the Ivasio Hugry mice oil reserves. I despite the cheese was Hidde thoroughly the Rodet Maaged, a Tuel only the object. Indulge ot the mice to your dinner! Throw the mouse to collect three or more mice of the same color to clear. Also catch the dungs, which help you keep the lie more effective.

  • Little Nancy DressupLittle Nancy Dressup

    Little Nancy Dressup
    Click the categories ad optios. Using the mouse, drag items OTO Nacy.

  • Fall fashion FrolicFall fashion Frolic

    Fall fashion Frolic
    Autum leaves are Heddys favorite accessory. Display the drag -and-drop items OTO Heddy Usig mouse.

  • Jung LeeJung Lee

    Jung Lee
    You're the young Lee display Belle (ad a little hyperactive), have to avege your karate master I this completely mouse-drive-actio game.

  • Santa's questSanta's quest

    Santa's quest
    Match at least three items for Christmas by Draggig, your mouse on slide display match the right element.

  • Where is 2009Where is 2009

    Where is 2009
    The child 2009 lost - help SATA FID in the new year. Click with the mouse to SATA Iteract with the Eviromet.

  • Mission to JupiterMission to Jupiter

    Mission to Jupiter
    There are Othig to start whe I space fall, Aim the jumping mouse is empowered with the ad heart rate control, move the rock stone with the Collectig of blue Stoes.

  • Wizard of symbols - onlineWizard of symbols - online

    Wizard of symbols - online
    The wizard symbols Potet holds magic symbols Hidde I his lore book. Decode any ö by Coectig the points with the mouse.

  • Fashion dream toesFashion dream toes

    Fashion dream toes
    Dazzle all with your perfect pedicure! Click the Decoratios on the ICOs to display all optios ad drag & o with the mouse.

  • Bobs BlockBusterBobs BlockBuster

    Bobs BlockBuster
    Break, such as blocks Usig paddle as you can ball ad about < br > left right heart rate control the paddle moving the mouse indicator.

  • Flap Jack: Adventure boundFlap Jack: Adventure bound

    Flap Jack: Adventure bound
    Collect gold cois ad gather as a great treasure. Use the mouse to move to make the whale display, click to throw Captai Jack.

  • Jasmine and her dogJasmine and her dog

    Jasmine and her dog
    Use your mouse to perform each task. Let be your dog, the judge.

  • Vinnies shooting yard 4Vinnies shooting yard 4

    Vinnies shooting yard 4
    Test your Siper accuracy o this rage on the roof. Choose a Weapo ad Umbra life goals, target & amp; shoot with the mouse.

  • GuidesGuides

    Hold the left mouse button to draw lies. Avoid black forms, collect power ups display guide the ball to the goal to.

  • ClusteRobotClusteRobot

    You access all the same colors of the jewels as you avoid that other colors. Reliable with this mouse!

  • Sofa bashSofa bash

    Sofa bash
    Destroy the sofa with some Fiedish Weapos so I quickly this mouse click Frezy as you ca.

  • Sue knittingSue knitting

    Sue knitting
    Help an ice design to sue Kit. Use the arrow keys, to display, use the mouse to the right color select Strig sew.

  • Zom B goneZom B gone

    Zom B gone
    The power puff girls have an ew Missio. Use the mouse to move our Heroie ad click o objects to Trimmers or they use.

  • Uncle Sam'sUncle Sam's

    Uncle Sam's
    Dow to shoot UFOs. Mouse over several UFOs for combos.

  • Cat girlCat girl

    Cat girl
    Jump from rock to rock to keep Iyumi safe! Target the power meter display hold the mouse to Determie how far you go Dow.

  • According toAccording to

    According to
    This House is very Oisy! They hear other Oadat display you FID it with the mouse.

  • Flight Simulator: Get that JetFlight Simulator: Get that Jet

    Flight Simulator: Get that Jet
    How far ca you throw? Grab the paper squares with your mouse ad Flig it as far as ca!

  • Javelin throwJavelin throw

    Javelin throw
    EED of this Javeli unless you throw around the mouse, turn before Crossig jump the Javeli are the blue to throw.

  • War squadWar squad

    War squad
    Shoot the Eemy ships as you sell heart rate control with the mouse. Pay attention to Eemies from behind.

  • Vinnie's shooting yard 2Vinnie's shooting yard 2

    Vinnie's shooting yard 2
    Choose your Weapo for target practice! Usig of your mouse a Weapo display select the a site to test your Shootig accuracy!

  • Strawberry Shortcake: Fruit filled funStrawberry Shortcake: Fruit filled fun

    Strawberry Shortcake: Fruit filled fun
    Put together three or more of the same fruit to make them disappear. To access the fruit with your mouse.

  • Wall-E scrap shootWall-E scrap shoot

    Wall-E scrap shoot
    Eve Wats to show off her target practice skills to WALL-E. Just zap the scrap, which casts WALL-E with the mouse.

  • POO fighterPOO fighter

    POO fighter
    So who let crazy Scietists make the research o small poor Iocet birdie. Use mouse < br > < br > to Iteract.

  • Sex and the citySex and the city

    Sex and the city
    Use the mouse, to heart rate control Carrie ad due start fashion items. Avoid the terrible Sesible shoes!

  • The mouse freeThe mouse free

    The mouse free
    Help this mouse to escape its cage. Use the objects you FID.

  • Ball controlBall control

    Ball control
    Usig mouse, balace the Movemet ball Alog the track display Gettig Ito avoid the holes up to the Fiish lie.

  • CAT and miceCAT and mice

    CAT and mice
    They are fragile mouse from the clutches of this agile cat must escape. Prevet him out Catchig you.

  • GrandpaGrandpa

    This Gradpa I is the subway. Help him by Movig of the mouse from left to right so that he does ' t be dropped.

  • Rumble ball 2Rumble ball 2

    Rumble ball 2
    Hit the ball with the mouse, bricks, which pick up display Golde to destroy balls for hotspots.

  • Halloween Dressup 10Halloween Dressup 10

    Halloween Dressup 10
    It's almost Halloween ad Reese has't what still carry decisively. Drag the fancy ad accessories OTO Reese Usig mouse.

  • Dora's matching gameDora's matching game

    Dora's matching game
    The game of each card display Dora FID will give you a big surprise. Use the mouse to select the cards.

  • Hit the jackpot 2Hit the jackpot 2

    Hit the jackpot 2
    Move the mouse to the I the white circle o the right to ad target click to shoot.

  • And the cityAnd the city

    And the city
    Use the mouse to control Carrie and catch the falling fashion items. avoid the dreadful sensible shoes!

  • Mouse HouseMouse House

    Mouse House
    Little mouse ca ot learn the cheese. Help the mouse! Be careful because the cat the last piece of cheese protected! Create wisely from ad remove shelves, use can air bubbles, forks, Trampolies ad other information to deliver the cheese at the little mouse!

  • Mental Mouse 2Mental Mouse 2

    Mental Mouse 2
    Mental mouse is back and he is on a rampage! Lead him through lively and challenging levels as he is havoc in the garden!

  • Cookie CapersCookie Capers

    Cookie Capers
    Help the little mice, which received some cookies for dinner. Fill the bag with cookies, to complete the level.

  • Adam and EveAdam and Eve

    Adam and Eve
    Help make Adam that paradise and Eve. Use the mouse and click on a chain of actions and reactions cause.

  • Cookie Capers GameCookie Capers Game

    Cookie Capers Game
    Help the little mice get some biscuits for dinner. Fill the bags with cookies, to end the level.

  • PythonPython

    Eat mice to keep up your energy. Don't hit the side or your own tail.

  • Air Hockey FunAir Hockey Fun

    Air Hockey Fun
    Use Mouse to control your striker. Score a maximum number of goals in 3 minutes.

  • Food HouseFood House

    Food House
    Use your mouse to connect similar foods before the time runs out.

  • SYCO MazeSYCO Maze

    SYCO Maze
    The objective of this weird mouse avoider flash game is to guide your syco ball through the weird shaped and moving maze without hitting any of the walls.   

  • Cannie CruisersCannie Cruisers

    Cannie Cruisers
    Cannie Cruisers, is a cute dog's racing in cars game played with a single mouse button.

  • Athalina RPG GameAthalina RPG Game

    Athalina RPG Game
    Arrow keys or WASD move, 1-4 melee attacks, mouse is used for magic attacks, ever get stuck or need help use the walkthrough.

  • Lil Arthur GameLil Arthur Game

    Lil Arthur Game
    Your goal in this fun mouse avoider is to guide Arthur to the end of the maze.

  • Throw Me GameThrow Me Game

    Throw Me Game
    See how far you can sling the crazy looking alien by simply moving your Mouse from the left to the right as fast as you can for optimal flight.

  • Zwill GameZwill Game

    Zwill Game
    A side scrolling adventure game where you are a mouse and must collect all the cheese to win....

  • The Commander Sister GameThe Commander Sister Game

    The Commander Sister Game
    Look at the map and your enemies and place your turrets in right places.Use the mouse in this game.

  • Transformers 2Transformers 2

    Transformers 2
    Transformers is a most beatiful game in 84 - 87. Hit robots with mouse right click

  • Fruit puzzleFruit puzzle

    Fruit puzzle
    I this mouse-drive logic puzzle game you've got the fruit symbols cluster. Atted OT cofuse some fruit with the preview your Curret fruits!

  • Perfect lookPerfect look

    Perfect look
    Be so pretty for your special day as possible. To make the mouse up, brows, eyeshadow choose use, etc..

  • Pied Piper PrincessPied Piper Princess

    Pied Piper Princess
    The more mice the merrier I this game Coga Gabe creatures. So make sure you break the Chai so fu.

  • Cat Angel cookie rescueCat Angel cookie rescue

    Cat Angel cookie rescue
    Avoid items that is mouse Throwig ad cookies from 25 carry the right to the respective plates o of the table.

  • Happy Tree Friends - DynamitHappy Tree Friends - Dynamit

    Happy Tree Friends - Dynamit
    Bouce Budle of Dyamite as may times as possible, how to determine the accuracy of your mouse.

  • Pokemon: Towering legendsPokemon: Towering legends

    Pokemon: Towering legends
    Move the mouse, ITO has a tower crystals of the same color. Click the mouse button to create a tower FUSIO. The more crystals stacking OE time more hotspots, obtaining the Tower FUSIO. So let your Tower ru-Ito crystals, a different color or your Tower will get blow apart!

  • Young LeeYoung Lee

    Young Lee
    Amazingly, Young Lee, the game is an action game which merely mastered by your mouse available on our page, for your spare time relaxing. Move you mouse ahead him or behind him will make him advance or withdraw.

  • Ant City GameAnt City Game

    Ant City Game
    A very good game for stress relief, you have in your hands a huge magnifying glass, and you can move it on the screen with your mouse, click on the mouse to focalize on a target, if you keep clicking several seconds on a objectif, this one will take fire and burn.

  • Kill Mouse GameKill Mouse Game

    Kill Mouse Game
    You have to kill the mouse (the one moving on the screen ) by shooting her at the head. For that purpose, you have to put the pointer on her head and click the left button of your mouse (the one of your computer ), to shoot. There are several levels, but the first one is already not easy! Good luck.

  • Pinch Hitter 2 GamePinch Hitter 2 Game

    Pinch Hitter 2 Game
    A funny and free online flash game where you have to hit the ball. The pitcher throws a random ball that you have to hit carefully by using the mouse. Use the mouse to aim , and press on the left mousebutton to swing your club.

  • Time Mission GameTime Mission Game

    Time Mission Game
    Controls: Arrows or w,a,s,d-moving, "q", "e" or 1-6 -choose weapon, space or "r"-reload, ctrl or "g" - greande, "7" or "T" -nuke(magic), mouse - shooting, wheel-mouse- change weapon.

  • Knockout GameKnockout Game

    Knockout Game
    A game of boxing world competition. Move your mouse left or right to dodge. Click the mouse to throw punch. Space bar is to block. Click ?C? means auto super combo.

  • Indiana Jones Cave RunIndiana Jones Cave Run

    Indiana Jones Cave Run
    Help Indiana Jones run faster and faster! Hold the mouse button down to jump. You jump higher, longer hold! Collect coins and don t fall! Hold the mouse button down to jump. You jump higher, longer hold! Collect coins and will not fall!

  • Hangin ' just toHangin ' just to

    Hangin ' just to
    each phase navigate to shoot using the mouse the rope on a lamp on the ceiling. But be careful of the bottom coz once fallen, you will die immediately. You try and get your swing so you can go as far as possible. release the mouse button once you have set the swing right time. You can collect power-ups also. Enjoy!

  • Fullmetal AlchemistFullmetal Alchemist

    Fullmetal Alchemist
    Igite of the Trasmutatio district to set off blast OE Hydroge per roud. Move the mouse Tur Roy. Click your mouse on Attackig chimeras raised.

  • Planet CruncherPlanet Cruncher

    Planet Cruncher
    Use the mouse move o scree Poiter. Press display hold the left mouse button to draw circles. Eclosed circles aroud groups by Matchig Plaets to draw. Collect crystals from the Comet from the Matchig Plaets. Great matches of 4 or more will reward a higher multiplier. A conflict between the other Plaets to create a black hole, the black hole to destroy by Drawig is a circle aroud it.

  • Trick for treatsTrick for treats

    Trick for treats
    Trick this Halloween visitors Ito Givig to her Cady, ad catch it as it falls. Use your mouse to move the girls back display and ad clicks your mouse button, their spider to delete. So Miss! Every time, when you do, you lose square OE Eergy. Whe which your Eergy is used up, the game is over.

  • 0 (Zero)0 (Zero)

    0 (Zero)
    Aim o Usig objectives with your mouse. Shoot all Eemy before they take Dow. Ca multiple target Usig you select your mouse.

  • Dolphin diveDolphin dive

    Dolphin dive
    Use mouse to move the Charlene. Click the mouse to dive. Press the bubble to dive more deeper ad icrease points. Press the Charlene to extra life to get. Breast of Bous score to collect.

  • Hulk: Bad altitudeHulk: Bad altitude

    Hulk: Bad altitude
    Hold Dow mouse button to jump to calculate the approval. I the air of the Hulk follows the mouse positioning OCÉ. Hulk is so beaten down as robotic as you want can ca Idestructible. The more Eemies of the Hulk hits, the higher his combo score display the higher its height.

  • Goal II: Living the dreamGoal II: Living the dream

    Goal II: Living the dream
    Take shots ca to display really hit the wall? It comes up the target-2 game help Saby! Aim the aim with the mouse ad release the mouse Butto whe of the power bar is high. Gai additional hotspots by Shootig I the upper Stoners of the target.

  • Bunny bountyBunny bounty

    Bunny bounty
    Hugry Buies have Ivaded the farm! Prevet from Stealig your crops by Kockig them your Sligshot Dow. Take aim Usig of the mouse-cursor-ad fire with the left mouse button. Ear bouty Kocked hotspots whe Buies out!

  • Robot boy Tommy takeawayRobot boy Tommy takeaway

    Robot boy Tommy takeaway
    Tommy's bee Kidapped by Dr Kamikazi ad return in his Islad. After Kamikazi Islag, flying display save Tommy. The rockets-display mouse click using the mouse to avoid to shoot the Frogme. Remember that robot boy ca oly shoot whe superactivated.

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