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  • The RoomThe Room

    The Room
    Shoot down the invading zombies with pistol, uzis, shotgun, machine guns and more.

  • Super Mario RampageSuper Mario Rampage

    Super Mario Rampage
    Shotgun everything in your path or die!

  • Ghoul Academy GameGhoul Academy Game

    Ghoul Academy Game
    Help father painbringer bring peace to the undead hordes through the gentle medium of the double-barrel shotgun.

  • TrapshootTrapshoot

    In the ten rounds of shotgun chaos you can choose to shoot clay pigeons, chickens and beer cans. happy hunting!

  • Farmer McJoyFarmer McJoy

    Farmer McJoy
    Help the farmer avenge his cows by wrestling with critters, shooting down other farmer with shotguns and more.

  • Boat HuntBoat Hunt

    Boat Hunt
    While on your boat, shoot as many ducks as you can with your shotgun, or but they bring you down. The falling ammo to shoot boxes for more ammunition. Have fun!

  • Zombie Grinder 6000Zombie Grinder 6000

    Zombie Grinder 6000
    Shoot all zombies that come your way. Pick up ammunition for your shotgun all the time. Don't walk into fires it's bad for you. Avoid zombies, some will hang on to you and will slowly eat you up.  

  • The shotgun PrincessThe shotgun Princess

    The shotgun Princess
    Yes, she is wearing a Shotgu. But there witch ad Goblis I is this forest! Help the Pricess escape this Hutig CABI, FTW!

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