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  • Operation Thunder GameOperation Thunder Game

    Operation Thunder Game
    Cruel Lee has held 200 soldiers hostage. As Capt.George, your mission is to rescue the soldiers from his heavily guarded prison.

  • Mud and Blood 2Mud and Blood 2

    Mud and Blood 2
    Move your soldiers, update them, and much more, so that they take out the waves of enemy soldiers.

  • Surplus SoldiersSurplus Soldiers

    Surplus Soldiers
    Explosion to take soldiers from your cannon to the treasure!

  • Pocket platoonPocket platoon

    Pocket platoon
    Lead your Platoo of brave soldiers to victory through the blood thirst alie Ivaders.

  • Metal Slug Brutal 2Metal Slug Brutal 2

    Metal Slug Brutal 2
    Shoot many soldiers, ya know, it's freakin ' Metal Slug!

  • Emergency Soldiers GameEmergency Soldiers Game

    Emergency Soldiers Game
    Emergency soldiers - pull out a few tricks to score points.

  • Hard Target GameHard Target Game

    Hard Target Game
    Your duty is ... You see soldier you see.

  • Last Tank Standing GameLast Tank Standing Game

    Last Tank Standing Game
    Use your mouse to aim and shoot the little soldiers near you and defend your tank.

  • Legend of ZeldaLegend of Zelda

    Legend of Zelda
    Warrior zelda save self country fighting with enemy soldiers.

  • Brother in ArmsBrother in Arms

    Brother in Arms
    Fight German soldiers in Germany. 

  • Base DefenseBase Defense

    Base Defense
    Destroy enemy soldiers who want go line of your defense. 

  • Scope AssaultScope Assault

    Scope Assault
    Sniper military killing enemy soldiers in a buildings. 

  • Rusty PlanetRusty Planet

    Rusty Planet
    Destroy rusty planet robots with your space soldier.

  • 100 Men100 Men

    100 Men
    Prevent enemy soldiers of who wants to move your defense. 

  • Armor Dress UpArmor Dress Up

    Armor Dress Up
    Dress commando soldier on motorcycle what you like. 

  • Age of WarAge of War

    Age of War
    create soldier and win computer

  • Mechanical Commando 2Mechanical Commando 2

    Mechanical Commando 2
    Read your mission as you move from planet to planet destroying soldiers, turrets, and mechs.

  • Storm boat - Viet Nam mayhemStorm boat - Viet Nam mayhem

    Storm boat - Viet Nam mayhem
    Shoot the Eemy soldiers o the Islads, as well as the towers, helicopters, Airplaes, subs ad.

  • Strike force Heroes 2Strike force Heroes 2

    Strike force Heroes 2
    Fit your soldiers with Thousads of Weapos, armor ad upgrades packed I this epic actio - shooter.

  • Blast your enemiesBlast your enemies

    Blast your enemies
    DEFed your Tower AGAIST these Asty soldiers.

  • Funny armyFunny army

    Funny army
    Lead your soldiers with the mouse to the safe Zoe Avoidig of the Mies.

  • Last storage tankLast storage tank

    Last storage tank
    the little soldiers shoot ear you ad defed your Tak.

  • Mad MechMad Mech

    Mad Mech
    Go way at Eemies vehicles, soldiers, planes, ad, beyond other Mechs you fight to stay alive.

  • Turbo tankTurbo tank

    Turbo tank
    Protect the city from Destructio by the rebels Huma soldiers ad their masters, the robot!

  • ReportsReports

    Take your jeep aroud Rescuig soldiers ad Brigig, them back in your helicopter.

  • Jungle defenseJungle defense

    Jungle defense
    About the Attackig shoot driving soldiers ad. Attempts to fire her as far as possible to Dodge.

  • Main battle tankMain battle tank

    Main battle tank
    Shoot the turrets with missiles-ad gu Dow the small soldiers. So they get first take.

  • Horizon of warHorizon of war

    Horizon of war
    Heart rate control of the tower at the top of the Hill. Fire at all the Icomig soldiers ad Eemy vehicles.

  • Alternate CommissarAlternate Commissar

    Alternate Commissar
    Great game, where you I must get the Eemie area. All trimmers Eemies soldiers.

  • The lost WarriorThe lost Warrior

    The lost Warrior
    Shoot the Eemy soldiers as they guy display start coming off the vehicles. Number Weapos!

  • The primitivesThe primitives

    The primitives
    Sure your buddy from the evil Caibals! It looks like this soldier too far Ito the Jugle ad RA Ito some bad Compay wet.

  • Fire in the hole 2Fire in the hole 2

    Fire in the hole 2
    Take the bad guys as you move upward. Take soldiers, TAKS, ad turret with 10 Weapos.

  • Run soldierRun soldier

    Run soldier
    Move your soldiers aroud, both, backward forward ad apart ad together. To let bombs kill!

  • Monster truck rampageMonster truck rampage

    Monster truck rampage
    Drive on which your Moster truck like you Eemy shoot vehicles, soldiers, UFOs, turrets, TAKS ad more!

  • Warlords call to armsWarlords call to arms

    Warlords call to arms
    SED out your soldiers o the right paths so that they Ecouter Eemy troops. Accept the card!

  • Asterix and ObelixAsterix and Obelix

    Asterix and Obelix
    To get help from Obelix all the cois i. Galia A.d. avoid the boar display the Roma soldiers.

  • Fairy tales annihilationFairy tales annihilation

    Fairy tales annihilation
    Bust up fairy guy with loads of CIS ad escape soldiers, as your helicopter ad to fix before they are OE of them!

  • Bush rampageBush rampage

    Bush rampage
    Uleashes the ultimate America Weapo Busch: the Tilty truck! Squish stick soldiers, bash Buildigs, trash of TAKS!

  • FeudalismFeudalism

    Level your hero, find new weapons, armors and travel to towns with your soldiers to take over in battle.

  • EvacEvac

    Rescue all the stranded soldiers on the designated pads located throughout the hostile terrain and return them safely to their home base.

  • GUNROX Xmas WarsGUNROX Xmas Wars

    GUNROX Xmas Wars
    Defend your base against the attacking Santas as you upgrade your santa soldiers weapons and armor.

  • Mothership WarfareMothership Warfare

    Mothership Warfare
    Send waves of soldiers and other military might out against your enemy to defeat their base.

  • Back2BackBack2Back

    Defend your location as you place your soldiers in the best spots to attack the incoming hordes.

  • One Soldier GameOne Soldier Game

    One Soldier Game
    Help the Lieutenant to infiltrate into the enemy base and shoot down all the soldiers to avenge his brother's death....

  • Call of Duty 2 GameCall of Duty 2 Game

    Call of Duty 2 Game
    Use your automatic machine gun to kill all the enemy soldiers in this shooting game and score maximum points....

  • Report For DutyReport For Duty

    Report For Duty
    Drive your jeep around rescuing soldiers and bringing them back to your helicopter.

  • Artillery TowerArtillery Tower

    Artillery Tower
    You are a lone soldier on an old Tower Defense, reinforcements and weapons keep way, as long as you can use!

  • Field CommandField Command

    Field Command
    Command soldiers to victory in various battles on defense and offense, choose your options carefully.

  • Lonely soldierLonely soldier

    Lonely soldier
    You're the last soldier! Take the Eemies Dow, as they come to you!

  • Intrusion 2Intrusion 2

    Intrusion 2
    Veture through 5 levels of sowy Moutais, IDUs trial complex ad Movig Trais as you fight your way through the waves of soldiers, helicopters, ad robot.

  • Metal SlugMetal Slug

    Metal Slug
    Jump Ito this actio was game as soldier save the day! Take Dow an Etire army save the Coutry ad retur home safely!

  • Precision strike 2Precision strike 2

    Precision strike 2
    Soldier! Your Greades want to thoroughly destroy the evil ad wi war!

  • Ant SoldiersAnt Soldiers

    Ant Soldiers
    The Ant soldiers need your help... Help to defend their base.

  • Unreal Flash 2007Unreal Flash 2007

    Unreal Flash 2007
    Unreal Tournament soldiers now here your 2D solution comes. Master all Mission in this nice remake.

  • Lone SoldierLone Soldier

    Lone Soldier
    You are the last soldier! Take the enemies as they come for you!

  • Heli Attack 2Heli Attack 2

    Heli Attack 2
    As an elite soldier can who after ejection in the middle of enemy, you wave the helicopter sent, to kill you survive? Weapons and power-ups to collect along the way. Good luck soldier!

  • Counter-strike revenge Counter-strike revenge

    Counter-strike revenge
    Couter strike Revege, is an epic first person shooter. Kill the Attackig Eemy soldiers ad, make sure that you get so I shot mid all Itese war ad Fightig actio. Good luck soldier.

  • Mercenary Camp: PrologueMercenary Camp: Prologue

    Mercenary Camp: Prologue
    3D First Person Shooter (3D FPS) with many types of enemies, weapons and shooting gallery locations.Tags: Shooting, Shooter, FPS, First Person Shooter, Kill, Shoot, Fire, Weapon, Weapon, Soldier, Soldiers, Troop, Troops, Mercenary

  • Fort Blaster: PuzzleFort Blaster: Puzzle

    Fort Blaster: Puzzle
    Fort Blaster: Puzzle refers to the pirate-themed physics game, Fort-Blaster: Ahoy are. Fire regular ad explosive Caoballs in Eemy fortresses, to kill the soldiers. Collect cois, they appear to kill soldiers to destroy ad whe Certai objects. Some levels of Cotai Uique collectables, such as Weapos, jewels, Boes, clothing, ad food. Use to avoid any Fortress desig your ad Advatage Lear from your mistakes to RUIG from Ammuitio.

  • Primer GamePrimer Game

    Primer Game
    Rescue all the stranded soldiers on designated pads located throughout the hostile terrain and retrun them safely to their home base. The clock is ticking, so rescue the soldiers as quickly as possible before the time runs out. Bonus points a awarded based on the time it takes.Your ship can hold a maximum of five soldiers.

  • Knight EliteKnight Elite

    Knight Elite
    As a brave Knight, it is up to you to repel 50 waves of orcs, ogres and other terrors from the fort. Hold them off at the barricades, or fight them toe to toe inside the castle. Build buildings to fortify your position, unlock new equipment, or create friendly soldier training options. Equip yourself with awesome weapons, thick armour and sturdy shields. Specialise your play style by using skills earned through gaining levels and killing the invaders. Don't fight alone! Train friendly soldiers to stand by your side as you defend the fort. With dozens of skill, soldier, and equipment options to try there is almost unlimited replayability!

  • Ageless WarAgeless War

    Ageless War
    War as you build to buy your city, weapons and armor, and cast powerful spells against the different eras of the soldiers. Place building, the soldiers to fight against the enemy and destroy their base creating. You upgrade your buildings and facilities to help to overcome the enemy.

  • Timeless warTimeless war

    Timeless war
    Wage war AGAIST different eras of the soldiers during the creation of your city to buy Weapos ad armor, ad cast powerful spells. Place Buildigs, which create soldiers AGAIST against the Eemy display to destroy their base. Update you to help your Buildigs display Equipmet to overpower the Eemy.

  • Code name ballisticCode name ballistic

    Code name ballistic
    The mission must be carried to any price go out, so step up soldier! To do this, click Display hold triggered the power behind your shot, the release! Neutralize all Eemy UITS to complete a level. Display Note: the less shots it takes, the more hotspots to see result!

  • I will surviveI will survive

    I will survive
    Here it is I Commad of the Thaagar city must display to be you prepared for war. Build barracks for your soldiers, icrease your Ecoomic ad military power display Extermiate the city Eemy can.

  • Soldier diarySoldier diary

    Soldier diary
    You have captured the bee, by soldiers of the Red Army. You need to get ad tender Evacuatio team you want to escape from the Eemy Zoe. Using oly your mouse to solve all puzzles, are Waitig for you.

  • AntichristumAntichristum

    Lead the Legio Archagels, or the army of the Atichrists, the Tower of each other i fight of the Apocalypse to to destroy spiritual supremacy. Create your ad Uleash soldiers an Armageddo UPO your Eemies ow!

  • WarZone Getaway 3WarZone Getaway 3

    WarZone Getaway 3
    Here it is! The third Istalmet of the Warzoe night is here, ad of his harsh ad harder tha ever before! DEFed your jeep by waves of Eemies by Upgradig your gu defeces ad air support! Good luck soldier!

  • Age of CastleAge of Castle

    Age of Castle
    You are da Kig crowed from a small Kigdom. All OU Makig will leave as sole ruler. < Br > < br > Expad centers display Castle recruit soldiers ad employees. DEFed AGAIST of hostile wild ad collect gold to a mighty Kigdom, ruled the world.

  • AchillesAchilles

    Greek mythology stories about brave heroes Fightig glorious battles. These battles always with much bloodshed, thus they Excellet for re Eactmet o your computer scree. < br > < br > you, Achilles, possibly the bravest heroes of his time, to be spear armed with sword, shield ad. All three ca soldiers used for Bashig to Eemy, Choppig Fu you to bits. < br < br > < br > > battle with the Warriors of Troy.

  • EmpireEmpire

    An Amazig resource Maagemet / army Maagemet game worn ad play. Coquer all areas, I have the Doglad Islad, to do that you must build an empire, Trai, soldiers create Weapos ad Expad your area.

  • The Last FightThe Last Fight

    The Last Fight
    You are a commando of TLF squad and your mission is to infiltrate into enemy base, kill all the rebel soldiers and destroy the base. In each level you have to reach the exit point to proceed to the next level. Avoid getting hit and collect health packs to keep you going. Go ahead and save our galaxy, Good Luck

  • Green Beret Castle AssaultGreen Beret Castle Assault

    Green Beret Castle Assault
    Their military capabilities is tested in this game, as you shoot soldiers, removing deliveries in life launched, can collect the air so much experience from your allies to make weapons with more fire damage.

  • SokoTankSokoTank

    Fire at all the soldiers with your tank and gunman. Don't let them get close or they'll setup a bomb

  • Master of FortressesMaster of Fortresses

    Master of Fortresses
    Take control of an eighteenth century European castle and using stone walls, stout soldiers, powerful cannon and cunning traps to hold your blockhouse against waves and waves of attackers.

  • Art of War 2Art of War 2

    Art of War 2
    You are Sergeant Sokolov, a Soviet soldier taking part in the Battle of Stalingrad in 1942. Your objective is to purge the city from the invading fascists. Make use of the reinforcements at your disposal (officer, infantry, machinegunner, mortar team) to defeat the enemy!

  • Brain BuffetBrain Buffet

    Brain Buffet
    everything on your way you have to ever want to be a zombie, and food? also, here is your chance! Select the sickest zombie and take over the world with a large number of civilians, police officers and soldiers to eat. You can update your zombie and eating all the heads you can!

  • Army TrainingArmy Training

    Army Training
    Prove you, you're the best soldier of where that forces in demanding training facility. Shoot down the wooden targets in the rescue of hostages as soon as possible! Be careful, it's not much time and you have limited ammunition. Each ball counts, so make sure you hit enemies, not hostages.

  • Codename BallisticCodename Ballistic

    Codename Ballistic
    The mission is carried out at all costs, so strengthen soldier! Click and set the power behind your shot, then release holding fire! Neutralize all to stop enemy units to complete a level. And remember: the fewer shots it takes, the more points you will be guests!

  • Survive CrisisSurvive Crisis

    Survive Crisis
    As a skilled sniper you could successfully penetrate enemy. Now it is up to you, all your enemies, create Confussion their lines, so that your fellow soldiers, which help to survive enemy threat in the middle. Play all 10 exciting missions and to prove that you can help your allies to survive the crisis!

  • Modern Tactics 4Modern Tactics 4

    Modern Tactics 4
    Control a squad of 5 soldiers and save the world in the game is turn based. Customize your squad of facilities new weapons and grenades.

  • Advanced Army TrainingAdvanced Army Training

    Advanced Army Training
    It time to kill House soldier. We have extended and improved our tests to see if you are the best of the best reasons. Turn the room, use the grenades if the chances are looking too much. be the best!

  • The PrimitiveThe Primitive

    The Primitive
    Safe your butty from the evil cannibals! It looks like this soldier went too far into the jungle and ran into some bad company.. The primitive is a colorfull, funny, casual platform game with a lot different weapons, upgrade options, and 8 funny levels to play! cavern for once and for all!

  • The Primitive GameThe Primitive Game

    The Primitive Game
    Safe your butty from the evil cannibals! It looks like this soldier went too far into the jungle and ran into some bad company.. The primitive is a colorfull, funny, casual platform game with a lot different weapons, upgrade options, and 8 funny levels to play!

  • War Lords Call To Arms GameWar Lords Call To Arms Game

    War Lords Call To Arms Game
    Choose your race and command your army through 25 epic battles to conquer the land. Upgrade and buy extra unit types for your army between levels. Upwards of 50 animated soldiers can be fighting on screen at once!

  • Feudalism GameFeudalism Game

    Feudalism Game
    Feudalism is an strategy/RPG with open world, so you can go wherever you want and fight anyone.You start with only one city where you can recruit soldiers, but the bigger city you capture, the better troops you gain.There're 8 heroes to choose from (2 per each country). They prefer different weapons and combat styles and some time they'll become really great warriors, but if your hero will die, the game will be over. So you should always take care of your army too, and recruit better troops if they're available.

  • Last GeneralLast General

    Last General
    This is a war strategy game. You need to construct various buildings, increase population, produce resources, conduct scientific research, train soldiers, pillage resources and occupy wild lands. When you have enough power, you can occupy enemy cities and become the superpower of your time.Tags: strategy, divine generals

  • Devine GeneralsDevine Generals

    Devine Generals
    This is a war strategy game. You need to construct various buildings, increase population, produce resources, conduct scientific research, train soldiers, pillage resources and occupy wild lands. When you have enough power, you can occupy enemy cities!       

  • Battle of LemoladBattle of Lemolad

    Battle of Lemolad
    My Lord! It is time for us to embark on the military campaign to conquer all the Kingdoms in Lemolad. Use your matching and military strategy skills to invade hostile castles, build up your own city, train/upgrade troops such as soldiers, archers, cavalry and use magic with your mages. Features both Campaign Mode and Deathmatch.

  • Frontline Defense - First AssaultFrontline Defense - First Assault

    Frontline Defense - First Assault
    New tower defense game with a difference, Polished graphics - Great animation - Awsome action It's time to put the fun back into tower defense games. Includes.. 12 tower types 20 levels Lots of enemies including soldiers, tanks, robots, mech and more... Let the body count begin... Tags: statagy, defense, military, war, tower, upgrade, build, defend, shoot, weapons

  • Sindjid GameSindjid Game

    Sindjid Game
    It was dark, as dark as night cloud be. Somewhere, nearby, the smell of sort of pleasant stench, that and of course the smell of blood. The mighty warlord, Lord Baka, high above on a cliff, gazed down upon the tiny village. He had ordered his soldiers to leave no survivors. Should Lrd Baka be a normal man, hewould have already been consumed with his guilt. But yet, he felt no shame, no remorse, no pity. Many innocent lives have been ended by his order, why should it change? He turned around and walked back to his tent.

  • Centimania GameCentimania Game

    Centimania Game
    The giant bugs are upon us!! Repel the relentless bug invasion in this retro-styled arcade shooter. Take the helm of your speedy little fighter and blast away at an army of giant creepy crawlies using an arsenal of super weapons. There'll be no letting up as waves of centipedes, millipedes, spiders and scorpions march on and at you! Find the mother bug and tear her a new feeding hole. But beware of the mushrooms! Good luck soldier! Complete each difficulty setting to unlock new levels and cool new euphoberia-bashing weapons!

  • Urban SoldierUrban Soldier

    Urban Soldier
    The city is taken by zombies, a perfect job for urban soldier. Armed to the teeth and ready to blow out some zombie brains.    

  • Robot FactoryRobot Factory

    Robot Factory
    In this 20-level game, you assemble the robot soldiers and control them to fight the enemy robots. Defeat the enemies to win prices or be defeated to lose prices.       

  • Storm Boat - Vietnam MayhemStorm Boat - Vietnam Mayhem

    Storm Boat - Vietnam Mayhem
    Shoot the enemy soldiers on the islands as well as towers, helicopters, airplanes, and subs.  

  • ImperiumImperium

    An amazing resource management / army management game with awesome graphics and game play. Conquer all areas in the Dogland Island, to do that you must build an empire, train soldiers, create weapons and expand your territory.  

  • Monster FloodMonster Flood

    Monster Flood
    A soldier. One million zombies. Get tons of ammunition - the idea? You take the role of General Jack Hardman as you use your way through an army of zombies, a blast unlimited arsenal of powerful weapons.

  • CivibattleCivibattle

    Conquer the civilization in this switch-strategy game. Move the tiles to collect resources. Train your resources, to enough soldiers to defeat your opponents!

  • Super Soldier GameSuper Soldier Game

    Super Soldier Game

  • Little Soldiers GameLittle Soldiers Game

    Little Soldiers Game
    Game instruction not available yet, please be patient...

  • Soldier Soldier

    A remake of the classic 1985 shoot 'em up Commando. Fight against terrorists in Chechnya, then stop the North Koreans from developing the nuke and finally find the secret base of the Iraqi insurgents.  

  • Armored soldiers 2Armored soldiers 2

    Armored soldiers 2
    All Eemies, o appear the rubble to I want to shoot this 3D shooter with dual Gus.

  • Emergency soldiersEmergency soldiers

    Emergency soldiers
    You get such hotspots as you ca Trickig about all may see.

  • The last soldierThe last soldier

    The last soldier
    Move aroud I the 3D world as you attack ammunition ad target ad blast away zombies Icomig.

  • Robot FactoryRobot Factory

    Robot Factory
    In this 20-level game, you assemble the robot soldiers and control them to fight the enemy robots. Defeat the enemies to win prices or be defeated to lose prices.         

  • Devine GeneralsDevine Generals

    Devine Generals
    This is a war strategy game. You need to construct various buildings, increase population, produce resources, conduct scientific research, train soldiers, pillage resources and occupy wild lands. When you have enough power, you can occupy enemy cities!       

  • Tank ActionTank Action

    Tank Action
    Tank Action The first game that combines typical racing and physics with a tank in action. The game contains 24 levels and simulates 'real world' gravitation, friction and tension. Prepare yourself to master the rocky tracks. Move or simply blow up things in your way. And to destroy the enemy soldiers and their vehicles!    

  • HelicopsHelicops

         Upgrade your chopper weapons as you shoot down turrets, rooftop soldiers, and other enemy choppers.

  • The BoomlandsThe Boomlands

    The Boomlands
    Send your soldiers, archers, and wood gatherers out as you attempt to defeat the opposing castle.    

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