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  • Swords and Sandals 4: Tavern QuestsSwords and Sandals 4: Tavern Quests

    Swords and Sandals 4: Tavern Quests
    Swords and sandals 4: Tavern of quests - the swords

  • SwordsmanSwordsman

    Defeat your enemies in this fast paced sword fighting game.

  • Golden DragonGolden Dragon

    Golden Dragon
    Defeat your opponent using your sword and skills

  • Nob was: the ElvesNob was: the Elves

    Nob was: the Elves
    The Elves arrows are prepared that are Humas swords draw, display the Cetaurs lead the charge!

  • Sword Tournament GameSword Tournament Game

    Sword Tournament Game
    Once in a year is the Sword Tournament.

  • Nob War: The ElvesNob War: The Elves

    Nob War: The Elves
    The elves arrows are poised, the humans swords are drawn, and the centaurs lead the charge!

  • swords and sandals 2 full version onlineswords and sandals 2 full version online

    swords and sandals 2 full version online
    swords and sandals 2 full version online game Play your heart out!

  • Trojan Hero GameTrojan Hero Game

    Trojan Hero Game
    Trojan Hero Game - Use your sword to defend your self from the barbarians.

  • Aeternus LamniaAeternus Lamnia

    Aeternus Lamnia
    Their way through I this first person sword fighter TOS stuff slash.

  • I'll be your brains blown outI'll be your brains blown out

    I'll be your brains blown out
    Shoot all incoming Stickme ca o get a revolver or SWIG bats ad swords.

  • Sketchbook SamuraiSketchbook Samurai

    Sketchbook Samurai
    Use your Samurai sword skills to appear Eemies of this Cotiue to cut.

  • Bob's revengeBob's revenge

    Bob's revenge
    A Sidescroller with great graphics ad sword Swigig. So, let you cut as you try the slices.

  • HavingHaving

    Puch the computer or 2d player. Access CIS swords ad Dow faster to take them.

  • Fear arena unlimitedFear arena unlimited

    Fear arena unlimited
    Use your demoic Mac 10s or your UHC 870 shot gu Puish the demos from afar or chop your swords make it into pieces!

  • The lost swordThe lost sword

    The lost sword
    A Legedary sword is lost I have a wide Ifested of mythologic creatures of ad Skeletos lad. Collect the magic bullets to pass through each area, items that you powerful ad food to your life again I make your way to FID the lost sword. Combat display most creatures kill ca Usig your magical sword of your CIS, Wat your body ad soul food.

  • Xtreme Buccaneer broadside battle on the high seasXtreme Buccaneer broadside battle on the high seas

    Xtreme Buccaneer broadside battle on the high seas
    Battle with Pirates of Eemies. Use your sword display gun had to fight, but avoid strafed Cao balls Beig.

  • Edge of chaosEdge of chaos

    Edge of chaos
    Use your martial arts sword ad Shuriken skills to lethal IJA to send warriors. Get updated ad power-ups dropped trap enemies.

  • Fortress GuardianFortress Guardian

    Fortress Guardian
    Defend your castle wall from enemies. Shoot your bow n arrow and swing your sword to stay alive.

  • Sammy Samurai: RunnerSammy Samurai: Runner

    Sammy Samurai: Runner
    Fight your way through a swarm of enemies on your way to the Hidden Village.Tags: samurai, sammy, action, runner, running, sword

  • Swords and sandals 4: Tavern of questsSwords and sandals 4: Tavern of quests

    Swords and sandals 4: Tavern of quests
    Swords of ad Sadals 4: Taver quests - the swords & Sadals saga Cotiues with S & SIV as our embattled Gladiators in terms ad step, from set I a larger display of next Dagerous world. Up to four Gladiators I fight a variety of Miigames, Advetures ad fights in an epic eight areas in the dager ad Adveture set. Swords & Sadals IV: Taver quests... it is the game the Gladiators are Playig!

  • Swords SagaSwords Saga

    Swords Saga
    a sword-fighting RPG by the sword. Death by the sword. mild cartoon violence.(this game is a very large file, and takes a long time (17,45 MB) download)

  • Ninja air combatNinja air combat

    Ninja air combat
    Fly in the air as a powerful ninja upgrade attacks defeat sky girls sword ninjas and Dragon and more.

  • Chaos War 3Chaos War 3

    Chaos War 3
    The stick figure with your sword and magic to fight. Level your character by killing more enemies.

  • Ninjotic MayhemNinjotic Mayhem

    Ninjotic Mayhem
    Take Chinese stars rated to hold at all the zombie enemies that come. Pull out a dagger and sword.

  • Swordfall: KingdomsSwordfall: Kingdoms

    Swordfall: Kingdoms
    The shadow of the sword has fallen across Europe. Ambitious kingdoms increase and their armies are willing to take new countries at all costs. To triumph over your many rivals have superior technology, great generals and armies experienced. Combine all this with your own tactical ability and the battlefield will sell!

  • 3 Foot Ninja I - The Lost Scrolls3 Foot Ninja I - The Lost Scrolls

    3 Foot Ninja I - The Lost Scrolls
    in your search for to find your fate you will face many obstacles and many enemies. use the power of your sword wisely and quickly for your enemies numerous and deadly. the 5 lost scrolls from the oldest to be found. Beware many tricks of your opponent the and fast against their attacks. may happiness with you!

  • Dragon Fist 2 - Battle for the BladeDragon Fist 2 - Battle for the Blade

    Dragon Fist 2 - Battle for the Blade
    the Dragon master's again, but this time he has brought with the legendary and powerful Dragon Sword. Defeat your opponents with combinations of kicks and blows to win each level. Good luck!

  • Stick TrinityStick Trinity

    Stick Trinity
    3 Stock characters to choose from: warrior, assassin, berserker. 7 chapter, ton wake. Katana, spear, wrist sword, flying daggers.

  • Final Fantasy Sonic X1Final Fantasy Sonic X1

    Final Fantasy Sonic X1
    Story/RPG based game with Sonic and the friends from final fantasy. The story with Sonic wake up and always started a mysterious sword, which was later taken from him. This chain of events lead him in battles and an awesome adventure.

  • Swordless Ninja GameSwordless Ninja Game

    Swordless Ninja Game
    Little Ninja Mabushi lived happily with his girlfriend, Miyuki, and nothing could seem the sun when he carried his precious sword he only used to keep the peace ... until a dark figure crept out of the shadows to stop. Tags: swordless, ninja, platform, action, arcade, adventure, side-scroller

  • Swords and Sandals - GladiatorSwords and Sandals - Gladiator

    Swords and Sandals - Gladiator
    A mini is swords and sandals epic Gladiator game. Create your hero and battle your way to fame and fortune on the sands of the arena. All seven arena champions to defeat. You can buy also equipment upgrades. Good luck Gladiator!

  • Matrix PandemoniumMatrix Pandemonium

    Matrix Pandemonium
    Jump up and down floors of buildings and face off with evil agents, ghostly twins and vicious octo bots. Use everything you can to defeat them from swords, guns, launchers, furniture or the agents themselves!Tags: matrix

  • Reventure GameReventure Game

    Reventure Game
    This game is sidescrolling platfornmer, where you control Rieland, a boy on a quest for revenge. He can weild a sword and block with his shield.

  • Vindex Gladiator GameVindex Gladiator Game

    Vindex Gladiator Game
    Can you fight your way through the empire to put justice to the evil king that captured rome? Armed with his trusty sword and the help from ancient gods Vindex is ready for it! Vindex Gladiator is an epic interactive rpg adventure game with highly detailed attack and summon animations.

  • SamuraiSamurai

    Here is a sword fighting game fan and will be indispensable.!

  • Dragon GemDragon Gem

    Dragon Gem
    A cool Flash Platform Games. Beat the enemy by using your sword and collect the items that will appear. Beat all enemies to advance through levels.

  • Bug bashBug bash

    Bug bash
    Attack the mosquitos with your two swords. Let the mosquitoes, you make ot or lose a life. May mosquitoes, to kill the bouses i a short time Gai combo. Complete 10 levels to unblock the Surroudig plague!

  • Old angry WizardOld angry Wizard

    Old angry Wizard
    The rig WAT phenomena to harass you. Keeping Hancock with your sword! Evetually feel hurt them ad fly away, but ew OES comes! It Executive met them while they are Attackig. They are Gettig weaker each Secod. If you jump or attack, you lose more Stamia Eva. If you take as your Medicatio you will die of a heart attack.

  • TKFB the gameTKFB the game

    TKFB the game
    I have this game, you are a guy RUIG I his Uderpats ad Holdig a giant sword. You are a child of o bouty Islad, ad you EED to kill to pass by enemy Aborigies to the game.

  • The barbarianThe barbarian

    The barbarian
    Use arrow keys to move space to attack. You ca search off the key to other moves. The beautiful Pricess Osama has the evil Sorceror DRAX, his Efarious desires meet kidnapped. The aim is a powerful Warrior, Vaquish Rodriguez? demoic Guardias free display the Pricess. You are the warriors. A powerful Barbaria Wieldig your broad sword with deadly skill.

  • AchillesAchilles

    Greek mythology stories about brave heroes Fightig glorious battles. These battles always with much bloodshed, thus they Excellet for re Eactmet o your computer scree. < br > < br > you, Achilles, possibly the bravest heroes of his time, to be spear armed with sword, shield ad. All three ca soldiers used for Bashig to Eemy, Choppig Fu you to bits. < br < br > < br > > battle with the Warriors of Troy.

  • Final Fantasy Sonic X 1Final Fantasy Sonic X 1

    Final Fantasy Sonic X 1
    Story/RPG based game with SOIC ad the present by Fial Fatasy. Wakig ad Gettig even a mysterious sword, which later became of him take history Baggs with SOIC havig. This Chai by Evets lead him battles ad of awesome Advetures Ito.

  • Final Fantasy Sonic X 2Final Fantasy Sonic X 2

    Final Fantasy Sonic X 2
    SOIC display the gag in Hyrule for some Adveture wet. Where you Farooqui, the power of the sword display is used. There is also the evil PLA by Mr Chai. < Br > < br > ACTW password

  • Days 2 dieDays 2 die

    Days 2 die
    Their Missio I is the cool Shootig game it is ad fight zombies defed i 5 different cards ad Coutless zombie waves, build barricades about ad protect your did, rent Mercearies so that you can survive. You ca buy over 20 + Weapos, Icludig Greades, Kataa swords, automatic Weapos.

  • PaladinPaladin

    Kogor, the God of death, has to take over the world with his army of Udead Miios. Hidde removes deep Iside a sanctuary, have bee I traied the possibilities, the bright display the sword, so that OE-tag would be able, these evil powers to fight. < br > < br > it's up to you to release the world from the nefarious Beigs o moving its surface.

  • Battle MageBattle Mage

    Battle Mage
    You have bee I was some crazy world of aggressive Mutats. It is completely up to you to protect. Use the a button on your sword to the Mutats display the arrow keys to move aroud swallowing. Remember Advace Eemies Stroger ad Stroger, as this will ot be careful, can I Cotact with them.

  • Brawler WhirledBrawler Whirled

    Brawler Whirled
    A side scrolling crawl-n-brawl fighting adventure of might and mayhem! Collect coins, health, and weapon power ups as you hack and slash your way to victory. Play both single and multiplayer modes to collect all 21 trophies! Tags: brawler, fighting, adventure, sword, bow, hack, slash

  • Barnacle BrawlBarnacle Brawl

    Barnacle Brawl
    Fire cannons, sword fight, and even shoot down the enemies that attack you.

  • Swords And Sandals Crusader Swords And Sandals Crusader

    Swords And Sandals Crusader
    The Swords and Sandals series continues. Ready to pick a fight with another would-be conquerer?

  • The Legend Of Zelda 6 Swords The Legend Of Zelda 6 Swords

    The Legend Of Zelda 6 Swords
    Play a few levels in this retro looking Zelda game. Fight with the others as you defeat everything.

  • The Legend Of Zelda 6 Swords The Legend Of Zelda 6 Swords

    The Legend Of Zelda 6 Swords
    Play a few levels in this retro looking Zelda game. Fight with the others as you defeat everything.

  • dragon sworddragon sword

    dragon sword
    Dragons are believed to live in ancient times the mouth of a terrible fire-fanciful creatures

  • Swords and SandalsSwords and Sandals

    Swords and Sandals
    Create a Gladiator him with a variety of armor and weapons to arm and send him into battle against a horde of crazy Gladiators.

  • Swords and sandals 2 < br/> * full version &Swords and sandals 2 < br/> * full version &

    Swords and sandals 2 < br/> * full version &
    Their goal is to defeat all area Campeón ad-Reig as Cha itself Strugglig, try a different strategy. &lt; br &gt; &lt; br &gt; (this game is a large file display takes a log during (2.7 MB) download) &lt; br &gt; &lt; br &gt; ca, connect the game before you did?

  • Ghost Fight: The Battle of Swords 1Ghost Fight: The Battle of Swords 1

    Ghost Fight: The Battle of Swords 1

  • Four swords misadventures 3Four swords misadventures 3

    Four swords misadventures 3

  • Four swords misadventures 1Four swords misadventures 1

    Four swords misadventures 1

  • Four swords misadventures 2.2Four swords misadventures 2.2

    Four swords misadventures 2.2

  • The Flash swordThe Flash sword

    The Flash sword

  • Ruler of swordRuler of sword

    Ruler of sword
    The Eemies to fight since they harder ad harder I every area of ew. So let they charge!

  • Red Scarf GameRed Scarf Game

    Red Scarf Game
    Find these glasses. Press the space bar to use them and uncover hidden shacks. Collect all there lamp shades. Hit the space bar to assemble them at the lamp post and gain access to the final room. Pick up all five candy swords for the final showdown.

  • Final Fantasy Sonic X2Final Fantasy Sonic X2

    Final Fantasy Sonic X2
    Sonic and the gang went to to Hyrule for some adventure. Where they found out the power of the sword and it's use. Also the evil plan of of Lord Chain. ACTW is the password &nbsp;

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