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  • Foxy Sniper GameFoxy Sniper Game

    Foxy Sniper Game
    Once briefed on your target, go out, locate, and successfully shoot your target.

  • Little Zizou sock-ErrLittle Zizou sock-Err

    Little Zizou sock-Err
    She ca hotspots result from both Scorig a target ad by Targetig this Obstructig you target.

  • QuickshotQuickshot

    Choose 3 different and excited game modes to play, and compete for the top score.Tags: target, shooter, shoot, shooting, targets, quick, shot, score, timed, time, seconds, adrenaline

  • Hit the Jackpot Hit the Jackpot

    Hit the Jackpot
    Shoot the targets with your bow n arrow as you move up in the tournament and the target gets farther.

  • Firing RageFiring Rage

    Firing Rage
    Think your the master at shooting down targets? Time to step up and prove it! Warning: These targets shoot back!

  • Archery ChallengeArchery Challenge

    Archery Challenge
    You are good enough to meet all archery targets archery challenge!

  • Hot Shot Sniper GameHot Shot Sniper Game

    Hot Shot Sniper Game
    Shoot the targets with your sniper rifle!

  • Hot Shot SniperHot Shot Sniper

    Hot Shot Sniper
    Shoot the targets with your sniper rifle!

  • R - Shot Version 4R - Shot Version 4

    R - Shot Version 4
    Shoot moving target as accurate and as far as possible.

  • R - Shot Version 3R - Shot Version 3

    R - Shot Version 3
    Hit the target.

  • Police FuryPolice Fury

    Police Fury
    To destroy the terrorists in the target zone.

  • Hard TargetHard Target

    Hard Target
    Hard target coming hard and fast!

  • NLOS Cannon Challenge GameNLOS Cannon Challenge Game

    NLOS Cannon Challenge Game
    Fire your cannon and try to hit all the targets with the fewest adjustments as possible.

  • Throw ArrowsThrow Arrows

    Throw Arrows
    In the race to hit the archery target board. 

  • Throw ArrowsThrow Arrows

    Throw Arrows
    In the race to hit the archery target board. 

  • Cat With Bow GolfCat With Bow Golf

    Cat With Bow Golf
    Archer cat trying arrive to target with throw arrows. 

  • Camper strikeCamper strike

    Camper strike
    hit the target with your gun

  • High Speed Chase 2High Speed Chase 2

    High Speed Chase 2
    Drive your car, grab pick ups, and destroy the given target during each new mission.

  • Stoneage assassin - revengeStoneage assassin - revenge

    Stoneage assassin - revenge
    Shoot your arrows, rocks, ad fire arrows on the right targets after Readig the Missio Briefigs.

  • Ice hockey challengeIce hockey challenge

    Ice hockey challenge
    Hockey card skills ad met the target.

  • It aims in the BowlIt aims in the Bowl

    It aims in the Bowl
    Target the ground of the white cross Iside the Bowl ad Tikle bottomless.

  • A game of 3 halvesA game of 3 halves

    A game of 3 halves
    Directly to the target display wi the game.

  • Goal shooting masterGoal shooting master

    Goal shooting master
    Result of more hotspots AGAIST the target de spring.

  • The matrix - dock defenseThe matrix - dock defense

    The matrix - dock defense
    Use your Weapo defed to destroy all targets of ad your dock!

  • Archery gameArchery game

    Archery game
    Help the dog to shoot arrows at the target.

  • Eleven metersEleven meters

    Eleven meters
    Try display, as may the ext-level targets as ca ad

  • Hot shotHot shot

    Hot shot
    Shoot as targets as possible Withi may deadline.

  • Blam! Blam!Blam! Blam!

    Blam! Blam!
    3 fast target Shootig Missios, so blow it!

  • Bow ShootingBow Shooting

    Bow Shooting
    Hit all the targets before the time in this difficult archery challenge runs out!

  • Cowboy SchoolCowboy School

    Cowboy School
    School, learn cowboy, like a cowboy by shoot the targets!

  • Super Truck RacerSuper Truck Racer

    Super Truck Racer
    get all stars your truck safely in the target collection.

  • Big head footballBig head football

    Big head football
    Choose your character display try AGAIST of each Oppoet as Ma targets as possible result

  • R-Shot version 3R-Shot version 3

    R-Shot version 3
    Hit the target.

  • R-Shot version 4R-Shot version 4

    R-Shot version 4
    Shoot the target of Movig as exact as possible.

  • R-Shot version 1R-Shot version 1

    R-Shot version 1
    Try, I hit the point mid AY 3 target Board.

  • Penalty game EK 2008Penalty game EK 2008

    Penalty game EK 2008
    Customize your Agle display makes ad occurs that soccer Ito the target ball.

  • WooglingsWooglings

    Try how the target as you ca do Woogligs.

  • Coconut Joe: Soccer shootoutCoconut Joe: Soccer shootout

    Coconut Joe: Soccer shootout
    CA target AGAIST a mokey.

  • Springfield snow fightSpringfield snow fight

    Springfield snow fight
    Test your target-o some Sprigfieldias before you ru from Sowballs.

  • Soccer gameSoccer game

    Soccer game
    Kick target AGAIST the goalie.

  • Bat BlasterBat Blaster

    Bat Blaster
    Target the competition arm ad blast the bats.

  • Rocket weaselRocket weasel

    Rocket weasel
    Lauch of the rocket with the weasel just connected so that it hits the target display get hotspots.

  • Vinnie's shooting yard 2Vinnie's shooting yard 2

    Vinnie's shooting yard 2
    Choose your Weapo for target practice! Usig of your mouse a Weapo display select the a site to test your Shootig accuracy!

  • Wall-E scrap shootWall-E scrap shoot

    Wall-E scrap shoot
    Eve Wats to show off her target practice skills to WALL-E. Just zap the scrap, which casts WALL-E with the mouse.

  • Vinnie's shooting yard 1Vinnie's shooting yard 1

    Vinnie's shooting yard 1
    Shoot the targets that pop out from behind cover. Head shots or heart shots to get.

  • Cat girlCat girl

    Cat girl
    Jump from rock to rock to keep Iyumi safe! Target the power meter display hold the mouse to Determie how far you go Dow.

  • Football FlashFootball Flash

    Football Flash
    Prove, you're I the greatest striker soccer Flash! Hit the targets to ear more time as you play AGAIST the clock!

  • PaintworldPaintworld

    A world full of Pait creatures has bee gate apart. Target ad Leek Paitballs, Coect all BLOB-like-colored I each level.

  • Z steam reactorZ steam reactor

    Z steam reactor
    With two game modes, select your targets ad follow each stage of Joiig three Fiish or the image I show more parts of modalities ad Copyig the other

  • Fire@will[email protected]

    [email protected]
    You are a sharp shooter, try to shoot as targets as you can ca < br > before the time RUS out.

  • Euro 2012 shootoutEuro 2012 shootout

    Euro 2012 shootout
    Euro 2012 shootout game is here! Result of some Woderful targets ad lead your team to the Euro 2012 glory!

  • Premiere League FoosballPremiere League Foosball

    Premiere League Foosball
    Knock the soccer ball between your players and the target enemies to score. Let not the AI win!

  • Clay pigeon shooterClay pigeon shooter

    Clay pigeon shooter
    Shoot the Movig targets fast display of both the Directios I move Advace of level ad results of highest hotspots.

  • Barcode BedlamBarcode Bedlam

    Barcode Bedlam
    Target Datasca-Hadheld Scaër on the objectives of aroud the room indicator click a bar code on SCA.

  • Hit the jackpot 2Hit the jackpot 2

    Hit the jackpot 2
    Move the mouse to the I the white circle o the right to ad target click to shoot.

  • Cat with bow Golf 2Cat with bow Golf 2

    Cat with bow Golf 2
    Shoot your bow arrow, which is associated with the cat. Get the target as few shots as possible.

  • Vinnies shooting yard 4Vinnies shooting yard 4

    Vinnies shooting yard 4
    Test your Siper accuracy o this rage on the roof. Choose a Weapo ad Umbra life goals, target & amp; shoot with the mouse.

  • The last soldierThe last soldier

    The last soldier
    Move aroud I the 3D world as you attack ammunition ad target ad blast away zombies Icomig.

  • Bow hunter - a challengeBow hunter - a challenge

    Bow hunter - a challenge
    Take Dow, how can the deer targets as you ca I the time provided. Esure your accuracy to get the best score

  • Stoneage SantaStoneage Santa

    Stoneage Santa
    Take the target display fire! Shoot targets as far as you ca Usig your cause of old Cao / machie. Bouce presets by Cady canes display buy upgrades that I order to achieve your target distance.

  • Mileys romantic of kissesMileys romantic of kisses

    Mileys romantic of kisses
    Her lover to make you sexy, romantic kiss. I each level Attai target Withi time duration to proceed further.

  • Epsilon GameEpsilon Game

    Epsilon Game
    You are testing the largest particle accelerator facility ever built. Use the gravity wells to guide to particle to certain targets.

  • Shoot The Birds GameShoot The Birds Game

    Shoot The Birds Game
    The aim of the game is to shoot as many moving targets corresponding to your colour as you can.

  • Canyon Glider GameCanyon Glider Game

    Canyon Glider Game
    Welcome to Canyon Glider... steer the glider through the desert landspace and land him on the ground target.

  • Gunny Bunny GameGunny Bunny Game

    Gunny Bunny Game
    A crisp first person 3-D shootem up game. Quake style action with tons of guns, targets and backgrounds.

  • Cowboy School GameCowboy School Game

    Cowboy School Game
    The objective of the game is to not let any targets slip by. Try to destroy them all by shooting its head or torso.

  • Net Terminator GameNet Terminator Game

    Net Terminator Game
    Shoot down at stationary or moving targets. Reload your gun and fire before time runs out .

  • The Professionals GameThe Professionals Game

    The Professionals Game
    Maximum points map. Hit the targets in sniper mode to double you points.

  • Blazing AssassinBlazing Assassin

    Blazing Assassin
    Fancy yourself as a hot shot assassin? Prove your worth by shooting enough targets to progress.

  • Sniper Dude GameSniper Dude Game

    Sniper Dude Game
    You need sharp eyes to these missions to complete Sniper Dude. Find your camouflaged targets in a difficult environment, and take it out!

  • Hitman Mission PackHitman Mission Pack

    Hitman Mission Pack
    6 levels of finding your target and shooting them with tactics. You'll need accuracy to finish.

  • Puppy CurlingPuppy Curling

    Puppy Curling
    You have 4 attempts per round, over 3 rounds, to curl your puppy down the kitchen floor to target, the most accurate curler wins!

  • Foghorn Leghorn's Thanks But No ThanksFoghorn Leghorn's Thanks But No Thanks

    Foghorn Leghorn's Thanks But No Thanks
    FogHorn LegHorn is the the target of Mis Prissy, help him get rid of all the gifts.

  • Jump the GorgeJump the Gorge

    Jump the Gorge
    Do some extreme snow boarding - slide down a hill and jump over ravines and land on targets.

  • Offroad TrophyOffroad Trophy

    Offroad Trophy
    Drive thru the check points, avoid tearing up your truck! Pass targets in right order.

  • Rapid FireRapid Fire

    Rapid Fire
    Rapid Fire. Score point by shooting targets as they come on screen!

  • TiralarcTiralarc

    A cross between the good old bowman game and a target game.

  • R - Shot Version 1R - Shot Version 1

    R - Shot Version 1
    Try to hit the Dot in the middle of any of the 3 target Board.

  • R - Shot Version 2R - Shot Version 2

    R - Shot Version 2
    Hit the Red Dot in the middle of the randomly moving target.

  • Terrorist Hunt v3.0Terrorist Hunt v3.0

    Terrorist Hunt v3.0
    Version 3 of the game Terrorist Hunt. Your objective is to shoot as many targets as possible before rime runs out. You will be given 30 seconds per round. Each target is worth 100 points, bullseye add 50 points, and misses subtract 200 points.

  • Batman The Dark RideBatman The Dark Ride

    Batman The Dark Ride
    Ride Batman to reach the target and you need to face many obstacles at different levels. Collect coins to get points. Extra points will be added for every flip. Help Batman collect as many coins as possible and make his way to the target zone in the Batman The Dark Ride flash game.  Watch out as there are many bad guys and obstacles for you to avoid.  Get extra points for pulling off flips.

  • Shooting rangeShooting range

    Shooting range
    Appearig targets to shoot. Further hotspots for Hancock of each aimal special o Gai. Shoot targets, to carry the white flag ot.

  • BowBow

    I choose this game OE by two girls, the distance to the target display start Hancock it with arrows. The closer the unvermeindlich you hit the target, the more hotspots you ear.

  • Goal II: Living the dreamGoal II: Living the dream

    Goal II: Living the dream
    Take shots ca to display really hit the wall? It comes up the target-2 game help Saby! Aim the aim with the mouse ad release the mouse Butto whe of the power bar is high. Gai additional hotspots by Shootig I the upper Stoners of the target.

  • Mysteries of HorusMysteries of Horus

    Mysteries of Horus
    Make it a symbol of the Coveyor ad place I CAP, get a line. CA-drop icon I disposal of uit. This reduces the God Satisfactio. To beat a level, you need to reach the target outcome. You lose if your score Curret less tha the target outcome. God's Satisfactio decreases. Give magical gifts of God icrease its Satisfactio.

  • Hunter TrainerHunter Trainer

    Hunter Trainer
    Shoot target as fast as possible, and use arrow as least as possible. Tags: archery, archer, bow, bowman, shoot, target, fun, contest, marksman, funny, hunter, trainer

  • Professional AssassinProfessional Assassin

    Professional Assassin
    The aim of the game is to shoot the targets that are moving around the assault courses.Make sure you hit enough targets to progress to the next level! Try to earn over 2000 points on a level to to unlock the bonus mod with AK-47!

  • Eight letters in search of a wordEight letters in search of a word

    Eight letters in search of a word
    The aim of the game is to gain points by creating words from the selection of eight letters given to you on-screen. Longer words give more points. Add letters to a word by clicking on the letters or using your keyboard - then click the 'submit' button or press 'enter' when you've made a complete word to get the points. At each level you are given a time limit in which to reach a target number of points. If you fail to reach the target in the allotted time, the game ends. Every five levels there is a bonus round in which you have one minute to guess the eight letter anagram - the game does not end if you fail during these bonus rounds.

  • ArcheryArchery

    Shoot your arrows at the target as you move back and forth. Get your bow power just right to hit it.

  • Baseball MayhemBaseball Mayhem

    Baseball Mayhem
    Tom is playing against Ryan. Both are famous for their notorious acts in the street. They just need to do one thing, Target shots on to the people in the houses!

  • Bridge Tactics GameBridge Tactics Game

    Bridge Tactics Game
    Cut them off at the bridge! Click the dynamite, then press to dispatch the enemy troops rather than send. As they cross, click the sticks of dynamite to set off explosions. Destroy as much of the bridge as possible while killing enemy units. Reach the target score (see above right) to finish a level.

  • Cricket Master BlasterCricket Master Blaster

    Cricket Master Blaster
    Press Space bar when ready to face a ball. Use the directional arrow keys to select a shot. Try to get your shot timings right to score a sixer! You have two overs to score 12 runs in the first level. Your target score will increase with every level. So make maximum use of every ball you face!

  • Ragdoll Cannon 4Ragdoll Cannon 4

    Ragdoll Cannon 4
    The Ragdolls are back, this time with two brand new Ragdoll types. Ragdolls from your cannon hit the target in each level to progress to start.

  • Jumping BoxJumping Box

    Jumping Box
    Get the jump box on the target platform in this sweet little skill physics game. Use to fling mouse and avoid touching bad boxes and drop down

  • TV Darts ShowTV Darts Show

    TV Darts Show
    Keep your eye on the prize in this exciting play of darts. Darts TV show has more on the Oche and throw your arrows at certain points on the DART Board. But things are not, as they sound, moving targets, danger zones and time limits to you, are as simple as you go for the price.

  • Super Ninja StrikeSuper Ninja Strike

    Super Ninja Strike
    Ninjas are real masters of guerrilla warfare, their target invisible stalk and attack at breakneck speed. It is up to you, complete your assignment and to eliminate any opposition, you encounter on your way.

  • Theatre FunTheatre Fun

    Theatre Fun
    Beat those who strangely, watch the movie behavior while you. To beat people, select an object from the Panel and throw it on the people. You play reached the target in each level of next levels.

  • Army TrainingArmy Training

    Army Training
    Prove you, you're the best soldier of where that forces in demanding training facility. Shoot down the wooden targets in the rescue of hostages as soon as possible! Be careful, it's not much time and you have limited ammunition. Each ball counts, so make sure you hit enemies, not hostages.

  • High Speed ChaseHigh Speed Chase

    High Speed Chase
    Your job is to take down cars with targets above them. They need to be destroyed, you can do it however you like but you'll be awarded for your speed and efficency.

  • Smokin Barrels GameSmokin Barrels Game

    Smokin Barrels Game
    Your goal is to win all the duels. Move the crosshair into the safe area to start the countdown. After the signal, quickly move on the target and shoot faster than your opponent!

  • Ant City GameAnt City Game

    Ant City Game
    A very good game for stress relief, you have in your hands a huge magnifying glass, and you can move it on the screen with your mouse, click on the mouse to focalize on a target, if you keep clicking several seconds on a objectif, this one will take fire and burn.

  • Tactical Assassin 2 GameTactical Assassin 2 Game

    Tactical Assassin 2 Game
    Slowly but carefully lock onto each of your targets and take each of them down with one shot. As an infamous stick figure assasin, you must live up to your status by using not but deadly accuracy.

  • Kinetikz 2 GameKinetikz 2 Game

    Kinetikz 2 Game
    Kinetikz 2 is a fun and addictive game of skill and strategy. Fire discs at the puck to guide it to the target. Starts easy – but be warned, it gets quite challenging! See if you can complete all 30 levels!

  • The Chronicles of stinky bean 2The Chronicles of stinky bean 2

    The Chronicles of stinky bean 2
    Stiky BEA is back. Use arrow keys to move Stiky BEA. Use Sticky BEA to push these statues aroud.She drew pushed ca oly ot be. Move all of the statues of OTO the target hotspots to Ulock the door.

  • Soda factorySoda factory

    Soda factory
    Heart rate control Etire soda factory by operating each every machie prepare soda. Idetify serving Requiremet display machie prepare soda. Each ad has any Limo PREPARATIO Limitatio. Try to ad use the time prepare soda. Attai, each level target ext levels.

  • Serve ice creamServe ice cream

    Serve ice cream
    Serve ice cream on the kids whe eter I. If you waste an ice cream, your score will get reduced. Attai, each level as a target of the ext levels.

  • Silent killSilent kill

    Silent kill
    You are a sniper, the search ad kill his targets has. I look at the photos the characteristics of individual ö ad FID him by Zoomig i, ad to shoot him. Their time display Ammuitio are limited.

  • Headshire throwHeadshire throw

    Headshire throw
    Gather resources of Eough before the Ightfall every day. Press mouse button o resources, target, Correspodig bubble ad release the button. Catch statement deleted cois or gems.

  • Gyros Atom FusorGyros Atom Fusor

    Gyros Atom Fusor
    Gyro appears 6 Raibow restore atoms that broke Whe Cap ' Lockjaw Caruso ate an atom. This is a twist-o your ity mouse Avoider / toss skill game, there is a focus o Ricochetig ad exact target. Results ca go Expoetially for the player with good aim.

  • Prison basketballPrison basketball

    Prison basketball
    A basketball Touramet I has bee Orgaized the prison where you must meet the targets I each level I order to pass it. I get the middle of the cross display times make the basket as may as possible.

  • Make sandwichMake sandwich

    Make sandwich
    Show Zubring the Igrediets I the order (from left to right), I the customer? Request. Whe a Uwated element o the compartment will click o the element that throw it away. The exact Igrediet o bread to drop. To do this, click Display hold the brake button, to stop the item from Movig. Use ad Chaces give the target reach, I each level.

  • AdrenoidAdrenoid

    A Fuy Arkaoid game where returned to paddling bouce, I order all break the blocks, I is the level. OCÉ deactivated all blocks of this Olie flash game will take you to the ext more difficulty. Try for the special target.

  • Shooter MaxShooter Max

    Shooter Max
    A Thrillig ad fast shoot em up game where you shoot any target o, who moved against him has a Chace on click to shoot! Actio fast music I get quickly the mood!

  • 0 (Zero)0 (Zero)

    0 (Zero)
    Aim o Usig objectives with your mouse. Shoot all Eemy before they take Dow. Ca multiple target Usig you select your mouse.

  • Samurai masterSamurai master

    Samurai master
    Eemies Stad between can ad your target. Fortuately, your Samurai skills are impeccable! Leave a trail of bloody all away from Kyoto to Tokyo set out. Samurai art courtesy of Brad & quot; facy fondled & quot;. Hole!

  • Target U.S.Target U.S.

    Target U.S.
    Select a Persoality ad hit the targets. The wheel has 51 stars. What Idicate the States of the United States is your goal to beat the stars Usig of the Kives. Display your Persoality help maximum Umbra of stars to beat successfully. Remember the Persoality, if your goal is Wrog, the sharp blade the Kife are violated, you have 3 lives to help the Persoality.

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