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  • Home Run GameHome Run Game

    Home Run Game
    Help this drunk guy to go home, move the mouse to keep him stand ...

  • Drunk KlunkDrunk Klunk

    Drunk Klunk
    drunk klunk

  • Christmas PartyChristmas Party

    Christmas Party
    How many drinks can Santa handle?

  • The BarThe Bar

    The Bar
    Your job as a bartender working is to drink as soon as possible

  • As one Cranberry SmothieAs one Cranberry Smothie

    As one Cranberry Smothie
    Lear as a perfect drink to I make it one of the Afteroos.

  • Soda pop girls: bubble batch bottle catchSoda pop girls: bubble batch bottle catch

    Soda pop girls: bubble batch bottle catch
    Help to prepare their delicious drinks.

  • Beer pongBeer pong

    Beer pong
    Beer pong is a drinking game played since red plastic cups and cheap beer were invented college students. now liquid generation is bring

  • Busy Burger GameBusy Burger Game

    Busy Burger Game
    Work in a burger bar and serve burger, nuggets, drinks etc to customers before they get angry!...

  • Cup N CakeCup N Cake

    Cup N Cake
    The Cup N Cake is a funny prepare and serve game in which you have to accommodate and serve your customers with drinks and cake.

  • Beer DudeBeer Dude

    Beer Dude
    Drink all the beer you can without getting caught by your boss.

  • 2d Army Swat2d Army Swat

    2d Army Swat
    Shoot the drunk terrorist's but watch out for them shooting back.

  • Seaside CafeSeaside Cafe

    Seaside Cafe
    Help this lovely waitress attend to all those seaside tourists coming in to have some of her reinvigorating summer drinks and tasty desserts!

  • Drunk RiderDrunk Rider

    Drunk Rider
    Do not drink and drive! Especially not with a dirt bike on difficult terrain.

  • Drunken MasterDrunken Master

    Drunken Master
    You are a bartender. Choose your character and start pouring drinks to, if you think that you can mix 'em.

  • Sittin At A BarSittin At A Bar

    Sittin At A Bar
    keep your balance as you continue to drink more and more. not tipping over or it's game over.

  • Manage from toto's Garden CaféManage from toto's Garden Café

    Manage from toto's Garden Café
    do you have the Garden Café? This is a brand new Café shop owned by our little friend toto where some refreshing drinks and many delicious meals are served. It is just a unique place for customers who become enjoy their favorite dessert, snacks and delicious drinks. the company successfully to bring toto needs to serve customers on time and its daily target to meet, but he has no time all by itself manage all. He wants you give him a helping hand, to fulfil his dream.

  • Lemon soft drink for the summerLemon soft drink for the summer

    Lemon soft drink for the summer
    fresh lemonade is the perfect summer drink with many health benefits. If you wish to organize a summer party for your friends, serve lemon based drinks with delicious desserts and fruits would be an excellent choice. If you want to know how lemonade is prepared, this game will show all the steps for you. First you need to cut the lemon into pieces and then extract the juice out of it with a juicer. Filter the juice and pouring it into the glass, and add then sufficient amount of water, sugar, ice cubes, nature and grapes. Once you are done, pouring the beverage into a glass, put you the straw in and serve.

  • make your own epic breakfastmake your own epic breakfast

    make your own epic breakfast
    every single one of us would like to enjoy breakfast in the morning. above all, children always likes to start the day with a delicious breakfast. This food decoration game offers you want to eat different combinations of food, that you for breakfast. Place a colorful plate of your choice on the table and decorate with your favorite food item, starting with eggs, a delicious soup, a tasty sandwich, a refreshing drink and a delicious dessert. Enjoy!

  • Pigs Will FlyPigs Will Fly

    Pigs Will Fly
    Pigs will fly is a sweet time travel multi cursor puzzle game! It is the sequel to the lightning played can fly game pigs for the Web - of millions! The pig, cause the bottle drank Rainbow, so he can grow wings and fly away!

  • Dark Cut 2Dark Cut 2

    Dark Cut 2
    You can find out if you have talents to become a surgeon or perhaps your thing is more holistic healing. assume the role of an officer paramedics in the field, performing newfound surgical techniques. Perform four different operations with 11 different tools. You get drunk to your patients with alcohol numb the pain, then it goes!

  • Pass the pintPass the pint

    Pass the pint
    Pass the pit of Leprechau to Leprechau. & Quot;. DRUNK & quot;. (Red face) Leprechaus disappears after a PASS. & Quot;.SOBER & quot;(pale-faced) Leprechaus disappears after two trains.

  • Look Out For Your MatesLook Out For Your Mates

    Look Out For Your Mates
    Look on your mates - its time for a taxi home, but your friends are all about the Club - drink, dance, smooching and chill out on the terrace. You need to move your character around the Club and round your comrades in the fastest time possible.

  • Kukoo MachinesKukoo Machines

    Kukoo Machines
    Her shop is now open. serve your customers are hamburgers, French fries, drinks and much more. Make sure the order is properly so leave happy.

  • Drunken NicoleDrunken Nicole

    Drunken Nicole
    Skinny Nicole Richie is on the way home from a nightclub party. She is heavily drunk but insists to be behind the wheel herself. Be kind to help her drive safely. Avoid any obstacles on the road using your arrows and collect bonus items.

  • Bunny Invasion 2Bunny Invasion 2

    Bunny Invasion 2
    Bunny Invasion II is a defence game. You play Mr Frost – A retired middle aged man. While he's in the pub enjoying a drink, a news flash informs him that a new army of evil bunnies are taking over the country. He must once again defend the nation from certain destruction.

  • Bartender flash gameBartender flash game

    Bartender flash game
    Create your own fancy coctails. The most funny part of this free flash game is where the bartender drinks it, and watch his reacion!    

  • Yummy BurgersYummy Burgers

    Yummy Burgers
    Its time to tasty burger! Look at the ingredients, and then to build the exact Burger one step at a time. If you did provide your burger it in a framework to. Alternatively, you can create the Burger the number keys, and press the Enter key to serve it. As possible for extra points then so many drinks in the bonus round Cola!

  • delicious breakfast for Mina friendsdelicious breakfast for Mina friends

    delicious breakfast for Mina friends
    Mina is a friendly girl and has three best friends, Lisa, Sisi and toto. Mina is a talented chef, knows many delicious food and fruit drinks prepare. When preparing a new recipe, it loads all three friends to his home and ask their recipe to try. the best is, she gets always great appreciation and excellent feedback from them and that makes she felt proud, a boss to be. Today, she has prepared some of the most delicious food and beverages for breakfast and invited their friends to enjoy the treatment with her. However there is a problem while preparing breakfast, forget all the food in order to organize them and now it has been here and there mixed. It has no time, rearrange, like their friends has already arrived and are waiting enjoy the breakfast. Their job is, its place four of every meal to help so that they can eat and have fun together.

  • Hold your DrinkHold your Drink

    Hold your Drink
    still keep your glass and try not to shed your bear, as long as you can!

  • Drunk MoDrunk Mo

    Drunk Mo
    Collect all bottles around to pass the level.

  • Drunk drivingDrunk driving

    Drunk driving
    Survive the traffic, dodging aroud followers, the Ocomig cars to scare just crash.

  • Handle drinksHandle drinks

    Handle drinks
    How log you ca Hadle alcoholic Driks.

  • Drunk DriverDrunk Driver

    Drunk Driver
    Try to drive as far as you can!

  • DrinksDrinks

    To your customers, make some delicious hot tea and iced tea.

  • Bartender Bartender

    Create your own fancy coctails. The most funny part of this free flash game is where the bartender drinks it, and watch his reacion!  

  • Bartender flash gameBartender flash game

    Bartender flash game
    Create your own fancy coctails. The most funny part of this free flash game is where the bartender drinks it, and watch his reacion!        

  • Bartender Bartender

    Create your own fancy coctails. The most funny part of this free flash game is where the bartender drinks it, and watch his reacion!

  • Better BBQ Challenge GameBetter BBQ Challenge Game

    Better BBQ Challenge Game
    Use the spatula to flip the items on the grill. Watch the status bar to flip at the right time. Drink Liptons Ice Tea to stay cool.

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